Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 25, 2018

The day starts quietly. It is cloudy outside, with the rains of last night moving on. Hurricane Irma is about to land in Florida, which will cause problems. These storms usually don’t make it as far as Atlanta. In 1995 Opal made it here, and took down trees all over the area. This is a repost.

The Library of Congress provides the images to be edited this morning. They are opened with GIMP, and cropped to an appropriate size. The light/dark levels are adjusted, and a label is pasted into the corner. The first pictures today are from a series shot “between 1896 and 1899.” U.S.S. Brooklyn, just before turning in. ” Edward H. Hart, photographer, Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher “

Miranda July Reads “The Metal Bowl” is the soundtrack. It is the story of a sensitive young lady, who made a porno video… “I was twenty-two when the video was shot. I needed quick money so I could get out of a bad relationship… I put the beer bottle into my vagina.”

Later, people recognize her from the video. She enjoys the attention. “There was only one boyfriend I didn’t tell. He was a very classy man, emotionally speaking, and I didn’t want to give him any indication of basket-casery.” While listening to the story, the phrase basket-casery jumped out at PG. Finding it in the text version was a moment of triumph.

U.S.S. Buffalo officers are the next picture. This is a group picture, which will be broken down into segments. When you take a group shot, and edit the image into individuals, you realize that every man in the image is a different human being. This is lost in a group photograph. Meanwhile, the story ran out of time. The young lady told her husband about the video, and got to see him re-enact it. The husband was the “one boyfriend I didn’t tell.”

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