This Is Not Satire

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on February 11, 2019

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@TheAtheistPig It’s like god ain’t gonna so shit for you in this life, but if you don’t believe, man, is ever gonna fuck you up. @chamblee54 “It’s like god ain’t gonna so shit for you” That is an interesting typo. The obvious answer is do shit. Or maybe douche it, sew shit, sow shit ( the porcine solution) or something else. You just gotta believe. @TheAtheistPig Damn typos.
Bari Weiss at Chautauqua: “The New Seven Dirty Words” 11:08 imagination, humility, proportion, empathy, judgment, reason, doubt
‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ Super Bowl message
Why You Can’t Argue with a Leftist
Georgia: The Epicenter of America’s Corrupted Electronic Elections
Charles Evers Interview Regarding John MacArthur
Future Super Bowl locations: Host cities, stadiums for Super Bowl LIV and beyond
Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments of Writing and His Daily Creative Routine
Joe Rogan Apologizes for Jack Dorsey Podcast
@RandPaul “Finally, after 17 years, we have a President bold enough to declare victory and bring our troops home and the warmongers have the gall to claim that coming home, after 17 years, is precipitous?” A broken clock is correct twice a day.
The Real “No-Go Zone” of France: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War
Andy Warhol Documentary Film Part 1 of 2
Stacey Abrams’ entire Democratic response speech
Dem response to the State of the Union
Jordan Peterson on Suing Wilfrid Laurier – “They haven’t learned their lesson”
Free Speech Hero Jordan Peterson Launches Another Defamation Lawsuit
YANSS 143 – How to Talk to People About Things
An In-Depth Look At Ed Buck’s Political Donations
Ed Buck Update Given By Sheriff’s At West Hollywood City Council
Stacey Abrams: I do not take political advice from Donald Trump
@realDonaldTrump PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!
Trump on Stacey Abrams running for U.S. Senate: ‘I don’t think she can win’
Stacey Abrams Isn’t Running for President. Should She Be?
Aja puts everything on the line for their debut album, Box Office
The Johann Hari Podcast: Episode 23 – The hidden history of homosexuality in America
Stacey Abrams’ Talk About Obama’s ‘Compassionate’ Immigration Legacy Isn’t Just Wrong
Trump: Stacey Abrams ‘had Oprah’ and still lost Georgia governor’s race
How Brian Kemp turned warning of election system vulnerability against Democrats
Against Propertarianism | w/ NWG, TPS #307
Dear White People, Stop Making Racism All About You
Police union quickly backs officers as probe begins into fatal shooting in North Seattle
Northgate Homicide Suspect Killed Early Thursday In Officer-Involved Shooting
The B.E.E. Podcast – 1/25/19 – Jay McInerney
The Shaun King We’re Not Talking About
Man shot, killed outside bar at busy Buckhead shopping center, police say
After backlash, conservative pundit Candace Owens clarifies viral Hitler comment
Wilson, Ivy G., ed., Whitman Noir: Black Americaand the Good Gray Poet
Arrest made in shooting death of businessman during attempted robbery outside CVS
Dick Leitsch ~ The Truth About Shaun King
Was Walt Whitman racist? ~ jussie smollet police report
Andy Warhol – The Complete Picture ~ The Stacey Abrams Revolution
discombobulated ~ Pink Floyd “More” (movie soundtrack)
murderville ~ ogden nash ~ lydia lunch
“Take a Knee, Take a Hike.” ~ Three Writing Rules to Disregard
We needed to do this after the 2000 election. The Demoze are waiting for their turn to lose the popular vote, but win the electoral vote. The electoral college reinforces the demo-repub duopoly. Having a fool like Trump elected is a cost of doing business. ~ Does BDSM stand for BDS Man? ~ there are some questions the amount donated to campaigns is somewhere between $46k and $500k how did mr buck get his $$$ the coroners report I saw on Gemmel Moore did not mention drugs being found The coroners report on Timothy Dean has not been released ~ The WaPo brought us the story about the KKK endorsing DJT. The story was believed without question, and fueled hysteria in the waning days of that nightmare campaign. Did these lies influence the white people in Michigan and Pennsylvania to vote for DJT? “Be less blatantly partisan.” That is a good idea. Also, if you are going to favor one candidate, make your lies a bit more plausible. ~ No, the press would ignore the comment. If it did get reported, then WP and POC would think he was crazy. ~ gerrymandering is like the weather everyone has an opinion about it, but few know how to do anything to change it ~ Only if you know nothing about the subject being discussed ~ pictures for this dogged diversion from dissective derailment today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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