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The Lurid Digs Interview

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There is a site called Lurid Digs_NSFW. It can be very, very funny. It is also filthy. Fifty years ago. publishing pictures like this would get you sent to jail. You have been warned.

PG was trolling the internet one night, and he landed at Lurid Digs. He saw a picture that might be fun to use, to illustrate a post about NASCAR. However, at the bottom of the LD page was some troubling language about copyrights. PG decided to write LD and get permission, before he used any of their pictures. You can never be too careful.

The very next day, this arrived:
Hi Luther…Sure, you can use the credited pics. Also I’m available for ‘interview’ should you have any questions you like to ask…Cheers, David K Publisher Lurid Digs
An interview with the publisher of Lurid Digs! What a coup! PG opened up a wordpad and started to think of questions. He edited them to a numerically proper twenty. The questions were sent to Lurid Digs. The reply arrived a few days later.

Oy, too convoluted for me. But thanks anyway. (I was thinking of something much more simpler.) Cheers, David K

PG was disappointed. As Scarlet might say, tomorrow is another day. The questions will make a fun post by themselves. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Lurid Digs is still published, in all it’s NSFW glory. 2018 UPDATE Lurid Digs is still available for viewing. However, LD does not put a date on posts. The LD twitter was last updated 25 Sep 2017. This interior landmark may have run out of steam.

01- Are the models and decorators for Lurid Digs certified to be drug free?
02- What kind of strings do you use on your guitar?
03- Why do birds fly up in the sky, every time you walk by?
04- What can the argyle community do to fight racism?
05- If Jesus were to pose for you, would you put makeup over the holes in his hands?
06- Who asked Sarah Palin what she thought?
07- What impact does Lurid Digs have on global warming?

08- How much was the model’s bail?
09- Have residences been inspected by the fashion police?
10- Does Chenille ever go out of style?
11- Do the neighbors in the trailer park get suspicious when you do a photo shoot?
12- Why don’t we just go ahead and make murder legal?
13- Are humans as smart as dogs?
14- What do the youth of today want?

15- Why do people include the office disclaimer when sending out joke emails?
16- Is NASCAR rigged?
17- Who wrote the book of love?
18- If a model dies during a photo shoot, is he greeted in heaven by 72 virgins?
19- What do you put on pizza you order for photo shoots?
20- Do you ever play 20 questions?


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There was a comment at Chamblee54. “Steve Loehrer – So tell me what you know about Rose’s Cantina. I booked the music there from 1978-80 – Thorogood, Delbert, The Thunderbirds, The Fans, The Razor Boys and on and on. I was the one that did it. And I probably know you.” This blog has previously published features about the Great Southeast Music Hall, Richards, and the Georgian Terrace Ballroom. One more music venue post is not going to hurt anyone, and will be a good excuse to post some more pictures, from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. This is a repost.

688 Spring Street is a nondescript building, located down the hill from the Varsity. At one time, a company called Southern Tailors made wine jackets there. It is currently a Concentra Urgent Care Center. In between, it was the site of two rock and roll nightclubs, Roses Cantina and 688. One block over, at 688 West Peachtree, is a Catholic Construction management office.

House manager Rose Lynn Scott is quoted as saying “You know, we really aren’t sure exactly when it all started and ended,” Scott said. “Honest to God, we weren’t paying that close attention.”PG first knew about it around 1977, and really didn’t go very often. There is a running list for this post, and whenever a new band sinks into the mush, it is duly noted. Some band did “Love Gun,” which sounds remarkably similar to “Amphetamine Annie” by Canned Heat.

The punk rock revolution did not completely pass Atlanta by. A band called the Fans said they were making the pop music of the eighties. PG saw them twice and Roses, and they might be the only time he ever paid to get in. They were an impressive outfit, doing Velvet Underground and Telstar. Later, they opened for Talking Heads at the Agora, and were pretty awful. Much, much later, PG shared an apartment with the brother, of the drummer, for the Fans. Also living there was the brothers wife, a cable guy, seven snakes, a ferret, and a cat.

Back to the words of Rose Lynn, “It was a dive bar supreme and proud of it.” The stage was in the middle of the house, with a game room behind the stage. If you liked to shoot pool and listen to bands, this was the place. As for drinking, PG might get a beer or two, but mostly got bombed at other spots.

In those days, PG would go rambling from club to club, often accompanied by his friend Dinkson. One night, they stumbled in on a three piece band. They did a song called “Madison Blues”, with the guitar playing slinging riffs, and the bass playing playing the same notes over and over, never changing the look on his face. This was George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

One other night, PG stumbled in on the last few minutes of a show by the Brains. They wrote a song called “Money Changes Everything” that Cyndi Lauper did well with. This is another great local band that never seemed to get a national audience. Another night, some old black man, possibly John Lee Hooker, was playing guitar.

Around about this time, PG decided to either grow up, or take his childhood seriously. He wound up in Seattle WA. That wore off after a while. On the greyhound bus going home, PG talked to a young lady, who said something about a punk rock club in the Roses Cantina space. This was the 688.

A few weeks later, Iggy Pop did a week at 688. Here, through the miracle of copy paste, is the story. It isn’t plagiarism when you wrote it yourself.

At any rate, by the time PG got back from Seattle, some brave investors decided to have a punk rock club at 688 Spring Street. Soon, Iggy Pop would be playing a week there. In the seventies, the bands would play for five days at the great southeast music hall or the electric ballroom, two shows a night, and if you were really cool you would go on a weeknight before it got too crowded. Soon after that, it was one night in town only, and you either saw it or you didn’t.

PG had a friend at the Martinique apartments on Buford Hiway. There was someone living in the complex known as ZenDen, who sold acid. You would go to his place, wade through the living room full of grown men listening to Suzi Quatro, and purchase the commodity.

On to the the 23 Oglethorpe bus, and downtown to 688 Spring Street. Before anyone knew it, the band was on the stage. A veteran of the Patti Smith Group, named Ivan Kral, was playing bass. Mr. Kral sneezed, and a huge cocaine booger fell across his face. He was not playing when the show ended.
There was a white wall next to the stage, and someone wrote the song list on that wall. That list of songs stayed on the wall as long as 688 was open. “I want to be your dog” was on the list, as well as the number where Iggy pulled his pants off and performed in his underwear. Supposedly, in New York the drawers came off, but the TMI police were off duty that night.

The show was loud and long, and had the feel of an endurance event…either you go or the band does. Finally, the show was over, and PG got on the 23 Oglethorpe bus. You got the northbound bus on West Peachtree Street. You could look down, from Fourth street, and see the Coca Cola sign downtown. Freeway expansion sent that section of West Peachtree to old road hell.

Twenty years after that, PG worked in a building at that corner of Fourth and West Peachtree. If he had known about the future of working for Redo Blue, PG might have jumped under the 23 Oglethorpe bus, instead of getting on it. The Coca Cola sign was long gone by then.

There was band called Human Sexual Response in those days. PG caught their act at 688. They had three vocalists, wearing matching outfits, and sang a lot of lyric happy songs with really cool harmonies. The problem was, PG was not familiar with those oh so witty lyrics, and did not know what it was all about. At least he got out of the house.

Kevin Dunn played guitar for the Fans. (He had an ad for guitar lessons on the bulletin board at Wax and Facts. It said that raising racing turtles was more profitable than playing guitar.) One night at 688, he performed with his band The regiment of women. They opened for someone, possibly the Plastics, who we will get to in a minute. So, this guy plays guitar and sings, and a woman plays a drum machine. No skin pounding drummer, but a lady who twisted the knobs on a machine.

The Plastics were from Japan, and did a killer version of “Last Train to Clarksville”. It was about this time that PG got a job, and decided that he liked sleeping better than hanging out downtown.

One night, about 1983 or so, PG made an exception. The band that night was Modern English. Before the show, PG ate three z burgers from the Zestos on Ponce de Leon. During the show, the singer rubbed his stomach, and said to feel the music. About this time, the z burgers were making their presence known, and PG could feel something, but it wasn’t the music.

The last show PG saw at 688 was Hüsker Dü. The best guess is February 14, 1986. There was a totem pole, made of old TV sets, in the front part of the club in 1986. Here is the story.

Hüsker Dü means “do you remember” in Danish and Norwegian. PG saw them sometime in the eighties. It might have been the metroplex, but it might have been the 688. There is a list of shows they played, and the metroplex is not on there.

PG saw a show at the Metroplex the next night. The band is forgotten. The metroplex was a dark spooky building on Marietta street near the omni. The balcony was very dark, with everything painted black. PG tripped over a bench.

688 was a different story. PG saw a bunch of shows there, both as 688 and Rose’s Cantina. HD may have been the last show PG saw before they closed. PG was well into the work/sleep lifestyle that preoccupied his life after a certain point, and just didn’t make it out much anymore. A friend won tickets to the show or he wouldn’t have made it.

PG didn’t get into the show very much. HD was a trio, with the later-outed Bob Mould as the guitar g-d. For all of his musical skills, Mould is not much for onstage charisma. PG felt that if he had been more familiar with their music, he would have enjoyed it more. Some bands you can see without hearing their records and get into it right away, where others need a bit of familiarity.

Jesus PTSD

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Annabelle is a song by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. It is quite lovely. Annabelle is the daughter, and the one bright spot in a hard life. This life of toil lasts until we “go to Jesus.”

PG has had a tough time with Jesus. Rudeness, disrespect, verbal abuse, and humiliation have been landmarks on the journey. When you don’t agree with the plan for life after death, you wonder if the bad parts of Jesus are worth it. To PG, the negatives overwhelmingly outweigh the positives. Just hearing a passing reference to Jesus can set him to brooding.

This morning, PG wondered if it was always going to be like this. When people talk/sing/act out for Jesus, is it always going to remind him of the pain? The Jesus worshipers have so much fun with their noise, that they scarcely notice the discomfort of others. They usually don’t care. .

Some youtube listeners felt the same way. gotohellgoogle2223 i just wish the words weren’t religious. 001Bigred @gotohellgoogle2223 I don’t find this religious except in the aspect that it tells the TRUTH. You can’t have all things to please you til you go to Jesus. Hope you find Him.

PG has found Jesus, in the words and deeds of his believers. It has been one of the worst experiences PG has known. When you decide that Jesus was killed for being a trouble maker, and his death has nothing to do with what happens to you when you die… it takes away the one justification for all the abuse. Maybe one day there will be no Jesus, and PG will know peace.

This is a repost. Pictures from The Library of Congress.











Rachel Maddow Strikes Again

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As you may have heard, President Trump had a press conference yesterday. He said some things that have people upset. This has been going on for a while, and will continue. In a predictable development, Rachel Maddow took to the airwaves with a barrage of Russia-did-it details. If you listen to the video, you can hear it all. The story of post-Soviet dirty deeds is well documented, with some amusing court cases on the horizon.

Ms. Madcow Maddow says that she was talking about the collusion story for some time. Since PG does not watch cable TV, he does not know whether this is true, or not. What PG does remember is what he heard on facebook, twitter, and word of mouth. The 2016 word of the day was racist. Donald J. Trump is a racist. If you vote for Mr. Trump, then you are a racist. It is as if someone thought that the best way to elect Hillary Clinton was to call Mr. Trump a racist. This was to be said as often, and as loudly, as possible. The Democratic Brain Trust assumed that everyone was just as horrified by racism as they were. This DBT thought that people would be terrified of people thinking they were racist, and would vote for Hillary, to prove that they were not racist. Unfortunately for the DBT, and the USA, this strategy did not work. Mr. Trump got more electoral votes than Mrs. Clinton.

One obnoxious canard was the notion that the KKK endorsed Donald J.Trump. A tiny Arkansas newspaper, connected to a klan community, printed an article favorable to Mr. Trump. The Washington Post said KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president. Ms. Maddow repeated this story. It is not known whether WAPO or MSNBC ever said, in so many words, that the KKK endorsed Mr. Trump. However, when the story got out into the public, that is the way it was reported. People said, often and loudly, that the KKK endorsed Mr. Trump. This was supposed to help Mrs. Clinton get elected. It did not work.

Even if the KKK did endorse Mr. Trump, why should the talking heads mention it? The KKK is an obsolete clown show. While the three digital stooges of anonymous/facebook/twitter are focused on bedsheets, more dangerous white (and other color) hate groups are operating in darkness. With people fascinated with who is under the bedsheets, people that can do damage are buying ammunition, and buying elections.

PG got into a related twitterspat yesterday. Since other tweeter has blocked PG, their name will not be mentioned. They will be known as @045. Their reaction is another example of how your words can be twisted. If you want to skip ahead, and look at the pictures, you will not miss anything. The pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

@chamblee54 I have done research on this, and the key was the people voting for Johnson and Stein. HRC spent 3% in Michigan that she spent in Ohio. HRC lost michigan by >1%, lost ohio by 8%. Maybe the more of HRC voters saw, the less they liked her.
@045 Or maybe Russia tampered with the vote totals or Russian assets Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders siphoned off votes from the left, which they were paid to do?
@chamblee54 This is why you need to avoid insulting voters that you need. An election is not a teaching moment. It is about electing a flawed person instead of a much more flawed person. Call out racism AFTER you elect your candidate.
@045 So you’re saying Hillary/Democratic Party need racist voters to win?
@chamblee54 yes This is politics. You need the support of people you think are horrible. Could the democrats win without prejudiced black people?
@045 So you believe black people are prejudiced?
@chamblee54 duh There is a semantic game here. People say black people can’t be racist, but can be prejudiced. tomayto tomahto Until we pay the same attention to black prejudice that we pay to white racism, we will never get anywhere.
You are blocked from following @045 and viewing @045‘s Tweets. Learn more
@045 We ain’t got no more to say. You and Bernie want politics centered on white people. Hillary hurt your fee fees You believe black people not voting for Bernie means they are racist. You brought us Trump. Live it, love it and you’re BLOCKED!
@045 More If you come running up in my mentions defending racism and saying Democrats NEED to pander to racists in order to win, you’ve let me know you’ll sell my black ass off to the highest bidder for your comforts and YOU GETS BLOCKED!

Calm Down

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Will Not Be Tolerated

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Cliches and Commonplaces ~ Number of people shot in Chicago this year surpasses 1,400 ~ goat yoga ~ food from china ~ The Break with Michelle Wolf | Salute to Abortions | ~ Jiz ~ alan watts lectures ~ Why I Stopped Idolizing Sam Harris It sounds like your previous admiration of Mr. Harris was too much. When you saw some flaws in his character, you over corrected. But, that is just one take. I am not familiar with Mr. Harris, and take an amused view of the intellectual dark web. Mostly, I think for myself. Thank you for your contribution. I think I saw one of your videos a while back. Did you ever shoot videos with a Crimson Tide poster in the background? It has been a while since I saw this, but I seem to remember the video was about some type of exploitation of black people/culture, and the add for an NCAA football factory was ironic. I am @chamblee54 on twitter, and fire my own shots from time to time. ~ How Jordan Peterson Misrepresented Bill C-16, Pronoun Use, & Free-Speech To Get Famous. ~ 34-year-old father in critical condition after shooting outside country club ~ Deputy airlifted to hospital after attack by suicidal woman, sheriff says ~ Why do people find Jordan Peterson so convincing? Because the left doesn’t have its own house in order ~ Warrant sheds light on DUI case of Cobb teen who fell from SUV ~ Robber wearing clown mask shoots Waffle House customer in neck, police say ~ 11 Surprising Facts About How Movie Box Office Works ~ voices matter bs ~ Here is your rule:” However, ad hominem (or personal) attacks will not be tolerated, nor will bigotry, racism, misogyny, homophobia or xenophobia.” Here is today’s comment: ” I have said before that these white people … ” Is it ok if a POC does it? That comment is racist, and a violation of your rules. Nate Eaton Please show me an example of when a person of color has made a “false alarm” call to police about white people just living, just being there, just existing. Maybe it has happened, but I have not yet seen it. As for your charge that my comment was racist, I call BS. I am white, but I don’t see “calling it as it is” in cases such as these racist in the least. You seem to be intent on turning logic on its head. Luther Mckinnon Why did you say they were white? We can see that from the pictures? Nate Eaton Since you apparently refuse to show me the requested example, please just go away. You’re proving nothing and adding nothing of substance to the debate. Luther Mckinnon I don’t remember adding myself to your group. This is not the first time you have annoyed me with divisive, logically challenged nonsense. I will probably remove myself eventually, unless you remove me first. This group seems to suffer from a lack of critical thinking. Nate Eaton I don’t remember seeing your name before. I did not add you to this group. If you don’t like this group or don’t find it worthwhile, then go ahead and leave. Your choice. Or mine. I don’t like to cut off debate, but you have not made any reasonable points. Your words reek of white paranoia, which I don’t find reasonable. ~ Just take it a bit easy with the rhetoric. There are plenty of people saying “racism is bad” at top volume. This does not help. ~ Sorry, this content isn’t available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in. ~ added five hours later… Dave Ferreira Sorry to pile on, but Mr. McKinnon makes a solid point. As I’ve pointed out before, these group rules are tainted with socially acceptable prejudice. Why is misogyny expressly forbidden, but not misandry? I’m raising the point again because there was no real resolution — I let it go. Dave Ferreira Nate Eaton when you introduce race as an explanatory factor of a behavior, you’re almost guaranteed to be wrong. Race doesn’t determine behavior. Many other factors influence behavior, race is not one of them. It’s lazy-minded at best to fall back on race to explain a behavior. Dave Ferreira (It’s literally racist, but I’m being nice because I’m pretty sure you’re not a racist.) ~ Racists Don’t Like Their Racism Video Taped. Boo Hoo. “yesterdays Emmit Till is today’s Stephon Clark” ~ A Better Way to Look at Most Every Political Issue ~ Old Lesbians Try New Lesbian Slang ~ van gogh collection ~ I don’t blame the Mexican men who robbed my white neighbor ~ Cultural Marxism is Killing Music ~ 64-year-old shot by man he picked up at gas station to help with yardwork, police say ~ ryan j science class ~ Nevada execution may be blocked after pharmaceutical company lawsuit protests use of its drug ~ The ACLU of Nevada filed suit today to obtain vital public records regarding the upcoming execution of Scott Dozier. ~ The Volunteer ~ Scott Dozier Isn’t Afraid Of Being Executed With Fentanyl: “Just Bang Me Up, Man” ~ Nevada Plans to Use Fentanyl in Upcoming Execution ~ nevada press release ~ Glossip v. Gross ~ Nevada Says Fentanyl Was Easy to Obtain, But Execution Protocol Draws Criticism from Doctors, Legal Experts ~ mrs waters acting the fool ~ The Loaded Language Shaping the Trans Conversation ~ When the speech condemns a free press…(Spurious Quotation) ~ One candidate for Georgia governor gets most money from out of state ~ Wild Goose to Feature Jen Hatmaker, a “Christian Mystic,” and other “Spiritually Non-Traditional” Speakers ~ wild goose ~ How to derail productive Black discourse: mention white women ~ Clueless ~ RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Contestant Aja Attacks the Gay “Cis” Community on TWITTER ~ @ajaqueen ~ Jill Stein’s Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense ~ Duke scholar, who revealed a lie in the Emmett Till case, calls new investigation ‘a political show’ ~ Police make arrest in shooting, robbery outside Brookhaven country club ~ What’s In A Name? | Clairemont vs. Clairmont ~ In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states ~ Surveillance video shows Applebee’s customers allegedly stab, attack waitress ~ A Letter Of Hope From Henry Rollins ~ Teens testify shooter Dunn said “Are you talking to me?” Thompson told the court that Dunn said: “Turn your music down I can’t hear myself think.” Thompson says he obliged, but that Jordan Davis objected, saying, according to Thompson, “F**k that, n****r, turn it back up.” Thompson turned the music back up, and that’s when Davis and Dunn began “having a conversation back and forth.” ~ Juror: Some On Panel Thought The Killing Of Unarmed Teen Jordan Davis Was ‘Justified’ ABC: What were his options? VALERIE: Roll the window up, ignore the taunting, put your car in reverse, back up to the front of the store, move a parking spot over. That’s my feeling. ~ Police say they made an ‘error’ in arresting Stormy Daniels ~ All serious criminal cases deserve podcast-style scrutiny ~ James Baldwin, The Art of Fiction No. 78 ~ patti boyd ~ i was the mob ~ Biblical inerrancy isn’t found anywhere in the Bible and was invented by American fundamentalists to discredit other Bible scholars. ~ Orthodoxy, as adherence to the early creeds of the church, has literally nothing to do with Biblical inerrancy. ~ Chicago police release body cam video of South Shore police shooting ~ bhtv comment ~ is steve bannon an idiot .@Steven_K_Bannon is an idiot among other things ~ trump opponents are racist rant by .@GlennLoury about #racist nature of Trump opponents is pure gold disappointed that you are not discussing .@JohnHMcWhorter and @jordanbpeterson there is so much ~ @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter discussion on intelligence/ effectiveness of DJT misses an important point. DJT allegedly has been abortion baby daddy. Why is DJT taking pro life stance for public consumption, except that he thinks it will benefit him. DJT is the immoral heir to LBJ ~ @chamblee54 8. The Democratic/Republican duopoly driving America to the verge of race war with their divide and conquer tactics ~ does this skin make me look fat? ~ @wowprettylady i avoid family gatherings because they always ask why im single and i have to explain a million times that im taller than 90% of the male population and whenever i meet a shorter man i instinctively start using his head as a portable coffee table ~ i just had a weird experience… i was in a waiting room, and looked through a copy of people magazine. There was an article about Anthony Bourdain, which was obviously published before his departure. The last line of the story: I expect to die in the saddle. ~ Does the technical expertise of the Watson Institute include putting the light on Dr. Loury, so we can clearly see his face? Or is the sun lit trees in the background more important? ~ @spider_ramone The N-word is trending. In 2018. Thanks @realDonaldTrump, you malignant donkey taint. ~ @ggreenwald That Washington lacks bipartisanship is a transparent myth, sustained only by ignoring as non-issues the vast, highly ideological and profoundly consequential policies which both parties support with equal vigor ~ When you use a slur, against another human being, you hurt yourself more than you hurt the person you think you are insulting. ~ I just got a phone call from the Lucy McBath campaign. I told the gentleman that I don’t vote for candidates who call me on the phone. I did not mention that I have already received a call from the Kevin Abel campaign. ~ “it’s about leading all the other lost soles out there.” That is, I think, a typo. You probably meant to say soul, instead of sole. This may be a case where the typo is more true than the intended word. Man is presumed to have a soul, even if this soul cannot be measured or verified. We say that we feel it, and we probably do. However, the soul cannot be scientifically demonstrated. However, the bottom of your feet, or your show, is a sole. If you look at the bottom of your shoe, you will see a sole. Is a person who is walking, and not sure of where they are going, is that two lost soles? Maybe these are the lost soles we should be concerned with. ~ selah

Monroe Drive Or Boulevard

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It is an Atlanta cliche. Boulevard turns into Monroe Drive because one was black, and the other white. The white people did not want to live on a street with the same name as the black neighborhood. You hear this all the time, with very little explanation. It is plausible. At one time, Ponce de Leon Avenue was a dividing line between the white, and black, neighborhoods. There are, however, a few questions about this name change business. This is a repost.

In the space between I-85 and Dekalb County, there are four streets that change names when they cross Ponce De Leon Avenue. These are Juniper/Courtland, Charles Allen/Parkway, Monroe/Boulevard, and Briarcliff/Moreland. Several streets cross Ponce without changing names, including Spring Street, Peachtree Street, Piedmont Avenue, and North Highland Avenue.

Four thoroughfares are affected by the Ponce rebranding. Juniper/Courtland is mostly commercial, at least south of Ponce. Briarcliff/Moreland is mostly white until you get to the railroad tracks south of Little Five Points. When Moreland Avenue goes under the MARTA line, the neighborhood is Reynoldstown….which was not named for Burt Reynolds.

Charles Allen/Parkway does change from white to black at Ponce. The street name then changes to Jackson Street, the original name, at Highland Avenue. Monroe/Boulevard also goes from white to black at Ponce. However, when you cross the railroad tracks, Boulevard goes through Cabbagetown, a white neighborhood. Boulevard residents change color several times before the road dead ends at the Federal Prison. Oakland Cemetery, and Zoo Atlanta, do not play a role in this drama.

If this litany of street names is boring, it is all right to skip over the text. The pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Roads change names all over the metro area, for a variety of reasons. In the area between Ponce De Leon Avenue and I 20, there are roads that change at railroad tracks (North Highland/Highland, Krog/Estoria.) Others change at Highland Avenue (Parkway/Jackson, Glen Iris/Randolph) or Decatur Street (Hilliard/Grant, Bell/Hill.) Some of these changes are racially motivated, while others are not. Some make sense, while most do not.

No one seems to know when this Monroe/Boulevard thing happened. An 1892 “Bird’s eye view” shows Boulevard sailing off into the horizon, past a racetrack in today’s Piedmont Park. A 1911 map shows Boulevard starting near “L.P. Grant Park,” and sailing past Ponce up to Piedmont Park. A 1940 map shows Boulevard going past Park Drive, only to turn into Monroe Drive at Montgomery Ferry Road. Finally, a 1969 map of “Negro Residential Areas” shows Monroe Drive changing into Boulevard at Ponce De Leon Avenue, like it is today. Boulevard is a stand alone street name at all times.

If anyone knows about this name change business, please leave a comment. It would be interesting to know when these changes were made, and what government agency made them. Google has not been helpful, except for pointing the way to several map collections.








Lucy McBath

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The GA06 election is moving on. The incumbent, Karen Handel, is a terrible person. Kevin Abel and Lucy McBath will be in the Democratic runoff to face Mrs. Handel in November. PG has not been paying much attention. One exception was receiving a phone call from the Abel campaign. This annoyed PG, and made him not want to vote for Mr. Abel.

On friday the 13th, mailers came from both candidates. Kevin Abel had a pink bordered message, “Women deserve to live free from fear.” Lucy McBath said “When her son Jordan Davis was murdered for listening to his music too loud, Lucy McBath turned her grief into action.” PG remembered hearing about the 2012 incident in Florida, and started to look for information.

“Michael Dunn … pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis … Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said … Davis was sitting in a parked SUV with three other teens, when Dunn parked next to their vehicle and made a comment about the loud music the group was playing. The 45-year-old apparently got into an argument with Davis, who was sitting in the back seat. … Dunn allegedly took out a gun and shot into the vehicle, striking Davis twice.”

During the trial, one of the teenagers offered this testimony. “Thompson told the court that Dunn said: “Turn your music down I can’t hear myself think.” Thompson says he obliged, but that Jordan Davis objected, saying, according to Thompson, “F**k that, n****r, turn it back up.” Thompson turned the music back up … Davis and Dunn began “having a conversation back and forth.””

After the first trial, a juror offered an opinion of what Mr. Dunn could have done. “ABC: What were his options? VALERIE: Roll the window up, ignore the taunting, put your car in reverse, back up to the front of the store, move a parking spot over. That’s my feeling.”

In February 1999, PG was working with someone who played a Christian radio station. When PG objected, the co-worker lost it. It was the worst temper tantrum PG had ever seen. The hysterical abuse continued, in one way or another, for the next six years. The co-worker never forgave PG. What would it be like, to have a carload of teenagers go off on you like that?

Shooting someone is not justified, with or without a stand your ground law. But the saying, “You’re gonna get yourself killed” is not about justification. Mr. Dunn was coming back from a wedding, and possibly intoxicated. Mr. Dunn was armed, and according to a former neighbor, “could be pretty intense.” Mr. Dunn, on that day, was not someone who will “ignore the taunting.”

Getting back to the race for Congress, the runoff will be in ten days. Both candidates will have a tough time, in the heavily Republican GA06. PG will, as usual, decide who to vote for on his way to the polls. Being reminded of a murder will not help. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

No Offense

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Nevada Death Drugs

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Scott Raymond Dozier was convicted of two nasty murders. “In 2005, Dozier was sentenced to 22 years in prison for shooting 26-year-old Jasen Greene, whose body was found in 2002 in a shallow grave outside Phoenix. A witness testified that Dozier used a sledgehammer to break Greene’s limbs so the corpse would fit in a plastic tote that Dozier used to transport meth, equipment and chemicals. Dozier was sentenced to die for robbing, killing and dismembering 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller at a Las Vegas motel in 2002. Miller had come to Nevada to buy ingredients to make meth. His decapitated torso was found in a suitcase in an apartment building trash bin, also missing lower legs and hands. He was identified by tattoos on the shoulders. His head was never found.”

Life in prison did not agree with Mr. Dozier, and he grew weary of the appeals process. “… on October 31 (2016) he sent a handwritten letter to Clark County District Judge Jennifer Togliatti: “I, Scott Raymond Dozier…of sound mind, do hereby request that my death sentence be enacted and I be put to death.” … Last July, Togliatti summoned him to court. By then, it was clear that the state would struggle to find execution drugs and that such problems had been tied to painful, botched executions in other states. “That has not dissuaded you from asking me to sign this warrant?” she asked. “Quite frankly, your honor, all those people ended up dead,” Dozier said, “and that’s my goal here.”

“Just Bang Me Up, Man” was how Mr. Dozier put it in a later interview. A handsome, articulate man, Mr. Dozier is a movie waiting to be made. That interview, and another one here, are full of zesty quotes. “The public is ambivalent and apathetic, and maybe there will be 10 minutes of entertainment on the news. Maybe a few sick people will spend too much time with it on social media.”

There was only one problem. Nevada, like many other states, likes giving death sentences more than carrying them out. “It also creates a dilemma for states that want the harshness of death sentences without the messiness of carrying them out. The legal scholars (and siblings) Jordan Steiker and Carol Steiker have written that states like Nevada are “symbolic,” sentencing many people to death — in 2017, Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, obtained the second-most death sentences of any county in the country — but rarely executing anyone. California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania together house nearly 1,000 death row prisoners; all told, they have executed just 22 people in the last four decades. … “We don’t kill them in Nevada unless they agree to it,” said Clark County public defender Scott Coffee. “What you’ve got with Dozier is state-assisted suicide.”

“The last execution (in Nevada) had taken place in 2006, years before pharmaceutical companies had tried to stop states from using their drugs to kill prisoners. In September 2016, Nevada corrections department director James Dzurenda sought drugs from 247 different suppliers; none were interested. Dozier’s decision added pressure to the search, and in August of last year, Dzurenda sent a letter to the Association of State Correctional Administrators, asking if other states had extra drugs they might send to Nevada. Dzurenda’s search was evidently unfruitful. Later that month, prison officials announced a solution: They would settle for drugs they could get. That included fentanyl (the opioid known for causing thousands of overdose deaths around the country), diazepam (the anti-anxiety drug better known as Valium), and cisatracurium (a paralytic first discovered on the tips of poisoned arrows in South America).”

“Much is still unknown. Brooke Keast, a department spokeswoman, said in an email the full protocol — which may include the order of the drugs, who will administer them, and who will witness the execution — will be released in the coming weeks, and that the drugs were “suggested” by the state’s Chief Medical Officer John DiMuro.” “Dr. DiMuro said he created the untried execution protocol “based it on procedures common in open-heart surgery.””

“Several medical professionals say there is no obvious explanation for why these drugs were selected. “It doesn’t make much sense; you don’t need Valium if you have fentanyl,” said Susi Vassallo, a NYU professor … Valium “makes you sleepy,” and can kill in large doses, but fentanyl also brings about unconsciousness without pain, and the drug’s deadliness is well-known, having caused thousands of overdose deaths around the country in recent years.”

“The potential problems will come with cisatracurium, which is related to curare, a paralyzing agent first discovered in South America, where indigenous people used it to poison the tips of their hunting arrows. Fentanyl can stop the heart, but it is short acting and will need to be given in a massive ongoing dose, because otherwise the prisoner may wake up. If he does, the cisatracurium will mask his consciousness while also potentially giving him the sensation — unobservable by witnesses — of being unable to breathe. “People who have recovered from it have said that they couldn’t breathe, and they knew they were suffocating,” Vassallo said. “The paralytic is only going to disguise whether the fentanyl is being administered properly.” It is for this reason, she said, that the American College of Veterinarians forbids the use of paralytics when animals are euthanized.”

“The fentanyl and diazepam “may be trying to block the experience of suffocation,” said Joel B. Zivot, an Emory University anesthesiologist … “The fentanyl takes away pain, and the Valium takes away anxiety. Both drugs are limited in their ability to do that, and of course neither is designed to block the pain or anxiety of death. So that’s just a show. This is not actually science, It’s not actually medicine. It is a grotesque impersonation of those things.”

“Mark Heath, a professor of anesthesiology at Columbia University” said “if the fentanyl or the sedative Valium … —“don’t work as planned, or if they are administered incorrectly,” then the prisoner would be awake and conscious during the execution. “It would be an agonizing way to die, but the people witnessing wouldn’t know anything had gone wrong because you wouldn’t be able to move” because of the paralytic drug, he said. …. Joel Zivot said the protocol is the latest in a series of attempts by states to “obtain certain drugs, try them out on prisoners, and see if and how they die.” The states, he said, have “no medical or scientific basis” for selecting the execution drugs. Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno … criticized the states for continuing to adopt experimental drug protocols. The reason for the change in protocols, she said, is “not really for the prisoner. It’s for the people who have to watch it happen. We don’t want to feel squeamish or uncomfortable. We don’t want executions to look like what they really are: killing someone.”

“The Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that some pain does not make an execution cruel and unusual punishment. “While most humans wish to die a painless death, many do not have that good fortune,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in Glossip v. Gross. “Holding that the Eighth Amendment demands the elimination of essentially all risk of pain would effectively outlaw the death penalty altogether.”

The pending execution became news when “Clark County District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ruled in favor of the company that makes midazolam, which sued the state, saying Nevada had illegitimately acquired the product for the execution. It wants the state to return its stock of the drug to the company. Gonzalez granted a temporary restraining order….The drug maker, Alvogen, and the state are scheduled to return to court September 10 for another hearing in the case.”

Chamblee54 has written about the death penalty drug problem several times. (one two three four) Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Jack Delano, working in Greene County, Georgia, in May, 1941. The Marshall Project was a valuable source for this report.


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