What is Authoritarian about Social Justice?

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on October 1, 2018

Katt Williams claims local radio host’s husband pulled gun on him at comedy club ~ Actor says he was attacked by popular rapper’s entourage after confrontation ~ Police investigate incident involving Katt Williams, V103’s Wanda Smith ~ V-103’s Wanda Smith and Frank Ski Discuss The Katt Williams Fallout ~ Gun Pulled On Katt Williams By Husband Of Radio Host For Roast, Here’s What Happened ~ Yom Kippur Thoughts After Recent Conviction of My Attacker on Appeal ~ Bette Midler’s Final Performance At The Continental Baths in NYC ~ how to spot a bad statistic ~ statistics ~ Reflections from a Hashtag ~ bbq will be illegal ~ cruz cuisine ~ texas bbq ~ The Aesthetic ~ 10 Bible Passages That Teach a Christian Perspective on Homosexuality ~ Get a First Listen to David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti’s Long-Lost Album, Thought Gang ~ GAY HISTORY: September 19, 1964 – The Little Known First Organized Gay Protest ~ dick richards ~ he came to chicago not quite as black as when he left ~ “racial identity and its appropriation on behalf of political ambition” ~ taking on black americanness as a cloak ~ ‘EUPHEMISMS’ in the Bible No direct matches for your keyword exist in the King James Bible. ~ The Trouble With Uplift ~ @chamblee54 ~ Nuance: A Love Story ~ Kanye responds to the Drake “smashing” his wife rumors PT. 1 ~ ‘Shoot Them on Sight’: Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Harassed by White Nationalists; Republican Brian Kemp and Georgia Media Say Nothing ~ Joe Rogan Experience #1041- Dan Carlin ~ n word letter ~ georgia pol nonsense ~ gapol post with magic word ~ Emory professor speaks out after being suspended for using N-word during lecture on civil rights ~ America, Land of Brutal Binaries ~ Out On Film 2017 — Three Decades of Queer Atlanta: The American Music Show ~ CNN’s Toobin: ‘Maybe This Country Is a Lot More Racist and Sexist Than We Thought’ ~ Why Schools Are Banning Yoga ~ sunday school dropout ~ Myth Or Fact: Does The Word ‘Testify’ Come From ‘Testicles’? ~ Please enjoy Pulp Fiction’s Jules Winnfield interrogating Brett Kavanaugh ~ Biblical Euphemisms For sexual activity ~ What Ben Franklin Really Said ~ @chamblee54 .@robertwrighter has a new set, which works well for photo mischief When #BenFranklin was talking about liberty&security, he was promoting right of governments to tax people to pay for defense Why would fox use this quote? .@greggutfeld ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon She made pancakes and sausage, She did it from the first, Because he vowed to love her, for batter or for wurst ~ #MeToo Casualty Ian Buruma Was the Editor We Needed ~ How A Rising Star Of White Nationalism Broke Free From The Movement ~ prog rock quiz ~ To Russia With Love ~ Nobody Wins: ContraPoints, The Aesthetic, and Negative Representation ~ How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying ~ Kavanaugh hearing: Transcript ~ I Read Every Memoir by a Presidential Mistress. Including Stormy’s. ~ How about putting Christ back in the cave? ~ when you give a shit, do you gift wrap it? ~ “When you’re a grown and mature person” you should not say “give a f*ck” to express interest or apathy. ~ .@GlennLoury said that he and .@JohnHMcWhorter were like the IDW in that they will say things that “no man woman or child” will say Is .@jordanbpeterson a man, a woman, or a child? ~ i am more concerned with his crookedness and mental instability talking about his racial values obscures more important discussions ~ FWIW I just got back. I was planning to stay until Sunday. It rained every day. Tuesday, the sun came out, and the clouds made up for lost time in the late afternoon. I got some water in my tent, which had never happened before at the mountain. The various paths are little more than a collection of mud puddles. Allegedly, the weather is going to get better. It may already have. You can look at the weather forecasts, and take your chances. ~ “#MakeAmericaGreatAgain became viewed as the calling card of people who wanted to go back to a time when using the n-word was an acceptable daily occurrence.” ~ “People with ingrained biases should not be teaching law to any student, holding a public office, or making decisions that could impact others.” ~ @LaDawnLBJJones just posted 1600 fire breathing words about an Emory law professor that used the magic word in a lecture. Needless to say, the death penalty is too mild for this infraction. When advertising this post on facebook, @georgiapol_com posted a historic picture. This picture included the same word, whose use was hysterically denounced in the post. ~ .@LaDawnLBJJones just posted 1600 fire breathing words about an Emory law professor who used the magic word in a lecture. When advertising this post on facebook, .@georgiapol_com posted a picture including the same word, whose use was hysterically denounced in the post. ~ c&r show about country music hosted by Tyler Mahan Coe ~ disgraceland show about musicians who do terrible things, and have terrible things done to them ~ Useless Information shows 103, 104, 105 are about La Mars IA ~ Pictures today are from the Library of Congress The pictures were made in Oklahoma, August 1939. Photographer was Russell Lee ~ the poem from last night at java monkey:
#wordsthatsounddirty funky fork tender ~ vindictive screwdriver sanitation
beef stroganoff slippery surrender ~ health code penal system violation
glandular megaphone go take your seat ~ pork loin chowder spelunking macguffin
hole in one lollipop all you can eat ~ moist angina in your buttered muffin
tight end trouser honorable mention ~ grandma’s medicinal chicken salad
freakin frackin with dynamic tension ~ woody hard liquor ball washer ballad
grandma’s medicinal chicken salad ~ follicule election ugly cream pie
woody hard liquor ball washer ballad ~ penalize permission to rectify
follicule election ugly cream pie ~ freakin frackin with dynamic tension
penalize permission to rectify ~ tight end trouser honorable mention ~ selah

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