Kekcon At Dragoncon

Posted in Holidays, Library of Congress, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on September 1, 2018

It was a quiet labor day saturday. PG went to the Dragon Con parade last year, and swore never again. Things were going quiet this day, until a facebook friend posted a call to arms. Something called kekcon had a table at DC, promoting yet another fantasy convention. Somebody got the notion that kekcon was “anti-Semitic white supremacist dweebs.” There was a call to arms… kekcon needed to be kicked out of dragoncon. (If you are losing interest, and want to skip ahead to the pictures, no one will think any the less of you. The pictures are from The Library of Congress.)

PG went to the kekcon site, and did not see what was so terrible. PG then made the fateful decision to comment on the facebook thread… Luther Mckinnon “I looked at the Kekcom website, and I don’t see any “anti semetic white supremacist” talk. What is going on with this hatemongering?” Bill Ruhsam “Do some research.” Bill Ruhsam “Not on their website” Luther Mckinnon “Hey, you are the one throwing stones. SHOW A SOURCE FOR YOUR INFORMATION.” And the show was on. If you want to see the unedited version, go here. The post has been deleted.

Maryam Payne “It’s not that hard to connect the dots if you take a look at their Twitter account, if you’re genuinely not understanding it. You do know that white supremacist groups are going to try to fly under the radar and use coded language in larger forums, right? Because on their website, that’s obviously what they’re doing. Members of the made-up “nation” that they have hashtagged on their Twitter account was present (complete with flag) at Charlottesville. Guess which side they were on? (I’m not naming or linking any of this garbage, so you’ll have to look for yourself).” Luther Mckinnon “OK So you don’t like their opinions. They have the right to express these opinions. Why are you so special that you have the right to shout them down? Maybe YOU are the one who should be kicked out of your overcrowded costume party.” Mariana Pannell “Because their opinion lead to genocide and part of WW 2. They are not free of the repercussions of hate speech, no matter how coded the language is” Kekcon is guilty of saying offensive things, because they post a picture of a frog.

If you have ever been in an argument over religion, you recognize the stages. The first stage is where you are talking about ideas. One of the parties disagrees with some of the ideas, and their mind is not changed by the arguments offered in support of those ideas. The next phase is the personal insults.

Hope Ranker “What’s your bag, Luther? Crush on one of the organizers? Got called a gamergater at some point and didn’t know why? Or is all just fun political theory to you and you haven’t actually processed yet that Kekistan gamergaters literally find it fun to ruin people’s lives?” Luther Mckinnon Hope Ranker “We talked in a parking lot seven years ago. Until now, I am not a Dragon Con fan, or an Alt Right person. However, I am disgusted with political correctness run amok, which is what this seems to be. This will give me material for a blog post, but will be of little value to anything else.” Hope Ranker “Do some research, Luther. Pepe the frog. Kek. Gamergate. The culture around those things has literally been having fun at ruining people’s lives for years. This is not the post to educate you: It’s the thread for alerting people to the threat. If you want an education on the matter then go to Google. If you just feel stressed out and threatened by all this, then work out that stress somewhere else.” Is there an etymological connection between arrogant and airhead?

Hope Ranker is the facebook friend whose post PG saw. PG and Hope talked in a parking lot seven years ago, and became facebook friends. Since that time, there has been no interaction between the two people. This is a problem with facebook. People post things that should be of no interest to people, but, for some reason, it catches their eye. You can get dragged into a conversation you have no interest in. The only thing that got PG’s attention here is the ugly spectacle of people who decide that their opinions are the only ones that can be heard. In this case, once they get your attention, they refuse to answer basic questions, and tell you to go away. FWIW, Hope Ranker unfriended PG during this episode. Unfriending people, to punish them for having contrary opinions, is pathetic.

Luther Mckinnon “Last year, I went to the DC parade, dealt with the mob scene, and swore never again. This year, I get in a facebook quarrel with thought police. This is a much more comfortable way to participate.” Hope Ranker “This isn’t fun or comfortable for anyone else on this thread.” Hope Ranker “I know him, it did years ago. He’s not a first-hand alt-righter. He’s just accidentally spewing their arguments for them because he didn’t know what he got himself into.” Miranda Compton “What a Troll shit stirrer you are. Back off.” Luther Mckinnon Hope Ranker “I am not spewing anyone’s arguments. I am just asking for evidence for your claims. I did research, and did not find anything.” Hope Ranker “This is not the place to explain gamergate to you, Luther. It’s the place for coordinating a response to their threat. If you’re not here to help with that then please show yourself out.” Luther Mckinnon “Eventually I will leave. The more you argue with me, and insult me, the longer I will be here. I don’t see much coordination going on. Just insulting someone who asks what you are talking about. All you have to do is show a link. The only link I have seen in this thread is to the discredited SPLC.Bill Ruhsam Luther Mckinnon “you are choosing to stand by racists and misogynists and fascists. That makes you complicit Congratulations. You’re an alt-right bigot.”

Sheerluc Birchfield sent the SPLC. link in a private message. Luther Mckinnon “the splc is discredited plus, that article does not say what is wrong with kekcon, other than having a picture of pepe on their site” Sheerluc Birchfield “O it says quite a bit about what’s wrong with those people. I can see I made a mistake by trying to help. You said you did your research but obviously you did very light and sloppy research. Hope was right on the mark for deleting and blocking you.” *You Cannot Reply To This Conversation* This is where the story ends.

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  1. Dr. Mauser said, on September 2, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Interesting attitude, “It is not our job to tell you why our designated enemy is the enemy. Either jump on our bandwagon or you are the enemy too!” I suppose there are a fair number of people this actually works on, because they keep doing it. I wonder if any of them actually knows the reason for their hatred.

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