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Broken Record with Malcolm Gladwell a…
Man Who Has Never Shared Jesus With Anyone Criticizes Slain Missionary’s Lack Of Wisdom
The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.
‘The proof is in action.’ Kemp faces balancing act as Georgia governor
What’s up with all those black men who voted for the Republican in the Georgia governor’s race? “To be a racial conservative means you’re okay with Jim Crow,” he added. “There’s only one party that you can support and be progressive on race, and that’s the Democratic Party.” ~ He said the Republican Party will continue to struggle to win support among black voters, even those who hold social and economically conservative beliefs, so long as it is perceived as racist. ~ “Every election becomes almost a single-issue election for black voters: Are you for or against civil rights?” Johnson said, adding that all the other social and economic issues “get muted by racial issues.”
Memo to black men: Stop voting Republican
The Minds of Black Folk
Martin Mull on WTF podcast
Warrant issued for suspect in Java Monkey fire
legal document about GA voting restrictions
The 3 Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever
Her: excuse me i believe you may be in the wrong place
Federal judge rules against Kemp in Georgia absentee ballot request
jane you ignorant slut
@chamblee54 @kausmickey knows that a plain white background makes the person in the foreground seem less white @robertwrighter has a map and a bookshelf behind him which has a mindful influence on his well chosen words this was a throwback episode as mickey goes not appear as often or with as much vigor as he used to
Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus
is it racism or economic anxiety
@chamblee54 .@robertwrighter .@kausmickey ah the economic anxiety/racism trope… racism is to democrats what immigration is to republicans it fires up the base, there is little the parties can do once elected, so they are free lunch issues for demagogues
bob talks about tribalism
Republicans cheated to win, and we all lost
Georgia Businesses Are Victims of Abrams’ Sour Grapes
America’s Problem Isn’t Tribalism—It’s Racism
Brian Kemp’s Lead in Georgia Needs an Asterisk This article originally stated that Georgia shut down more than 200 polling places in recent years. In fact, county election officials are charged with that responsibility. We regret the error.
Christian Mothers Against Masturbation
I laughed so hard my vibrator shot across the room…
The SoS has provided guidance to the counties regarding how to go about closing polling locations
Stacey Abrams is back in the spotlight
Maybe They’re Just Bad People
Atlanta gay bar Model T closes after 26 years
Gay Atlanta couple to throw $5 million fundraiser for Donald Trump
Decatur coffeehouse to rebuild, change name after alleged arson
The Unified Theory Of Ram Dass
CDC Warns Consumers That Kale Is Still Disgusting The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.
.@JohnHMcWhorter talks about something , and says “If I were white I’d do it to” forgetting that a few minutes earlier he said “I’m black” Maybe that is part of being ____ to say what you would do if you were ______ .@GlennLoury
Chuck Palahniuk: Snuff Cultschrijver lijnt in zijn onlangs vertaalde roman ‘Snuff’ zeshonderd mannen op voor een gangbang met een vallende pornoster die zich voorneemt om in het harnas te sterven. Hilarisch, schrijnend en onsmakelijk – helemaal de Palahniuk zoals we hem kennen.
Why Stacey Abrams opposes a North Carolina judicial nominee
abrams lawsuit over voter access
If you’re WHITE, don’t block your racist family and friends.
James Alex Fields’ trial in deadly Charlottesville white nationalist rally set to begin
Caravan confirms what Trump has been saying for weeks
Apocalypse World War 1 – 2/5. Fear – Subtitrat în română
Apocalypse World War 1 – 3/5. Hell – Subtitrat în română
Apocalypse World War 1 – 4/5. Rage – Subtitrat în română
Apocalypse World War 1 5of5 Deliverance
Local Pho restaurant scores lowest health inspection grade we’ve reported – A metro Atlanta restaurant just got the lowest health inspection we’ve reported on. It is I Luv Pho on Scenic Highway in Snellville in Gwinnett County. One of the 35 health violations included the inspector witnessing a customer killing a cockroach on a table. On Nov. 26, the restaurant failed with a score of just 22.
The VS podcast is a bi-weekly series where poets confront
Stacey Abrams’ New Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Broken Voting System Is Incredibly Smart
white people’s definition of racism is hurt feelings, instead of …
10 signs that you are a basic gay bitch
Stacy Abrams Should Be Getting the Support You’re Giving Beto (TMBS 65)
Stacey Abrams ran on complaining about voter suppression. If she had run on the issues, and her qualifications, she would have been stomped. Abrams ran a dishonest campaign.
When Georgia Howled: Sherman on the March
Voting rights at stake in runoff for Georgia elections chief The two candidates do not disagree that much. They differ over which new system to put in place, but agree that the current system needs to go. After all the turmoil of the governors race, this is a pale disappointment.
Don’t Punish America for Saudi Arabia’s Crimes
Jordan Peterson Is The Wrong Kind Of Chameleon Likewise, by presenting himself as an avuncular, asexual, physically frail character, Peterson can be a hero to men without threatening their manhood, much in the same way my homosexuality has also made me a hero to straight men.
Airbnb banned in city where co-founder’s dad is on City Council
Popularizing Wokeness
GayApples from Outer Space (1992)
The Founder of Panera Bread Explains the Economic Forces That Led to Trump
Kareem Hunt Cut by the Chiefs for Brutalizing Woman on Video … Team Says He Lied
NNOTD – Kareem Hunt
Styxhexenhammer666 @Styx666Official Thank goodness sellout warmonger neocon George H.W. Bush is dead. You don’t need to be a leftist to think the entire Bush family is worthless. Much like John McCain I will not be like some people and pretend to be sad or respect the asshole. @chamblee54 This tweet is how I found out about it
The Fallacy of the ‘I Turned Out Fine’ Argument
@StephenKing Like J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, I have a writing room. Actually, it’s a one-room studio. There’s even a couch. And if you think that’s pretentious, go fuck yourself.
Kim Kierkegaardashian Retweeted Stephen King
@KimKierkegaard I have a luxurious tweeting dungeon
Joe Rogan Experience #1209 – Anthony Cumia This is so much more fun to listen to than Jordan Peterson. Peterson ran his mouth at meth warp, and eventually made me turn the thing off in self defense. I wonder if their is a hierarchy thing going on with Peterson and Curnia. With Peterson, Rogan just sat back in awe, with certain exceptions. With Curnia, Rogan was an active part of the show. Was their an unspoken hierarchy at play there?
Has Anti-Racism Become as Harmful as Racism? John McWhorter vs. Nikhil Singh Here is a blog post about AR. I compare AR to homophobia. Much as a closet homosexual will try to cover his own insecurities by calling someone else faggot, a person who is not sure about his own racial values will try to cover himself by calling his neighbor racist. I received a powerful bit of confirmation for this. I received an anonymous comment. “Why don’t you get your white sheets and come out already” ~ Dr. McWhorter makes a comment about voter suppression, ending at 50:06. He makes the ritual denunciation of Republican voter suppression. As a resident of GA, I have witnessed the recent election from hell. The Democrats made voter suppression their centerpiece issue. I feel that the Democratic claims were exaggerated. It served as a dandy issue for the Democrats, and they almost won. If anyone is interested, I can link to several posts on my blog which detail this. In many ways, voter suppression became a code word for racism in this campaign. One aspect of the racism/anti racism quagmire is the use of racism as a campaign tactic. Anti-Racism was used as a tactic by the Democrats in 2016. IMO, this was one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected.
The Ignored Legacy of George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice
George Bush Saved The CIA
mindful resistance Issue #52: Nov 25–Dec 1, 2018
The Sainthood of Dave Matthews Has Been Indefinitely Postponed
Claudia Rankine, The Art of Poetry No. 102
Democrats Can Win Back Rural America, But First They Need To Understand What Bled It Dry
@ggreenwald quote about hillary
The Trouble With Uplift
@chamblee54 And the Democrats dismiss this resentment as racism this plays into the republicans hands @jitterbug212This feels as if you may be dismissing the racism. @jitterbug212 “You gonna pretend that virulent racism wasn’t a factor in this election we have nothing to talk about. Have a nice day.” @chamblee54 this was an unsatisfying twitter spat
prager ten commandment series
How the Georgia race for governor came down to the wire ” Roughly 1.14 million African-American voters cast ballots in the election, and exit polls show the overwhelming majority backed Abrams. In 2014, Michelle Nunn’s U.S. Senate campaign earned a total of 1.16 million votes. That means the number of black voters who went to the polls for Abrams in November was nearly equal to the number of all Democratic votes cast four years earlier.”
miami jail immunity legal team lolita
A Conversation with Dariush Dolat-shahi
Safeguard access, security of democracy’s sacred rite
In 1994, the super bowl was in Atlanta, and I was working downtown. There was a show filmed for comedy central. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were kicking field goals in woodruff park. The show was hosted by Martin Mull. After the filming, I was walking through the park, and found myself standing next to Mr. Mull. I couldn’t think of anything to say. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon What is the C.S. Lewis estate doing to celebrate his birthday? Narnia business. ~ GHWB was the last President that did not inspire deranged opposition. In many ways he was the end of an era. ~ Speaking well of the recently departed is a sign of having class. You are showing restraint for your own karma, not theirs. If you don’t have anything good to say… ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Walker Evans took the pictures in summer 1936, in Hale County, Alabama. ~ selah

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