Killed By Police October 22

Posted in Killed By Police, Library of Congress by chamblee54 on October 22, 2017

Here is the October 22 edition of chamblee54 looks at police killing of citizens. As always, the information is supplied by Killed by Police. This is a viewer supported service, and would appreciate any contributions. If everyone who talks about police killings contributed…

This report covers October 15 – October 21.There were no police killings reported on October 15. There were 16, all male, in the next 6 days. The KBP numbers are 948 – 963. Here are links to the cases: 948 949 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963

All of the killings this week appear to be justified. This is a quick opinion, fueled by the media reports shown. Further investigation, and possible litigation, by the appropriate agencies is needed. In one case, there is a video of the robbery, that preceded the killing. Police-involved shooting 10-16-17 Harford Rd./Glenmore Ave. The man got $26 in the robbery. The video does not show why the police felt the need to fire at the suspect.

4 of the victims were white. (950, 951, 956, 961) 5 of the victims were black. (948, 953, 958, 959, 962) In 7 cases, the race was not readily apparent from reports. (949, 952, 954, 955, 957, 960, 963) 911 calls involving domestic violence were made in 3 cases. (950, 957, 960)

In 2 cases, the victim fired at the police. (954, 956) In 8 cases, the victim displayed a weapon to police. (949, 950, 952, 955, 957, 958, 960, 963) In 3 cases, the victim fought with police. (959, 961, 962) In case 961, the victim stabbed the police officer. In 4 cases, the police used tasers on the victim, and the taser did not work taser not work. (949, 957, 960, 962) Apparently, this is more of a problem than some would have you believe.

Suspect dies after struggle with deputies, 962, is our Case of the Week. “A man wanted on several warrants died Friday after a struggle with deputies at the Marksville LA WalMart. According to Chief Deputy Steve Martel, deputies spotted Armando Frank, 42, who was wanted on several warrants, sitting on a tractor outside the store. When they attempted to arrest him, Frank resisted and was tasered by the deputies. He continued to resist and was tasered again before deputies took him to the ground. At that point, they noticed Frank’s breath was becoming shallow, so they called for an ambulance. Frank then died at the hospital, Martel said. … three deputies were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries that occurred during the struggle.”

Readers are invited to look at the links, and draw their own conclusions about these incidents. If you like, please leave a comment here. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The images were taken in Omaha, Nebraska, in November, 1938. The photographer was John Vachon.

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