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Posted in Holidays, Library of Congress, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on December 27, 2018

12/27/18 Brookhaven GA I haven’t written a traditional letter in a while. This year, instead of making a phone call, I am going to send a USPS letter. The immediate objective to say thank you for the calendar. This will be typed. As someone who has had to read my handwriting, you probably appreciate this. Maybe it is not so traditional after all.

The calendar cover is lovely. Seven sheep, with one sporting fur of color. January is a picture of waves crashing in. While the ocean happens in cold weather, inland people associate the sea with warm weather. This reminder of warmer days to come is welcome in january. The shore makes another appearance in june, when the temperatures climb back into beach season.

The January holiday is Elvis’s birthday. This is also David Bowie’s birthday. A few years ago, I re-posted everything I had ever written about Mr. Bowie, and ripped a pile of cd’s into a play list. Three days later, Mr. Bowie was dead. In may of that year, I tried the same thing for Bob Dylan. He not only lived, he went on to win the Nobel Prize.

February is a rainbow picture, and four holidays. My father had the same birthday as Abraham Lincoln. He would be 102 now, but nature had other plans.

March has a very cool picture. It is a rendering of two goats, on a white brick wall. The goats are well balanced and centered, unlike most real life goats I have met. Whenever I try to take a picture of a flat object, I have a tough time getting all the parts to line up at flat angles. Then I discovered GIMP, the photo processing program. This enables me to arrange things in a more pleasing manner. If you can take a camera shot, and get it to come out that perfect, then you are better than me. If you use tools to get it right, then you are using what you have available. After a while, I wonder what is the “real” image… the one that the camera/computer sees, or the one on the wall?

April is a spider web, once again geometrically arranged. The drops of dew on the web, the white face on the left side of the page… these add up to a great image. The may quilt is another terrific presentation. May contains my birthday, so this is a big month for me. This year I am going to be officially old. May day, aka beltane, is another underappreciated holiday to most of America, which is just as well. May 1, 1987, was the last time I took LSD. There is no telling when that will happen again.

July has an image of an electric meter, in the upper left corner of an old log cabin. The stripes of the cabin wall look like the red and white stripes of the US flag, with the electric meter replacing the stars. August has a dog enjoying life. Dogs are great to take pictures of. On many sunday afternoons, I go walk around places, and take pictures of random dogs. These pictures form the background of graphic poems. I tell people that I work for Cruella DeVille, and only the dalmatian owners are worried, or need to be. Being a puppy-razzi is one of the joys of my old age, and progressing decrepitude.

September and November are a curious pair. September was shot at Mowsomemore Acres, TN. November was shot at Mosomemore Acres, Triune TN. Maybe one of George Bugg’s daughters married Mr. Mosomemore, and bought land in TN. After the success of Bugg Acres GA, creating Mowsomemore Acres TN would be a natural step.

December features a sky full of Air Force created contrails. I hope that you were not affected by those contrails… many people say contrails are a damaging force in the ecosystem. The back cover is a tasteful white page, with the appropriate logo above the nail hole. The back cover is often overlooked in these production, but plays a vital role. If it were not for the back cover, then december would not have any days, and John Lennon would still be alive.

That should be enough for one year. Have a good year, and I will try to do likewise. I may recycle this letter on my blog, with historic pictures from the library of congress. The pictures are Union soldiers, from the War Between the States. Maybe this will be the year when I forgive them.

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  1. Thank You Note | Chamblee54 said, on January 15, 2021 at 7:39 am

    […] is more fun to write than to read. This will double as a blog post. Simiilar messages were sent in 2018 and 2019. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These images are men who fought in the War […]

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