Jeremy Christian And Willie Godbolt

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This is a repost from this time last year. It is about two homicide cases. One of the cases was the outrage of the week in the national attention span. In the past 365 days, there have been many homicides, all of which were fatal. Every week has produced another excuse for facebook pearl clutching. This is good for page views, and sales of blood pressure medication. Whatever happens, somebody will blame Donald Trump. Usually, today’s outrage will be forgotten in a few weeks.

Both cases are apparently in the court system. Outside of a courtroom outburst video, details on Jeremy Christian are tough to come by. It seems like he was denied bail. Mr. Christian will remain in jail until the trial, set to begin June 24, 2019. “Lawyers … hinted Wednesday that they might raise his deteriorating mental health as a possible defense. Attorney Greg Scholl … implied that Christian was set off by comments from others on the train moments before he took out a knife and began stabbing three men. Scholl also suggested that he could argue Christian didn’t have the mental capacity to intentionally kill two of the men or that Christian was acting in self-defense.”

Prosecution will seek death penalty in Cory Godbolt mass shooting case The other case discussed here is moving right along. Mr. Godbolt was arrested alive, after killing a deputy, and seven family members. Like Mr. Christian, the case may take a while to come to trial. … the prosecution is still waiting on completion of four of the eight autopsy reports from the shooting spree that left eight dead in Lincoln County almost a full year ago. … This is not the first time the Lincoln County District Attorney’s office has said that the backlog at the state crime lab has affected its ability to move forward with the case. In November, District Attorney Dee Bates said the crime lab still had not returned some important evidence and the case would wait to go to grand jury for the evidence to be processed.” “The right to a speedy and public trial” is not what it used to be.

“This Memorial Day, remember three Americans were killed by white supremacist terrorists, two victims were veterans, and the President was silent. He did take the time to congratulate a man who choked and body slammed a journalist.” This meme mentions three incidents, and a tweet. The two deadly incidents were in Bowie MD, and Portland OR. A congressional candidate assaulted a journalist in Montana, and was praised by @realDonaldTrump.

The meme did not mention a much deadlier incident. The night after the Portland attack, 8 people were killed in Mississippi… “8 people are dead, including a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy, after overnight shooting” William Cory Godbolt (WCG) went to a house. He said he wanted to talk to his children. There were family issues. Before long, WCG started shooting, and 8 people were dead. One of the dead was a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy. 7 members of WCG’s family died. Few have called the alleged perpetrator, Willie Cory Godbolt (WCG), a terrorist. The incident has gotten a fraction of the coverage devoted to the Portland killing.

WCG gave a statement. “I was having a conversation with her stepdaddy and her mama and her, my wife, about me taking my children home,” he said. “Somebody called the officer, people that didn’t even live at the house. That’s what they do. They intervene. … They cost him his life, I’m sorry. … My intentions was to have God kill me. I ran out of bullets. Suicide by cop was my intention.”

The people killed in Portland, by Jeremy Joseph Christian (JJC,) are being called heroes. They are Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, and Rick Best, 53. JJC created a disturbance on a train, and people tried to get him to leave. It is not known who touched who first. What is known is that JJC cut three people, two of whom died. While this intervention was brave, it was also voluntary. We don’t know what would have happened if JJC had been allowed to continue his rant, until he got to his destination. What would have happened if the police had been called, instead of volunteer bystanders? In the future, people will think twice about confronting obnoxious people. Maybe next time, the bystander will be the one to use a weapon.

One of the family members in Mississippi is being called hero. “Jordan Blackwell died a hero, shielding his 15-year-old cousin Caleb from the bullets when a man barged into their Brookhaven home in the middle of the night in a hail of gunfire. The home on 1658 Coopertown Road was the second stop in a three-home shooting rampage that began late Saturday night and ended early Sunday morning with the arrest of suspect Willie Corey Godbolt.” The Deputy, William Durr, 36, is a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, and is remembered accordingly. The other 6 people that died in Lincoln County… Barbara Mitchell, 55, Brenda May, 53, Tocarra May, 35, Ferral Burage,45, Shelia Burage, 46, Austin Edwards, 11 … did not make a choice to intervene. They were were just living their lives, until WCG lost his mind.

Anti-social media has not been quiet. LISTEN UP, RACISTS is one digital outburst. JJC’s facebook page has been taken down, but not before helpful people recorded some of his thoughts. WCG’s facebook page is still up. One of the people he killed, Barbara Mitchell, is a facebook friend.

JJC is plausibly labeled a white supremacist. Since he was shouting hateful nonsense during the incident, this might be relevant. There is much hand wringing about dealing with the issue of white supremacy, as if this will stop people who want to kill. JJC clearly has issues galore. Was he a violent asshole because of white supremacy, or was he a white supremacist because he was a violent asshole?

WCG also has numerous issues. Since he is black, he will not be called white supremacist. Only 1 of his 8 victims was white. The word racist will not be heard. Does this make his crime less horrible? Is it worse to kill 2 white people, because of racism, than it is to kill to kill 7 black people, because you snapped? Condemning WCG does not fit the “woke” media narrative as much as denouncing JJC.

America has a violence problem. During the three days of the JJC and WCG killings, police were involved in 13 deaths. Hand wringing about white supremacy, and mental health, might help a little bit. Blaming Donald Trump will do about as much as blaming Barack Obama. Proudly labeling a psycho killer “terrorist” will not help. Trashing people with a different skin color will not help. This slack blogger does not know what to do. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

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