Robocall For Sally Harrell

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on August 3, 2018

PG was minding his own business. Armistead Maupin is appearing at the dickhater book festival, and PG was getting the details. A picture had just been exported. Then the phone rang. It was 20/20 Insight with a *brief* public opinion survey. “20/20 Insight LLC is a full service public opinion research firm that provides services to Democratic candidates and advocacy organizations.”

After a couple of minutes, the focus turned to the race for the Georgia Senate 40th District. The combatants were incumbent Fran Millar, and Democratic opposition Sally Harrell. A few *achievements* of Ms. Harrell were listed. Would this make you more likely to vote for her? A few of Fran Millar’s sins were listed. Does this make you have an unfavorable opinion of him? It became obvious who was paying for the call.

Throughout the call, the incumbent was called Miller, like tastes-great-less-filling. This seemed odd, since the name is spelled Millar. A phone call to Millar headquarters confirmed that Miller is the correct pronunciation. “That is one thing she did get right.”

“…when you sit down next to someone at the church picnic who genuinely loves and respects the black people they know but who consistently votes for politicians with overtly racist policies… ” This is one of the clues for spotting a racist, according to the NYT. Since the 40th district is mostly prosperous white people, it is not politically advantageous to talk about race. The talking points shared in this survey were that Sally Harrell is pro-education, and that Fran Millar voted against expanding Medicare. Both of these issues affect POC and PWOC. Neither is an “overtly racist policy.” Maybe the church picnic someone will have to find another reason to vote.

The brief survey went on, and on, and on. You answer by pushing buttons on a phone, and have to listen to endless options before making your choice. This is especially annoying with the racial demographics, where you have to consider “Hawaiin or other Pacific Islander” before saying it is NOYB. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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  1. Chamblee54 Voters Guide | Chamblee54 said, on November 3, 2018 at 11:21 am

    […] and deserves your vote. Breaking away from the Democrat/Republican duopoly is important. Robocalls, posing as surveys, were used by Democrats in both Senate District 40 and House District 81. The […]

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