Catalog Part Four

Posted in Poem by chamblee54 on June 26, 2018

come on all you big strong peeps – uncle sam has got in deep
she got herself in a terrible jam – out there in #afghanistan
put down your phones – and give us your loot – there’s a lot of folks to shoot

jesus saw judas leaving – mary magdalene’s place
jesus told mm i wish you – would quit doing this
mm handed jesus – two pieces of silver – shut up here’s your cut

obsolete jesus leave me alone – obsession with life after death poisons faith
stop your shouting – get along with your neighbor – show comfortable path to g-d

Eight Line Poem Part Two
young americans width of a circle – sound and vision scary monsters
rock n’ roll suicide quicksand queen – bitch panic in detroit moonage
daydream andy warhol life on mars – kooks jean genie hang onto yourself
fame eight line poem changes – bewley brothers ashes to ashes

This brings us to 2016. January 8 is David Bowie’s birthday. I celebrated by repackaging some old posts, writing a poem of song titles, and creating a computer play list. Two days later, David Bowie died. This was the first indication that 2016 was going to be a very strange year. I decided to honor Bob Dylan’s May 26 birthday in the same way that I observed David Bowie’s. Bob Dylan went on to win the Nobel Prize. Meanwhile, another Bowie tribute was required. Pictures were taken at the doll’s head trail, off Moreland Avenue.

Eight Line Poem The End
ashes to ashes chameleon comedian – corinthian caricature andy warhol
take a cement fix major tom – speed jive don’t want to stay alive
quaaludes and red wine oh by jingoes – reflexes like a whore falls wanking to the floor
wham bam thank you ma’am – i’ll be a rock’n rolling bitch for you

After the Tennessee show, I wanted to find a place to read in public. There were several options. The one I kept hearing about was Java Monkey, a coffee shop in downtown Decatur. One day, someone told me where you could park on Sunday night. On February 28, 2016, I went to my first open mic. The plan was to observe the scene, and bring something to read if I was brave enough. I wound up as the last spot of the evening. I later learned that this is not a good spot, that most people had left by then. Nonetheless, I saw the welcoming vibe of the house, and have been going back regularly for the last two years. My notes said I read “java edit022916.” which was a combination of a few short poems. I don’t remember how many I actually read. JM has a strict one piece rule, and an 11pm curfew.

This influenced my writing. I began to notice what gets a reaction, and what does not. The big word poems did not do the trick. The neo-pornographic, the bouncy rhythms, and melodious wordplay got the crowd going. I would also start to experiment with different forms of poetry. The sonnet is the gateway drug here. The more poems you read, the more you learn what the crowd wants to hear.

April is national poetry month. One way to celebrate is to write thirty poems in thirty days. On chamblee54, this means a picture for every line of text. Between Apri 2 and April 26, thirty graphic poems were published at chamblee54. This is not recommended if you have a life.

Hank Bukowski
hank bukowski hates my poems – hank or his bookcover name charles
hate poems that rhyme hate poems – set in 38 point comic sans with
dogs in the background hank hates – open mic poetry drinking coffee
people think charles died in 1994 – his body was very well preserved
charles still goes to racetrack places – his bet on number nine horse with
a twenty fished out of commode – after hank took a dump on top of it
poems continue to spit out like hot – turds on the morning after a beer drunk
hank hates me reading this

She Will Be His Wife
another sunday night at java monkey – waiting on turn man on stage talks
he has been sorry but is better now – calls out name says she will be his wife
everyone cheers cellphones record – fiancee goes on stage to get her ring
please don’t make me follow this – goes on about love while lady glow
no one wants moment to end it does – the next one to read is chamblee54

lester maddox is talking on tv – says something goofier than usual
go back to news room weather man – has head on desk laughing looks up
says that is a tough act to follow

smile through rainbow tomorrow – like lemons are watching it take
more muscles to frown than it – does to happen for a reason if
life gives you dance make nobody – learn to yolo in the lemonade

You Cannot Petition The Lord
if you are alienated from jesus
don’t buy circular reasoning g-d of the bible the word of g-d
don’t think endless talk about life after death justifies abuse
think that g-d might exist but tire of the talk without trust
you can find it tough to pray

good morning g-d please forgive me for calling you dog spelled backwards
please give me slack to make it through this busy life please give me less pain
thank you for gift of sobriety and memory of inebrience
please help me overcome body chemistry that tells me to be unhappy
tell jesus worshipers that it is better to listen than to talk
to care for the living and have faith in g-d to take care of the dead
please g-d try to get along better with Allah
help white people and people of color live together with kindness and respect
thank you for earth air fire and water
thank you for people who enjoy this offering
help those offended to get over it
namaste mahalo amen good bye

blooper blunder boo boo bye bye – divorce erratum faux pas flub
fubar fuckup fumble gaffe – malapropism mea culpa my bad – snafu solecism stumble typo

luscious mauve mediocre moist – obfuscate obnoxious optionality
overused pabulum panty penis – piehole pimple placate plump
pornographic precious pretentious – pulchritude repellent serendipity
succulent synergy tasty tender – transparent tummy turd twee
unbearable underwear veggie – velvet visceral yucky yummy

sixty nine words
blow job boner bonk boogie bush – carpet munching deep throat dick
chill cunnilingus cock sucker gag – eat french freak goober gobble
hair pie hookup hoover head fellatio – johnson juice junk knob job lewinsky
mambo lick muff diver oral mamo – penis pussy pinga prick pecker quim
rub salad sixtynine skin flute slurp – snatch spit splash swallow spurt
verga unload wang chung wet willie – suck the chrome off a trailer hitch

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