Stephon Alonzo Clark

Posted in Killed By Police, Race by chamblee54 on March 22, 2018

The death of Stephon Alonzo Clark is getting a lot of attention. Here is a description of the incident, from the Sacramento police. “On Sunday, March 18, 2018, at 9:13 p.m., SPD officers were dispatched to the 7500 block of 29th Street regarding a subject breaking into vehicles. The caller stated that the male subject had broken car windows and was now hiding in a backyard. The caller described the subject as a male, 6’1”, thin, wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.

SPD Officers arrived on scene at approximately 9:18 p.m. The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter (STAR) was on scene searching for the suspect as well. At approximately 9:25 p.m., STAR advised they observed a subject in a backyard and began to direct SPD officers to him. STAR advised the subject had just picked up a toolbar and broke a window to a residence. The helicopter then observed the suspect running south, towards the front of the residence, where he stopped and was looking into another car. STAR continued to update the officers and guided them to the suspect in the rear yard of a residence in the 7500 block of 29th Street. Officers entered the front yard and observed the suspect along the side of the residence. The officers gave the suspect commands to stop and show his hands. The suspect immediately fled from the officers and ran towards the back of the home.

Officers pursued the suspect and located him in the backyard of the residence. The suspect turned and advanced towards the officers while holding an object which was extended in front of him. The officers believed the suspect was pointing a firearm at them. Fearing for their safety, the officers fired their duty weapons striking the suspect multiple times.” The object extended in front of Mr. Clark was an iPhone 6. The case has become controversial.

Police shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own backyard. All he was holding was a cellphone. is one of the headlines being generated. The police almost certainly did not know that Mr. Clark was in his backyard. While the optics of this are bad, it might not make much difference. If someone is threatening police, with a weapon, in their backyard, then the police are in just as much danger as if they were on the sidewalk.

The 911 call raises another issue. The dispatcher asks “is he black, white, hispanic, asian?” “He had a hoodie on, I couldn’t tell.” The helicopter video does not indicate what race he was. The two body cam videos (body cam 1 body cam 2) do not show a clear image of Mr. Clark. It is not certain that the police knew Mr. Clark was black when they shot him.

“During a neighborhood canvass, investigators identified at least three vehicles with damage that is believed to have been caused by the suspect. In addition, an adjacent and occupied residence had a sliding glass door shattered. Orbiting deputies of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s law enforcement helicopter had witnessed the suspect shatter the door before engaging the SPD officers.” Mr. Clark apparently had been breaking windows. The only instrument known to be found on him was a cell phone. “… Clark’s girlfriend Salena Manni said the phone Clark held belonged to her. She said it was an iPhone 6 Plus in a rose gold-colored case with a black holder on the back to carry items like credit cards.” It was not intended for use in breaking car windows.

“The airborne deputies said they saw the man use the “tool bar” to break a window, which police later said was the rear sliding glass door in an occupied home on the 7500 block of 29th Street. Police Tuesday said a cinder block and a piece of aluminum similar to what would be used in a rain gutter were recovered from near the broken door and taken into evidence, though neither item was definitely identified as the “tool bar” seen by deputies in the helicopter.”

The case is now a national affair, with lots of loud comments. It will be investigated, and possibly charges will be brought against the officers involved. There is plenty to criticize about the way the police handled the case. For example, after shooting Mr. Clark, (8:11 of this video) police continue to scream “show me your hands.” They then say “no movement, we’re going to need additional units.” At 8:53, they do a “tactical reload.” By this time, Stephon Clark is dead.

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