The Concept Of Logical Fallacy

Posted in GSU photo archive, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 6, 2018

How to Talk to a Racist ~ nyt without paywall ~ whiteness ~ BLOOM QUEERNESS & WELLNESS RETREAT ~ Tsundoku: The art of buying books and never reading them ~ fictional podcast ~ @sairasameerarao Okay, another white person just DM’d me, telling me to lighten up and stop talking about white supremacy, that’s it’s apparently “irritating to a lot of people.” Do you know what’s irritating? WHITE SUPREMACY. @chamblee54 especially in all caps two wrongs don’t make a right If you don’t have anything to add to the conversation, except _____ is bad, maybe you should post pictures of cats ~ ‘Bird Scooter’ rider shot dead in front of Downtown motel ~ The losing math of hate ~ Trans people were misgendered & confronted in bathrooms at an LGBTQ concert ~ Grammar Purity is One Big Ponzi Scheme ~ ink and nebula ~ Police release surveillance video of men wanted in triple shooting ~ WWI Centennial: The French and Americans Advance On a Broad Front ~ Snopes says it is fake ~ Stone Mountain Implosion ~ Nico, 1988 unflinchingly portrays the death of an icon ~ Pink Pony must close earlier, ban alcohol on Sunday under new ordinance ~ Shaun King Story ~ The deep cynicism of Bernie Sanders’s chief strategist ~ bird010975 ~ jeong ~ bette davis ~ Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship ~ Goats everywhere ~ The Great God of Depression. ~ When Racism Is Fit to Print ~ compton’s cafeteria ~ sullyquote source ~ the jeong tweets ~ the capri ~ gerrymandering ~ radiotopia downloads ~ @mslopatto Congrats to my pal and yours @sarahjeong – just a shame for all of us her twitter is about to be a lot less fun ~ jeong apology “I engaged in what I thought of at the time as counter-trolling. While it was intended as satire, I deeply regret that I mimicked the language of my harassers. These comments were not aimed at a general audience, because general audiences do not engage in harassment campaigns. I can understand how hurtful these posts are out of context, and would not do it again,” ~ A note from the editorial leadership of The Verge ~ nyt statement ~ making twin peaks ~ Prison That Held 1st Georgia Electric Chair Being Torn Down ~ Hollywood’s ‘Pimp to the Stars’ Tells All — From 3-Ways with Hollywood Icons to a Royal Scandal ~ The Death of the Author and the End of Empathy ~ On Fox, Terrence K. Williams Calls NYT’s Sarah Jeong ‘Ling Ling’ and ‘Crazy-nese’ ~ Red Thread: On Mazes and Labyrinths ~ under the bus ~ On twitter and facebook, the concept of logical fallacy is obsolete. The only justification you need is “because I said so.” If anyone challenges, repeat your concept louder and with an implied threat of violence ~ Unless he is under oath, a man who says “I don’t know” is usually telling the truth. ~ If you look at the Sex Offender Registry for 30341, you see that a bunch of them are staying at the Lodge on Buford. Apparently, it far enough away from a school, or a church, to allow those people to live there. This is also across the street from an IRS office. ~ I took got a so called survey. It was from a company called 20 20 insight. It was a thinly veiled robocall in support of @sallyharrellga. I will not vote for @sallyharrellga as a result. ~ @chamblee54 @sarahjeong What about all the white American soldiers who died in the Korean War? ~ President Donald J. Trump is going to attend the Stone Mountain Implosion. ~ Armistead Maupin will be appearing at the Decatur Book Festival. There are rumors of a film showing, followed by a Q&A, with the emphasis on Q. Check the DBF schedule for more information. There is one confirmed event, with Mr. Maupin, on the DBF schedule. First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary Sunday 1:15pm – 2:00pm ~ 20/20 Insight “20/20 Insight LLC is a full service public opinion research firm that provides services to Democratic candidates and advocacy organizations.” ~ Sally Harrell ~ 40th Georgia Senate 40th District ~ pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ here is the poem from last night at java monkey. If is Not Safe For Work or Play:
brothers of the fudge big boy combo play ~ microwave popcorn hot dog engineer
bowling in the basement hershey highway ~ liquor in the front poker in the rear
intestinal tourist private first class ~ backdoor barbeque michelangelo
anal chainsaw massacre backstage pass ~ vegan hotpocket curly larry moe
hunker down brown town panorama ~ sliding all the way to lower alabama
sausage jockey creeper peeper ~ stick it in stick it in deeper deeper
dance the chocolate chacha elton john ~ driving on on on on the autobahn ~ selah

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