Best Choice To Serve Virginia

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on February 4, 2019

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@NathanJRobinson @robertwrighter “If I had a british accent, I would be one of the premier intellectuals in America” A lady said to Adlai Stevenson “you have the support of every thinking person in america” “thank you, but I need a majority to win”
The Joy of Not Giving a Shit It is ironic that you would title a piece about growing older “The joy of not giving a shit.” One of the distressing things about advancing age and decrepitude is the simple fact that your body does not work as well anymore. Things that were once automatic are now a cause for celebration. One of these things is the functioning of your bowels in ridding the body of fecal waste. Yes, I am talking about giving a shit, in the literal sense, and not the tired metaphoric way that we use to express apathy. It is quite a joyous thing to start the day with a robust bowel movement.
@chamblee54.@JamesGeary .@AryehCW mel brooks took drum lessons from buddy rich years later, after young frankenstein, they met at a party
mr. rich said to mr. brooks, you could have been a good drummer
@RalphNortham President @BarackObama knows Ralph’s a man of integrity — and he’s the best choice to serve Virginia.
IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – ‘好きと言わせたい (Suki to Iwasetai)’ MV
The title is a proposed campaign slogan: #Bernie2020 It’s His Turn
Atlanta SuperBowl Snowpocalypse Traffic Jam
@realdonaldtrump This is going to be the bigliest snow jam that Georgia has ever seen!!! Crooked Hillary could not do any better!!! We are going to shut down the Super Bowl!!!
why trump won ~ The 13 Shortest Marriages in Celebrity History
Police: Man points gun at McDonald’s employee after not getting hot sauce for fries
Being LGBTQ Does Not Cure white People of Their Bullshit I looked at the article. Against my better judgment, I looked at his twitter account. Mind you, I have never been to his twitter page. “You are blocked from following @angryblkhoemo and viewing @angryblkhoemo’s Tweets.”
Stacey Abrams to give Democrats’ response to Trump State of the Union
Football fan blitzed by hotel when reservation he made nearly a year ago is canceled
Marc Christian MacGinnis dies at 56; Rock Hudson’s ex-lover
Stephon Clark Officer-Involved Shooting Timeline Update
if I had a british accent ~ We Both Were Crazy About Girls
The Fight Over the Future of Football Has Become a Battle for California’s Soul
8 teens skipped school, robbed pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, police say
The anti-Blackness of believing there’s no support for queerness in the hood
James Lindsay, Grievance studies as religion eating atheism from the inside
Trump Considering Herman Cain for Federal Reserve Board, Sources Say
Joe Namath: Johnny Carson was a mean drunk
Carol Burnett sues TV’s “Family Guy” cartoon
Ask Chris: Is It True That After the Mexican Actor Ramon Novarro Was Killed in His House a Fan Moved In and Died There, Too?
Grady High School suspends cheerleading team for bad behavior
‘Pro-white’ rally at Stone Mountain collapses amid internal strife
I could listen to Bob Wright and Mickey Kaus until the cows come home
Bill Maher Makes Racist ‘Popeyes Chicken’ Remark to Black Congressman Will Hurd
Brutal Ad…. American Nightmare | Latino Victory Fund (D) TV Ad
If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving?
6 reasons why you’re a bad listener (and how to change it)
Stone Mountain Park to close Saturday because of possible protests
@chamblee54 if there was this zero tolerance for prejudice, as well as racism, then .@jbouie would be kicked off the internet
Kaepernick mural sacked days before Super Bowl
Rapper Bow Wow, woman arrested in Atlanta, Channel 2 Action News confirms
Joe Rogan Experience #1236 – Jack Dorsey
Vibe Magazine has turned into the Root
The Billionaire’s Stadium Next Door
15 Women Who Made Us Pee Our Pants Reading Twitter This Week
Happie Campers joined by Chris Crocker!!! Subscribe NOW!!
Music of Afghanistan – A gorgeous Box of 5 LPs published in Japan in 1975
6 moments of weirdness with Ralph Northam
How a Freak Accident Happens ~ Episode 1: The Addicks Group
Why we say “OK” ~ Led Zeppelin A&E Special 2004
Grace Slick Interview December 1992 ~ Signe Toly Anderson interview
Rock Hudson Documentary ~ Shakespeare and Psalm 46
Antifa Causes Klan to Cancel Stone Mountain Georgia Rally 2-2-19
Why Was Robert Webster, a Slave, Wearing What Looks Like a Confederate Uniform?
“Voter Roll Purging”: It was a Democrat-Backed Initiative from 2 Decades Ago
Is the Super Bowl an economic bonanza? Depends on whom you ask
@realDonaldTrump Everyone is asking how Tiger played yesterday. The answer is Great! He was long, straight & putted fantastically well. He shot a 64. Tiger is back & will be winning Majors again! Not surprisingly, Jack also played really well. His putting is amazing! Jack & Tiger like each other. ~ Windows cannot open this file. To open this file correctly, defenestrate, then try running the file again… ~ Have you seen pictures of the assailants in action? Otherwise, how do you know? ~ I placed a pharmacy order. Two weeks, I called to check up. It had never been submitted. I placed another order, and called the help line to confirm. It had not been submitted. I placed the order over the phone. While doing this, I got cut off several times, forwarded to the wrong place, and had a lady hang up on me. You want me to trust this? ~ The Democrats use racism as an election gimmick. When the election is over, and the Republicans win, POC feel more alienated than before. This is not helping America. The Democrats are exploiting racial inequality to try to win elections. Nothing good will come of this. ~ I don’t know if this answers anything, but… In the recently completed Georgia Governor’s election, aka the election from hell, Stacey Abrams had some ideas about education and healthcare. Mostly, they involved spending more money. How the state was going to find the money to fund these ideas was not addressed. After a while, her people realized that this was going to go nowhere. What was resonating with the focus groups was heavy breathing pearl clutching about *voter suppression.* Some of what Miss Abrams said about VS was true. Some of it was questionable. As the campaign went into the October surprise phase, the difference between truth and poetry became less important. The only thing that mattered was to fire up your base. It has been suggested that *voter suppression* was a code word for racism. So the election from hell went down, and the red meanies won. Is Georgia a better state? Did it hurt or help that Stacey Abrams based her campaign on *voter suppression*? I am not smart enough to know. ~ A lot of us said this in 2012, when the Blank Bowl was first proposed. Some of us said the same thing in 1988, when the Georgia Dome was proposed. Originally, the Atlanta City Council rejected the proposal to build the Dome. A week later, campaign contributions were made to the various council people, and the decision to build the Dome was made. ~ I listened to the #jackdorsey show @joerogan used an interesting phrase he said “even a racist” it was about having access to social media #racist is now the ultimate insult it means something different to everyone ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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