From BLM To Sir Maejor

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on November 13, 2017

display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ The Real Reason Female Porn Stars Don’t Shoot with Black Guys ~ Zappa Children Address Feud And Growing Up As Frank & Gail’s Kids ~ The Racist Origins Of The Word ‘Caucasian’ ~ A Year in Faerie Space ~ Latino Victory Fund i am in a save, wait, binge, purge mode on risk, download the shows, wait until i am in the mood, and listen to a bunch, i heard “going native” yesterday, here is a similar story ~ ~ witchunt ~ a matrix of shits ~ “The camel’s nose under the tent of witch huntery” ~ Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway. The gratuitous comment about the nfl at the end is getting a lot of attention. The rest of the story is being ignored, while people tut tut over that comment This attention to distraction is what Mr. Trump wants you to do. ~ COLD CASE: A transgender murder in rural Georgia baffles police ~ What Trump Voters Want Now ~ The Politico Goes On A Cletus Safari, Finds Two Angry NFL Fans Willing To Say What They Mean ~ Joni Mitchell 2014 Interview ~ The Truth About HIV and Being ‘Untransmittable’ ~ rand paul talks Mr. Paul made this statement before the misunderstanding with his neighbor. I was going to make a snarky comment about pain killers, but … ~ BLM to Sir Maejor ~ Victim in deadly hit-and-run ID’d; search for driver continues ~ Andrew Gregory Whitlock ~ The Black Ego Kills Prosperity ~ Something is wrong on the internet ~ Woman hospitalized, several arrested after brawl outside Chuck E. Cheese ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates has an incredibly clear explanation for why white people shouldn’t use the n-word ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates on words that don’t belong to everyone Comments are disabled for this video. ~ N$$$$$ a brief history ~ N$$$$$ oed Used by people who are not black as a relatively neutral (or occasionally positive) term, with no specifically hostile intent. ~ please ~ @AncntPhilosophy Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgment. Seneca ~ Who Is Seneca? Inside The Mind of The World’s Most Interesting Stoic ~ Such a Stoic The art critic Robert Hughes labelled Seneca “a hypocrite almost without equal in the ancient world,” ~ George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981 ~ The Playboy Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates I’ve never had a white person call me a nigger. ~ Reince Priebus Makes Announcement That Signals He May Have Flipped For Mueller ~ Where did the N-word come from? ~ Watch Four Iconic Live Performances by Billie Holiday ~ 8 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Weirdest American “Food” They’ve Seen ~ @realDonaldTrump Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen! ~ @realDonaldTrump We had a wonderful visit to Vietnam, thank you President Tran Dai Quang! Heading to the #ASEANSummit 50th Anniv Gala in the Philippines now. ~ @HeerJeet GOP is heading for an all out civil war between the establishment, the Trumpists, the neo-cons, supply siders, the ephebophiles and the hebephiles. ~ Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Ephebophiles, Oh My: Erotic Age Orientation To tease apart these erotic age orientation differences, Blanchard and his colleagues studied 881 men (straight and gay) in his laboratory using phallometric testing (also known as penile plethysmography) while showing them visual images of differently aged nude models. Because this technique measures penile blood volume changes, it’s seen as being a fairly objective index of sexual arousal to what’s being shown on the screen—which, for those attracted to children and young adolescents, the participant might verbally deny being attracted to. In other words, the penis isn’t a very good liar. ~ If Anyone Says Anything Back, That Is an Outrage ~ Can My Children Be Friends With White People? ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay: Love is not all ~ mugshot ~ The incident in Texas was at a Baptist church service . If it had been Catholic, then it would have been a Mass killing. ~ the only way to know is to just keep typing nonsense into the little box and see when big sister tells me to quit the former box had digits in the corner to tell you when to quit typing and start editing to fit into the character limit but now you have to guess until you run out ~ @WernerTwertzog Meanwhile, #ChrisChristie, naked, hog-tied with duct tape, in a blacked-out Ford Econoline van parked near the George Washington bridge, wonders how it all came to this. Again. Using the van’s door hinge, the hogtied #ChrisChristie manages to start a rip in the duct tape. He frees himself. He can escape, through the woods. There will be houses. But it is November, and he is naked. Again. From the onramp of the George Washington Bridge, drivers see a large, pasty-white figure shambling through the tall grass and cattails, emerging on the other bank, slathered in mud. He vanishes into the pine trees. What was that, they wonder. Their governor, of course. ~ You still haven’t gotten back to me about that beach house in Colorado. It is a really good deal. ~ It would be great to know, for sure, that a person is undetectable. Right now, you have to take their word. People trying to get laid do not always tell the truth. ~ ~ KimKierkegaardashian‏ @KimKierkegaard We worked hard to make the house minimalist. But the very thing which was supposed to make room occupied so much space that God had no access ~ anagrams for toxic masculinity: MIX + LUCY + CITATIONS, SUN + CLAIM + TOXICITY, SIX + CLOUT + INTIMACY, MIX + COUSIN + TACITLY, SCUM + NAIL + TOXICITY, TAXI + MISTY + COUNCIL, UNIT + AXIOM + CYCLIST, UNIT + SIXTY + COMICAL, TINY + TOXIC + MUSICAL, CITY + LINUX + SOMATIC, INTO + SIXTY + CALCIUM, TINY + CLIMAX + COITUS, STOIC + UNITY + CLIMAX, TOXIC + UNITY + CLAIMS, TOXIC + MUSIC + LITANY ~ The art critic Robert Hughes labelled Seneca “a hypocrite almost without equal in the ancient world,” ~ TNC doesn’t use other people’s words, but then he makes outrageous statement: White people are taught that everything belongs to them. What a jerk. ~ Kellyanne Conway says anyone in public office who has mistreated women should “step aside” Does this include the person who does Sarah Sanders’s Hair? ~ @KT_So_It_Goes Boy. Making America great again involves a lot more conditional pedophilia acceptance than they tell you in the brochure @horowitz39 In my view Moore is guilty as accused. But 1) it happened 30 years ago, & 2) he can’t be removed from the ballot, & 3) electing a Dem strengthens a party that defends these criminals: Obama, the Clintons, Holder, Lynch, Abedin, Cheryl Mills etc. &their crimes are far far worse ~ Are Shaun King’s kids allowed to be friends with him? ~ pictures for this allegoric paregoric dialectical diversion from are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah


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