Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 25, 2018

When PG decided to write about playing bananagram, he thought it would be helpful to have a link to information about the game. When he arrived at the site, a popup message came down. You are the firefox browser lucky number, and if you click here we will give you a virus. This post will be composed without their help.

The idea was to meet south of dickhater, in a trendy coffee shop, and play bananagrams. The bg game is similar to scrabble, using wooden tiles with a letter. You draw 21 letters, and start to make crossword puzzle thingies. (a b c d e) When someone uses their allotment, everyone draws another letter. You continue until someone has used all of their letters. At this time, you combine your words into a poem. Unless someone gets too competitive, and shoots someone, bg is a good time.

PG had a tough time in the first game. He drew a lot of vowels, and never did get caught up. In the second game he did better, and called out for everyone to draw another tile often. This is done by saying a banana related word, like peel or stem. PG was reminded of this safe word often, but cannot remember it now. Here are the five poems.

pop hid box of hope
tone cleat in cat
rip out tax uhuru

use soap go bo poop
if el can go seat
phat hat hot tv cane

his hbo rum
let fox rot taxi
if sim try toot fee

gus up aa dates dupe
pun toni ale raze red

rode dis sad dead ma
laid cd ed la rat
ate tite tv dell

Finally, the coffee facility was closing, and the players scattered to the wind. PG had a friend nearby, and went over to visit. The traffic was much more reasonable going home. Pictures today are from #NationalPoetryMonth.

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