Examine Your Whiteness Part Two

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There have been some new developments in the Burkhart’s melodrama since Examine Your Whiteness was published. For those who are new here, a facebook screen shot appeared, showing the owner of a popular Atlanta bar saying the magic word. A community hissy fit followed. The drag queens who performed at the establishment quit. PG questioned the validity of the screen shot. Global warming got worse, Atlanta traffic slowed down, and Donald Trump got a haircut. It was a bad week.

Someone finally talked to Palmer Marsh, the bar owner with a facebook habit. Yes, he did say the magic word on facebook. He took the post down soon after, but not before a cunning employee got a screen shot. The evidence would prove handy.

Mr. Marsh made another noteworthy comment. “Marsh says his son-in-law is black, as are several of his own grandchildren.” This puts a new spin on the old saying… I can’t be racist, some of my best grandchildren are black. The people upset about the facebook post were not impressed. Don’t confuse me with the facts, the man is a racist, because I said so. The issue remains unresolved, as well as the issue of why anyone should care.

Racist is the one of worst things you can say about anyone. It is also tossed around casually, with no proof, or thought, required. Once accused, you are guilty until proven innocent. If you defend someone accused of racism, you are considered racist yourself.

Racism is not an either/or binary. Many people have conflicting feelings on the matter. While the facebook post is apparently valid, what is in Palmer Marsh’s heart remains a mystery to most observers. Maybe he is a racist, and maybe he is not.

Why does a person need to be politically correct to own a queer bar? Historically, bar owners have been shady characters, who settled disputes with contract killing, and convenient fires. The business revolves around selling alcohol, a deadly, addictive, legal drug. People often misbehave under the influence, and the bar will use brute force to resolve the issue. Enemies are made. It is a tough, dirty business. And now we are supposed to shun an bar owner, because he used the magic word one time on facebook. (Full disclosure: PG is a retired drunk. He has been sober since 1988.)

Anti racism can be highly superficial. Lip service is paid to high minded definitions of racism: “Rather, according to the newly uncovered formula, racism = prejudice + power (or “prejudice + privilege” in some trendier renditions). White people are the ones with all the power and privilege here, so, per the formula, they cannot possibly be the objects of racism.”

That is good in theory, but boring in practice. When there is a racism controversy these days, it is frequently because someone said the magic word. (One exception is when the police kill someone.) Honest to G-d oppression is boring, and will not get attention. Catching someone saying the magic word gets attention. The ex-employee, who leaked the screen shot, wanted attention.

The other development is the sale of the bar. Supposedly, a group was planning to buy Burkhart’s. This group included the General Manager, Don Hunnewell, who gave a statement soon after the original screen shot emerged. “Yesterday it took everything I had to soldier on and not terminate my employment agreement.” A few days later, he was part of a group trying to buy the bar.

You might ask, how does a complicated sale like that happen so quickly? The answer is, it doesn’t. The owner of The Jungle, a now closed cha cha palace, is said to have made an offer. The Jungle got in SJW trouble a few years ago for hosting a performance by Sharon Needles. For the foreseeable future, Palmer and Mary Marsh own Burkhart’s.

An ex-employee had a problem with the club. Ex-employee leaked the screen shot to the press, and the fun started. Now, there are three possible motives for the ex-employee. 1 – Someone was offended by racism at the club, and wanted to call attention to it. 2- Release of the screen shot is somehow connected to a sale of the bar. It is not known if the ex-employee was part of the group that was going to buy the club. 3 – The ex employee had a problem with the club, and wanted to get revenge. Number 3 is the most likely, although all are possible. All things are possible in a world without G-d.

Where does this put the performers who quit, and the pearl clutching public? If this is motivated by sincere concern for racism at Burkhart’s, then people are entitled to the self congratulation. OTOH, if this whole mudbath is just part of the proposed sale, or a shot at revenge by an embittered ex-employee, then the pearl clutchers are being played.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress, taken at “Annual “Bathing Girl Parade”, Balboa Beach, CA, June 20, 1920.” Part three of this series is now available.








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The custom of expressing your innermost thoughts on the back of your vehicle has taken a curious turn. One popular emblem says coexist. The seven letters are equipped with symbols, both religious and secular. One hopes that no one receiving this message has forgotten to stop, and hit the car with the coexist symbol on the bumper.

When PG was young, there was a miniature golf course on Cheshire Bridge Road called Putt Putt. The first bumper sticker he saw said “I play Putt Putt.” Is coexist an improvement?

When this post was first conceived, the i in coexist was perceived to be unadorned. It was as if the religion of i was receiving due recognition. Upon closer examination, it seems as though the tittle has a five pointed star. This means that the i is a sorcerers wand. The i apparently stands for paganism.

The c, x, and t of coexist are pretty obvious. They are symbols for the three Abrahamic religions. O is a peace sign, and e has the male and female symbols. The religions they represent are not apparent. The s is a yin yang, which is somehow related to Taoism.

Buddhism, Atheism, Communism, and Hinduism are not represented. They spell out Bach. The composer Johann Sebastian Bach produced glorious music for the Lutheran church. Perhaps the e in coexist represents the left out denominations. If this E is combined with BACH, you can spell out BEACH. This is a repost. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.













Obituary Mambo

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Andrew Sullivan had an uplifting feature, the other day, about obituaries. As is his custom, he found an article at another site, threw out a juicy quote, and moved on. It is up to Chamblee54 to provide more detail, and put up pictures for the text averse. These pictures today are from the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church cemetery. This is a repost.
It is a common practice to look at the obituaries (aka “Irish sports page”) first thing in the morning. If the reader is not included, then the day can proceed as normal. This custom does not take into account the possibility that you have died, and your family it too cheap to purchase a notice.
The article in question is Ten things you don’t know about the obit biz It starts off by saying that the family members are usually happy to help the obit scribe. They have stories about the recently deceased, like
” Eddie “Bozo” Miller boasted of regularly drinking a dozen martinis before lunch, yet he lived to age eighty-nine.”
Newspapers take different approaches to obituaries. Some assign rookies, or use the death beat as punishment for troublemakers. Others give the job to their best writer. The paid notices are usually written by family members, with the help of the undertaker.
Of course, there is the occasional oddball. Alana Baranick, obituary writer for Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer and lead author of Life on the Death Beat: A Handbook for Obituary Writers , likes to visit every municipality in the United States named Cleveland.
One oft repeated saying is that obituaries are about life, not death. As the source puts it:
“The British “quality” newspapers — The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Independent, substantiate the old chestnut about obituaries being about life, not death. These papers rarely mention the cause of death, focusing instead on presenting a vivid account of a lived life. American papers have an unhealthy fixation on death. It’s common for “complications of chronic pulmonary disease” or “bile duct cancer” to show up in the story’s lede, never to resurface.”
Only one obituary has won a Pulitzer prize.
” Leonard Warren, a Metropolitan Opera baritone, dropped dead mid-performance in 1960. Sanche de Gramont (who changed his name to Ted Morgan), a young rewrite man at the New York Herald Tribune, banged out the obit in under an hour and won a 1961 Pulitzer in the Local Reporting, Edition Time, category.”
There is an The International Association of Obituarists The headquarters is in Dallas TX, presumably near a grassy knoll. They have an annual convention, which is said to be a lively affair. The 2005 conference was in Bath, England. The 2007 conference was in Alfred NY. There is also the Society of Professional Obituary Writers.

IAO was founded by Carolyn Gilbert, the lady who puts the bitch in obituary. Ms. Gilbert collaborates on a page, Remembering The Passed. RTP has a series of podcasts. They require an apple app to listen, which is too much work for PG.
Death is a part of life. Every language has a word for it, and English has a number of slang expressions. An incomplete list would include :
““passed on”, “are no more”, “have ceased to be”, “expired and gone to meet their Maker”, “are bereft of life”, “have ceased to be”, “rest in peace”, “push up daisies”, “whose metabolic processes are now history”, “are off the twig”, “have kicked the bucket”, “shuffled off their mortal coil”, “run down the curtain” or “joined the Choir Invisible”
Columbia Journalism Review (Motto: Strong Press, Strong Democracy) has a feature about Obit.
“Krishna Andavolu is the managing editor of Obit an online magazine intended for those interested in obituaries, epitaphs, elegies, postludes, retrospectives, grave rubbings, widow’s weeds, and other such memorabilia of expiration. Part eulogistic clearinghouse, part cultural review, Obit purports to examine life through the prism of death. Founded in 2007 by a wealthy New Jersey architect who sensed an exploitable niche after seeing a middle-aged woman distraught over the death of Captain Kangaroo, the site is a locus for enlightened morbidity.”
OM is worth a visit. The top story features a picture of Betty Ford, who survived Breast Cancer, Alcoholism, and The White House, to die at 93. The site has an ad from, with the creative suggestion to Trade In Your Old Bridesmaid Dress & Get a New Little Black Dress.
OM has a popular feature called Died on the same day. Grim reaper recruits on January 30 include Betsy Ross (1936) Mohandas Gandhi (1948) Orville Wright (1948) Professor Longhair (1980) Lightnin’ Hopkins (1982) and Coretta Scott King (2006).
No google search is complete without someone trying to make money. Obituaries Professionally Written says
” … we believe in honoring a life with respect, dignity and integrity. When needed, euphemism is used liberally. “
OPW content provider Larken Bradley says
“”Obituary writing is an honor, a privilege, and great fun … I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.”… After she dies she expects her obit headline will read, “Obituary Writer, Six Feet Under.”


PG was going to repost an old favorite, Obituary Mambo. When you recycle something this often, it is a good idea to check the links. For OM, many do not work.
The story begins with a story at the digital home of Andrew Sullivan. This fine facility is now in paywall purgatory. When you click on the old link, you see a cartoon of a French borderguard, and the message
“THIS CONNECTION IS UNTRUSTED You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure. …” The browser has this reaction to several of the links in the original story.
Monetization of obituaries seems to have run aground. Links to Obit Magazine give you a page of fine print HTML. The International Association of Obituarists is not on the internet. The NPR interview with Carolyn Gilbert, founder of the IAO, is still up. Presumably, she is still putting the bitch back in obituary. Maybe the 2005 convention in Bath, England was too much.
Another link gave this result:
“Welcome to ! Our new web site, powered by EarthLink Web Hosting, is currently under construction.” In its place is The Society of Professional Obituary Writers, “Proudly powered by Weebly.”
SPOW hosted a contest in 2011 and 2012.
“Each year, The Society of Professional Obituary Writers holds a competition to honor excellence in obituary writing. Obituaries are submitted by reporters and editors from all over the world, and blind-judged by a panel of our members. Winners receive trophies, known as the Grimmies, and are feted at the annual conference.” Grimmies were given for Best Obit, and Best Body of Work.


Racist Apologist

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display of a link on this page is not an indication of approval ~ Palmer Marsh If the South had won, we would be a hell of a lot better off. ~ Atlanta gay bar faces backlash over owner’s racist Facebook posts calling Obama a ‘n**ger’ ~ Burkhart’s GM responds after owner’s racist Facebook posts uncovered ~ KHALID SINGS, “I DON’T WANT TO COME HOME TONIGHT,” AND I WONDER WHERE HOME IS IN THE FIRST PLACE ~ bird ~ City moves to give landmark status to Midtown funeral home, block site’s redevelopment ~ Dear Mr. Trump…In truth the only shithole nation is the one that tolerates a racist president. ~ hair product racial profiling ~ A Desire for History ~ the slash ~ pyramids ~ White Candidate for Georgia Governor Basically Does MLK Blackface ~ drag walkout ~ drag walkout II ~ Atlanta Queens Collectively Resign Over Burkhart’s Racism Fiasco ~ 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People Conversations I Am Tired Of Having ~ gallus ~ Midtown bar under new ownership after controversial Facebook posts surface ~ A Lifetime of Activism: Jane Fonda on Gender Violence, Indigenous Rights & Opposing War in Vietnam ~ live feed I just listened to a live feed of the meeting this morning. I did not hear the infamous facebook post mentioned one time. Maybe it wasn’t that important. When I pointed out the lack of evidence for this post, I was called “racist apologist.” I was told to “examine my whiteness.” I was insulted. I had numerous other facebook posts presented, as though that indicated that the seminal post was genuine. It was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. All you had to do was acknowledge that the post was shaky, and move on. You could have talked about the other issues involved here, but you chose to insult me. There is a rule… the first person to start personal insults loses. ~ Burkhart’s remains closed as purported sale collapses ~ Police: Man shot at multiple cars before being shot, killed by officer ~ The Reading Rooms Designed to Protect Women from “Library Loafers” ~ Most of what you’re going to read today is pointless. ~ Owner of Burkhart’s apologizes, still plans to sell ~ edition number four ~ Vol.3 no 26 June 29, 1970 ~ GSU Library ~ palmer marsh ~ Style vs Substance, in discussions on racism, is a conversation we should have. Every wild eyed charge of racism is accepted without thought, and celebrated with yet another round of pearl clutching. ~ the answer to my security question… favorite restaurant … gave me fits, because I was embarrassed to say McDonalds ~ p17 june 29 1970 ~ Did anyone see the Obama/n-word post when it first appeared? What was the time and date? Is there a cached copy available? Do you realize how easy it would be to fake that screen shot? If an incendiery post like that appeared, why wasn’t it noticed at the time? Supposedly, there has been whispering about Mr. Marsh’s racial values for years. There are various incidents recited now about employees. What put it over the top, and into the awareness of the community, is that screen shot about Barack Obama. Who is the ex-employee who posted it? What were their motives? People think this is what fighting racism looks like. Police brutality, economic opportunity, access to housing, education, and health care…. this is institutional racism. None of this will be affected by hand wringing over facebook posts. This whole thing is fishy. People are so eager to believe an accusation of racism. No proof is required, You are guilty until proven innocent. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

Killed By Police January 28

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28 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 070 Ronald Jay Lawson 071 Ilkka O. Hiironen 072 Jonathan Duane Atchley 073 Joshuah D. Prough 074 Aaron Olivarez Candanoza 075 John C. Havener Jr 076 Edward C. Gandy 077 078 Joe Delira-Alires 079 Scott Senior 080 Ricky Jerome Boyd 081 Corey Mobley 082 Alvaro Herrera 083 Shane McVey 084 Humberto Vera-Munoz 085 David Byron Kidney 086 Chris McKinney 087 Steven Hutchins 088 Ulises Valladares, 089 090 091 092 William Charles Mackenzie 093 094 Nathaniel T. “Nate” Edwards 095 William Pollard 096 Crystaline Barnes 097

13 of the victims were white. (070, 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 076, 077, 078, 083, 085, 087, 093) 4 of the victims were black. (080, 081, 094, 096) 2 of the victims were latino. (084, 088) The race of 9 of the victims is unknown. (079, 082, 086, 089, 090, 091, 092, 095, 097) 2 of the victims were female (096 Crystaline Barnes, 097)

5 of the victims fired at an officer. (078, 080, 085, 090, 092) 9 of the victims displayed a weapon. (071, 073, 077, 079, 083, 087, 089, 091, 093) 4 of the victims were possibly suicidal. (071, 073, 076, 077) 2 of the vicims were in a domestic dispute. (081, 092) 2 of the victims were in a car chase. (070, 078) 2 of the victims had a taser used on them. (075, 086)

2 of the killings were in Georgia. “About 6:15 a.m., U.S. Marshals and metro officers responded to the 100 block of Marian Circle to serve a warrant related to the Sunday homicide of 24-year-old Balil Whitfield in the 2100 block of Hudson Street, said Interim Police Chief Mark Revenew. According to a preliminary investigation, Boyd began shooting at the officers and police returned fire. A metro police sergeant was also injured during the shooting.” (080)

“The shooting happened shortly before 4 a.m. near the Shell gas station on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Sugar Hill. Police received a call about an armed man walking along the roadway. When officers confronted the man, he allegedly pulled a gun out of his waistband and began to raise it towards them. The man has been identified as 27-year-old Steven Hutchins of Buford. One of the officers then fired shots at Hutchins, striking him at least once. Hutchins was later pronounced dead at the scene.” (087)

“Our deputies at that time attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving erratically.” The pursuit led to the decision for stop-sticks to be deployed several times, flattening three of the car’s tires. Lawson continued north on U.S. 1. A pit maneuver, used by patrol cars to push vehicles, was used to bring an end to the chase near Rockledge. Turbeville then approached Lawson, then fired once Lawson made his “overt action.” (070)

“Oneida police arrived around 4:15 a.m. Monday on Route 5 in Oneida in response to a call about a man, later identified as Havener, standing in the street, shouting at drivers, Thompson said. Oneida police found Havener and described his conduct as “just generally being very disorderly … flagging down vehicles and obstructing traffic,” he said. Officers also discovered a disabled vehicle in the snow bank, which Havener had driven and possibly crashed, Thompson said. Thompson would not say whether there was anyone else was in the vehicle. Thompson said officers tried talking him out of the road, but Havener became violent. “What our officers did was try to verbally direct this person out of the roadway and see what the problem was,” Thompson said. “He remained very violent and attempted to fight with our officers.” … Thompson said Oneida police called for backup from other local police agencies. First, Canastota police officers arrived, followed by Madison County Sheriff’s Office deputies and then New York State Police officers, he said. “At some point during the encounter a Taser was deployed,” Thompson said. The non-lethal weapon did not have the desired effect, and the “incident transpired” further, Thompson said. Officers followed Havener a “couple hundred” feet down Route 5, Thompson said. Havener was ultimately secured through the use of a second Taser bolt, he said. … Havener was secured in handcuffs in a parking lot near an Arby’s on Route 5. That’s when officers noticed Havener was having trouble breathing. “As our officers were dealing the subject, it became clear that he was having some difficulty with his breathing.” (075)

“At 5:20 p.m., the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office released a statement on the matter, explaining that at approximately 10:47 a.m. Edward C. Gandy, age 47, of Dock Street, in Millville, called 911 and reported that he had a loaded firearm and was located at High and McNeal streets in Millville. According to the statement, police were called to the area and located Gandy. The statement goes on to say: “An Officer Involved Shooting took place. Gandy was shot and later pronounced deceased. No firearm was recovered at the location.” (076)

“A man and woman were arguing at a gas station on the 3000 block of Cortez Road West at about 9:20 p.m., and once deputies arrived, the man (Corey Mobley) drove off in a vehicle, the sheriff’s office said. The vehicle traveled to a home on the 6300 block of Sixth Street West, where the man then ran behind a nearby residence, the agency said. “According to witnesses, the suspect was yelling that he had a gun and was seen reaching into his pocket,” the department said in a statement. “At that time, a deputy shot the suspect.” (081)

“According to the League City Police Department, officers responded to a robbery call around 5:20 p.m at a CVS located in the 1200 block of E. League City Parkway. Upon arrival, police say they found a woman was injured by a robbery suspect who fled on foot. At 5:30 p.m., police say an officer was checking the immediate area of the robbery when he had an altercation with a man which resulted in a shooting. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.” (082)

“Shortly before 10 p.m. on January 24, Sparks Police initiated a traffic stop in the 1100 block of 15th Street near Rock and Oddie boulevards. Police say the traffic stop preceded the officer-involved shooting, but no other details were available.” (084)

“Entrekin said his office had complaints about a man outside the sheriff’s office harassing people. An investigator went outside, and the man and several deputies became involved in an altercation. “They tased him,” Entrekin said. Medics were called to the scene, he said, and treated the man, who was taken to Gadsden Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.” (086)

“According to Conroe police, everything began with a home invasion Wednesday morning at the victim’s home on Tyler Lane. He and his 12-year-old son were reportedly bound with duct tape. Conroe police Chief Philip Dupuis said two suspects took the father (Ulises Valladares) with them and left the child behind. The boy later managed to get free and run to a neighbor’s house where police were called. Over the next three hours, the kidnappers called the man’s brother and made demands. Conroe police contacted the FBI for assistance in the case. Authorities tracked down two of the three suspects to a hotel in the Clear Lake area, along Bay Area Boulevard near the Gulf Freeway. The suspects were arrested. Police were able to locate the victim to a home on Elbert Street in northeast Houston, where authorities moved in and made contact with the third remaining suspect. The details of exactly what happened are not yet clear, but one FBI agent fired shots.” (087)

“Police say that one person is dead after a robbery suspect rode a bike onto a highway and threatened officers with a knife before being shot and killed. Around 6:30 p.m., the San Antonio Police Department says that an officer-involved shooting occurred on Loop 410 near San Pedro following a robbery at a nearby Target. SAPD Chief William McManus says that the suspect, a man in his early 20s, robbed the store and then used a BMX-type bike to escape security. He went on to say that security called police and officers in the area pursued the suspect as he rode his bike onto eastbound Loop 410. Chief McManus says that police vehicles surrounded the suspect on the highway and when the officers tried to subdue the suspect, he brandished a knife and that’s when one officer backed off and shot the suspect in the abdomen.” (088)

“Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling eastbound on Dixon Ave. in Rock Falls. The vehicle did not stop and officers followed it to the 1300 block of Franklin St. that’s where officers were involved in an officer-involved shooting.” (094) “The man shot by Rock Falls police during a traffic stop Friday night was Nathaniel T. “Nate” Edwards, 43, of Sterling, his family has confirmed. Edwards, a habitual traffic offender, was driving with a revoked license, and in fact was facing yet another felony charge of driving without a license at the time of the shooting. He also may have been using license plates from another car, which might explain why police were attempting to pull him over. In addition, Edwards has an extensive criminal history in Whiteside County dating back 20 years. Ten orders of protection by at least three women had been filed against him since 1999. His family does not deny that he was an aggressive person, and a criminal, his niece, Marie Ruff of Dixon, said today.” (094)

“State police say a 45-year-old man has died after an officer-involved shooting in rural northern Indiana. State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum says Cass County sheriff’s deputies were called about 4 a.m. Saturday to a home about a man stabbing himself with a knife. Slocum says a confrontation followed and deputies shot the man, later identified as William Pollard. The deputies weren’t injured. Pollard was pronounced dead at the scene.” (095)

“The incident was reported at about 8 a.m. in the 1400 block Fernwood Drive near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, police said. Police officials said officers opened fire on a vehicle after a female driver tried to run them over. The driver died after suffering at least one gunshot wound, police said.” (096)

“Police were called to 13600 Bluff Circle at about 3 p.m. for a welfare check. A woman in her early 40’s called authorities, stating that she was stalked and her computer was being interfered, said Police Chief William McManus. When officers arrived, a woman was locked inside a bedroom. McManus said officers asked if the woman was armed and she said she didn’t have a weapon. Police barged in the door and found the woman holding a glock pistol to her head, McManus said. The officers tried to disarm her, but at one point the pistol was pointing at one of their heads, when a female officer with six years experienced fired one shot to the woman’s abdomen. Neighbors said the woman has a history of mental illness.” (097)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Children of white migrants Harlingen, TX, photographer Russell Lee 1903-1986, Feb. 1939

Examine Your Whiteness

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Is the Owner of Popular Atlanta Drag Bar a Racist? This article started the current controversy. A “former employee” of Burkhart’s sent some screen shots to a local publication. The shots allegedly came from the facebook page of the bar’s owner, Palmer Marsh. The first post that you saw said “Obviously Vladimir Putin thinks that Barack Obama is a stupid (magic word). He just might be right.” The pearl clutching started immediately.

PG noted that the screen shot did not have a date or time. Three other shots were shown in the initial presentation. None of the other comments had a fraction of the offensive power of the Putin comment. The showpiece comment was suspect.

If you are going to have a public controversy about someone’s racial values, you need something strong to get people’s attention. Stories about poorly treated employees or customers will not do this. Facebook comments like “I used to think that NYC was the most intimidating place on Earth. Thanks to Mayor Rudy Giuliani … ” do not have the explosive power of the magic word. If you do not have the comment about Putin, you do not have a controversy. The ex-employee does not get their revenge.

For all the talk about institutional oppression, the public debate on racism remains very shallow. Style rules over substance any day. If you talk about economic equality, equal housing, or access to education, the audience will ignore you. Talk about police brutality, and mass incarceration, will get you a bit more attention. Palmergate is none of these things. It is about an old man, who owns a popular business, saying things on facebook that people do not like. The most spectacular of these comments is impossible to prove or disprove.

A few days later, there was another facebook thread about the comment. PG noted “Did anyone see the Obama/n-word post when it first appeared? What was the time and date? Is there a cached copy available? Do you realize how easy it would be to fake that screen shot? If an incendiary post like that appeared, why wasn’t it noticed at the time?” There was a vigorous reaction.

“this is racist apologist trash. there could be video of him typing the words in and y’all would still be like “that could be someone in prosthetics and a wig. you don’t know for sure!” ~ “Here’s a screenshot of a screenshot posted closer to the original occurrence. Is it so hard to believe that an older white man is racist?” ~ “This is on Palmer Marsh’s FB page now. You can go take a look yourself if you think I’m faking it. Doesn’t necessarily mention the racism, but is a good indicator:” ~ ‘This is also still on his FB wall. Go take a look yourself if you think someone is faking it:” ~ “And someone calling out his racism in 2013. Also on his wall. Go scroll down and look:” ~ “Do you need more? I’m happy to keep scrolling if you’re too lazy/afraid to confirm the truth yourself” ~ “alleged” I can’t with you. Look at my posts. I advise you do some research before making a public comment that makes you look like a racist apologist. I’m out.”

There are arguably racist comments on Mr. Marsh’s facebook page. (“Here in Brunswick, GA there is a billboard that reads, “Blue lives matter.” Indeed!”) Mr. Marsh went on a bit of a facebook binge sometime in 2015, and said all sorts of things. ( “I have been drinking so much liquor that I do not know what I have been saying. My apologies to those of whom I have offended. Now would probably be a good time to shut the blank up.”) However, none of these comments are evidence that he made the Putin post. They are not nearly as explosive, or overtly racist. They don’t have the same tone as the Putin comment. Also, how many people were talking about Vladimir Putin in 2015? It just does not add up.

It should be noted that there is a possibility that the Putin quote is legitimate. There are rumors that Mary Marsh, the wife of Palmer, “basically confirmed by making a status the other day saying Palmer was drunk and that she gave him hell at the time.” (PG has not seen this comment.) However, showing far less offensive posts, from the same account, is not convincing evidence.

“Do yourself and the POC in your life a favor and Examine. Your. Whiteness. Examine why its so hard to believe an old white man said the n word. Examine why you are so invested in defending a man who by all accounts was an outspoken racist. Examine why you are calling this so deeply into question.” Logic is not always a facebook friend.

After a while, PG took a break from the action. When he got back, he decided to look for cached copies. It seems that the Internet Wayback Machine does not have copies of this facebook account. The Putin post remains impossible to prove, or disprove.

Palmer Marsh on facebook is up. What has not been deleted is easy to look through. Some of the comments are still up. Some posts are arguably racist. (“If the South had won, we would be a hell of a lot better off.”) There are also some comments that contradict the racist narrative.

“Because of love, part of my heritage is West African. Some tings you cannot change. I treasure my heritage.” “I am from McIntosh County Georgia. The first dialect of English that I spoke was Gullah-Gitchee. It was a fantastic beginning as I have a perspective of the Third World that few Anglo-Americans understand. Now I feel more at home in the Bahamas than I feel at Home. I like turning back the clock.”

For those who are new here, Gullah-Gitchee is a dialect used mostly by African Americans. Does this sound like something a racist would say?

Maybe the truth is a bit more complicated. Maybe Palmer Marsh has posted some things that rub liberal fee fees the wrong way. But maybe, just maybe, a man from the Georgia coast, who has been around black people all his life, has some complicated feelings about this whole racism thing. Not everyone falls into the racist/woke binary. If we are going to have a public debate, on the statement Resolved: Palmer Marsh is a racist, the we should do a better job of examining the evidence. Don’t just accept a screen shot from a former employee. Consider that maybe it is none of your business.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. Parts two and three of this series are now available.

Conversations I Am Tired Of Having

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There was a post a while back, 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People The original started at The Chronicle, but LiveJournal is kind of weird, so a mirror image will have to do. There are comments, at the sourced post, that illustrate some of the points covered today.

I got to thinking about “10 Conversations”, and a reply began to take shape. I started a list of conversations the I am tired of having, and before you could say affirmative action, there were a dozen items. Many of these incidents have involved people of color, or POC. Many others have not. Often, the ethnicity of the other person has little importance to the discussion. Therefore, the title of this feature will not be racially specific. This monolog will probably not go viral, or even bacterial. Washing your hands might be a good idea when you are finished reading.

Meetings where one person does all the talking The word conversation implies that more than one person says something. Often, this does not happen. One person will talk for a while. Before person two finishes a sentence, person one will interrupt them.

This does not work. When the other person is talking, shut up and listen. Don’t be thinking of your clever comeback, but pay attention to what the other person is saying. What the other person says is just as important as what you say.

Listening is not valued in our culture. It is seen as a loss of control, a sign of weakness. It is really a sign of strength. If you are weak, you don’t want to allow the other person to say anything. Have you ever heard anyone boast about the clever things that they say to someone? Of course you have, just like you never hear anyone talk highly about himself because he is a good listener.

My question is not an excuse to make a speech. Some people have an agenda. Whatever you say is an obstacle to the message they want to broadcast. When you ask a question, some people think you are handing them the talking stick, to do whatever they want. When your eyes glaze over, they plow on, in total disregard to your discomfort, and lack of comprehension. It is almost as if they are talking to hear the sound of their own voice.

I’m not talking to you. If you are screaming something, anyone with earshot can hear you. Do not get offended if there is a reaction to your words, especially if it is subtly directed at the person you are not talking to. This applies to the internet as well, where all of humanity is *privy* to your innermost thoughts. Keep the farmyard meaning of *privy* in mind when sharing your innermost product.

Conversations should be with people. If you are a business, and you want to tell me something, send me a written message. Please refrain from using robocall machines. I feel very foolish talking to a machine, especially one that doesn’t understand southern english.

You don’t have to shout. The amount of truth in a statement is not increased by the volume of expression. If you are standing next to me, the odds are I can hear you in a normal tone of voice. If you are across the room, come stand next to me, rather than shout across the room. If your normal tone of voice is shouting, then you have a problem.

The same principal goes to controlling your temper. When you choose not to control your temper, you show disrespect to yourself, and the person you are talking to. There is no situation that cannot be made worse by angry speech.

Privilege Racial polemic is getting more subtle these days. We are not quite post racial, although there are rumors of a PostRacial apartment complex in Dickhater. The phrase that pays these days is Privilege. This is always something owned by the group you do not belong to. Last summer, I heard this quote in a discussion, and nearly fell out of my chair.

From the N word to POC. Labels for groups of people can cause problems. I have expressed myself on the N word before, and don’t have much to add. As for POC, that is even sillier. Colored people is an insult, but people of color is preferred. I am sure some of you have a terrific speech to ‘splain this, but I am not interested. My neck may be red, but that is a color. PWOC is an insult to my humanity, whether you are talking to me or not.

This is getting longer than the attention span of many readers. It might be continued at a later date. This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.








Comma Splice

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The Great Speckled Bird

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One day in the eighth grade, PG had a sore spot in his eye. They called it a stye. One afternoon, he got out of school, walked to Lenox Square, saw a doctor, and got some eye drops.
When he left the doctor’s office, there was a man, standing in front of Rich’s on the sidewalk, selling a newspaper. He had blond hair down past his shoulders. PG asked what the newspaper was. Mostly politics, he said. PG gave him fifteen cents for a copy of “The Great Speckled Bird”.

The Bird was an underground newspaper. It was so bad, it needed to be buried. If you are under fifty, you have probably never seen one. These papers flourished for a while. The Bird was published from 1968 to 1976. The April 26, 1968 edition was volume one, number four. This was what PG bought that day.
The GSU Library has a digital collection. Included in it are copies of The Great Speckled Bird. Included in this collection is edition number four. PG went looking for that first copy. He needed to be patient, for the GSU server took it’s time. Finally, the copy he asked for came up. It was mostly politics.

When PG saw page four, he knew it was the edition from 1968. “Sergeant Pepper’s Vietnam Report” was the story of a young man sent to Nam. It had a paragraph that impressed young PG, and is reproduced here. The rest of the article is not that great, which is typical of most underground newspaper writing.

A couple of years later, PG spent the summer working at the Lenox Square Theater. The number two screen was a long skinny room. If you stood in the right place, you could hear the electric door openers of the Colonial Grocery store upstairs. The Bird salesmen were a feature at the mall that summer, which not everyone appreciated. This was the year of the second, and last, Atlanta Pop Festival. PG was not quite hip enough to make it. He was back in the city, taking tickets for “Fellini Satyricon”. The Bird was printing 26 pages an issue, with lots of ads, pictures, and the distinctive graphics of the era.

Vol.3 no 26 June 29, 1970 was especially memorable. On page 17, there was a bit of eyeroll inducing polemic. PG was easy to impress. The first paragraph is the one that matters. “What is Gay Liberation? It is people telling the truth; it is me telling you the truth NOW, homosexuality is the CAPACITY to love someone of the same sex. For­get all the crap about causes (no one knows and we don’t care), “cures” (there aren’t any, thank god), and “prob­lems.”The only problem is society’s anti-homosexual pro­paganda and the oppression it has produced.”

Stories about hippies, and the Bird, can be found at The Strip Project. This repost has pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Is The Sun

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Correct Political Deviationism

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display of a link here does not indicate approval ~ Johnson’s Dictionary – A Harmless Drudge ~ Yocheved Zenaida-Cohen Lol, wut? I didn’t even call anyone a mayo stain, or a cultureless parasite, or a mass of self-replicating failure or anything. I came here to have a mediocre time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now. ~ Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth ~ Ep. 1: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth — ‘The Hero’s Adventure’ ~ bounce ~ The great media “shithole” controversy showed how our ideas about profanity are shifting ~ When the Eisenhower Expressway Moved in,Who Was Forced Out? ~ Is the Owner of Popular Atlanta Drag Bar a Racist? ~ Preserving LGBT History Means Saving These Spaces ~ @SlavojTweezek A follower asks, “As a Marxist, how shall I correct political deviationism on social media while still respecting everyone’s basic human dignity?” You are an idiot. ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1873), Wallace Reid (1923), Rudyard Kipling (1936), Curly Howard (1952) died on January 18 ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Ashland, Aroostook County, Maine. Though only a small farming center with a population under 1000, Ashland has a good band with lots of purple trim and gold braid for the Memorial Day ceremony ~ John Collier, Jr., 1913-1992, photographer 1943 May. ~ selah

Killed By Police January 21

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25 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 044 Terry Amons 045 Joseph Hilton 046 Thomas Yatsko 047 Christian Escobedo 048 Juan Daniel Jacques 049 Robert Martinez Jr. 050 James Hawkins 051 052 Nathan Giffin 053 Bailey Turner 054 Warren Ragudo 055 Joseph Haynes 056 Bryan Johnson Gregory 057 Jihad Merrick 058 059 Donte Shannon 060 Kerry Lee Nield 061 Geraldine Townsend 062 Kevin Sturgis 063 Marshall Coleman 064 065 066 Shannon Jason Cables 067 Arther McAfee Jr 068

6 of the victims were white. (049, 052, 055, 060, 063, 066) 8 of the victims were black. (044, 046, 050, 056, 059, 061, 062, 067) 2 of the victims were female (060, 061) The race of 10 of the victims is unknown. (045, 047, 051, 053, 054, 057, 058, 064, 065, 068) 048 Juan Jacques was latino.

4 of the victims fired at an officer. (057, 061, 062, 066) 13 of the victims displayed a weapon. (044, 045, 047, 049, 051, 052, 056, 058, 059, 060, 063, 064, 064) A taser was used on 4 of the victims. (032, 053, 054, 067)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, 45, of Conewago Township, York County, was killed January 18. “Officers went to the area of South 18th and Mulberry streets to serve a warrant before 6:30 a.m. Jan. 18. The officers went into the home, and the subject of the warrant – Shayla Lynette Towles Pierce – was handcuffed, then gunfire came from the second floor. A man left the home, gunfire was exchanged, and he was killed. The marshal died, and two officers were injured. … Christopher David Hill died Thursday after he was shot during a police-involved shooting in Harrisburg. The officer killed in the gunfire was Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, 45, of Conewago Township, York County. Hill was shot in the chest.” (062)

Sheriff James Hawkins was killed by his wife, Deputy Sheriff Rataba Hawkins. “CMPD officers responded to a call around 4:10 p.m. about a domestic violence assault with a deadly weapon … Officers found a man with a gunshot wound inside the home, police said. The victim, 35-year-old Deputy Sheriff James Hawkins, was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff’s office confirmed at 9 p.m. that James Hawkins’ wife, Deputy Sheriff Rataba Hawkins, was also involved in the shooting. Rataba Hawkins has been with the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office since 2002 and is assigned to field operations. James Hawkins was with the office since 2005 and was assigned to arrest processing … Officers are not searching for anyone because the incident appears to be domestic” (050)

“Terry Amons of Antioch was killed by Pittsburg police inside a Nation’s parking lot. A witness reported what they described as a drug deal between two cars outside the Nation’s on Railroad Ave., according to Pittsburg Police Department. When officers arrived, they found the car described as the one from which drugs were being sold. Two officers approached the car and noticed a man sitting in the driver’s seat. Officers say they spotted a gun next to him in the center console. “Both officers immediately began instructing the man to place his hands up and not to touch the gun,” police said. Police say at first the man cooperated, and put his hands on the steering wheel. Then the man allegedly dropped his right arm “in an attempt to retrieve the handgun from the center console.” As the man began to raise his arm again, one of the officers fired his gun, striking the man.” (044)

“Police were responding to a domestic assault report when officers attempted to question a man who was involved in the incident. As officers approached the man, they noticed that he was in possession of a firearm, according to reports. Officials say the officers felt threatened by the man’s actions during an encounter before they fired “several rounds” striking him.” (045)

“Preliminary information indicates that there was a fight inside of the establishment between males and the officer escorted multiple parties off premises,” said Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia. “One of the involved males returned and became involved in an altercation with the officer outside of the establishment, physically assaulting the officer. Shots were fired by the officer, striking the male. The male was taken to UH where he was pronounced deceased. The officer is currently being treated for injuries sustained during the altercation.” (046)

“On January 14, 2018, around 6:30 a.m., officers assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department Hollenbeck Division responded to a radio call in the 3400 block of Amethyst Street. The comments of the call described two males who appeared to be sleeping on the ground behind a parked car and one of the men had a handgun. As the officers arrived, one of the men ran from the area. The other male, who was armed with a handgun, was illuminated by an officer and turned in the officer’s direction with the handgun; at which time there was an Officer-Involved Shooting.” (047)

“El Paso County sheriff’s investigators are looking at the possibility of self-defense in a fatal shooting by an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent, a spokeswoman said Thursday. … Socorro police found Juan Daniel Jacques, 33, shot to death when officers responded to a call of an aggravated assault in progress, sheriff’s officials said. … The agent was identified Thursday as Luis Chavez. A sheriff’s spokeswoman said that the shooting did not involve the agent’s work. There have been no arrests in the case, which remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office’s Major Crimes Unit. “The exact details of this case are still under investigation,” Antunez said. “We are investigating all motives of this homicide, to include the possibility of self-defense. No arrests have been made as of yet.” (048)

“Officials said the bloodshed unfolded just before 5 p.m. when a stolen Honda Accord was spotted in the 500 block of Clairmont Drive in unincorporated Lane County. “As the male driver got out of the vehicle, the Deputy approached and confronted him. The driver was not cooperative with the Deputy, he was in possession of a firearm and was shot by the Deputy. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance where he was later pronounced deceased,” said Chief Deputy Cliff Harrold.” (049)

“The deputy was called to the Pinetree Village Apartments at 7520 Broadway about some type of disturbance. When the deputy arrived he encountered the suspect in the hallway, Morgen said. The suspect, whose name has not been released, became aggressive despite the deputy’s attempts to calm him down by speaking to him. A fight ensued. The deputy discharged his Taser. Eventually he pulled out his gun and shot the suspect, who was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries. (053)

“At 11:22 p.m., officers were dispatched to an address on the 900 block of Brunswick Street on the report of a disturbance, police said. Officers say family members were struggling with the suspect when they arrived. The officers intervened, and after a brief struggle, they were able to restrain the suspect. During the struggle, a taser was used on the suspect, police said. Soon after being placed in handcuffs, the officers noticed the suspect was not responsive and immediately took life-saving measures, according to police.” “They’re looking into Ragudo’s mental health history and the possibility that he’d ingested some kind of drugs. Wagstaffe said Ragudo’s father called the police because his son was acting out of control, yelling, screaming and shaking. “Growling was the term used at one point,” Wagstaffe said. “We don’t know what would make him act the way he was, such that his father would call the police.” After officers arrived, Ragudo became aggressive and angry. He didn’t attack them, but was physically uncooperative when the officers needed to bring him under control to assess whether he needed psychiatric evaluation or some sort of medical attention, according to Wagstaffe.” (054)

“At some point as the hearing was concluding there was an altercation that ensued involving the deputy and some of the family members,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Rick Minerd told reporters. Jennifer Brisco, Haynes’ lawyer, said the scuffles broke out when the officer threatened to arrest her client. “Joseph was a little out of sorts because of how things went at the hearing,” Brisco told The Columbus Dispatch, a local newspaper. “The officer threatened to lock him up and a scuffle broke out,” she added. “Joseph was resisting, and that’s when there was a scuffle.”The deputy, who has not been identified for security reasons, suffered a black eye, bruises and abrasions after he was knocked to the ground, Minerd said. The boy’s grandmother acknowledged that her grandson grabbed the deputy’s shoulder, but told the newspaper that the deputy should have used a taser instead of a gun.” (055)

“Undercover narcotics deputies were trying to pull 33-year-old Bryan Johnson Gregory over around 3 p.m. on Decatur Street. They suspected him of dealing marijuana and had a warrant to search his house in another part of town. … Things got scarier when Johnson allegedly hit the gas, ramming two undercover vehicles. Once he finally stopped, deputies say he reached for a gun. At that point, they said they shot him.” (056)

“… when officers arrived, they found a female with a rifle standing in the roadway. After talking to the woman, it led too officers firing shots at the her. (060)

“Geraldine Townsend, 72, died after an officer shot her Wednesday night. Bartlesville police were serving a search warrant at a home near West 16th Street and South Maple Avenue, according to Captain Jay Hastings, BPD. It was part of a drug investigation, he said. While officers were taking Mike Anthony Livingston into custody for drug complaints, they say Townsend started shooting at the them. Police tell us one officer shot back, hitting her. Hastings said Thursday that Townsend’s weapon appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun but was found to be a high-powered pellet gun. Two officers were struck with “some type of projectile,” he said. One officer had an injury to their face, and the other had a leg injury.” (061)

“Officials told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach a suspect in an armed robbery, which occurred at the Kroger at 8465 Holcomb Bridge Road in Johns Creek, had pulled into the parking lot. Officers were told that the suspect, armed with a handgun, forced his way into a register at the Kroger. Police told Gehlbach a witness followed the suspect to the parking lot on Winters Chapel Road where Dunwoody police officers and a Johns Creek police officer located the vehicle and suspect. When confronted by officers, police said the suspect did not obey their commands and exited the vehicle. Fearing for his safety and the safety of others, an officer fired one shot, striking the suspect” (065)

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.