Killed By Police April 22

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16 people were Killed By Police in the United States last week. Here are the links: 378 Ruben Stewart 379 Raymond Lyle Bell 380 Lonnie Marcel Bowen 381 Justin Monjay 382 Sanchez Lowe 383 Justin Oakes 384 Dytadious Mobley 385 Delorean Pikyavit 386 David Gino Teneyuque 387 William Ray Simcoe Sr 388 Charles Whitley 389 390 James Bauduy 391 Kendall Lemoine 392 Lockwood Adrian Gibson 393 Terrance Carlton

6 of the victims were white. (379, 381, 383, 387, 388, 391) 6 of the victims were black. (380, 382, 384, 386, 390, 393) 2 of the victims were native american. (378, 385) The race of 2 of the victims is unknown. (389, 392)

2 of the victims fired at an officer. (384, 391) 6 of the victims displayed a weapon. (378, 379, 383, 386, 387, 389) 3 of the victims were in a car chase. (380, 388, 392) 2 of the victims used a vehicle as a weapon. (381, 382)

Two of the cases were in Georgia. “According to the GBI, Cobb County Police encountered a group of people in a hotel room at the Guest Inn in Austell. Officers smelled an odor consistent with marijuana and made contact with the occupants of one of the hotel rooms. While awaiting a search warrant for the room, Sanchez Lowe, 25, ran from the room and attempted to flee in a vehicle. Cobb County officers attempted to stop Lowe, and one officer was dragged by the vehicle. That officer fired his weapon, striking and killing Lowe.” “The officers called in for a warrant, and while they were waiting, an African-American suspect, later identified as Lowe, dashed out of the room and into a vehicle, officers said. Lowe tried to drive away. Officers tried to stop him, and one officer was dragged by the vehicle, according to the GBI. That officer fired at Lowe, killing him, according to the GBI.” (382)

“Police say the man, later identified as 32 year-old Justin Oakes, walked into the facility around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night and was seeking shelter. A couple of hours later, around 2:15 a.m. Oakes called 911 from the bathroom of the facility and claimed he had been poisoned. Oakes, who was armed with a knife, barricaded himself inside the restroom in the main lobby of the building. Two deputies were able to push their way into the bathroom. When the deputies saw Oakes was armed, they attempted to subdue him by deploying a Taser gun but were unsuccessful. Oakes stabbed one of the deputies in the leg before the injured deputy fatally shot him. Another deputy also sustained a wound to his leg but it is unclear how that deputy was injured.” (383)

“… the deadly chain of events began at approximately 3 a.m. when Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) received a 911 call from an agitated male. The news release from the UPD said the caller stated: “Tell your officers to back off, or I will shove this knife through her throat.” The unknown male on the line also requested to speak to a hostage negotiator. VECC transferred the call to the UPD Dispatch Center. “Not knowing who made the call, or if the threat was legitimate, and having no officers in the vicinity, UPD Millcreek officers were dispatched to the area of 3698 S. 900 East, the location of the phone ping,” the news release said. “Officers did not notice anything out of the ordinary, other than a truck leaving the area. Officers were able to get the license plate of the truck before it left.” At approximately 4 a.m., UPD received information that the West Valley City Police Department was in pursuit of the same truck that was observed leaving Millcreek. The pursuit started at 5600 W. 3100 South, continued west through West Valley and into Magna. During the pursuit through Magna, WVCPD officers deployed tire spikes to disable the truck and it eventually came to a stop at 2750 S. 8400 West. “A UPD officer, who arrived to assist at the stop location, approached the vehicle and fired at the male inside the cab of the truck,” the news release goes on. “Medical aid was rendered but the suspect passed away at the scene.” The female who was also inside the truck was not struck by gunfire. She was transported and treated at a nearby hospital for injuries inflicted upon her by Bowen. It’s not clear at this time what the relationship was between the woman and Bowen.” … “The deceased has been identified as 41-year-old Lonnie Marcel Bowen of Salt Lake City, the Unified Police Department said in a news release Tuesday afternoon. On a Facebook page titled ‘Lonnie Natalie Bowen,’ a man who UPD spokesman Lt. Brian Lohrke said officials “believe” is the same person, posted a 4-minute-35-second video. “The Salt Lake PD are killers, and they responsible for anything that happens to me, death wise,” the video states. “They want to kill me. Why cos, I don’t know, that’s just the way they do shit. And I’m ready … I’m not hostile in any kind of manner, I’m not armed, or anything. They’re going to make my death look like a drug deal gone bad, or gang violence, or something like that, but that’s not the case, the case is they want me dead, for whatever reason they want me dead.” Phillip Bolin “U should know the facts that is a cover up n slpd excuss n justifcation of his murder his fiancee was sittin in his lap trying to calm him n kissing him telling him it would be ok n day shot him they been after him fo months” Rae Gonzalez ” Maybe you should know how slpd is they’re trigger happy mother fuckers who’ll kill anyone. They been killing homeboys left and right for the stupidest reasons “wrong person for the search warrant” like seriously get your facts straight or don’t speak at all. You look straight stupid.” (380)

“The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says law enforcement officers in Tishomingo fatally shot a man who was using his vehicle to ram a patrol car. The OSBI says two Tishomingo officers and a Johnston County deputy were responding to a family violence call Tuesday night when 39-year-old Justin Monjay rammed the patrol car. The agency says Monjay continued to push the car backward and the two officers and the deputy opened fire.” (381)

“A U.S. Marshall task force looking for Dytadious Mobley, 31, found him Wednesday night in the area of Sunrise Boulevard and 9th Terrace. When Fort Lauderdale police moved in to make the arrest, they ordered him to get out of his vehicle. “The subject refused to come out so less than lethal methods were deployed,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione. “The suspect responded to the less than lethal efforts by discharging a firearm at the police officer on the scene.” Police said several detectives returned fire and killed Mobley. No police officers were injured in the exchange of gunfire “I don’t want you to think of him as a monster,” said John Mobley, Dytadious’ uncle who showed up at the shooting scene Thursday afternoon. John described his nephew as a loving father to six children. “Very family oriented. The whole situation doesn’t define his character,” he said. Mobley had been on the run since January when Fort Lauderdale police say he shot and killed 55-year-old Bernice Jefferson during an argument. It happened in front of the children he had with Letraveya Jefferson, who is Bernice Jefferson’s daughter. Letraveya also showed up at the shooting scene Thursday and expressed frustration over the outcome. “There were plenty of other ways they could have handled that situation. He was shot over 100 times,” she said. “I would rather him go to jail cause I’m a motherless child and my kids are fatherless. For me justice hasn’t been served” (384)

“A man was shot and killed by police outside a home in Sugar House after officers responded to a reported domestic violence situation there Wednesday afternoon. … When officers arrived at the home, they tried to talk to the man, later identified as 32-year-old Delorean Pikyavit , who then went inside the house. That prompted police to switch tactics and treat the situation as if they were dealing with a barricaded person and a hostage. For the next hour, police attempted to talk to Pikyavit, and he came outside eventually, (Salt Lake City Sgt. Brandon) Shearer said. It’s unclear what happened next, but officers shot Pikyavit about 2 p.m. “He came out of the home and approached officers. His actions caused the officers to respond, at which time the suspect was shot,” Shearer said.” “Police did not release information Wednesday about what Pikyavit did to prompt police to shoot or whether he was armed. … Police originally described Pikyavit as “suicidal…” (385)

“The Fayette County Coroner’s Office says Charles Whitley, 40, died from a gunshot wound Thursday morning, two days after the shooting. Kentucky State Police say the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office responded Tuesday morning to a report of a suspicious vehicle, but the car wouldn’t pull over. Burkesville police and Kentucky State Police joined in the chase, which ended when the suspect crashed into the deputy’s vehicle. An officer’s weapon was fired during the pursuit, but authorities haven’t identified exactly when the shot was fired or which department the officer was with. A female passenger wasn’t injured and was arrested on outstanding warrants.” (388)

“Florida deputies have fatally shot a man suspected of killing an 82-year-old woman. Orange County Sheriff’s officials say James Bauduy fatally shot Elfriede Asendorf in her home Thursday and then stole her daughter’s car. Authorities believe the daughter is Bauday’s ex-girlfriend. Two deputies say they approached 48-year-old Bauduy on Friday but he refused comply with commands so the deputies fired their weapons. Sheriff Jerry Demings said the deputies believed the man was armed. The sheriff did not say whether they recovered a weapon.” (390)

“Police say it began about 12:30 a.m. with a shooting call in the 800 block of Berclair. One male was found shot and taken to Regional One in noncritical condition. About 20 minutes later, police responded to another shooting in the 700 block of Berclair. An alert was put out for a suspect, who was spotted by an officer in the parking lot of a real estate office on Summer Avenue near Berclair. Some type of altercation occurred between the officer and the suspect, (Terrance Carlton) and the officer fired at the suspect, MPD said.” “The officer involved in the use-of-force incident spotted an individual matching the shooting suspect’s description walking on Summer Avenue. The officer attempted to stop the subject and ordered him to show his hands. Reportedly, the subject did not comply and attempted to leave the area. He then stumbled and fell to the ground. As he attempted to get up, the subject simultaneously reached for his waist and made a statement threatening the officer’s life, resulting in the officer firing his service weapon at least twice, striking the subject,” (393)

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Be Like You

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My Precious Time

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Stacey And Stacey

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Until Thursday, PG had been in blissful denial of the Georgia Governor’s election. Except, that is, for the clown car antics of the republicans. The Democrats had Stacey Abrams, aka black Stacey, opposing Stacey Evans, aka white Stacey. The Republicans are almost certain to win in November, even with a certified idiot like Casey Cagle.

The happy ignorance was interrupted by facebook on thursday. A FBF posted a link to this article, Statement by the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America on the vulgar hit piece against member Anoa Changa. The vhp, posted by the notorious white supremacists at WABE, was titled Atlanta Activist Uses Russian-Backed Media To Spread Message. It seems as though a local activist, Anoa Changa, utilized a Russian owned broadcast outlet to spread her message. This was news to PG, as well as the 99.9% of the population that never listens to Sputnik.

PG did not see what was so horrible about the WABE piece, and was prepared to ignore it. Then he saw something in the article. “Changa helped lead a protest last year at the progressive Netroots Nation convention drowning out the speech of Stacey Evans, a Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia. Changa and the other protesters chanted “trust black women.” Evans is white, while her Democratic primary opponent Stacey Abrams is black. Changa supports Abrams.” A bit of research turned up a video, Protesters Harass Stacey Evans Candidate Gov. Georgia Aug 12, 2017.

This incident was noted on facebook. “Yup, don’t see what the problem is. Was Evans run out of town? Silenced? Is she still in the race?” “I fully support activists of color disrupting any centrist white person running for office. Stop ignoring the fundamental power dynamic in play because of white supremacist patriarchy.” “Good luck winning the election”

Others are grossed out by this type of behavior. Is this what happens to people running for public office? To be shouted down in public forums, and say “this is what democracy looks like.” Maybe smells like is more appropriate. Maybe we are not mature enough to allow the luxury of free speech. Maybe an election campaign is a time to shout down your opponent … and call those who do not applaud your playground-bully tactics a racist.

Stacey Abrams And Stacey Evans had a discussion of the incident. Stacey Evans condemned the protest. Stacey Abrams did not. “I do not believe that you silence those who feel they are voiceless, because the minute we do that we are no better than those who tell people they can’t kneel in protest.”

Anoa Changa is far from voiceless. She is not going to be silenced by waiting until someone else is through speaking. To compare this abusive protest, to pro football players and the national anthem, is ridiculous. Stacy Abrams has no business being Governor of Georgia. Pictures for this paranormal panorama are from The Library of Congress.


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Move On Still

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Tim Curry

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Tim Curry was born seventy two years ago today. It would be quite a while before April 19 was known as got a minute day. Mr. Curry is an actor, singer, and all around phenomenon. The role that made him a star was Frank-n-Furter in ” The Rocky Horror Show”.

Mr. Curry is best known for playing a flamboyant transvestite. His wikipedia page does not discuss his personal life. If you go to google, and type “is tim curry” the top five results are gay, married, dead, alive, died. A visit to some of the sites listed gave no definite answers. One of the sites tried to slip a *trojan horse* into this machine. Some things are better left a mystery.

After Dr. Furter went back to Transylvania, Mr. Curry made rock and roll albums. In 1978, a tour was put together to promote his vinyl debut. The first show in the United States was at the Agora Ballroom in Atlanta GA. PG was in the audience.

Riding into town on the 23 Ogelthorpe bus, PG got to talk to some ladies who were in town for a conference. They were worried about the crime. PG tried to reassure them by telling a recent news story. This lady was having breakfast in a downtown hotel, when she put her purse down on the floor. A handgun her husband had given her went off when the handbag hit the ground. The ladies breakfast companion was hit and killed.

Mr. Curry walked onstage eating a banana, grabbed a stool and turned it upside down. He appeared to be a bit tipsy. This did not affect his performance. Mr. Curry did most of the songs on his album, along with “Celluoid Heroes” by the Kinks. The latter song featured a Garbo impersonation.

Whoever put the band together for this tour had a lot of money. The guitar player played with Lou Reed on “Rock and Roll Animal”. The keyboard player, and musical director, was Micheal Kamen, formerly of the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble. (A song on the Curry album, “Sloe Gin”, was a NYRRE song, “Fields of Joy”, with new lyrics.)

The only song from “Rocky Horror” that Mr. Curry did was “I’m Going Home”. A few people were upset that he did not do “Sweet Transvestite.” He played another Agora show a couple of years later, and reportedly did perform “Sweet Transvestite.”

Tom Waits was scheduled to perform at the Agora the next night. PG was wandering through the balcony between shows, and saw Mr. Waits sitting at a table. A bodyguard was standing by, who said that it was just someone who looked like Tom Waits.

After the show was over, PG went to a nearby bar, and was talking to a friend about the show. A lady who was with the friend stood in front of him and screamed “What color are your eyes? They are brown, because you are so full of shit”.

Pictures for this repost are from The Library of Congress. Photographs of Cornell Fresh. 8 and Cornell 2d Varsity, 1914 are from the George Grantham Bain Collection


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This Is Your Life Part One

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This Is Your Life Part Two

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You’re A Cow

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