I Wash Mine Daily

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 27, 2018

TsMadison Hosting “The ALL WHITE SOIRÉE”for EMORY clinical Research ~ Atlanta Monster ~ conservative humor ~ disgraceland ~ einstein ~ How Poetry Came to Matter Again ~ At Least 58 People Shot In Chicago This Weekend; 6 Dead, 52 Wounded ~ Julian S. Carr, “Unveiling of Confederate Monument at University. June 2, 1913” ~ Julian Carr ~ @jjones9 From white supremacist Julian Carr’s speech at the dedication of Silent Sam in 1913 ~ silent sam ~ wbts nonsense ~ Shelby Foote on “The Great Compromise” ~ Another View of Shelby Foote ~ slavery and global warming ~ why was the war fought ~ From Sixties hippies to anarchist drag queens, I discovered one cultural treasure after another ~ Father calls inured daughter a hero for saving mom from oncoming MARTA train ~ Young girl lured to motel, forced into ‘sex trafficking’ ~ talking heads 1975 ~ hobo code ~ @chamblee54 what are the names of pork industry magazines @dandrezner @natsecHeather ~ JORDAN PETERSON EXPLAINS GOD WHILE SAM HARRIS LOSES HIS MIND ~ splc bs ~ @BallbusterF Hey @StormyDaniels no one likes a nasty cunt! @StormyDaniels Agreed! Which is why I wash mine daily. ~ Gay Trump supporter alerts FBI that Grindr shut down his account ~ Atlanta Drag Club GM Publishes Transphobic Messages ~ Modestly Strong but Malleable Support for Single-Payer Health Care ~ The Vanishing Idealism of Burning Man ~ ag statement ~ Darron Glass ~ Mom charged with DUI after wreck on Ga. 400 that killed her 2 kids ~ Two officers suspended for a day after body cam video was leaked of the Denver mayor’s son berating cops during traffic stop ~ Food Words That Are Also Verbs fritter, hock, shoulder, rib, juice, wine, junket, carp, hare, fish, milk, pork, trifle, mushroom, curry, scallop, chip, duck, cream, flounder, egg, shake, butter, sprout, jam, chicken, toast, sandwich, waffle ~ A Father’s Responsibility ~ rat park/bert ~ Taylor Swift Interviews Rock ’n’ Roll Icon Pattie Boyd on Songwriting, Beatlemania, & the Power of Being a Muse ~ Joe Rogan Experience #1158 – Chuck Palahniuk ~ A Minimalist’s Guide to Camper Van Conversions ~ Racists Don’t Like Their Racism Video Taped. Boo Hoo. ~ Backpage Plea to Texas Sex Trafficking Charge Turns On CEO’s Admission to Brokering Adult Prostitution ~ Rep. Handel TV Ad: Combat Human Trafficking “The first bill that Congresswoman Handel co-sponsored after winning last year’s special election was H.R. 1865, which passed the House in February, and was signed into law by President Trump in April. The law had almost immediate results in shutting down Backpage, and many other online recruiting and advertising sites for Human Trafficking.” ~ David Foster Wallace on John McCain: ‘The Weasel, Twelve Monkeys and the Shrub’ ~ cultural appropriation ~ Man accused of urinating on girl, 5, and calling her racial slur: police ~ Prosecutors: Story of man urinating on black girl made up ~ contra panic ~ @BallbusterF Hey @StormyDaniels no one likes a nasty cunt! @StormyDaniels Agreed! Which is why I wash mine daily. ~ eight best crime podcasts ~ Attn. Facebook Enthusiasts: You are not required to express an opinion about #JohnMcCain ~ @cheezit On December 26th, experience the cheesy crunchy satisfaction of Cheez-It crackers in the biggest college football bowl yet, the Cheez-It Bowl. @chamblee54 Is this satire? @cheezit Thanks for asking, Luther. You feta believe that it’s real! You can learn more about this exciting event here ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia. Playing checkers outside a service station on a Saturday afternoon _ Marion Post Wolcott, 1910-1990, photographer _ Date Created/Published: June 1939 ~ seven more words to six sixty six
This is the poem from last night at Java Monkey:
been to the mountaintop been to the sea ~ body part insults and other such jive
heard happy talk about being free ~ maybe its just my time to be alive
laughed with morticia lusted for lurch ~ got tested for drugs look out for disease
wanted to sleep so i dropped out of church ~ back skull feet eyes blood pressure knees
blow twenty five points in the super bowl ~ both jesus and satan work over my soul
i gave up the reefer and gave up the beer ~ one thing i will never give up is the queer
it has taken this long to find my voice ~ i’m glad my mother did not take the choice ~ selah

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