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Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on December 24, 2018

Russian efforts to manipulate African Americans show sophistication
Brian Kemp’s November surprise: Show us the facts — and make it quick
There is another pre-existing conditions problem — for seniors
Atlanta Storytellers Podcast Episode 8 Nicholas Tecosky, Maddie Fay, Charles Parrott
Atlanta Storytellers Podcast Episode 2 David Russell, Christina Schmitt, and Maddie Fay
Karamo is tired of ‘pretty white boys’ representing LGBTI community in film
It’s high time for media to enter the No Kellyanne Zone — and stay there
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist
2018 statistic of the year: Plastic waste fact tops list ~ Why You Should Be a Nationalist
Statistics of the Year 2018: Winners announced $1.3 billion: the amount wiped off Snapchat’s value within a day of one Kylie Jenner tweet
@KylieJenner sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.
With 1 Tweet, Kylie Jenner Cut $1.3 Billion From Snapchat.
@DougExeter disgusting. was in line behind colin kaepernick to buy my nonfat triple whip soy decaf latte and he kneeled for baby its cold outside
Russians Targeted Black Americans in Social Media Campaigns to Disrupt 2016 Election
Report Russians Targeted Black Americans in Social Media Campaigns for the 2016 Election
CPAP or Surveillance Device? You snooze, you lose personal information to insurers
@cmclymer Last night, I was at a Christmas party, and this nice gentleman struck up a conversation with me. Asked what I do. I told him. He said he works in the Trump administration. He then says: “I vote Republican, but I’m socially liberal.” Let’s discuss this for a second. ~ rant was ok until you threw in race Demoze have exploited this issue for their selfish benefit. They further alienated black people. They drove many white people to republican party demoze are little better on race, if they are better at all you should have quit sooner
Meet Megan Bobonick: Richard Spencer’s New Girlfriend
Stars of ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ Scramble to Save Their Cash Cows
Carl Benjamin Drops The N-Word While Ranting About The Alt-Right
Cleveland man alleges racial profiling after bank refuses to cash check, calls 911
The Plan That Would End NFL Kickoffs Forever and Make Football Way More Fun
Georgia Governor-Elect Brian Kemp Might Be Even More Corrupt Than You Thought
Is That a Gun in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?
What kind of year did Florida Man have? Let’s just say he’s on the naughty list
It’s time for the 2018 Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits
Joe Rogan Experience #1217 – Nimesh Patel
Nimesh Patel told a joke that melted the snowflakes
@RaceBaitr This was confirmation that presumably well-meaning, progressive, anti-racist, feminist “allies” will only reinscribe anti-Blackness, while cashing in on the benefits of Blackness.
Time to panic as Atlanta Super Bowl faces halftime celebrity shortage
amyschumer Friday thought. I wonder why more white players aren’t kneeling.
Why Sylvester Is Still ‘Mighty Real’ 30 Years Later
Election recount confirms Georgia lawmaker lost by 2 votes
It’s Time to Drop the ‘LGBT’ From ‘LGBTQ’ ~ Episode One: Murder at Taco Bell
@chamblee54 Does anyone ever listen to the lyrics of GRYMG? The religion is intense. ” … Christ our Savior, Was born on Christmas Day, To save us all from Satan’s pow’r, When we were gone astray”
AROUND TOWN: Bits and pieces from Cobb’s legislator listening sessions
@THECheetahATL Don’t forget–our annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party is coming up! Stop by The Cheetah on December 20, 2018 in your ugliest holiday sweater and gain free entry all day.
A Friendly Conversation Between Matt Forney and Jim Goad
State Rep. Dan Gasaway again sues to overturn election defeat
Watch Sharon Van Etten Rate Van Halen, 7-Eleven, and Edibles
Bill Burr GOES OFF on Outrage Culture | Joe Rogan
50 Interesting Facts About the 2018 Election
As staffing crisis continues for Berkeley police, officers who left reveal why “People say, ‘Fuck the police,’ and that’s fine,” said Shannon. “But over a period of months and years, it does wear on you. It’s not a reason to retire in and of itself, but it has an effect. Even on something innocuous, like a traffic stop, citizens walk up not knowing anything about what’s going on and they start making accusations. You would never walk into some accounting firm and go up to someone at their cubicle and tell them they’re not doing their job right. But there’s this weird sense among residents they know police work and can tell you how to do your job. It becomes a thorn in the side.”
Early voting and a super Super Tuesday to change 2020 primary campaign
FAKE OUTRAGE AND WOKENESS ARE CANCELLED IN 2018 I enjoyed this video Outage for the sake of outrage is a problem I get tired of having my chain pulled, etc etc The motives of people pushing commodified anger are often suspect This is especially bad during an election
The Epistemological Problem of White Fragility Theory
Why the Coming Shutdown May Be a Long One
JOHN CALE His late 70’s wild years by Ben Dyment (October 2017)
Just 25 Really Funny Memes About White People
Why Mattis Had to Go ~ The 2018 Wypipo Awards
@vicenews This is what it’s like to take a vacation away from white people.
Vice News Promotes Open Hatred of White People (THE SAAD TRUTH_808)
Grinches at HuffPost say ‘Rudolph’ is racist, sexist and anti-gay
Popular Moe’s restaurant fails health inspection with score of 63
#satirethatdoesnotwork Bubba the redneck reindeer had a very shiny neck
and if you ever saw it you might say what the heck
There Is No One to Cheer for in the Potential Battle Between Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek
Remembering Lance Loud. America’s First OUT Gay Man On Television
@DavijuanDean_This why you can’t buy black people nothing
@babyitsmb Jerry Seinfeld said the most intelligent thing in this clip. “You found the humor in saying that word. I haven’t found it. Nor do I seek it”.
@chamblee54 “I’m a person of a certain cynicism” are you sure?
CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ peddles fake story about Trump’s America, resigns
Absentee voting pitfalls tripped thousands of Ga. voters
Black Florida State Representative Proposes Law to Prevent the Erasure of Confederate Monuments
LEVY: It’s ‘wait and see’ on new free speech policy
29 People Reveal the Darkest Family Secrets They Ever Discovered
Is Facebook Going to Make All Posts Public?
Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronts Mick Mulvaney with his own words
Speakerfoxxx:1983-2018 The DJ and ‘Queen of ATL’ has died
Randy Taylor oral history interview, 2015-03-08
PewDiePie’s Battle for the Soul of the Internet
Unfurling ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ A Tapestry Of Southern Discomfort
Washington DC 1938 ~ It is an old cliche… in a war, the first casualty is the truth. This would also apply to this election. ~ when you argue online you choose the side of the oppressor ~ Judy Roasting On An Open Fire ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. Russell Lee took the pictures in Missouri, in August 1938 ~ selah

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