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Posted in Georgia History, Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on July 26, 2018

A facebook friend shared a post. “i don’t really believe in engaging in electoral politics all that much but would everyone please vote for Stacey Abrams so the material conditions of myself and many of my friends doesn’t get immediately worse if Kemp is elected? like i’m really asking for all my radicalized georgians here to get registered and show up to vote this ONE TIME!!!! like as a personal favor to me. i’m really open to talking about this if you’re unconvinced, and people do deserve the right to abstain! i support you! but also we have to survive long enough to organize ffs”

The discussion that followed is presented below. Names of the other players are replaced by numbers. You should never wrestle with a hog. You will get dirty, and the pig will enjoy himself.

Luther Mckinnon Are the supporters of Miss Abrams going to try to shout down Mr. Kemp,
like they did Mrs. Evans?

@001 Of course! Every damn day.
@002 That’s a really weird point to get hung up on. But hey. Shouting down Kemp is a very fine idea and I am sure you will be joining us, right Luther?

Luther Mckinnon That would guarantee a victory for Mr. Kemp

@003 Abrams supporters didn’t shout down Evans.

Luther Mckinnon Somebody did shout down Mrs. Evans, and Miss Abrams defended them.

@003 Because she defends “freedom of speech,” and because Evans also needed to be held accountable. But she had a good point, why are you hung up on that?

Luther Mckinnon Because this is how mob rule works. Democrats will make excuses for this sorry behavior, but Republicans and Independents will not. If you want to hand Mr. Kemp a victory, then go ahead with your playground tactics.

@003 What are you even talking about
@003 You don’t even know what happened and you’re so defensive.
Go out and canvass if you’re so upset.

Luther Mckinnon Stacey And Stacey

@003 Sorry, I’m not familiar with the reputable source “chambles54.wordpress”
@003 But it’s okay, you’re still upset at Abrams for whatever reason, let’s pretend that won’t make people vote for Kemp, good day sir

Luther Mckinnon Click on the link, and learn about the incident.

@003 Lol, I did click the link, the bright colors of the font threw me off, and I am very familiar with the incident.Again, have a good one
@004 Ugh log off Luther
@004 Old white dudes politically relevant? Not on my watch

Miss Abrams did support people who shouted down her opponent in August 2017. What would happen if white republicans sent a mob to shout down a speech by Miss Abrams? How would republicans react to a mob shouting down Brian Kemp? Would the republicans send security officers to forcibly break up the shouting? This business of shouting down your opponent could get ugly fast. Miss Abrams expressed support of the mob shouting down Stacey Evans. Miss Abrams also played a role in the 1992 riots, after the Rodney King verdict was announced.

Brian Kemp has a lot of shortcomings, and would probably make a bad Governor. If Stacey Abrams runs a playground campaign, as some of her supporters want, then Mr. Kemp is almost guaranteed a win. In the general election, old white dudes are politically relevant. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “At the May Day pageant in Siloam, Greene County, Georgia” Jack Delano, photographer, 1941 May. UPDATE: More posts were made after this feature was published.

@004 Did you just call us pigs in your horribly designed blog
@004 Kemp is a shitheaded racist who engages in overt voter suppression
I really don’t think you get to tell people how to treat him

Luther Mckinnon You can’t make this up.

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