France’s Yellow Vest Protesters

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How the Georgia race for governor came down to the wire The fishwrapper had yet another election post mortem. It featured the quote below. This quote does not support the voter suppression narrative. “Roughly 1.14 million African-American voters cast ballots in the election, and exit polls show the overwhelming majority backed Abrams. In 2014, Michelle Nunn’s U.S. Senate campaign earned a total of 1.16 million votes. That means the number of black voters who went to the polls for Abrams in November was nearly equal to the number of all Democratic votes cast four years earlier.”
Democrats … Stacey Abrams Don’t Owe You Jack …
Robert Wright on Marshall McLuhan, Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson (MRN outtakes)
“I Don’t Want to Shoot You, Brother”
Be aggressive about your ambition: Stacey Abrams speaks at TEDWomen 2018
McDonald’s Drops Rights to “You Deserve a Break”
6 Famous Jingles by Barry Manilow ~ Milo Yiannopoulos Is In BIG TROUBLE
A better, more positive Tumblr tumblr community standards
Woman killed after giving money to panhandler in Baltimore was engineer
Researchers have found strong evidence that racism helps the GOP win
8 arrested in prostitution, undercover sex sting at metro Atlanta hotel
‘Just unconditional love’ – Barbara Bush’s 1989 DC AIDS-hospice visit changed the HIV conversation There is a big ole hate party going on right now for the late George HW Bush. People are talking about the AIDS pandemic, and Bush response to it. This link is a part of the story that is being forgotten now. Yes, this was the President’s wife, and not the man himself. However, it is unlikely that Mrs. Bush would have done this if her husband disapproved.
Jordan Peterson’s Fatal Weakness? Marxism. (TMBS 66 ft. Richard Wolff)
Who Are France’s Yellow Vest Protesters, And What Do They Want?
I Wanna See You Out That Door — Three Atlanta Beer Bars Stop Pouring Scofflaw
Critical Drinking with Matt Shirah and Travis Herman of Scofflaw Brewing Co.
The Jamie Brickhouse story reminds me of an urban legend. A bartender of that era thought this story was hilarious, and told it repeatedly. ~ A man is talking to a woman in a bar. He starts to talk about kinky sex. Every sentence has kinky sex in it. The lady starts to get interested. Finally, the man asks the lady the question? Would you like to come up to my apartment, and have kinky sex? ~ They get to his place. The man takes the ladies coat, and purse, and puts them away. The man comes back with cocktails. The man, and the lady, sip their cocktails, and chit chat. Finally, the lady says, What about the kinky sex we were supposed to have? Oh, thats already over. I took a shit in your purse.
Servers Are Tweeting The Dumbest Things Customers Have Ever Done, And Good God
Episode 17: Black, Queer and Free
‘She Had Climbed Into My Story and Worn My Skin’
A Puschart Prize-Nominated Poet Has Been Accused Of Plagiarism By Numerous Poets
Every Moment Is a Poem: A Conversation with with Ailey O’Toole
Uber Is Headed for a Crash ~ My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy
I normally don’t comment on poetry stuff anymore
Neighbors watched as gay couple stabbed & beaten in yard. No one would help.
Hemingway Didn’t Say That: The Truth Behind Familiar Quotations
Theresa May’s government found in contempt of Parliament
Lost N Found ousts executive director in restructuring
Why We Miss the WASPs ~ I Wouldn’t Be a Writer Without Rookie
In Whitest Tweet Ever, PETA Compares ‘Anti-Animal’ Language to Racism
Here is a piece I wrote about this. I prefer WBTS, because it is a more accurate description of the conflict. When the colonies declared independence, there was no thought given to an all powerful federal government. The conflict of what powers go to the federal government, and which powers go to the state, is one of the defining controversies of our history. When the southern states seceded, the concept of the federal union was not nearly as strong as it it today. Today we take for granted the concept of the strong federal government, with the states being regional governing districts. IMO, we are better off as a federal union. If the south had won the war, we would have wound up like 18th century Europe… a collection of small nations that were constantly at war with one another.
He sang at the White House but still died homeless
A visit to ‘holy hell,’ aka south downtown Atlanta
It’s time to solve the Mystery of the 100,000 Missing Votes
Never say this to an atheist! Many ex-xtians leave the substance of their religion behind, but retain the style. It is poignant that you finish this talk about your former life by asking for money.
Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?
JRE MMA Show #50 with Yves Edwards
‘A kind of dark realism’: Why the climate change problem is starting to look too big to solve
Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it.
Henry County police officer shot in face, suspect killed at dentist office
Tribalism Decided Our Elections, Not Candidates
Restaurant worker shoots customer who ran out on bill, police say
Slam poetry in Atlanta ~ America’s New Religions
William Shatner’s got news for folks whining that ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is ‘misogynistic’
Who decides what words mean
Witty-Ass Quotes From The Master Of Words, Oscar Wilde
UNC Teaching Assistants Strike Over Confederate Monument Several dozen teaching assistants at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill started a strike Friday, saying that they will withhold student grades as long as the university moves ahead with the idea of constructing a building to house the Confederate monument known as Silent Sam.
Silent Sam and UNC: A misunderstanding between preserving history and venerating ideology
Julian Carr and Silent Sam
LGBTQ lawmaker boycotting ‘hateful’ Brian Kemp’s speech
Manafort lied to prosecutors, Cohen should get jail time
Ernest Hemingway Writes of His Friend Ezra Pound: “He Deserves Punishment and Disgrace”
shelby foote Gettysburg Address Fort Pillow Massacre
The Best Podcasts of 2018
“Everything That Rises Must Converge”
15 Things We Wish Guys Knew About Blowjobs
The Strange History of Smooth Jazz: The Music We All Know and Love … to Hate
It’s All Fun And Games Until You Break Your Arm On A Bird
forgive me if you have heard this before. I vote at the elementary school i attended as a child. There is an old saying, hold your nose and vote. This is not the first time I have held my nose in that cafetorium. ~ The first time I voted for a candidate with whom he fully agreed was when I voted for myself the first time he ran. By the second time I had begun to have my doubts. ~ I am so amazed by people who criticize someone for voting for a “racist” as if that was the only thing that matters. If a person is good on other issues, and someone told you that he was a “racist” for whatever reason, why should you go against your best interests on the other issues and vote against someone who is allegedly a “racist”? You could substitute liberal, or any number of labels, for “racist” and have the same effect. ~ Someone asked a fbf what POTUS he DID like? Before I could post this reply, the comment was taken down…. William McKinley did pretty good in his first term. Unfortunately, he chose the ambitious Teddy Roosevelt for his second term vice president. ~ “It only makes you look like an ass.” This comment is not about Tumblr. It is about the general business of feeling obligated to say something about a situation, good or bad You are not required to have an opinion about everything. You just might make things worse for all concerned by expressing it. ~ The greatest trick that G-d ever played was to convince people that she does not exist. ~ There was a story in RFD once. There was a backwoods restaurant, that served as a defacto gay bar for the region. The owner said, If you have a hundred gay men, they will get drunk and have a good time. If you have a dozen lesbians, they will have a fight within the hour. ~ Lt. James S. Matthews Co. A 4th Illinois Cavalry Rgt. ~ How many lightbulbs does it take to change a person? ~ Mr. Foote is one of the stars of the show. He tells the story of the Union soldier, who asks the Confederate why he is fighting. “Because you are here.” After the bullets start to fly, the causes of a war are often forgotten. It becomes us against them. ~ I am amazed by the facebook desecration of GHWB. I don’t remember him being that hated while he was alive. And what are you going to accomplish by trashing a man who was POTUS 26 years ago? ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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