Examine Your Whiteness Part Three

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 2, 2018

During the debate about ex-employee revenge, and Palmer Marsh, PG took a bit of heat for his position. He was told repeatedly to “Examine your whiteness.” This phase was rather confusing. To attempt to get more information about EYW, PG typed the phrase into the google search window. This is what he found. Out of consideration to the reader’s attention span, none of these results will be *examined* in depth. If the reader wants to use the links, they can get more information.

Examining Whiteness: An Anti-Racism Curriculum “These materials, prepared by the Rev. Doctor William Gardiner, are made available to Unitarian Universalists (UUs), particularly white people interested in transforming their whiteness through understanding the complex history of white supremacy of over four hundred years in the United States, and the impact it has on us as individuals and the society as a whole.” This is a study course, for groups and individuals. Two of the documents are DIFFERENT WAYS OF BEING WHITE and DEVELOPING A POSITIVE WHITE IDENTITY. Some of the materials seem a bit contradictory, but may prove valuable with enough study.

Why Talk About Whiteness? “Her statement illustrates why educators, activists and allies doing racial justice work are increasingly focused on the importance of examining whiteness: It’s impossible to see the privilege and dominance associated with white racial identity without acknowledging that whiteness is a racial identity.” There is a great deal of semantic prestidigitation in these materials, and in the overall discussion of racial values.

Examine Your Whiteness, and Examine Your Whiteness Part Two, are the two posts that PG wrote about Palmer Marsh. This is results three, and four, of the google search request. Hopefully, this will generate some traffic.

The Meaning of Whiteness ” One of the requested topics was “whiteness,” a topic both obvious—how can a book about race not examine whiteness?—and curious, for I was quite sure that there would be no similar entries for “blackness” or “Asian-ness”. Whiteness, you see, is a unique concept and explaining it poses unique challenges. … who gets to define whiteness? In contemporary progressive circles, it is generally assumed that a group should be able to define itself, but whiteness has historically been defined by non-whites. … There are several different components of whiteness. These include: 1) racial identity, 2) racial bias, and 3) racial privilege.”

What Is Whiteness? is from the New York Times. PG foolishly used one of his four free articles for this month to see this. The article was written in 2015, and used two current stories to illustrate a whiteness binary. While some might see what follows as nonsense, you should be aware that it was written by “Nell Irvin Painter, a professor emerita of history at Princeton University and the author of “The History of White People.”

“The terrorist attack in Charleston, S.C., an atrocity like so many other shameful episodes in American history, has overshadowed the drama of Rachel A. Dolezal’s yearslong passing for black. And for good reason: Hateful mass murder is, of course, more consequential than one woman’s fiction. … An essential problem here is the inadequacy of white identity. Everyone loves to talk about blackness, a fascinating thing. But bring up whiteness and fewer people want to talk about it. Whiteness is on a toggle switch between “bland nothingness” and “racist hatred.” On one side is Dylann Storm Roof … On the other side is Ms. Dolezal … . But why, we wonder, did she pretend to be black? … Eliminating the binary definition of whiteness — the toggle between nothingness and awfulness — is essential for a new racial vision that ethical people can share across the color line.”

America’s newspaper of record is saying is that the choices for whiteness are Dylann Roof and Rachel Dolezal. Maybe they are talking about hair. We get to choose between the soupbowl haircut of Dylann Roof, or the horror movie frizzle of Rachel Dolezal.

5 Ways To Check Your White Privilege Imagine you walk into a room of 10 random strangers and shout the words “white privilege.” There is no need for suspense. The five ways are: “1. During discussions on race, be mindful not to silence people of color. 2. Do not assume you worked harder than a person of color to get where you are today. 3. Don’t expect a person of color to educate you on race whenever you feel like it. 4. Consume film, television, music, and other media in a mindful way. 5. Don’t assume people of color are “pulling the race card.””

How Much Sweat is Too Much Sweat? The article above had a header ad to pay the bills. “When sweating gets excessive and happens for no clear reason, it could be a sign of a real medical condition known as hyperhidrosis.”

The Whiteness Project “The Whiteness Project is an interactive investigation into how Americans who identify as “white” experience their race. … The latest installment, Intersection of I, is a collection of 23 interviews filmed in Dallas, Texas in July 2015 and released in April 2016.” This feature does not give any specific instructions for the examination of whiteness. OTOH, it is entertaining and enlightening. Twenty three young people, all white, give video talks about their experience with race. One is a running back, who people are surprised to hear is white. One is a high school student, who says some of the black kids at his school are disruptive. If you have the time, these videos are worth your time to watch. If nothing else, many of the young adults are cute.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The North Carolina pictures were taken in October, 1936, by Arthur Rothstein. The South Carolina pictures were taken in July, 1937, by Dorothea Lange.

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