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Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on April 9, 2018

My 72-Hour Safari in Clinton Country ~ “I have often felt that an artist is a detestable ~ The 8 Costly Identity Theft Mistakes (and how to avoid them) ~ @DickFurari This is my favorite gas station viagra: #SuperPanther7 ~ @KimKierkegaard Do you have questions on love, existence, fashion, or culture? I will answer them for the next thirty minutes ~ ‘Describe Yourself Like a Male Author Would’ Is the Most Savage Twitter Thread in Ages ~ @whitneyarner new twitter challenge: describe yourself like a male author would ~ This Handy Chart Automatically Generates a Pitch for Your New Novel ~ Racists Are Threatening to Take Over Paganism ~ White supremacists may be eyeing Meigs County ~ How to Think about “Implicit Bias” ~ How to Stop Your Mind From Wandering During Meditation ~ Intercepted podcast: Injustice League ~ tax cut bill ~ Brian Eno’s ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’ is playing on loop at London City Airport ~ 10 million pounds of human feces from New York/New Jersey are rotting in railcars stuck in a small Alabama town ~ We Await Repentance for Assassinating Dr. King ~ Against Mission Drift ~ Richard Poplak sets Jordan B Peterson’s house in order: a (scorching) review of 12 Rules For Life ~ queering the map ~ The Truth About the 7,000 ~ Shame campaign: Could a social media firestorm consume Madison bar Gib’s? ~ Taking it for the Team ~ Making Sex Real “in Atlanta,” 1982-Present: An American Grammar (for Teodoso Xavier Rojo) ~ Deposition of Bacteria and Bacterial Spores by Bathroom Hot-Air Hand Dryers ~ Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932) ~ men from mars thread ~ Here’s What Will Happen After a Huge Earthquake Inevitably Hits California ~ sciatic nerve pain ~ dark patterns ~ Restaurant manager stabbed after firing employee ~ Grace Jones is a man ~ The cult of being kind ~ what is a producer? ~ Yes, the Alt-Left Exists, and No, It’s Not What You Think It Is ~ “it’s part of the psychology of group conflict that we always characterize our group in morally lofty terms ” “well yes, but that does not” .~ white supremacy ~ Today: Tim is counting on you Tim Copeland needs your help with “LGBTQ Georgia – Save our Culture and Identity”. Join Tim and 774 supporters today. ~ That is no sillier than “thou shalt not lie” in a courtroom, and “thou shalt not steal” at the courthouse. ~ @williamrblack @elizabethcatte I could only listen to 33 minutes of this show… yes, racism is a problem, but elitist obsession with racism only makes it worse Democrats said, in effect, if you don’t vote for HRC you are a racist The result is election of DJT ~ About Multicultural Affinity: African American (US) People who live in the United States whose activity on Facebook aligns with African American multicultural affinity ~ I get fundraising emails from Karen Handel. She voted for the tax cut last year. Her message today: Our budget process is broken, and I believe the first step in fixing this problem is passing a Balanced Budget Amendment. You can’t make this up. ~ Is anyone else tired of hearing about @davidhogg111 ? I don’t want to badmouth him, but am looking forward to the end of his fifteen minutes. His media moment is a distraction from the issue of gun control. ~ I was curious about how your friends were arranged. The person who, without my asking, signed me up for facebook, is now at the bottom of the list. I would like to see the friends list in alphabetical order. ~ @wickedfedora2 #KickedOutOfPromBecause I spiked the punch bowl with Tide pods. ~ There is a twitter address, @TFLN, or texts from last night. I am currently editing selected tweets, which I will incorporate into a poem. The tweets below are not iambic pentameter friendly, but do have a certain educational value. The parenthetic number is the area code. (724): This is a life or shit situation. Grab me toilet paper asap. This bathroom is fucking out. This is not a test. This an actual emergency and I am not joking. (541): We were fucking in the bedroom then we heard Sports center on in the living room. He stopped midfuck when I started celebrating that my team won over his (206): sorry bout the carpet, but you DID call it “blackout punch” not “don’t vom on my floor punch” (253): I got all the way to work before I realized there were Trojans in my bra. (216): dude the dog literally grabbed the condom out of the trash can and threw it in the air. (413): Haha i really think theres no better way to tell a paramedic sorry for breaking your nose than a beautiful and healthy edible arrangement… (354): We were all having a bath, the three of us, then that drug dealer guy walked in and peed. Sitting down. Apparently he didn’t want to offend us. (207): One of these days, I’d like to go out drinking and stick to plan of just getting drunk and not be sidetracked with other people’s plans of doing drugs along the way. I didn’t even want to not feel my teeth tonight but here we go. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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