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Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on July 23, 2018

Why Immigrants Like Me Hate Illegal Immigration ~ atlanta’s berlin wall ~ 1927 topo map ~ “A Complete Shit Show”: As Fusion Media Implodes, Will the Gawker Orphans Hit the Block? ~ stabbing of Applebee’s waitress ~ 6-month-old grazed by bullet during shooting, police say ~ Low ~ Read a Transcript of Trump and Putin’s Joint Press Conference ~ Maddow: Time For Americans To Face ‘Worst Case Scenario’ On Donald Trump ~ rachel maddow says the kkk endorses trump ~ Did The KKK Endorse Donald Trump? ~ Texas Shouldn’t Execute Chris Young for Murder Even Though He Is Guilty of the Crime ~ 10 Unconventional Facts About William Burroughs ~ laurie anderson ~ Clever Beaver ~ nagasaki ~ nuclear test videos ~ pink trap house ~ “Track Two” Documentary, on 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Raids ~ Papa John’s CEO Was Banished Because He Is A White Man Who Talked About Race ~ Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover ~ lingthusiasm ~ white man steals your soul ~ @GideonResnick “John Poulsen, a 47-year-old Harrisburg mechanic who voted for Obama then Trump, said he was tired of big city liberals standing up for white rhinos.” ~ 3 Approaches for Confronting Microaggressions ~ @AP BREAKING: Trump administration proposes limiting habitat protections for endangered species. ~ battle of shanghai ~ kill the puppy dogs ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates is leaving the Atlantic ~ Robin Williams’ widow: ‘It was not depression’ that killed him ~ The Democratic Party Apologizes to Black Voters ~ four ways to pronounce banal ~ .@romanmars .@99piorg I enjoyed the interobang show Here is a related blog post I wrote. If you have not already done so, this could be a future episode Why do computers have 789 on the top row, while telephones have 123 on top? ~ semantics test ~ dancing girl ~ more putingate ~ American flag burned outside LA office of congresswoman ~ 34 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America ~ things that got me blocked. @chamblee54 i have done research on this, and the key was the people voting for johnson and stein hrc spent 3% in michigan that she spent in ohio hrc lost michigan by >1%, lost ohio by 8% maybe the more of hrc voters saw, the less they liked her @EmoNegro1 Or maybe Russia tampered with the vote totals or Russian assets Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders siphoned off votes from the left, which they were paid to do? @chamblee54 this is why you need to avoid insulting voters that you need an election is not a teaching moment it is about electing a flawed person instead of a much more flawed person call out racism AFTER you elect your candidate @EmoNegro1 So you’re saying Hillary/Democratic Party need racist voters to win? @chamblee54 yes this is politics you need the support of people you think are horrible could the democrats win without prejudiced black people? @EmoNegro1 So you believe black people are prejudiced? @chamblee54 duh there is a semantic game here. people say black people can’t be racist, but can be prejudiced tomayto tomahto until we pay the same attention to black prejudice that we pay to white racism, we will never get anywhere @EmoNegro1 We ain’t got no more to say. You and Bernie want politics centered on white people. Hillary hurt your fee fees You believe black people not voting for Bernie means they are racist. You brought us Trump. Live it, love it and you’re BLOCKED! @EmoNegro1 More If you come running up in my mentions defending racism and saying Democrats NEED to pander to racists in order to win, you’ve let me know you’ll sell my black ass off to the highest bidder for your comforts and YOU GETS BLOCKED! ~ You are blocked from following @EmoNegro1 and viewing @EmoNegro1’s Tweets. Learn more ~ I don’t watch MSNBC, so I don’t know what Miss Maddow was saying in 2016. Today, she claims to be all over the Russia thing, which she might have been. However, that is not what I remember hearing. I heard about a tiny Arkansas newspaper getting blown up into “The KKK endorses Trump.” I remember hearing that if you vote for Trump you are a racist. In the end, the smalltown voters in Michigan did not like being called racist. That is what the pro-Hillary media did, and how Rachel Maddow helped Donald Trump get elected. ~ klepto kakisocracy klique ~ Compassion is when you use dark letters against a light background, so the text can be easily read. ~ This presumes that an idea is at some time alive. An idea.. aka belief,opinion etc. … , is a construct of the human mind. Can this be said to be alive, or dead, in the same sense that plants or animals are? ~ The activities at the place-that-must-not-be-mentioned should be kept as quiet as possible. Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag. I still think we should utilize some discretion in describing these activities. As for the purpose of the ARF page… it is a place to announce local events. I think it gets caught up in promotion of fae-related stuff. Maybe the admins could be a bit stricter about this. I think the admins are doing a good job as the page evolves. To the admins of this group:THANK YOU!! ~ Another purpose of this page is posting items that may be of interest to the community. Some of these items are going to be *problematic* to some. You are not obligated to read, or react to, anything that ruffles your feathers. I would enjoy having a vibrant forum, with the understanding that we are not always going to agree. ~ pictures for the publication of last week’s notes are from The Library of Congress. ~ here is the poem from last night at java monkey:
maybe i just never went out quietly ~ swashbuckling rutabaga mannequins
i hope that i would but i can’t literally ~ skedaddle spelunker shenanigans
i’ll try but i’ve got a problem absolutely ~ brouhaha pumpernickel appetite
irregardless i have to shoot stuff quickly ~ quintessential humbuggery morphodite
kumquat lollygag idiot mambo ~ nincompoop fooey manatee latrine
cuckhold phalanx tomfoolery bongo ~ umpteen kaleidoscope bunghole peen
nincompoop fooey manatee latrine ~ strumpet ragamuffin charlie mingus
umpteen kaleidoscope bunghole peen ~ discombobulated cunnilingus
strumpet ragamuffin charlie mingus ~ cuckhold phalanx tomfoolery bongo
discombobulated cunnilingus ~ kumquat lollygag idiot mambo

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