Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on July 24, 2018

PG got back from the school, after going up the path to vote. The path gets narrower and narrower. The part you walk on has been washed out, by the same rains that send the weeds into a growing frenzy. The job of trimming back these weeds is never done. Is a primary runoff the electoral equivalent of trimming back these vines?

The voting takes place in the media center, formerly known as the library. A large, obviously new, rug is in the lobby of the school. There is nobody in line at seven thirty. The lady asks for an ID. PG asks the lady not to laugh at the picture. The next lady tries to scan the drivers license, and winds up typing the information in on the touch screen. She goes one letter at a time, using an ink pen. Finally, she gives PG a small plastic card, which he puts in the slot, on the machine. The handicapped booth serves both Democrats and Republicans.

There are only three races in the Democratic runoff. One is for some kind of school board person. Neither name is familiar, so PG picks the most normal sounding name. In the other two races, all four candidates have called PG on the phone. The two Congressional candidates used a live human to call, and the two Judge wannabes utilized a robocall machine. PG has a rule: do not vote for someone that calls you on the phone. All four candidates have broken this rule.

In the judge election, both candidates have funny sounding names. One of them sounds vaguely African. The other sounds like a black lady, born in the United States. PG picks the name that is easier to pronounce. PG does not want to meet either one in court.

The Congressional race is a bit more complicated. PG has written about Lucy McBath. Her opponent, Kevin Abel, is a nice looking young man. Both candidates have sent stacks of slick, well produced, mailers. Mr. Abel sent one with a picture of Donald Trump, with the word “Lies” prominently displayed. It is uncertain how this will help.

The Democrat winner will run against Karen Handel. She is a certified poopyhead. The job at this stage is to determine who will have the best chance of defeating Mrs. Handel. While Kevin Abel has a certain blonde appeal, Lucy McBath will get people interested in the election. Neither last name will inspire a vulgar campaign slogans. (Vote your McBath off.) Mrs. Handel is a heavyweight contender, and will be tough to defeat. Lucy McBath is the best choice here.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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