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1179 Andrew Thomas Finch was going to be the story of the week in the Killed By Police series. However, the story keeps getting bigger, and weirder. There are enough notes now to justify a stand alone story. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Andrew Thomas Finch “is dead after being shot by a Wichita police officer who was investigating a call of a possible homicide and hostage situation at the corner of Seneca and McCormick on Thursday night. Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said police received a called of a shooting at around 6:15 p.m. “It was a shooting call involving hostages,” he said. “The original call, we were told someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And now that person was holding mother, brother and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father was deceased, and had been shot in the head. That was the information we were working off of.” Officers went to the 1000 block of McCormick, preparing for a hostage situation, he said. “A male came to the front door, as he came to the front door, one of our officers discharged his weapon,” Livingston said. … When officers got inside the house, they didn’t find anyone with gunshot wounds, Livingston said.”

“Online gamers have said in multiple Twitter posts that the shooting of a man Thursday night by Wichita police was the result of a “swatting” prank involving two gamers. Swatting is an internet prank where someone makes a call to a police department with a false story of an ongoing crime – often with killing or hostages involved – in an attempt to draw a large number of police officers to a particular address. The prank has gained traction across the country with online gamers. Those who try to cause the swatting incident will use caller ID spoofing or other techniques to disguise their number as being local. Or they call local non-emergency numbers instead of 911 …”

@vNatsu_ “So this is what happened on this “swatting” between baperize/Baperizer or what the fuckever. And miruhcle/7alent and the swatter. If you are confused just ask me and i can clear it up.” @OMGLove “Someone tried swatting someone over an argument over a $1 wager. Swatted the wrong house and an innocent man got killed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COMMUNITY? WOW :|” @Parasite “Unbelievable, two kids in the community got in a verbal dispute and thought it would be funny to swat each other which resulted in an innocent man being killed by police officers responding to the swat calling. Disgusted.” @_Cuvey “Actual thing that happened between the whole swatting and Baperizer situation* RT to spread awareness”

Lisa Finch, mother of the deceased, tells her story This is tough to listen to. After Mr. Finch was shot, the police handcuffed his mother, and forced her to step over her son’s body. She then went outside, without having a chance to put her shoes on.

Police release ‘swatting’ call, video of man being shot to death as a result of hoax “At 6:18 p.m., an officer working at City Hall received a call from an unknown man who said there was a disturbance with his father. When dispatchers spoke with the caller, he said he got into an argument with his mother and shot his father. “They were arguing and I shot him in the head, and he’s not breathing anymore,” the caller said. Asked if he had any weapons on him, the caller said, “Yeah I do.” He then said he was standing by his mother’s closet holding a black handgun. “I’m just pointing the gun at them, making sure they stay in the closet,” the caller said. When the dispatcher asked if he could put the gun down, he said no. He then made further threats. “I already poured gasoline all over the house, I might just set it on fire,” he told the dispatcher. “Do you have my address correct?” “It’s giving me anxiety, making me paranoid,” he said. When the dispatcher asked if the man was white, black, Asian or Hispanic, heavy breathing could be heard. Then the call disconnected. ” (Is it a good idea to fire on a house that is soaked in gasoline?)

As officers arrived to 1033 W. McCormick, Livingston said they were prepared for a hostage situation and were posted on the east, west and north sides of the house. However, there was no hostage situation and family members of the man shot — identified by family as Andrew “Andy” Finch — said he doesn’t play video games. His mother, Lisa Finch, said Finch saw police lights outside, and opened the door to see what happened. She heard him scream, then said she heard one shot fired. … “Officers gave him several verbal commands to put his hands up and walk towards them. The male complied for a very short time and then put his hands back down to his waist. The officers continued to give him verbal commands to put his hands up, and he lowered them again. “The male then turned towards the officers on the east side of the residence, lowered his hands to the waistband again, then suddenly pulled them back up towards those officers at the east. “The officers on the north side of the street feared the male pulled a weapon from his waistband, retrieved a gun and was in the process of pointing it at the officers to the east. Fearing for those officers’ safety, the officer on the north side fired one round.” Officers removed four people from the house and then searched it. They discovered there were no hostages or deceased people, Livingston said. Emergency medical crews were standing nearby, he said. “They can’t go in and treat somebody until the house is cleared and made safe,” he said. “An individual was shot at 6:47 and was at the hospital in about 17 minutes.”

“Los Angeles police arrested a 25-year-old man in a suspected “swatting” hoax 911 call in Kansas that ended in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man. The LAPD took Tyler Raj Barriss of Los Angeles into custody in that city on Friday afternoon, on a fugitive warrant stemming from the Thursday evening incident in Kansas, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said.”

Mr. Barriss “resided at a transitional recovery center in south Los Angeles. … In October 2015, Barriss was arrested in connection with making a Bomb threat​ to ABC Studios​ in Glendale, California​.” His twitter handle was @SWAuTistic. The account has been suspended.

Mr. Barriss gave a remarkable interview on youtube. The voice is similar to the one in the 911 call. In the video, Mr. Barriss admits to making the “evacuation” call, but denies responsibility for the death of Mr. Finch. Mr. Barriss was at the library when he got the message, asking him to “evacuate.”

This video might be up for very long, but it is worth watching. In an ironic touch, the video was interrupted four minutes in for a commercial. The music for the commercial was “Singing in the Rain.” This song was featured in “A Clockwork Orange.”

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