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Random Guy In New Jersey

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ The Police Murder of Daniel Shaver ~ @tariqnasheed That viral video of #KeatonJones talking about being bullied is heartbreaking, and I feel sympathetic towards that child. But his mom, Kimberly on the other hand, is a suspected racist who makes very problematic posts bullying Black protesters #TheIrony ~ Heartbreaking video of schoolboy Keaton Jones recounting being bullied ~ payme ~ Christian” tarot cards ~ Christalignment ~ @HippoCovfefe2 She didn’t make a gofundme page, that is a lie. Random guy in New Jersey named Joseph Lam set it up after seeing the video. Says it right there in the story. First line, not that diffucult. ~ @SydneyA If I can confirm the reports of him being bullied for being a racist piece of shit I will def post it ~ joe_schilling ~ Principal on Keaton Jones bullying video: ‘Not as rampant’ as video makes it seem ~ Union County TN The racial makeup of the county was 98.46% White, 0.10% Black or African American, 0.23% Native American, 1.21% other minorities … ~ @Lakyn_Jones ~ Ma Bell’s Officially Recommended Exchange Names ~ @largetony ~ Maynardville TN ~ Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick: A Brief, White-Hot, and Totally Doomed Romance ~ Boy behind viral anti-bullying video amazed by support, celebrity responses ~ @GMA ~ Keaton Jones’ Father White Supremacist Doing Time ~ yes i am tall ~ Fields hearing ~ kimberly jones ~ Glenn Greenwald ~ jingle bells is racist ~ David Lynch Explains How Meditation Enhances Our Creativity ~ AGP123 – US Electronic Music IV | Columbia-Princeton ~ the cat person dilemma After reading that article, I realized I had already listened to CP. I listened to it again, and do not understand why that story is getting so much attention. ~ Kristen Roupenian on the Self-Deceptions of Dating ~ cat people ~ A Viral Short Story for the #MeToo Moment ~ The New Yorker’s “Cat Person” Story Is Great. Too Bad the Internet Turned It Into a Piping-Hot Thinkpiece. ~ Enjoy Seeing Men Spectacularly Miss the Point of That Viral ‘Cat Person’ Story @MenCatPerson I listened to CP, then went on about my life as it went viral Not knowing I had already heard it, I listened to it a second time What is so special about this stupid story? ~ No One Asked Me to Write a Think Piece on Sexual Harassment ~ Dear Facebook People: If you are not a registered voter in Alabama, please refrain from further comments on tomorrow’s election. ~ .@Bucket5G .@Soxfan311 .@DevinShamel .@AliveLikeTupac .@HippoCovfefe2 .@sportstalk103 .@RightWingStand .@SydneyA .@selenaglowmez92 Union County TN, where #Keaton goes to school, is, per wikipedia, 98.46% White, 0.10% Black or African American, 0.23% Native American, 1.21% other minorities ~ I have often felt that the quote from Jesus to love thy enemy/neighbor was mistranslated. What he meant to say was to treat people with kindness. ~ Andrea Marie Truden (July 26, 1943 – November 7, 2011), better known by her pseudonym Andrea True, was an American pornographic actress and singer from the disco era. In addition to her given name, she had multiple stage names, including Inger Kissin, Singe Low, Sandra Lips, Andrea Travis, and Catherine Warren. … Andrea Marie Truden was born in Nashville, Tennessee, where she attended Saint Cecilia Academy, a Catholic school for girls. ~ It is good to know the difference between true wisdom, and well worded bullshit ~ Are there any three letters more consonant compliant than uck? Out of 21 consonants, 11 produce easily recognized words when prefacing uck. bcdfhlmpsty produce words when put in front of uck, while gjknqvwxz do not. ~ buck cuck duck fuck huck luck muck puck suck tuck yuck … guck juck kuck nuck quck ruck vuck wuck xuck zuck ~ the spell check suggestions for cuck are chuck, cluck, suck, schmuck, tuck ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah











Killed By Police December 17

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19 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links. 1121 James Newman 1122 1123 Kyle Zahacefski 1124 Kyle Anthony Mihecoby 1125 Frank Lopez, 1126 Emanuel Miera 1127 Ira Crawford 1128 Stacy C. Micheletti 1129 1130 Marcia Aiken 1131 x1132 1133 1134 1135 1136 Clifford Keller 1137 1138 Adam Radcliffe 1139 Thomas Burns

5 of the victims were white. (1121. 1123, 1128, 1129, 1136) 2 of the victims were black. (1127, 1139) 1124 Kyle Anthony Mihecoby was a native american. 1126 Emanuel Miera was a latino. The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (1122, 1125, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1134, 1135, 1137, 1138) 1130 Marcia Aiken was female.

1136 Clifford Keller fired at a police officer. 7 of the victims displayed a weapon. (1121, 1123, 1125, 1127, 1128, 1129, 1137) A taser was used in 3 incidents. (1124, 1125, 1126) 1130 Marcia Aiken was possibly suicidal.

An incident in Hamilton AL is considered suspicious. “The Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the Hamilton Police Department responded to a house on Reese Road in Hamilton after the county dispatch received a request from a person for officers to perform a welfare check on a person possibly in distress at the house. “At some point after the officers arrived at the residence, a confrontation with an armed subject occurred causing one of the officers to discharge his firearm,” said Captain Jonathan Winters.” comments: Donna “Failed to mention they were at wrong address. The man wasn’t confrontational.” Donna “… I know my father better than anyone. I KNOW for a fact he would have put his gun down if he knew it was an cop beating on his door in the.middle of the night. I can get affidavits from everyone that knew him about his non confrontational spirit. My dad has taught us to respect the law. …” Iroczee “This article is very one sided and lacking in information. In a round about way it states that the officer was at the wrong house just like Donna said. You see that when it says the person they were looking for was “later located”. This puts a 70 year old man being brought out of his sleep at 1:00 in the morning. Is it really unsual for someone to come to their door at that time of the morning armed? Did the officer identify himself? Was the man given the opportunity to disarm?” police radio recording (1132)

2 of the incidents were in Georgia. “An armed robbery suspect is dead and another one is in custody after they were confronted by a DeKalb County Police SWAT unit early Sunday morning at a DeKalb County gas station. The suspects encountered police at a Texaco station in the 4900 block of Snapfinger Woods Drive around 3 a.m., police said. They went to the gas station after robbing a Waffle House on Evans Mill Road about six miles to the east. According to authorities, after an extended stand-off at the gas station, there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and police, which left one of the suspects dead. The second suspect was taken into custody.” (1122)

Sheriff’s Office IDs woman, deputy in apparent ‘suicide by cop’ “Springfield GA— Officials are investigating an apparent ‘suicide by cop’ . … Effingham County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Paddleford Drive at Goshen Road around 7 p.m. Tuesday in response to an attempted suicide. Authorities say 50-year-old Marcia Metzger Aiken of Effingham was threatening suicide and was reportedly in possession of a firearm. According to a release from ECSO, deputies attempted to make contact with Aiken and “the situation escalated very quickly, resulting in the woman being shot.” Aiken was pronounced dead at the scene.” (1130)

8 other incidents are noteworthy. Police identify suspect shot, killed by officer after struggle in southeast OKC “Capt. Bo Matthews, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said the incident began with an officer responding to a call about a man lying in the grass on the side of Southeast 59th Street and Mackleman Drive. Matthews said the man, later identified as 28-year-old Kyle Anthony Mihecoby, was not cooperating with the officer, Bethany Sears, so the officer used pepper spray on him, who then punched her in the face. An altercation ensued, Matthews said, and the officer used a Taser on the man. According to Matthews, the man was able to take the Taser away from the officer ;and attempted to use it on her. At that point, the officer fired her weapon, Matthews said. Mihecoby died at the scene, according to Matthews. The officer was taken to the hospital and is being treated for injuries to her face and hands.” (1124)

Man dies while in police custody in Pueblo; police asking for witnesses “Pueblo CO – A man behaving erratically on the interstate died Sunday after a struggle with Pueblo officers. On Wednesday, the coroner announced he could not immediately determine a cause of death. Further testing will likely take about 4-6 weeks according to Pueblo County Coroner Brian Cotter. The police department says officers were dispatched to I-25 near Eagle Ridge Boulevard just before 3:30 p.m. on reports of a man, Emanuel Miera, 26, walking back and forth across the interstate. He reportedly kept darting through traffic even after officers showed up and tried to talk with him. Police say they finally got the man off the interstate, but he still wouldn’t cooperate with officers. During the struggle, officers tased him once, which didn’t subdue him. Police finally got the man handcuffed and took him to Parkview Medical Center, where he later died.” (1126)

Body cam video shows moments officers fatally shot robbery suspect in Seattle park “The Seattle Police Department has released body camera video that shows the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of a robbery suspect by officers in a popular park. A woman was taken into custody. The shooting stemmed from a string of incidents that happened after a reported robbery at Forever 21 in the Northgate Mall about 10 p.m. Monday. Police said the two were shoplifting, and when a store manager confronted the couple, the man displayed a handgun, causing the manager to back away. The man and woman then fled to an apartment complex near the mall. When the apartment manager saw what he thought was a suspicious car in the parking lot, he went to investigate. Smartphone video shows the exchange between the apartment manager and the suspects. The suspects shouted profanities at the manager, who asked them to move their cars. As the suspects finally walked away, the man fired his gun into the ground toward the manager. The manager reported the incident to police as the couple drove away in an Audi. The gunman then drove off and the woman contacted police sometime after leaving the apartment complex. They found her at Holman Road and took her into custody. When officers noticed the man watching her at Holman Road, a car chase began with Seattle police. During the pursuit, the man fired multiple gunshots at officers in the 100 block of Northeast 80th Street. No officers were hurt. The pursuit continued as the driver entered Magnuson Park and came to a stop near the boat ramp. Body camera video [graphic warning at 3:55] shows the suspect ran from his car and into tall grass in the park. Police yell “put your hands up … You’re going to get shot … Don’t reach.” But the man started reaching toward his pocket, apparently brandishing a handgun. Officers opened fire.” video (1129)

1 Dead After Early Morning Officer-Involved Shooting “Northglenn CO Officers opened fire on two suspects in a stolen vehicle that accelerated toward them early Wednesday morning, leaving one dead and one injured, the Northglenn Police Department said. The shooting happened about 3:30 a.m. in the 10400 block of Franklin Way as officers investigated a stolen vehicle, police said. As officers tried making contact, the vehicle accelerated toward them, police said. Officers opened fire, hitting one of two suspects in the vehicle. … One suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and the second suspect was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries.” (1131)

KCSO investigating in-custody death in Boron “Bkersfield CA Kern County Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating a man’s death, after he stopped breathing while in custody Wednesday. On Dec. 13 around 6:00 p.m. deputies were called out to the 24000 block of Juniper Avenue in Boron after reports of a man threatening neighbors. Deputies say the man was under the influence of drugs and he was touching himself inappropriately. When deputies tried to arrest the man, he started to resist…. With help from a bystander, they were able to arrest him. But KCSO says once the man was handcuffed, they realized he wasn’t breathing. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.” (1133)

1 suspect dead, 2 others injured in New Britain police-involved shooting “One person is dead and two others were injured in an officer-involved shooting that happened in New Britain on Thursday evening. It happened in the area of Chapman Street and Chapman court a little before 7 p.m. when police tried to stop a car. The car was suspected of having been involved in a series of armed carjackings in New Britain and surrounding towns over the past two weeks, police said. The most recent was on Monday, where police said shots were fired at one victim, and in a second incident a victim was pistol-whipped. Police said as officers tried to stop the car and apprehend the occupants, more than one officer fired their weapon. Three people were in the car, and were all hit by gunfire. … Police said there was at least one firearm in the car.” (1134)

“FBI Agent, Detective Shoot and Kill Robbery Suspect in Yonkers: Sources A bank robbery suspect was shot and killed by an FBI agent and a Yonkers detective Friday evening, three sources familiar with the investigation say. The agent and detective were conducting an investigation into the alleged bank robber near Van Cortlandt Park when they tried to pull him over at Aqueduct and McLean avenues for questioning, the sources told News 4. The two apparently saw the man with a weapon and fired at him, the sources said, adding that a gun believed to belong to the suspect was recovered at the scene. The man was pronounced dead at an area hospital, according to the sources.” (1135)

“Trooper fatally shoots driver after being dragged by vehicle Police say 30-year-old Adam Radcliffe of Wilmington was shot and killed when he attempted to flee police during a traffic stop, dragging a trooper as he fled. The incident began at 4:24 p.m. Friday. According to investigators, a trooper on patrol observed a burgundy Honda strike a pole and was driving erratically on Boxwood Road near Centerville Road in Wilmington. The driver, later identified as Radcliffe, then fled from the crash scene. The trooper followed Radcliffe’s vehicle to the Kirkwood Plaza Shopping Center on Kirkwood Highway. When the trooper approached the vehicle, Radcliffe allegedly took off with the trooper attached to the passenger side door, dragging him. The vehicle went down the access road for Kirkwood Plaza and turned left onto Farrand Drive. The trooper opened fire, striking Radcliffe. Radcliffe’s vehicle sped off down Farrand Drive. Police later located the burgundy Honda Civic off of Hammond Place at the end of Farrand Drive where it drove through a fence into a small creek. Radcliffe was removed from the vehicle and transported to the hospital where he died.” (1138)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.


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Why don’t I have nipples? ~ What’s the big deal about the mannequin challenge ~ I need to start Yoga. I am not limber ~ It’s been 55 years, and I still haven’t found Ken’s penis. ~ Why do all my clothes have Velcro?! ~ Why does Ken want to party all the time? Is he ever going to grow up? ~ Her brother took an orange marker, colored on my face saying “Make Barbie great again”. At least my hair is real. ~ Think I need hip replacement. ~ It’s never going to work with Ken. He, literally, doesn’t have the balls to handle a woman like me. ~ Ugh, I haven’t washed my hair in forever. It feels like a wig. ~ I should just be happy they held off on Black Barbie as long as they did. ~ Ken has taken his manscaping too far ~ Just because it looks like I have everything on the outside doesn’t mean I’m not hurting on the inside. ~ I must have low expectations of men because mine isn’t anatomically correct ~ I’ve got to admit I don’t like it when kids rip my head off. ~ I hope Ken doesn’t find out about GI Joe ~ this is a repost ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress.








More Tales Of The City

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Whales of the city is about books four and six of the Tales of the City series. In this report, PG notes that he has yard sale copies of books two and three, but does not know if he read them. He soon learned that he had not read those two books. Significant Others, book five, is the one that PG read, found in the library eleven years later, and read again.

More Tales Of The City, book two of TOTC, is the subject of today’s book report. It begins with Micheal Tolliver’s Valentines Day Resolutions for 1977. “3. I will stop expecting to meet Jan-Michael Vincent at the tubs. 4. I will inhale poppers only through the mouth.” Cruise ship people wonder why Michael wore a T shirt advertising Crisco.

MTOTC occupies a totally different world from the 1988 scenery of Sure of You, book six. Consuming these stories out of sequence can lead to some head scratching. Either Armistead Maupin could see the future, and had a perverted sense of humor, or synchronicity is real.
SPOILER ALERT Things in various parts of TOTC will be discussed below. If you are spoiler sensitive, you can just skip over the text, and look at the pictures. These images are courtesy of The Library of Congress.
The end of MTOTC shows Michael Tolliver and Mary Ann Singleton bemoaning the departure of Burke Andrew. Mary Ann met Burke on a cruise ship. They had their moment, and Burke got a job in New York. Micheal goes back to his southern queen roots, and quotes Scarlett O’Hara… tomorrow is another day. Fast forward four books/eleven years. Burke is a married New York hotshot. He gets Mary Ann to leave San Francisco, finally, and move on to national stardom in the Big Apple.

86 is an expression meaning get out of here. On page 86 of MTOTC, we see this 1977 comment: “There are – and this is conservatively speaking – one hundred and twenty thousand practicing homosexuals within the city limits of San Francisco. … Those one hundred and twenty thousand homosexuals are going to grow old together, Arch. ….Think of it! The first gay nursing home in the history of the world!” The Arch mentioned in this sales pitch is Archibald Anson Gidde. He will die in book six. The obituary will use a euphemism.

A lot of those 120K P.H. were going to die between book two and book six. One of them is Dr. Jon Fielding, an on-and-off bf of Michael Tolliver. The two re-connect on the same cruise ship that facilitated Mary Ann’s romance. On page 109, Michael is fantasizing about having a decadent funeral. Jon listens appreciatively, then says “Don’t die, O.K.? Not until I’m through with you.” In less than five years, Jon will be through with Micheal, and everything else.

MTOTC is a fun book. It is not a documentary. A few of the plot twists will stretch your credibility. It is escapism, and is set in a more innocent era… back when things were still fun. Before we go, we need a couple of one star comments. Robert S. Marrinon “While Tales of the City had redeeming love and touching stories, “More Tales of the City” was simply filthy. I can see why it sold for one cent.” Rozanne “I can’t believe I read another book by this guy. He’s pretty awful.”






From The Heart Of Atlanta To Tyler Perry

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There is an old saying, what goes around comes around. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. The thing is, it is not always obvious what is payback for what. Moreton Rolleston Jr. filed a lawsuit to have the Civil Rights Act declared unconstitutional. Forty years later, a Black man, built a mansion on the site of Mr. Rolleston’s home. The fact that this Black man earned his money by playing Black women, in movies, is icing on the cake.

When the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, Moreton Rolleston, Jr. owned the Heart of Atlanta Motel. He filed a lawsuit, trying to have the law overturned by the courts. The case went to the Supreme Court, which upheld the law.

The legal justification of the Civil Rights Act was a law giving the U.S. Government the right to regulate interstate commerce. Mr. Rolleston argued that this use of the commerce clause went too far.
“‘The argument that this law was passed to relieve a burden on interstate commerce is so much hogwash. It was intended to regulate the acts of individuals.’ If the commerce clause can be stretched that far, declared Rolleston, ‘Congress can regulate every facet of life.'” (PG supports all citizens having the right to housing, education, etc. He also wonders if we are on a slippery slope. The government keeps taking more and more freedom away.) (The link for the quote no longer works.)
In 1969, Tyler Perry was born. From humble beginnings, he has been incredibly successful. His signature character is a woman named Madea.

In 1985, Mr. Rolleston was involved in a real estate deal that went sour. He was sued. In 2003, Mr. Rolleston was evicted from his Buckhead home. In 2005, the property was sold to Tyler Perry. Mr. Rolleston sued Mr. Perry, claiming that 2035 Garraux Road was still his property.

Mr. Rolleston , was disbarred in 2007. The Veteran’s History Project shows his race as “Unspecified.” Moreton Mountford Rolleston, Jr., born December 30, 1917, died August 29, 2013.

HT Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.













Ansel Adams And Dorothea Lange

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The facebook feed has recently had links to a story, Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs of FDR’s Japanese Concentration Camps. Miss Lange was the photographer of the iconic Migrant Mother. After Pearl Harbor, Miss Lange took a job with the War Relocation Authority, documenting the “relocation” of Japanese-Americans to interment camps. The photographs did not please the authorities. They were censored, and only appeared recently. This is a repost.

Ansel Adams also took photographs at the Manzanar, California, camp. In the current stories, he is literally a footnote: quotes were used from a book about his photography. Why is Dorothea Lange receiving attention, while Ansel Adams is ignored?

One answer is that Miss Lange was hired early on, and shows the harsh reality of relocation. “On July 30, 1942, the WRA laid her off “without prejudice,” adding that the cause was “completion of work…. the WRA impounded the majority of her photographs of Manzanar and the forced detentions, and later deposited 800 image from the series in the National Archives without announcement.”

“After Lange’s departure, Manzanar’s director Ralph Merritt visited renowned environmentalist and landscape photographer Ansel Adams and suggested he document the camp — Merritt and Adams were friends from the Sierra Club. Lange, also friends with Adams, encouraged him to take the job. (Coincidentally Adams printed “Migrant Mother” for her ) …Ansel Adams made several trips to Manzanar between October 1943 and July 1944 for this new personal project, and, as Alinder writes, he was primed to try the kind of documentary photography regularly practiced by Dorothea Lange and the Farm Security Administration that he had earlier shunned. Unlike Lange, a white woman who had been viewed with suspicion by her subjects, Adams was welcomed by the incarcerees, even greeted as a celebrity in a cultural community that had a deep appreciation of nature — many incarcerees at Manzanar literally opened their doors to him dressed in their finest clothes. … By 1943, Manzanar’s incarcarees had had time to settle in and enjoy the fruits of their collective work. In less than ideal surroundings, they had collectively built their own post office, town hall, library, auditorium, co-op store system, police station, jail, cemetery with memorial, published their own newspaper (the ironically named the Manzanar Free Press, which was regularly censored by the military), and even their own YMCA.”

“As for Lange, looking at the historical record, it appears that she was treated differently from the other WRA photographers. She was discouraged from talking to the incarcerees, was constantly followed by a censor, and faced harassment. She was refused access to areas after being given clearance, and she was often hounded over phone charges and receipts. … After being discharged, Lange expressed in letters her dismay that her work was ineffective in helping the people she documented. Her assistant Christina Clausen later noted the ferocity of this body of work also marked the beginning of the photographer’s bleeding gastric ulcers. Lange was unable to work for a number of years after her harrowing experience at Manzanar. She died from esophageal cancer in 1965.”

“In 1944, Adams’s photographs were published as a book, “Born Free and Equal: The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans,” and shown at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Nativists took offense. They saw Adams’s work as a slur on the war effort. He was a “Jap lover.” This quote is from a 2016 article, Let’s be honest, Ansel Adams’s images of a WWII internment camp are propaganda

“Adams visited Manzanar to take photos in 1943 at the request of camp director Ralph Merritt, who was a personal friend. “They don’t look quite as dusty and quite as forbidding as Dorothea Lange’s photos … Indeed, the place that looks barren and depressing in Lange’s pictures manages to look beautiful in Adams’. You get little sense that it was even a detention center, in part because Adams, like other photographers, was not allowed to shoot the guard towers or barbed wire…

There are scenes from a baseball game, kids walking to school, a gathering outside a chapel. Lots of smiles, too, and portraits of camp residents cropped so close, you can see every blemish and stray hair. In Adams’ vision, Manzanar comes off as a place where Japanese-Americans, dignified, resilient and optimistic in spite of their circumstances, built a temporary community in the desert.

(Skirball Cultural Center director Robert) Kirschner said that if Adams’ photos appear to sugarcoat the indignities of life in an internment camp, it is because he did not see himself as a social activist the way Lange did. Still, Kirscher says, Adams was challenging internment in his own way, by depicting its victims as patriotic, law-abiding Americans. Unlike Lange, Adams was given permission to publish his photos. Before the war ended, he did so in a book called “Born Free and Equal: The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans,” in which he warned about the dangers of letting wartime hysteria justify depriving U.S. citizens of their freedom.”

The NPR article mentions a third Manzanar photographer. “Before World War II, Toyo Miyatake had a photo studio in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. When he learned he would be interned at Manzanar, he asked a carpenter to build him a wooden box with a hole carved out at one end to accommodate a lens. He turned this box into a makeshift camera that he snuck around the camp, as his grandson Alan Miyatake explains in the video below, which is featured in the exhibit.

Fearful of being discovered, Miyatake at first only took pictures at dusk or dawn, usually without people in them. Camp director Merritt eventually caught Miyatake, but instead of punishing him, allowed him to take pictures openly. Miyatake later became the camp’s official photographer.”

Pictures for today’s feature are from The Library of Congress. These are pictures that Ansel Adams took at Manzanar. They have been posted at chamblee54 before. The ladies in the bridge game are Aiko Hamaguchi, Chiye Yamanaki, Catherine Yamaguchi, and Kazoko Nagahama.

Judy Roasting On An Open Fire

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SFFILK (Not his real name) passes along a story about Mel Tormé. It seems like Mr.Tormé was eating a leisurely breakfast at a food court in Los Angeles, and a quartet appeared singing Christmas songs. They wound up performing “The Christmas Song” for co- author Tormé … and the singers had no idea who he was. It is a good story, better told in the link. (The link no longer works.) This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

According to the inerrant Wikipedia, Mr. Tormé collaborated with Robert Wells, until they had a falling out. One afternoon, on the hottest day of July in 1945, Mr.Tormé went to visit Mr.Wells, and saw the first four lines of “The Christmas Song” (including “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose”). The lines were on a note pad, and the two agreed to beat the heat of summer by completing the song. Supposedly, Mr. Tormé did not like the song very much. After three divorces, he probably didn’t see many of the royalties.

Mel Tormé was the music director of the ill fated “Judy Garland Show” in the early sixties. He wrote a book about it… The Other Side of the Rainbow: With Judy Garland on the Dawn Patrol . The story is that Miss Garland would get blasted, call Mr.Tormé in the middle of the night, and pour out her troubles. (This review is much less sympathetic towards Mr. Tormé.) While the show did not last longer, there are some great youtube clips left over.








A Pretty Trivial Thing

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display of a link is not an indication of approval ~ Hear Flannery O’Connor’s Short Story, “Revelation,” Read by Legendary Historian & Radio Host, Studs Terkel ~ “Alt-right” women are upset that “alt-right” men are treating them terribly ~ Carolyn Hax: She thinks her fiance’s racism ‘seems like a pretty trivial thing’ ~ Quiz: Are You A Becky? ~ A Young Bob Dylan Talks And Plays On “The Studs Terkel Program”(1963) ~ Why is Berlin so dysfunctional? ~ Atlanta Street Art Map ~ ‘He Brutalized For You’ ~ Bill Boggs interviews Roy Cohn & Gore Vidal ~ Doug Jones Hits Roy Moore: The Most Racist Mailer Ever? Do you have a picture of the entire front page? Also, how can we know that the second image is connected to the first? ~ One more thing. The “if a black man did what a white man did” trope is a staple of political commentary. I can see why someone thought this might be a good campaign tactic. ~ A Racist Flyer Might Cost Doug Jones The Election Because The Entire Democratic Party Is Trash ~ Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison ~ Liberals Need to Take Their Fingers Out of Their Ears ~ ATLANTA NEWS ANCHOR SHARON REED CLAPS BACK AT A VIEWER 12-5-2017 ~ Georgia Flood Maps ~ .@SharonReedCBS46 was unprofessional in broadcasting the name and email address now innocent people with similar names are being doxxed shame on .@SharonReedCBS46 ~ Sharon Reed condemns social media attacks after receiving racist email ~ LeBron James Love Child? Sharon Reed Rumors Heat Up In Cleveland ~ Former Cleveland News Anchor Sharon Reed Answers The LeBron James Rumor ~ Former Channel 19 Anchor Sharon Reed Responds to Atlanta Viewer Who Called Her N-Word ~ Kimberly Rios ~ sharon reed ~ Tom Waits| Tales from a Cracked Jukebox7 “I personally think she faked the whole email. I also wonder how many of her followers are aware she was fired in Cleveland for violating their morals clause?” ~ “and whats great for me, is that there’s so much bullshit out there” ~ Interview With Natty Soltesz ~ Johann Sebastian Bach ~ New Film “Graven Image” Shows How Georgia Racists Created a Confederate Myth ~ Plainfield police captain on leave after ‘white male privilege’ comment at training session ~ The Daniel Shaver shooting breakdown ~ Convicted Baltimore murderer, released from life sentence, is arrested with guns, fentanyl, police say ~ Horrific Video Showing Arizona Cop’s ‘Execution’-Style Shooting of Texas Dad Daniel Shaver Released After Officer’s Acquittal ~ Have faith in G-d to take care of you when you die. Don’t worry about Jesus, what the bible says, self important academic theology, virtue signalling, or any other vulgar religious trappings. Just have faith in G-d. Period ~ @LeeCamp Obama surrounded himself w GoldmanSachs. Trump’s surrounded by GSachs. Follow the $, not the political theater. Neither party works for you. ~ I just got a message that someone I know had a heart attack, and is in St. Josephs awaiting bypass surgery. ~ Only confirmed followers have access to @TaraMcCarthy444’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request. ~ What was Jesus accused of? Instead of saying *what would Jesus do?* the question should be *what did Jesus do?* ~ Steven Paddock fired over 1,000 rounds in Las Vegas. When the Second Amendment was approved, it would take over five hours to fire 1,000 rounds. ~ @SlavojTweezek So tell me, you know, what part of the negation of your deontological reinterpretation of an epistemologically flawed neoliberal dialectic did you not understand? ~ The tax scam bill was not well thought out. There will be unintended consequences. ~ This is the n-word. People lose their minds over that damn word. America needs to grow up. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Drano Bubble Bath

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Killed By Police December 10

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16 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 1104 Delbert McNeil 1105 Gregory Ray Ham 1106 1107 Jeffrey Scott Cantrell 1108 Mario Sanabria 1109 Johnny D. Carter Christopher Duffy 1110 Robert Page 1111 Jean Pedro Pierre 1112 Scott Addison 1113 David Facen 1114 Jesse Cole Shuping 1115 Kyler Grabbingbear 1116 John Souder 1117 Frederick Douglas Wilburn Jr. 1118 Vernchoy Saechao 1119

5 of the victims were White. (1104, 1105, 1112, 1114, 1116) 2 of the victims were Black. (1111, 1113) For 7 of the victims, the race was not indicated. (1106, 1107, 1109, 1110, 1117, 1118, 1119) 1108 Mario Sanabria was Latino. 1115 Kyler Grabbingbear was Native American.

6 of the victims fired at a police officer. (1107, 1109, 1112, 1113, 1118, 1119) 5 of the victims displayed a weapon. (1105, 1108, 1110, 1114, 1116) 3 of the victims were involved in a domestic dispute. (1111, 1115, 1118) 2 of the victims were apparently suicidal. (1107, 1110) A taser was used in two incidents. (1104, 1111) 1113 David Facen was shot in a Walmart parking lot.

2 of the incidents were in Georgia. Suspect killed after exchanging gunfire with deputies, officials say “… a woman called the sheriff’s office just before noon after a man pointed a gun at her and pulled the trigger. The gun didn’t go off. Deputies arrived at the suspect’s (Jeffrey Scott Cantrell) home a few minutes later and made contact with him. Authorities said the suspect told them he would not be taken alive and that deputies would have to kill him. The man then came outside with his weapon and began firing. … Deputies fired back, killing him.” “… prior to the incident, Cantrell had contacted a family member and talked about committing suicide.” (1107)

Family wants answers after man dies weeks after arrest “CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – A man arrested in Clayton County died weeks after he was arrested. Police said Christopher Duffy, 23, was not in a crosswalk and was stopping traffic as he tried to walk across Tara Boulevard on Oct. 26. Police said an officer confronted Duffy, smelled marijuana and found a small amount in his pocket. Officers said Duffy ran away and was captured but then ran away again. When officers caught Duffy a second time, they said he was resisting arrest and they shocked him with a Taser. Paramedics were called and they found no obvious medical issues. Duffy’s family believes he was beaten. “Because he took off running, they were upset and they decided to beat him,” his cousin, Arista Duffy, said. “Somebody needs to pay for this. We’re not going to stop until we get justice.” Family members said Christopher Duffy called them when he got to jail and said he had chest pain and was throwing up blood. He said jailers did not give him medical care. A month after his arrest, Duffy was found unresponsive in his cell. He was taken to the hospital and was in a coma until he died Tuesday morning. Police deny that officers used excessive force. Clayton County police said an internal affairs probe found there were no strikes or blows administered to Christopher Duffy.” (No KBP #)

Three killed, one cop hurt in separate shootings South Florida saw 3 fatal incidents on December 6, 2017. Three killed, one cop hurt in separate shootings “After threatening suicide, 71-year-old Robert Page engaged in a standoff of about 90 minutes with a Coral Springs SWAT team. At least two officers fired and killed him when he came out of his house carrying a shotgun, said Keyla Concepcion, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office. … “Whatever moves he made were threatening to the officers,” … Police had been at the home the night before the shooting responding to a reported disturbance, Concepcion said. …” (1110)

Cellphone video captures fatal deputy-involved shooting in Lauderdale Lakes “LAUDERDALE LAKES, Fla. – Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said they were forced to shoot a man Wednesday who attacked them after they were called to a Lauderdale Lakes apartment complex regarding a disturbance between a man and a woman. … BSO investigators said deputies were dispatched to the apartment complex in the 3600 block of Northwest 21st Street at 4:44 p.m. after someone called 911 about a domestic dispute. “He was trying to separate the two parties. He was violently attacked by the subject,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.” “The office says Jean Pedro Pierre attacked 48-year-old Deputy Sean Youngward. Witnesses told investigators that Pierre punched and kicked Youngward.Authorities say Youngward had to call in backup when non-lethal methods failed to subdue Pierre. Deputy Steven Briggs arrived and the sheriff’s office said he found Youngward on his back, still under assault. The sheriff’s office says Briggs ordered Pierre to stop before firing several shots. Pierre was not armed. He died at a hospital.” video (1111)

Suspect Shot Dead by Officer in Walmart Parking Lot Had Criminal History “Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said Manuel Gonzalez … was off-duty and working as a security officer at the store when he responded to a shoplifting incident. Gunfire was exchanged and the suspect, David Facen, was killed at the scene. Footage showed the suspect’s body under a yellow tarp between two cars in the parking lot. … One witness said he heard around six gunshots and saw officers responding immediately. “I can’t believe this, plain daylight, it’s not safe to be even at Walmart nowadays,” Armando Jomarron said. … Facen had criminal priors, including attempted first-degree murder, second-degree murder and battery on a law enforcement officer, records showed. He has spent about 20 years in prison.” (1113)

2 of the incidents were in Texas. Man dies in Hamlin police custody, Texas Rangers investigating “Johnny McNeil identified the victim as his brother, Delbert McNeil. He said his brother was a Mental Health Mental Retardation patient who should have been handled differently. He believes excessive force was used — including tasing — leading to his brother’s death. Hamlin Police Department responded about 1:10 a.m. Saturday to reports of a “male suspect, possibly under the influence, throwing items in front of a local business.” According to a Hamlin police news release, the man became “combative and violent and assaulted the officers” when he was located and taken into custody. “Additional officers were requested along with Emergency Medical Services,” the release said. “The male suspect was agitated and began to fight with the EMS personnel.” Johnny McNeil said he understood Delbert was tased and assaulted by officers. “I think they (police) should have contacted MHMR first to let them know he was having an episode,” Johnny McNeil said, adding he was “disappointed” with how it was handled. Hamlin police said Delbert McNeil collapsed and was taken to the Hamlin Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Johnny McNeil said Hamlin Police Chief Bobby Evans told him that his bother had a heart attack on the way to the hospital. Debra Adkisson, a neighbor, said Delbert McNeil was tased at least twice. “He was in the backseat, cuffed. What else could he do?, Kind of bewildered because he was a friend. To see this happen right in front of my house and then the next morning to find out that he’s passed.”” (1104)

Police: Officer shot and killed sword-wielding man “A La Marque police officer shot and killed a man Sunday who police said had threatened a resident with a sword during a burglary attempt and later attacked an officer and a police dog, officials said. …police Chief Kirk Jackson … A 55-year-old woman told police Gregory Ray Ham, 62, pushed a sword in her face after forcing his way into her house and barricading her in a room using furniture, Jackson said. Police freed the woman who told them Ham had fled to another structure in the same block, Jackson said. Police warned Ham to come out of the structure or they would send in a police dog, Jackson said. Ham refused and the dog and its handler went into the structure, Jackson said. Ham is accused of attacking Santos and the police dog when they entered the structure, Jackson said. “Once the armed suspect was located, the officer engaged him and subsequently discharged his firearm striking the suspect,”” (1105)

2 more incidents are noteworthy. Woman says Adams County deputy shot and killed her unarmed 19-year-old son in chance encounter “Now he’s dead. In a blink of an eye he is gone. At 19 my son lost his life,” said Andrea Feltman, 37, referring to her son Kyler “KyKy” Grabbingbear. “Native American lives matter.”… A deputy had responded to an emergency call to an apartment next to where Grabbingbear was at 3:34 a.m. Thursday. Feltman said 20 minutes earlier her son had been at her home. He walked to his girlfriend’s apartment in the 8700 block of Galen Court. Grabbingbear and his girlfriend were in the process of breaking up. “He was hungry and tired,” Feltman said. “He was yelling because he was upset.” His girlfriend’s mother told him to leave or she would call 911. “It just so happened that a (expletive) cop was in the hallway,” Feltman said. Just as her son walked out of his girlfriend’s apartment, he saw the officer. Grabbingbear took off running down the apartment hallway. The deputy gave chase, … The deputy caught Grabbingbear in a small courtyard, she said. “They started scuffling,” Feltman said. Sgt. Jim Morgen, of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, said the deputy suffered neck and head injuries in a confrontation. … the deputy pulled out his gun and shot Grabbingbear…. “Why couldn’t you use your Taser?” …“Why couldn’t you use your baton?” Feltman said the reason she believes her son began running when he saw the deputy was because he had slept in after working a graveyard shift and missed a court hearing on a misdemeanor drug possession charge. He didn’t have $100 to pay his bond so he didn’t want to go back to jail until he got a second job and earned enough money, Feltman said.” (1115)

Trooper Involved Shooting with Suspect Fatally Wounded-Dover “The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is currently investigating . … at approximately 3:11 a.m., Saturday, December 9, 2017, a Trooper … stopped a vehicle … The Trooper approached the vehicle, at which time the front seat passenger displayed a weapon, with an exchange of gunfire ensuing. The 16 year old, male suspect, was shot during the exchange, and succumbed to his injuries after being transported to an area hospital. The 18 year old male driver of the vehicle, sustained a gun shot wound to his leg and was treated and released from the hospital. A 17 year old rear seat passenger in the vehicle was uninjured as a result of the incident. The Trooper was also not injured.” (1119)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

War Between The States

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It is a truism that history is written by the winner of the war. This seems to apply to the naming of the conflict. There was a horrific armed struggle in North America between 1861 and 1865. The name used most often is Civil War. To many in the South, it is the War Between The States. In PG’s humble opinion, WBTS is a better name.

In fifth grade, PG had to write an essay about the Battle of Atlanta. The essay was a device for teaching grammar, utilized by the english teacher, Miss McKenzie. The contest was sponsored by the Daughters of the Confederacy . The expression “Civil War” was not permitted. The proper name for this conflict was War Between the States.

In many ways, this conflict started as soon as the United States became independent from Great Britain. The South was an agrarian society, with slaves to work the fields. The north was becoming an industrial society, with a need for an independent work force. The north wanted high tariffs to protect her industries, while the south wanted to sell it’s cotton to Europe. There were plenty of ways for this conflict to manifest.

Slavery was a very important factor. The south wanted to keep “the peculiar institution” intact, while many in the north were horrified. There were numerous compromises over the years, as Congress struggled to keep the Union intact. This ties in with a central dilemma of the american experience … how much power to give to the states, and how much power to give to the federal government.

The phrase civil war is defined as “A war fought between factions of the inhabitants of a single country, or the citizens of a single republic”. By the time the shooting started, the southern states had left the union. They formed a confederacy of independent states, rather than one monolithic union. It was, indeed, a war between the states.

This is a repost. Pictures, of Union soldiers, are from The Library of Congress.