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freddie phelps doth prepare – to go and meet his maker
why should anybody care – the cake will find a baker

see the last trifecta post – thirty three words are toast – there will be things to do
listen to the music blue – one thing to make me grin – this time i want to win

Perfect Country Western Poem
remember mama in the rain – kobir made me miss the train – pick up truck needs oil
radiator fixin’ to boil – drunk down at the prison gate – mama you don’t need to hate

One problem with the internet is distractions. While you are there, inevitably you will look at facebook, thus putting your peace of mind at risk. Like when two white facebook friends shared a vile screed, White People Are Cowards. What is the proper response to this? Say something, and get into a quagmire argument? Or just ignore it, and lose respect for the two white men who liked this, as well as a bit of self respect. I don’t want to be someone who hates others because of their opinions. The good news is, the next poem I found in the archive addresses this issue.

Emotional Experience
it is is not about justice – it is having an emotional experience
that validates your privilege – the person judging you
is just as messed up as you are – it is is not about salvation
it is having an emotional experience – that validates your privilege

There is an irony here. The article at the root makes the point that white people have done terrible things, and other white people did not speak out about it. This is a fair enough point. The article is titled “White People Are Cowards,” and the cowardice stems from this lack of speaking up. There is a quote from Thomas Jefferson, which nobody has a source for. Now, should I speak up about the fbf posting this obnoxious article where I can see it? If I had confronted the two fbf about this article, it would have gotten nasty. Nothing good ever comes out of a discussion like that. While you might feel like a coward from walking away, sometimes that is the best thing to do. The second best thing to do is substitute “black” for “white,” in the title and concept, and wonder what would happen.

have you seen the little ciggies – burning to get off
and for all the little ciggies – love to make you cough
always have a match to play around with – have you seen the filter ciggies
in the bright red pack – you will find the ciggie lovers
smoking in the back – always having air to blow the smoke in
in their packs with all their filters – they don’t care if cancer will come
in their eyes is some dark yearning – what they need’s a damn good burning
everywhere there’s lots of ciggies – in their ciggie lives
you can see them in the ashtray – with their cigar wives – flicking on a bic to light another

Revenge Of The Mannequins
someone called me racist – maybe it was atheist
another one said slut – don’t listen to that nut
now the word is bitch – a verb a noun a glitch
butt hurt in your soul – when you call me asshole

it is now summer – time to get dumber
temperatures will rise – like mosquitoes and flies
time for the beach – duane will eat a peach
firework fourth of july – elvis will say goodbye

bible sausage congressional districts – made by devious people seeking
maximum profits from raw materials – see them being made become atheist
republican vegetarian efficient use of – material has priority over healthy diet

Which brings us to the poem that got me banned from yeahwrite, Whitehall Street. The pictures were taken at a mural on Whitehall Street. Getting the background colors to match was a chore. A few days after publication, there was an email. “Based on the nature of your post this week, your entries will no longer be welcome at yeah write.” Rowan Grigsby submissions editor |” After a few emails, I got this: “What you said, essentially, is that a trans woman is a fake woman. Frankly, we have never felt the need to specifically articulate that hate speech is unwelcome in our community. It seemed obvious to us and, indeed, to nearly everyone who submits posts.” Here is the test of the “hate speech.”

pearl told peter she is pregnant – baby daddy peter wants to marry
pearl do big man thing what peter – does not know pearl was formerly
known as paul gender reassignment – can grow pretty boobs paint happy
face but cannot create productive womb

downtown morning storm torrent – clouds gone by tennessee hills
arrive park hike set up tent – friday night cabaret thrills
party heart circle much talk – dance first time two plus year
no water message writ by chalk – wash your hands rainbow queer
thunder drum for spiral dance – fire glow purple orange red
rain hug rain smile rain romance – unwanted burden to be shed
pound drum foggy night rain – morning isis compost bucket
astarte hecate demeter insane – kali iana diana rain fuck it

grand jury renders opinion – national hissy fit begin again
when justice is popularity contest – freedom lies bleeding in street

On November 24, 2014, I was waiting on a grand jury to make an announcement. There was little doubt that Darren Wilson fired the shots that killed Mike Brown. The question was whether, or not, to indict Mr. Wilson. The grand jury decided not to indict Mr. Wilson. This decision was confirmed by a later Department of Justice investigation. While waiting on the announcement, I was concerned about mob justice. I feel that the justice system should decide the case based on the evidence and arguments presented , rather than by public opinion. This is a fundamental concept in a nation governed by laws, rather than brute force. Many people disagreed with the decision of the grand jury.

There was a comment. Anonymous said, on November 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm (Edit) Thanks Luthor… you’re racism never disappoints! The name was misspelled. … Is a dependence on a system of law and order racism? Anonymous seems to think so. Is they qualified to make this judgment? If racism is anything that you don’t like, then Anonymous is qualified to make the call.

There is the style of the comment to consider. While Anonymous did not give their name, there was an I.P. address. The IPA is connected to a .edu server. Apparently, this is a workplace computer. Leaving insulting comments from your employer’s computer does not reflect well on the institution.

the morning after wayne holsey – died with arm full of mystery drugs
nineteen years after will robinson died – did holsey deter future murders
when ego happy social justice warriors are silent

blue moo haiku woo – zoo crew loo poo screw goo boo – xanadu do you









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