Racial Slur During Halftime

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on November 12, 2018

Gwinnett County high school band spells racial slur during halftime show ~ voters guide ~ brian and stacey ~ The Georgia Democratic Party Tried to Hack the Voter Registration System ~ Brookwood investigating racial slur spelled out during marching band halftime show ~ High school halftime show included racially insensitive term A concerned resident sent a photo and a copy of the letter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ~ @AlexaLiackoFOX5 “I want them expelled.” We spoke with the mother of a band member at Brookwood High School who says her son loves band but is uncomfortable after several band members created a racial slur using the school’s mascot letters. @FOX5Atlanta ~ @GoHomeRyan A Black police officer killing unarmed black ppl is still a symptom of systemic racism. A Latinx person calling ICE on an undoc. immigrant is still a symptom of xenophobia. A Black Brookwood band student spelling “COON” during halftime is still a symptom of white supremacy ~ A Racial Shakedown in Portland ~ Five Lies In Trump’s Favorite Campaign Ad ~ coon ~ Alfred Hitchcock Explains the Plot Device He Called the ‘MacGuffin’ ~ Khalid Sings and I Wonder Where Home Is in the First Place ~ gulch ~ Half-naked woman crashes through restaurant ceiling in Tennessee ~ EP6 On The Vietnam War with Sir Max ~ In Journalism About Race, A Tinge Of Denial ~ ww1 show ~ Man caught on surveillance video stabbing another in the chest ~ Is More Democracy Always Better Democracy? ~ ga sos ~ behavior ~ Why did some voting machines sit unused on busy Georgia Election Day? ~ Karen Handel admits defeat, but doesn’t want to talk about it ~ waugh ~ Talk to Me: HP Lovecraft ~ Georgia’s elections system desperately needs an update—but how? ~ Georgia Officials Kept Hundreds of Voting Machines Locked in Warehouses on Election Day ~ Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting Suspect Posted on Instagram During Massacre ~ tay k ~ Midterms 2018: In Predominantly Black Atlanta Neighborhoods, Voters Say There Aren’t Enough Machines ~ Restaurant owner paints over Buford Highway mural after concerns over immigration politics ~ 5 Tactics Used By Passive-Aggressive Arguers (And The Best Forms of Defense) ~ stacey’s dress ~ : Here’s how Brian Kemp is stealing the Georgia election Kemp or his chosen successor gets to decide whether to count my ballot! The suppressor-in-chief working for the racist-in-chief, Donald Trump.” ~ gwinnett shooting ~ Don’t let Brian Kemp steal Georgia’s gubernatorial election ~ Did Democrats Elect Four Horrible People? ~ Requiem for American Exceptionalism ~ Deaths From Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With The Rest Of The World ~ Brian Kemp Caught on Tape Warning His Donors About Black People Voting … Again ~ In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over Georgians Exercising Their Right to Vote ~ Brian Kemp’s Lead in Georgia Needs an Asterisk Days before the deadline to register for the November election, the Associated Press reported that Kemp had put 53,000 applicants on hold due to exact-match problems. An analysis of Kemp’s records found that 70 percent of those applicants were black. (Georgia is roughly 32 percent black.) Separately, the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union found that some 700 absentee-ballot applications and almost 200 absentee ballots were rejected by county officials due to a law mandating that the signatures on absentee applications and ballots visually match the signatures on file. ~ Democrats file lawsuit over Dougherty County absentee ballots ~ Georgia effort to clean up state’s voter rolls underway ~ Georgia cancels registration of more than 591,500 voters ~ why ww1 lasted so long ~ studio 54 ~ poddies ~ Naropa Poetics Audio Archives ~ LENNY BRUCE ON THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW APRIL 5, 1959 ~ Florida, Georgia testing strength of new Dem coalition ~ A Gated Community Tried to Form a New, Whiter Town to Land a Cheesecake Factory ~ Rapper T.I. arrested in Henry County ~ What Is ‘White Privilege’? ~ Dr. Phil’s “White Privilege” Video Goes Wrong ~ Voting a write in candidate is fun. When you click on the write in box, a keyboard appears on the screen. You type in “Carlton Heston” in the GA06 race. Then name then appears on a screen, with a check mark next to it. ~ Justin Flanagan This is a scam link. When clicked it takes me to a virus website. Also please don’t write in stupid crap, the race is close enough as it is. Happy election day! ~ Unfortunately, the website does have issues. As for calling Carlton Heston stupid crap, that is not kind. The GA06 race is sort of a mess. Karen Handel is a sponsor of FOSTA/SESTA. Lucy McBath has sent me telephone surveys, which are in reality campaign calls. I would like to perform the electoral hygiene of voting out Rep. Handel. However, Mrs. McBath uses shady campaign tactics. In addition to that. Mr. Heston has better hair than either Rep. Handel or Mrs. McBath. ~ There is a saying, hold your nose and vote. I vote in the cafeteria of the elementary school i attended as a child. It is not the first time I have held my nose in there. ~ Sorry, we can’t find what you are looking for. Take a deep breath. Everything’s going to be okay. ~ To say that this is Gingrich’s seat is a bit misleading. The district lines change every ten years. My neighborhood is in a different district every ten years. Some parts of GA06 were represented by Mr. Gingrich, but not all. I was never represented by him, which I appreciate. FWIW, Mr. Gingrich originally represented a district based in Carollton, in West Georgia. His constituents were getting tired of him. Mr. Gingrich won an election by less than 1000 votes. Then, new districts were created, and Mr. Gingrich moved to Cobb County, and a newly created district. ~ The phrase “affordable housing” is somewhat of a buzz word. I hear it a lot, and very few specifics. God is in the details. Lets focus on “…Invest Atlanta voted to help fund over 400 units of affordable housing” How is this going to work? Are they rental units, or owner occupied housing? Assuming that they are rental, what can we expect the rent to be? Who is it going to be affordable to? How long will the rent be capped at this level? When the controls come off, what will happen? Will these units be maintained properly? Where is this 400unit_AH going to be built? Affordable housing is a great idea, and it is needed. It needs to be carefully planned if it is going to work. ~ Actually, Mr. Davis was shot after a heated argument. Going off on an armed man is not a good idea. His killer is in prison. Lucy McBath is to be praised for defeating Karen Handel. Her campaign was careful in the way they described the death of Mr. Davis. Tom Robinson should do the same. ~ I am hearing that it is the counties, not the state, that count the votes. I don’t know who processes voter registration, and maintains the voter lists, but I strongly suspect it is the counties. The decision to sequester voting machines was made by Fulton, Dekalb, and Cobb counties. This has been a good issue for the Democrats. They almost won the election because of it. If Mr. Kemp had the political sense to resign after the primary, the Democrats would not have had this issue. ~ Oops! You blew up the Internet. The page you are looking for is no longer here, or never existed in the first place (bummer). You can try searching for what you are looking for using the form below. If that still doesn’t provide the results you are looking for, you can always start over from the home page. ~ First World War : 22nd of August 1914 the bloodiest day ~ This Day in History, September 26, 1918: The Meuse-Argonne Campaign Begins ~ last man to die ~ ww1 show ~ @USNatArchives One hundred years ago on November 11, 1918, the First World War came to an end. For Pvt. Henry Gunther, it was too late. He was shot and killed at 10:58 am, just two minutes before the Armistice was declared at 11 am and the fighting stopped. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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