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EPIC! RACISM DESTROYED IN ONE MINUTE! ~ taphephobia the morning after i learn chester bennington committed suicide ~ Dear White People: You Don’t Get to Decide the Time and Manner of Civil Rights Protests ~ ” 8,000 Starbucks ” overrun by nümales, dykes, and pussyhatters. Stern Men have been replaced by gloryhole faced dweebs and purple-lipped rug munchers whose only purpose is to corrupt history and erase the contributions of White men to civilization ~ roseanne ~ this is patti smith ~ Letter From NFL Jail By Brishon Bond (writing as Colin Kaepernick) ~ Did John Wayne Say He Believed in White Supremacy? ~ the bitchy waiter ~ After pointlessly groping countless Americans, the TSA is keeping a secret watchlist of those who fight back ~ donda ~ but you’re so damned ugly ~ A Black Woman Rants at Orthodox Jewish Man on a NYC Subway No wonder so many brothers are not getting married ~ MTA, you never disappoint. ~ ‘Can we please not make this a racist thing?’ ~ traffic stop story ~ @bcsproul In Roseanne’s defense, it’s hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States. @chamblee54 In the first case, she told on herself. In the second instance, the Democrats made a campaign issue out of DJT’s racial values, and never let up. The demoze were surprised when it backfired. Calling people racist, if you vote for the opponent, is a terrible campaign strategy ~ How an arcane, new accounting standard is helping reporters follow the money ~ Berkeley professor unmasks Jewish stars in blackface study ~ Drake’s blackface photo is racist and problematic ~ According to Boyer’s model, a single vial of antivenom that would cost more than $14,000 in the United States would cost $100 to $200 in Mexico. Same medicine. Same manufacturer. But a totally different pharmaceutical market. ~ madsa code of conduct ~ chicago crime story ~ the cops don’t carry guns @wadappen @robertwrighter the cops don’t carry guns here ~ did Marilyn Monroe read Ulysses? ~ did marilyn read Ulysses the tweet ~ Eve Arnold ~ marilyn tweetage ~ Coffee, Commodification and Colonialism ~ Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks. ~ Man charged in 2016 death of teen found naked in park also killed elderly couple ~ .@robertwrighter .@wadappen aren’t you scared of that… teaching devices to recognize your face” “there’s scarier things” Maybe you should teach your device to recognize this face … maybe you can join the party of the dead ~ world’s worst records ~ Man charged with taking pictures up woman’s skirt inside a local Walmart store ~ Chapter 28: Walt Whitman, featuring James Adomian ~ let’s read ~ kathy griffin ~ @radicalcommie So you’re blocking people for rightfully calling you out for being useless and complicit in supporting a Trump supporter ~ @handymayhem 🐐 Retweeted Wong from infinity war “Complicit in supporting a Trump supporter” Yall have lost ya minds ~ Why White Men Are So Angry | Very Smart Brothas ~ The New OLC Opinion on Syria Brings Obama Legal Rationales Out of the Shadows ~ Those People, Over There ~ Cocaine & Rhinestones ~ LGBTQ Pride Poems ~ What Did Dinesh D’Souza Do? Trump Plans To Pardon This Right-Wing Troll ~ usa today ~ melanoid nation ~ the starbucks training film ~ racist square dancing square dancing isn’t a lily-white style of dance at all. It was largely invented by slaves, who used the “swing your partner do-si-do” call-and-response technique to do away with the need for a dance instructor. ~ more racist square dancing ~ racist country music ~ Walt Whitman, Bohemian Dandy: The Story of America’s First Gay Bar and Its Creative Coterie ~ Smart, beautiful and deadly, 19-year-old Soviet sniper Roza Shanina had 59 confirmed kills, 1945 ~ forsyth county ~ another n-word incident ~ Prisons Harshly Censor Which Books Are Allowed Behind Bars ~ queer ~ @50NerdsofGrey Her whole body thrilled with anticipation as she felt him move close behind her, kiss her hard on the back of the neck, grab her beckoning hips in his strong hands, bend her forwards, rip off her black silk panties and suddenly, desperately . . realise he’d run out of characters ~ Robocalls aren’t just an annoyance. They’re an assault on the common good. ~ it is annoying when the privileged storyteller thinks he is helping the marginalized in this manner, and calls you racist when you do not applaud ~ I read PC when I was thirty something, and found it for 25 cents at a used book store i was going through the scandalous books of my youth. PC was more about being jewish than masturbation ~ @charliekirk11 People commonly say they are worried what kind of planet we are leaving our kids I’m much more worried what kinds of kids we are leaving for our planet ~ Pro-Tip ™ Google Trademark Symbol, and copy the symbol. Paste this after the text of your *trademark* ~ Don’t let writing mistakes hurt your reputation. Instantly eliminate typos, grammatical errors, and other writing issues with a single click. Redditors: Try Grammarly — it’s free! ~ The spell check suggestion for pre-order is pee-order. ~ You should not use the word *class* while discussing that person. ~ Never Be the Last to Know Sign Up for Breaking News, Exclusive Stories, and All Things EBONY ~ @TheTweetOfGod I was on Ambien when I created mankind. ~ why is the half jew Drake considered not black, when half white, raised by white people BHO and #7 are considered black? ~ Has anyone heard anything about systemic oppression today? I would be very surprised if you did. People like to say that racism is institutional. This roseann nonsense is about a celebrity saying something stupid… not systemic oppression. It is, however, what racism talk usually boils down to. ~ Luther Mckinnon Has anyone heard anything about systemic oppression today? I would be very surprised if you did. People like to say that racism is institutional. This roseann nonsense is about a celebrity saying something stupid… not systemic oppression. Wvtko Mapache Raccoon We live in different realities. Also, you should not be talking about “people” and “racism”like that. It might be non sense to you since you are white and benefit from this system. ~ People are sharing Ambien stories. When I had a sleep study done, the doctor gave me a script for one hit of ambien. It cost six dollars. I did not take it that night. A few months later, I decided to take it. It was not worth six dollars. My racial values were not affected. ~ @joerogan is the gateway drug to the #IntellectualDarkWeb If you feel the urge to see a @jordanbpeterson video, seek professional help immediately ~ @WernerTwertzog First they came for the nihilists, and I did nothing. That is all. ~ The number one song on my 14th birthday was “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. I did not need to know that. Mr. Goldsboro did that song on the Smothers Brothers show. When it was over, Tommy Smothers was in a gift shop selling “Honey” souvenirs. ~ Facebook Nation: If you want to promote your ideas, use your wall. Messenger is invasive. If you want people to see your meme/video, put it on your wall. You do not do your cause any favors by angering people with an invasive message. ~ This is typical internet logic. You make a dubious claim, with no documentation, and immediately ask why ~ @nihilist_arbys It’s the weekend. Time to party. Sure, you probably don’t NEED to start snorting lines of dirty speed all alone this early, but it’s not like you’re doing anything else or like anyone will care if you die. Eat Arby’s ~ I know, I know. Pop-ups aren’t classy. But that’s the point: The Internet is a messy and distracting place, and Brain Pickings is contemplative reading. So why not give it proper room for reflection? Every Sunday morning, get the week’s most interesting articles in one distilled digest straight to your inbox. What do you say? ~ putting the ass back in assimilation ~ Don’t tell Trump voters they are racist. Insulting people does not earn their trust. ~ @wadappen @robertwrighter I was listening to this show. A man from Russia was talking about being arrested, at an anti-Putin rally. He matter of factly mentioned that the police in Russia don’t carry guns ~ pictures this week are from The Library of Congress. ~ This week’s poem from java monkey is either an innovation or a deviation. It started out as a sonnet. The part two of this sonnet became the input for a pantoum. The working name, for this love child of the sonnet and pantoum, is the shakestoum.

what did the playtex bra say to the hat? ~ you go on ahead i’ll give these two a lift.
why didn’t the strip club hire the big cat ~ because she was a cheetah get my drift
what did one blue eye to the other say? ~ something smells between us out at large
i tried to buy a neutron the other day ~ shopkeeper gave it to me without charge
she went out with a girl called simile ~ doesn’t know what she metaphor you see
a mirror photography career ~ I could see myself doing it next year
doesn’t know what she metaphor you see ~ need to sell my vacuum cleaner she fussed
I could see myself doing it next year ~ ’cause right now it is just collecting dust
need to sell my vacuum cleaner she fussed ~ a mirror photography career
’cause right now it is just collecting dust ~ she went out with a girl called simile ~ selah

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