Rare Public Appearance

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on June 11, 2018

Why Jim Gaffigan doesn’t get horse racing ~ Grubby reality inside Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion The study, a musty, gussety fumoir lined with desiccated Playboys and pictures of bright-pink nipples, has barely changed since Hef moved here in 1971. ~ Joni Mitchell makes rare public appearance at James Taylor show in Los Angeles ~ Jimi Hendrix Opens for The Monkees on a 1967 Tour; Then After 8 Shows, Flips Off the Crowd and Quits ~ stacey abrams on democracy now ~ LOOKING BACK: ‘No Justice, No Peace’: The battle of Fair Street Bottom, 20 plus years later ~ Park v. City of Atlanta, 938 F. Supp. 836 (N.D. Ga. 1996) ~ Parkland shooting: Students’ summer activism tour will go to 20 states ~ proverbs 26 As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. ~ This Is What Happened to the David Allan Coe Band, or: Becoming the Centre of the Universe ~ original ~ best podcasts of 2018 ~ UPS employee fired for allegedly posting racist comment on WSB Facebook page Why did Channel 2 feel it was there place to contact the employer, and then brag about it on the air? There is something wrong here. I wonder if the lady has grounds for a lawsuit against channel 2 ~ Kaiser Wilhelm ~ The recall of the judge who sentenced Brock Turner will end up hurting poor, minority defendants ~ most people ~ Trump commutes sentence of Alice Marie Johnson ~ Colin Kaepernick’s legal team expected to subpoena President Trump in case against NFL ~ more racism talk ~ The Corrections ~ kissinger ~ Seven life lessons from Margaret Atwood 1. Anger has to go somewhere 2. Watch out for the zeitgeist – it’s not always your friend 3. Fiction allows us to test things out 4. Be careful who you talk to in a totalitarian state. 5. Developments in biotechnology could change our society 6. America should be wary of a Gilead-like regime 7. The future is not pre-determined ~ NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face” The line between reality and satire has been erased ~ I regret regret voting in the Democratic primary. Now I will not get to choose between tweedle dumb, and tweedle dumber. ~ xxx Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” ~ ‘Dancing doctor’ claimed lawsuits are racially motivated in secret recording ~ Sneaking Pot into Disneyland with Shel Silverstein ~ 10 Famous Mark Twain Quotes That He Never Said ~ Middle English Mondays: “Queynte” and Sexual Euphemisms. ~ @louminatto I think “c-nt” is a wonderful word, and it looks especially charming when inked in Chaucer’s spelling: “queynte” ~ another Einstein quote bites the dust ~ I stumbled onto this video by alleged comedian Dylan Marron. They say “surface gestures are totally cool but they do nothing to dismantle systemic patriarchy” Could they be talking about Colin Kaepernick when he says this? ~ @SheriffClarke “.@realDonaldTrump should invite JUSTIFY to the White House lawn for winning the Triple Crown. Justify is a WINNER like Trump who could care less about leftist identity politics. #MAGA” @ghostdancer2017 “Justify might poop on the lawn, but he would still be better behaved than some NFL players.” @JessicaHuseman “He knows Justify is the horse right” ~ Color film was built for white people. Here’s what it did to dark skin. ~ tao lin video ~ Is it a good idea to have an event at a swimming pool on Friday the 13th? ~ The Myofascial Experience “Please refrain from using the word massage from here on out. Myofascial Therapy” I had a few reactions to this. One, how do you pronounce myofascial? That is an unfamiliar, scary sounding word. I have known you for a while, so I am not as put off by this as a newcomer might be. Maybe, a guide to pronunciation would help. Or maybe, a less scary name. ~ After crossing the railroad tracks with my bike, a train came by. The engine was Union Pacific 9666. ~ Getting yelled at by Francesca Ramsey is not going to benefit my mental health ~ This case became famous because of a victim impact statement that *went viral.* The court of public opinion is more interested in sensation than facts. Putting judges at the mercy of the howling mob is a danger to justice. ~ The victim in the Brock Turner case, Jane Doe, when told of the Judge’s recall vote, said “I’ll drink to that” ~ #MalcolmJenkins must be stupid not to realize that people are going to be offended by this stunt. Just because you say it is about police/racism (the motive is constantly changing) does not mean that people who see you not participating in ritual patriotism and not going to take offense ~ The realtors around here used to put a tiny flag on your lawn, whether you wanted it or not. It was an ad gimmick. Do I have to tell you what happened to those flags? ~ I got this call from a drone voice representing victory processing. Would I be interested in taking part in a survey about the upcoming election. Just answer the questions by pushing the buttons on your keypad. “Do you think Georgia is on the right track? Push one for yes, push two for no, push three for not sure, I pushed three. In Georgia, not sure is usually the correct answer, no matter what the question. The robobot then said “Thank you for taking part in this telephone survey. Good night.” ~ The spell check suggestion for Kardashian is Guardianship ~ .@TylerMahanCoe You should add a trigger warning to the Louvin Brothers episode Ira was a religious fanatic with alcohol and anger management issues This is a very troubling subject for many of us _ spell check for Louvin is Loving ~ Facebook nation: A famous person made the decision to end his life. There is a word, ending in -ide, that describes this act. This s-word is in a lot of social media headlines right now. Please consider that someone who is not feeling well might see the s-word on your time line, and be reminded that this is an option. ~ Actually you could copy, delete, paste, correct, and feel good about yourself ~ @WernerTwertzog Dear Neighbor: Please pardon me, for I accidentally have eaten your emotional support pig. You will be pleased to know that he was delicious. Yours, Werner ~ .@MollyJongFast why would you celebrate #fire your social me diapers on day #fireyoursocialmediapersonday ~ mccain meme “Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” The only President who needed a pardon is Richard Nixon. He negotiated a treaty with North Vietname to release the POWs. ~ I have been looking for a source of this quote. All I can find is a tweet by @davidfrum, with the comment “”Senator McCain’s cue to reply, “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons.” I suspect this quote is the product of a creative journalist. ~ @chamblee54 .@davidfrum did John McCain say “I like the presidents who don’t need pardons”? If so, when and where? ~ When you are an adult, does that mean you have a better way of expressing concern/apathy than saying you do/don’t give an obscenity? ~ If BS had not been a Democrat when it was convenient to him, HDRC would be POTUS today. While this would not be not a perfect state of affairs, it is much, much better than DJT. ~ I thought putting a period after every word was tacky Then it became an emoji after every word ~ is your neighborhood good for walking? The streets here are a constant parade of joggers, bicycles, and the housewife/stroller/dog/cellphone critters ~ (when typing lots, PG said lost at first) ~ It is a reflex action. They have no control over it. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon 10 signs of passive-aggressive leadership: oh, never mind. you probably don’t even want to read it. ~ @crymeariver6666 I am a white privileged straight woman. Until this THING is out of office, I am black, I am gay, I am muslim, I am poor, I am trans, I am mexican, I am an immigrant, I am incarcerated for weed, I am a feminist, I am against pedophilia(yes, that needs to be said), I am an American @chamblee54 you are also an idiot @upchuck66 This tweet is the most spiritual one I’ve read since being on Twitter. I love it! I love that, while Trump is pounding on the door of our collective dark side(fear/ hate/ rage/ envy/ greed/ separation) you are quietly knocking at the door of our collective true self. Bless your heart. @crymeariver6666 You just made me cry. Thank you. I think it’s important that the people that are not actually impacted by anything trump does, fight until the end to the ones that he does impact @rizingashren Ditto, amen, hallelujah… bless you. Any chance you wanna run for office? @crymeariver6666 I know, I just am having an empathy waterfall. And I am just so angry for everyone. So angry. ~ pictures for this regurgitation of last week’s digital dinner are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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