The Problem With Stacey 2015 Edition

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The New Georgia Project was Stacey Abrams’s baby. She was going to register POC voters, and turn Georgia blue. It did not quite work out that way. “Of course, Abrams might be forgiven had the New Georgia Project met its goal of registering substantial numbers of new voters. Instead, there were fewer new voters registered in 2014 than there were in 2010, when there was no comparable registration drive. … there are rumblings that Abrams’ skills as an executive are lacking, as evidenced by her mismanagement of both the NGP project and the Democratic election effort.”

Some were suprised when Miss Abrams took up the voting rights fight. “Four years ago” (in 2011), “she voted with Republicans to reduce early voting from 45 days to 21 days, effectively breaking away from staunch voting rights supporters on the issue.” There were indications that “Abrams focused on fundraising and wasn’t typically involved with NGP’s daily operations.” “In an interview, Kemp said that investigators are working to track down canvassers and voters who appeared multiple times in the project’s applications. He attributed any issues with getting the project’s voters on the rolls to the “sloppiness” of canvassers and not a dark political motive.”

Miss Abrams was an effective fund raiser, and millions pored in. Not everyone thinks it was well spent. “State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, … says Abrams, as the initiative’s founder, ought to disclose NGP’s registration numbers and outline its operations. “We need to know how much money was spent, where the money came from, and what companies and individuals received the resources.” Sen Fort told Atlanta Magazine “She hasn’t been open and transparent. … Her funders don’t know where her money went. More importantly, the public doesn’t know where the money went.” “William Perry, founder of Georgia Ethics Watchdog, believes the lawmaker should make her financial records … public …It’s a glaring example of what makes people sick about politics.”

“In 2014, The Secretary of State office investigated The New Georgia Project. “The investigation started with a single complaint. A Butts County election official reported that some canvassers were illegally telling voters they were required to re-register for the election. The complaint was filed on May 5, six months before Election Day, and prompted Kemp’s office to launch a small-scale probe into NGP the following week.”

“The secretary of state’s office didn’t receive another formal complaint about NGP for months. But other problems, though officially unreported, continued elsewhere. Before the May primary, longtime Muscogee County Elections and Registration director Nancy Boren says two of her employees were asked at a Columbus, Ga. grocery store if they wanted to become paid canvassers for $11 per hour. The NGP workers were unaware they had approached election office staffers, Boren says. Her employees asked for more details about the gig.”

“Boren says, “[NGP employees] said, ‘You can make $11 per hour, but you have to turn in a certain number of voter registration forms each week. If you don’t turn in that number, you don’t get asked back. If you’re asked back the next week, and you meet your number again — I hate to use the word quota — maybe you’ll get a ride to work, too.'”

“Brad Jones, a Savannah State University student who worked as an NGP canvasser, expressed concerns to local TV reporters about the legitimacy of the initiative’s practices in late May. He said the operation had poorly trained canvassers, improperly collected people’s personal data, and instructed registrants to vote at a nonexistent polling precinct. The allegations prompted the NAACP’s Johnson to hold a press conference, where he reiterated the group’s protocols, effectively distancing his organization from NGP’s work.”

“On Tues., Sept. 9, Kemp slapped both NGP and TSD (Third Sector Development, an Abrams led non-profit) with a subpoena demanding that all of their documents be turned over in one week’s time. He also informed elections officials in Georgia’s 159 counties about the “significant illegal activities” found in the initial investigation — a message that initially raised eyebrows among his critics. Five more county election officials responded with new voter fraud complaints by the end of the next day.”

“As NGP wound down its voter registration efforts that same week, Abrams launched a public relations battle against the secretary of state’s office. … With supporters in tow at the Sept. 17 press conference, Abrams fought back. The state rep questioned Kemp’s motives for launching the probe. She also criticized his office’s “slow internal processes and a potentially flawed matching system.” During her remarks, she pointed to 13 stacked plastic boxes with white, pink, and turquoise lids, filled with more than 51,000 pieces of paper. Each one, she explained, represented a Georgia resident who wanted to vote, but potentially couldn’t because his or her application had gone unprocessed.”… “CL has made repeated requests to view the thousands of unprocessed applications to confirm their existence. NGP denied each request, citing rules from Georgia’s election code, specifically Section 183-1-6.02, protecting voter registrants’ personal information.”

“With no resolution in sight, the Lawyers’ Committee filed a lawsuit on behalf of New Georgia Project and the NAACP. The suit demanded that Kemp and Chatham, Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, and Muscogee counties, all of which are strong Democratic bases where NGP says it collected the most applications, immediately add tens of thousands of voters onto the state’s rolls by any means necessary. … Throughout October Abrams made speeches, conducted interviews, and appeared on national television to discuss how unprocessed applications had fallen into a “black hole … The Lawyers’ Committee filed an open records request, and eight activists went to jail following a sit-in inside Kemp’s office. … NGP’s legal effort stalled during a two-hour hearing on Oct. 28. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Christopher Brasher … tossed out the petition because it was “entirely devoid” of evidence against the secretary of state or local county registrars.”

Brian Kemp does not look good here. “The voter suppression accusations are believable. Kemp has a track record of allegedly blocking access to the polls. … Kemp has also refused to comply with the National Voter Registration Act in the past. State agencies, which by law are required to offer residents who receive public benefits the opportunity to register to vote, weren’t doing so for years. The secretary of state’s office agreed to enforce that mandate only after the NAACP and the Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda filed a lawsuit in 2011. … “We were criticized for being on a witch hunt, but we handled this case just like we do with any other complaint,” Kemp says. “People were calling me a racist and a vote suppressor — that bothered me a lot. That’s not the case. It’s very hypocritical for people to say that.”

There were numerous critics of Stacey Abrams in 2015. “NGP’s well-funded, high-profile initiative may not have performed better than past grassroots efforts to register minority voters. According to Democratic database VoteBuilder, 2014 showed little to no progress among potential minority voter registration compared to average annual gains in recent nonpresidential elections.”

“One Democratic strategist and former Abrams staffer says, “[New Georgia Project] under performed what was done in 2010. Absolutely nothing was done in 2010. It’s hard to grasp how unsuccessful her effort was, given the amount of money raised.”

“Another concern was about the Abrams lawsuit, in response to the investigation. “Multiple sources say that Abrams, in filing a lawsuit that potentially distracts from her voter registration numbers, could jeopardize voting rights advances. If the missing applications don’t exist, one state lawmaker says, Abrams will have undermined the very people her initiative sought to uplift. “This is something that I’ve been worried will break, because it completely substantiates the false, hyperbolic idea of rampant voter fraud that’s used, in my opinion to chill and suppress voter turnout.”

Stacey Abrams recently not-conceded the Governor’s race. Her high octane charges of voter suppression were accepted, without question, by the national media. Stacey Abrams is a charismatic figure, with a talent for grandstanding. As another snake oil salesman put it, “Stacey Abrams fought brilliantly and hard – she will have a terrific political future!” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. A fine article in Creative Loafing, The New Georgia Problem, was used in this feature. Readers are encouraged to read the original for themselves.

What Not To Say Part Two

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The White Privilege Of Cows

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Episode 37708 of features those fun loving POC professors, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. PG enjoys their shows, even knowing that he will have to interrupt his multi tasking to make a video clip. Sure enough, at 21:29, Dr. McWhorter says the N-word. Eight minutes later, Dr. Loury was talking about a column, the racial privilege of cows. This is a repost.

The published title was Maier ’17: The white privilege of cows. It appeared in the Brown Daily Herald, which has something to do with Brown University. The column was, to put it mildly, poorly written. It is tough to discern exactly what the young lady was trying to say. As best this slack blogger can figure out, PWOC were better at agriculture than POC. If the column didn’t have a catchy title, it might have been ignored. The world would not be affected either way.

The column seems to say that there are some differences between PWOC and POC. This goes against the prevailing orthodoxy-that-must-not-be-questioned. If you type the phrase “race is a construct” into google, you get 87.1 million results. The top choice, from the New York Times, says Race and Racial Identity Are Social Constructs. “Race is not biological. It is a social construct. There is no gene or cluster of genes common to all blacks or all whites.” This piece was written by “Angela Onwuachi-Willig, a professor of law at the University of Iowa College of Law.” AO-W is a law professor, not a geneticist.

The real fun starts in the comments. You get people with more education than intelligence, too much free time, and a capacity for rhetoric. They start posting comments, replies to these comments, and replies to the replies. The reader waits for someone to scream “JANE YOU IGNORANT SLUT!!!”

Actually, that does happen here. Albert Wesker, who will be quoted in a minute, makes at least two comments on the level of JYIS. “Your ignorance is profound, though typical of the standard brainwashed college graduate in the United States today…. I like to throw Libtard terminology right back in their faces.” Libtard is a contraction of liberal retard, and is considered politically incorrect. The spell check suggestion for Libtard is Billiard.

Albert Wesker Speaking as a biologist, it pains me to read the absurdities that ignoramuses write as if it were scientific truth. Let’s ignore whether this article said anything “offensive,” and instead focus on this: (From the editors note that precedes the column) “The column relied on the repeatedly disproven premise that race is a biological category.” First of all, any scientist will tell you that “proof” is a “no-no” word in science. There is no proof, only increasing degrees of confidence in particular ideas. Second, both of the articles in the links do not provide even ONE reference for their statements of “fact.” That’s a big red flag for any scientist. Even more importantly, neither article provides a definition of the word they claim does not exist. …

Race-deniers are very fond of stating that all people, regardless of “race” are 99.9% identical. Sounds impressive, but that figure is simply a reflection of how young the human species is. …..We know evolution can occur rapidly by observing Man’s best friend. It is not widely reported but all breeds of dog are also 99.9% identical, but I doubt even the most delusional egalitarian would claim there is no significant difference between a Chihuahua and a Great Dane.

Pictures from The Library of Congress.








The Election From Hell

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Downtown Decatur coffee shop damaged in overnight fire ~ Man fatally shot at Atlanta park ID’d; person in custody ~ white album ~ Fire at Java Monkey Nov. 2018 ~ jm fire ~ new jm owner ~ blocker awards ~ A high-stakes December runoff even without an Abrams-Kemp matchup ~ In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception ~ conceptual penis ~ Department of Registration and Elections The Registration and Elections Department is responsible for conducting elections in Fulton County and registering voters who reside within Fulton County. ~ dekalb county registration Our Mission: Serve the public and register all eligible citizens to vote. Assign voters to respective precincts in accordance with state and federal laws. Maintain accurate registration records. Conduct all primaries and federal, state, county and municipal elections with integrity, and in accordance with Georgia election code. Serve candidates and the public by providing information regarding elected officials, election districts, election statistics, and other registration/election related matters. Operate all polling locations including advance voting locations and an absentee poll, for federal, state, county and municipal elections. ~ How we found 30,823 additional Georgia votes … and why we’re still counting ~ In Georgia, Brian Kemp Put on a Master Class in Voter Suppression ~ Georgia’s Kemp Purged 340,134 Voters, Falsely Asserting They Had Moved ~ The Voice of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ ~ angel poventude on election day ~ gwinnett elections ~ Federal Judge Orders Georgia to Reveal Tally of Provisional Ballots ~ lucy mcbath ~ Black security guard stops shooter in a bar — then gets gunned down by cop who mistook him for criminal ~ scenes from the factory ~ Judge Orders Review of All Provisional Ballots in Georgia Governor Race ~ radiotopia “that we need to talk about.” Please don’t tell me what I need to talk about. There is more than enough talk right now. What we need to do is listen. ~ Fulton Co. Board of Elections certifies results of last Tuesday’s election ~ Democrats in Congress rally behind Georgia vote fight ~ 1113 capital protest ~ Jesus is Polyamorous | Queer Theology ~ Harry Hay ~ Adventures in the Archives; or, In Which Professional Homosexuality Takes a New Turn ~ The Gay Love Letters of Neal Cassady to Allen Ginsberg ~ mattachine society ~ State Sen. Nikema Williams, 16 Others Arrested At Capitol During Protest ~ Capitol and Grounds Exhibit and Event Guidelines ~ stacy and stacy ~ Georgia state senator, protesters arrested at Capitol while demanding ‘every vote count’ ~ Harry Hay ~ dear abby Eric: You must have known people who were gay at that time then, personally. Abby: Yah, well, my hairdresser. He’s like a brother. And he’s been my hairdresser for about, maybe twenty-nine years. He came from Louisville, Nebraska. Beautiful guy and just a sweetheart. And he had to leave the little town of Louisville because, well, he just couldn’t survive there. I’ve taken him to Korea with me when I was a Miss Universe pageant judge. We just had a ball. He and I are in a helicopter. Have you ever been in a helicopter? ~ Georgia Lawmaker Arrested Amid Protest To Count Every Vote In Governor Race ~ rhetoric about capitol protest ~ more jm fire ~ @w_terrence SNOWFLAKE of the YEAR AWARD goes to this guy. Retweet if you are laughing with me ~ nikkeda released on bail ~ Santa Ana McDonald’s manager attacked by woman over ketchup ~ Lawsuits, Arrests, and Allegations: The Georgia Governor’s Race Continues ~ BLM Demonstrators And State Senator Arrested In Georgia’s Capitol During ‘Count Every Vote’ Protest ~ @CaseyExplosion Seriously folks. “Feminism causes men to transition to atone for male privilege” is an absolutely on-its-face absurd take, you don’t have to engage with it. ~ Absentee ballots missing birth dates must be counted, judge orders ~ arrested while black ~ facebook problems ~ Jonathan Franzen’s 10 Rules for Novelists ~ nirvana on mtv unplugged ~ Georgia Senate to look into arrest of lawmaker during Capitol protest ~ inside the capitol ~ How we found 30,823 additional Georgia votes … and why we’re still counting ~ adan bean ~ Kemp holds steady lead, Abrams considers longshot legal challenge Her campaign has said it has heard from 25,000 voters who had problems casting their ballots, ~ The voter-suppression rap on Georgia’s Brian Kemp is unfair. Now what about the voter purges? An investigative piece by American Public Media reported that nearly 600,000 Georgia voters were removed from the rolls in 2017. Team Kemp has an explanation for that: A 2016 lawsuit brought by Common Cause and the NAACP over the state’s voter list temporarily halted the biennial purge of inactive voters. After the lawsuit was thrown out, Georgia had two cycles’ worth of inactive voters to remove from its list. ~ “But without the context and with hyperbolic rhetoric, the claims of voter suppression aren’t much different from the demagoguery Democrats decry from the likes of Kemp and Donald Trump.” ~ Brian Kemp’s Bid for Governor Depends on Erasing the Black Vote in Georgia ~ Uber Eats driver who shot and killed customer found guilty on all counts ~ problems ~ dylan’s masterpiece ~ After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown ~ herman hesse ~ @realDonaldTrump Congratulations to Brian Kemp on becoming the new Governor of Georgia. Stacey Abrams fought brilliantly and hard – she will have a terrific political future! Brian was unrelenting and will become a great Governor for the truly Wonderful People of Georgia! ~ 4 alleged Atlanta teen gang members indicted on 48 charges, including murder ~ Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Children’s Past-Life Memories ~ kemp election certified ~ Binyamin Netanyahu battered by bungled Gaza raid ~ Kemp defends Georgia’s ‘exact match’ voter registration law ~ Meditation Is a Powerful Mental Tool—and For Some People It Goes Terribly Wrong ~ We are entering a phase where the power brokers behind the scene have a black person as a front. This worked well for 8 years with Barack Obama. It almost worked for Stacey Abrams. ~ #CountEveryBallot Typically, rallies at the state capitol are outside. Why was this one inside? Were police justified in wanting a loud demonstration held outside? Does this constitute a “breach of the peace” which would justify arresting Sen. Williams? .@elenaparent ~ If you went to a voting place outside the county where you live, and request a ballot, then that provisional ballot should be thrown away. ~ To me, the issue is the Abrams campaign making a high octane issue out of voter suppression. There is a good bit of nuance there, which gets lost in all the rhetoric. I think Abrams knew a lot of what she was saying was not true, but also saw a potent campaign issue. Another issue is the way her charges were believed without question, both by the voting public and the corporate media. The Media especially should be ashamed. A story about RACISM and government corruption/incompetence in backwoods Georgia! Of course the media went bonkers over that. That doesn’t make it the truth. ~ I want back the Xmas of my youth. It was what you wanted it to be. If you want to talk about Jesus, you can. If you want to shop, you can. If you want to go to parties, you can. It is a shame when choosing to say Merry Christmas, instead of Happy Holidays, is a political statement. ~ The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) are the law enforcement entities responsible for security of the Capitol building and grounds. DPS or GBI may suspend or modify the use of the Capitol building and grounds and adopt temporary guidelines as needed. GBA retains the right to waive or modify any or all of the Guidelines contained herein on a case by case basis as deemed necessary by GBA. Failure to follow these guidelines, or the instructions given by either GBA or law enforcement personnel, will result in the immediate removal of any exhibit or event from the Capitol building and grounds. Failure to follow these guidelines or instructions given by GBA or law enforcement personnel may result in the denial of future applications to use the Capitol building and grounds. PREVENTING OR DISRUPTING GENERAL ASSEMBLY State law prohibits: Recklessly or knowingly committing any act that may reasonably be expected to prevent or disrupt a session or meeting of the Senate or House of Representatives, a joint session thereof, or any meeting of any standing or interim committee, commission or caucus of members thereof. O.C.G.A. 16-11-34.1(a) State law prohibits: Willfully and knowingly entering or remaining in any room, chamber, office, or hallway within the state capitol building or any building housing committee offices, committee rooms, or officers of members, officials, or employees of the General Assembly in either house thereof with intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business or to utter loud, threatening, or abusive language or engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct in such buildings or areas. O.C.G.A. 16-11-34.1 (f) State law prohibits: Parading, demonstrating, or picketing within the state capitol building or any building housing committee offices, committee rooms, or offices of members, officials, or employees of the General Assembly or either house thereof with intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business or to utter loud, threatening or abusive language or engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct in such buildings or areas. See O.C.G.A. 16-11-34.1 (g) ~ Abrams lost. She doesn’t have to accept it because her decision to fight on costs her nothing. She knows that this was her one shot and that the DPoG isn’t going to clear the field for her to run for election again, and that she is never going to get this fawning, uncritical coverage from the state and national media that had the effect of free advertising on her behalf, “coverage” that included repeating every charge, accusation and claim as Kemp and treating it as objective fact without challenging it in the slightest. Abrams invested the last 8 years convincing the DPoG that she could create a turnout machine capable of winning the governor’s race that would prevent candidates from having to run to the center-left and the only result was for her to prove her naysayers right. This was the perfect storm: a very unpopular GOP president, angry moderates and independents in the suburbs, the worst GOP statewide candidate since Mitch Skandalakis, a national media willing to make her candidacy a cause celebre and she still lost. So of course she has every incentive to fight, claw and scratch before she makes her inevitable exit – stage left – from public life. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else owes her anything, including being willing to drink her Kool-Aid wholesale and regurgitate it on demand. ~ Suburban Dictionary @Suburban_Dic Feels – Deep personal emotions for people who don’t have time for feelings. ~ @KentWGraham Kids today don’t know how easy they have it. When I was young, I had to walk 9 feet through shag carpet to change the TV channel. @chamblee54 I had to walk ten feet to adjust the fine tuning, only to see it turn over and over and over and over and over and over and over ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “Golden Jubilee and Fifteenth Annual Convention, Anti-Saloon League of America, Columbus, Ohio, November 10-13, 1913” ~ selah

What Not To Say Part One

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Reverse Sting

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The most recent edition of Criminal podcast is Episode 30: The Agreement (11.13.2015). The show is about DANIEL EGIPCIACO # 57385054. This is a repost.

Danny got a call at work one day. Someone wanted to meet him in a pizza joint. The plan was to rob a drug “stash house.” A few days later, the Confidential Informant (CI) called again, and said for Danny to meet him right away. When Danny showed up for the meeting, he was arrested. The whole thing was a set up.The drugs, and the stash house, never existed. When the case came to trial, Danny was charged with conspiracy to possess 10 kilos of cocaine. This figure was the imaginary figure quoted by the CI, and had a mandatory sentence.

USA Today had a feature about this scheme, ATF uses fake drugs, big bucks to snare suspects. There are hidden camera videos from Dayton OH, Woodridge IL, and Las Vegas NV. Another story is Reverse Drug Stings: The Latest Tool For Creating Criminals In The War On Drugs. Danny Egipciaco has set up a website, RvrsStng, with “testimonials” from people caught by reverse stings.

The authorities probably have a defense for this behavior. It is hard to imagine what it is. Reverse stings do not stop the flow of drugs into the country, nor the flow of money out of the country. Reverse stings create crimes, and find use the police to find criminals to commit these crimes. Often, the CI is a convicted criminal, trying to get part of his sentence reduced by entrapping others. Most of the people imprisoned by these fake crimes are people of color.

The story of Danny Egipciaco is similar to the story of Fred Thomas. One difference was that Mr. Thomas was an old white man living in North Georgia. In the Thomas case, some old men got to talking about forming a “well regulated militia.” A CI heard about it, and got into their plans. The CI had money, and contacts. One day, the old men went to a parking lot to meet an “arms dealer”.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. They were taken in Pie Town NM, in October 1940. The photographer was Russell Lee.









Good For Free

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The Burning Of Atlanta

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Around this time 154 years ago, Atlanta was on fire. General Sherman was preparing for his March to the sea, and wanted to destroy anything of value in the city. The fire is reported as being on 11-15 of November, depending on what source you use.

The November fire was the second great fire in Atlanta that year. On September 2, the city was conquered by the Union Army. The fleeing Confederates blew up a munitions depot, and set a large part of the city on fire. This is the fire Scarlet O’Hara flees in “Gone With The Wind”.

After a series of bloody battles, the city was shelled by Yankee forces for forty days. There were many civilian casualties. General Sherman was tired of the war, angry at Atlanta, and ready for action. This is despite the fact that many in Atlanta were opposed to secession.

Click here to hear a lecture by Marc Wortman at the Atlanta History Center. Mr Wortman is the author of “The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta”. The hour of talk is fascinating. This is a repost. The pictures are from The Library of Congress


About this time every year, there is a post about the burning of Atlanta. One of the sources is a lecture by Marc Wortman. If you have an hour to spare, this talk is worth your time. One of the stories told is the tale of Mr. Luckie.

“According to folklore, two stories abound as to how Luckie Street was named. The first is that its moniker came from one of Atlanta’s oldest families, and the other, probably closer to the truth, regales the life of Solomon “Sam” Luckie. Luckie, as it turns out, wasn’t so lucky after all. When General William Tecumseh Sherman first came marching through Atlanta in 1864, Luckie, a free Black man who made his living as a barber, was leaning against a gas lamp post in downtown talking to a group of businessmen. A burst from a cannon shell wounded him; he survived, but later died from his injuries. Folklore suggests that he may have been one of the first casualties of the assault on Atlanta during Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Luckie Street, an extension of the city’s famed Sweet Auburn Avenue, was later named in his memory.”

Marc Wortman wrote a book, The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta. The one star review, and comments to that review, are unusually detailed. Here is a selection.

“…People forget – or were never taught in school – that most Confederate soldiers descended from Revolutionary War patriots or were up-country poor sons of farmers. Many Confederate soldiers were relatively recent new arrivals to the U.S., semi-literate dirt poor immigrants from Ireland and Scotland who’d never had the chance to own even an acre of their own land in Europe. In the mix were well-educated, elite merchant business owning French Huguenot refugees of the Catholic Bourbon genocide of Protestants. These immigrants had nowhere else to go, 9 times out of 10 never owned a slave, and fought for the CSA to keep what little they’d hardscrabble carved out over a decade of arrival into the U.S.”

The War Between The States continues to be a source of controversy. After the Charleston church killings, many comments were made about the Confederate battle flag. (If you can’t talk about gun control or mental health, you talk about a symbol.) This led to discussions about the war itself. There were ritual denunciations of slavery, which was assumed to be the sole cause of the conflict. The fact that the vast majority of white southerners did not own slaves was dismissed.

The notion of autonomous states in a federal union was novel when the United States Constitution was written. The debate over federalism versus states rights continues to this day. States that want to legalize marijuana may be the next battleground. (Few are expecting secession over bong rights.) Many in the CSA saw the Union as being a conquering army, and fought to defend their homes. While slavery was certainly a factor in the creation of the CSA, it was not the only Casus belli. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.


My Holy Wine

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Rally At The Capitol Turns Nasty

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Georgia state senator, protesters arrested at Capitol while demanding ‘every vote count’ There was a protest at the Gold Dome today. The issue was voter suppression. This has been a prominent issue for Democrat Stacey Abrams. Republican opponent Brian Kemp is routinely accused of suppressing the vote, particularly among people of color. Many of the things Mr. Kemp is blamed for are done by the counties. This is not mentioned by the Democrats, who know a good issue when they see one.

Rallies at the Capitol are routine. A few years ago, Liberty Plaza was built across the street. This way, people can have their free speech, and the business of running the state can continue. For some reason, the protest today was inside the Capitol building. The crowd was shouting “no justice no peace,” among other things. The police told the crowd they needed to behave. The crowd did not. People were arrested. The election from hell continues.

Capitol and Grounds Exhibit and Event Guidelines is quite clear about this. “State law prohibits: Parading, demonstrating, or picketing within the state capitol building or any building housing committee offices, committee rooms, or offices of members, officials, or employees of the General Assembly or either house thereof with intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business or to utter loud, threatening or abusive language or engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct in such buildings or areas. See O.C.G.A. 16-11-34.1 (g).”

State Sen. Nikema Williams was one of the people arrested. Some say that since she is a State Senator, she should not have been arrested. “Article III, Section 4, Paragraph IX of the Georgia Constitution, on the privilege of members, says “the members of both houses shall be free from arrest during sessions of the General Assembly, or committee meetings thereof, and in going thereto or returning therefrom, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace. No member shall be liable to answer in any other place for anything spoken in either house or in any committee meeting of either house.” Does the protest today constitute a breach of the peace? That is a matter for lawyers to decide.

The followers of Stacey Abrams have played this game before. The rules don’t apply to them. During the Democratic primary, supporters of Miss Abrams shouted down her opponent, Stacey Evans. Miss Abrams defended the action. “I do not believe that you silence those who feel they are voiceless, because the minute we do that we are no better than those who tell people they can’t kneel in protest.” Miss Abrams was also involved in some protests in 1992, while a student at Spelman College.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “Sixteenth Convention, Anti-Saloon League of America at Atlantic City, N.J., July 6-9, 1915.” Thomas Sparrow, photographer

Jungle Flower Magpie

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Racial Slur During Halftime

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Gwinnett County high school band spells racial slur during halftime show ~ voters guide ~ brian and stacey ~ The Georgia Democratic Party Tried to Hack the Voter Registration System ~ Brookwood investigating racial slur spelled out during marching band halftime show ~ High school halftime show included racially insensitive term A concerned resident sent a photo and a copy of the letter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ~ @AlexaLiackoFOX5 “I want them expelled.” We spoke with the mother of a band member at Brookwood High School who says her son loves band but is uncomfortable after several band members created a racial slur using the school’s mascot letters. @FOX5Atlanta ~ @GoHomeRyan A Black police officer killing unarmed black ppl is still a symptom of systemic racism. A Latinx person calling ICE on an undoc. immigrant is still a symptom of xenophobia. A Black Brookwood band student spelling “COON” during halftime is still a symptom of white supremacy ~ A Racial Shakedown in Portland ~ Five Lies In Trump’s Favorite Campaign Ad ~ coon ~ Alfred Hitchcock Explains the Plot Device He Called the ‘MacGuffin’ ~ Khalid Sings and I Wonder Where Home Is in the First Place ~ gulch ~ Half-naked woman crashes through restaurant ceiling in Tennessee ~ EP6 On The Vietnam War with Sir Max ~ In Journalism About Race, A Tinge Of Denial ~ ww1 show ~ Man caught on surveillance video stabbing another in the chest ~ Is More Democracy Always Better Democracy? ~ ga sos ~ behavior ~ Why did some voting machines sit unused on busy Georgia Election Day? ~ Karen Handel admits defeat, but doesn’t want to talk about it ~ waugh ~ Talk to Me: HP Lovecraft ~ Georgia’s elections system desperately needs an update—but how? ~ Georgia Officials Kept Hundreds of Voting Machines Locked in Warehouses on Election Day ~ Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting Suspect Posted on Instagram During Massacre ~ tay k ~ Midterms 2018: In Predominantly Black Atlanta Neighborhoods, Voters Say There Aren’t Enough Machines ~ Restaurant owner paints over Buford Highway mural after concerns over immigration politics ~ 5 Tactics Used By Passive-Aggressive Arguers (And The Best Forms of Defense) ~ stacey’s dress ~ : Here’s how Brian Kemp is stealing the Georgia election Kemp or his chosen successor gets to decide whether to count my ballot! The suppressor-in-chief working for the racist-in-chief, Donald Trump.” ~ gwinnett shooting ~ Don’t let Brian Kemp steal Georgia’s gubernatorial election ~ Did Democrats Elect Four Horrible People? ~ Requiem for American Exceptionalism ~ Deaths From Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With The Rest Of The World ~ Brian Kemp Caught on Tape Warning His Donors About Black People Voting … Again ~ In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over Georgians Exercising Their Right to Vote ~ Brian Kemp’s Lead in Georgia Needs an Asterisk Days before the deadline to register for the November election, the Associated Press reported that Kemp had put 53,000 applicants on hold due to exact-match problems. An analysis of Kemp’s records found that 70 percent of those applicants were black. (Georgia is roughly 32 percent black.) Separately, the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union found that some 700 absentee-ballot applications and almost 200 absentee ballots were rejected by county officials due to a law mandating that the signatures on absentee applications and ballots visually match the signatures on file. ~ Democrats file lawsuit over Dougherty County absentee ballots ~ Georgia effort to clean up state’s voter rolls underway ~ Georgia cancels registration of more than 591,500 voters ~ why ww1 lasted so long ~ studio 54 ~ poddies ~ Naropa Poetics Audio Archives ~ LENNY BRUCE ON THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW APRIL 5, 1959 ~ Florida, Georgia testing strength of new Dem coalition ~ A Gated Community Tried to Form a New, Whiter Town to Land a Cheesecake Factory ~ Rapper T.I. arrested in Henry County ~ What Is ‘White Privilege’? ~ Dr. Phil’s “White Privilege” Video Goes Wrong ~ Voting a write in candidate is fun. When you click on the write in box, a keyboard appears on the screen. You type in “Carlton Heston” in the GA06 race. Then name then appears on a screen, with a check mark next to it. ~ Justin Flanagan This is a scam link. When clicked it takes me to a virus website. Also please don’t write in stupid crap, the race is close enough as it is. Happy election day! ~ Unfortunately, the website does have issues. As for calling Carlton Heston stupid crap, that is not kind. The GA06 race is sort of a mess. Karen Handel is a sponsor of FOSTA/SESTA. Lucy McBath has sent me telephone surveys, which are in reality campaign calls. I would like to perform the electoral hygiene of voting out Rep. Handel. However, Mrs. McBath uses shady campaign tactics. In addition to that. Mr. Heston has better hair than either Rep. Handel or Mrs. McBath. ~ There is a saying, hold your nose and vote. I vote in the cafeteria of the elementary school i attended as a child. It is not the first time I have held my nose in there. ~ Sorry, we can’t find what you are looking for. Take a deep breath. Everything’s going to be okay. ~ To say that this is Gingrich’s seat is a bit misleading. The district lines change every ten years. My neighborhood is in a different district every ten years. Some parts of GA06 were represented by Mr. Gingrich, but not all. I was never represented by him, which I appreciate. FWIW, Mr. Gingrich originally represented a district based in Carollton, in West Georgia. His constituents were getting tired of him. Mr. Gingrich won an election by less than 1000 votes. Then, new districts were created, and Mr. Gingrich moved to Cobb County, and a newly created district. ~ The phrase “affordable housing” is somewhat of a buzz word. I hear it a lot, and very few specifics. God is in the details. Lets focus on “…Invest Atlanta voted to help fund over 400 units of affordable housing” How is this going to work? Are they rental units, or owner occupied housing? Assuming that they are rental, what can we expect the rent to be? Who is it going to be affordable to? How long will the rent be capped at this level? When the controls come off, what will happen? Will these units be maintained properly? Where is this 400unit_AH going to be built? Affordable housing is a great idea, and it is needed. It needs to be carefully planned if it is going to work. ~ Actually, Mr. Davis was shot after a heated argument. Going off on an armed man is not a good idea. His killer is in prison. Lucy McBath is to be praised for defeating Karen Handel. Her campaign was careful in the way they described the death of Mr. Davis. Tom Robinson should do the same. ~ I am hearing that it is the counties, not the state, that count the votes. I don’t know who processes voter registration, and maintains the voter lists, but I strongly suspect it is the counties. The decision to sequester voting machines was made by Fulton, Dekalb, and Cobb counties. This has been a good issue for the Democrats. They almost won the election because of it. If Mr. Kemp had the political sense to resign after the primary, the Democrats would not have had this issue. ~ Oops! You blew up the Internet. The page you are looking for is no longer here, or never existed in the first place (bummer). You can try searching for what you are looking for using the form below. If that still doesn’t provide the results you are looking for, you can always start over from the home page. ~ First World War : 22nd of August 1914 the bloodiest day ~ This Day in History, September 26, 1918: The Meuse-Argonne Campaign Begins ~ last man to die ~ ww1 show ~ @USNatArchives One hundred years ago on November 11, 1918, the First World War came to an end. For Pvt. Henry Gunther, it was too late. He was shot and killed at 10:58 am, just two minutes before the Armistice was declared at 11 am and the fighting stopped. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah