Monetizing Our Own Content

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on March 11, 2019

“The Worse It Gets, the Closer We Are to Renovation”
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 1: Drug Dealing Felon Arrested And Charged With Felony Assault For Attacking Woman With No Contact Order Against Him
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 2: Franklin Is Threatening Everyone Who Disagrees With His Narrative, Is Suggesting He Would Leave The Country To Have An Alibi While He Has Uncle Turtleboy Murdered, Isn’t Doing His “Dindonuffin” Story Any Favors
Inside Edition Cancelled On Franklin Baxley After Turtle Riders Flooded Them With Phone Calls Exposing His Woman-Beating, Drug Dealing Past
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 4: Domestic Abuser Uses Non-Profit To Make Six Figure Salary, Gets Hired By Needham Women’s Group
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 5: Heroin Dealer Sets Up Stripper Girlfriend To Get Beaten While He Films Because She Stole Drugs From Him
Franklin Baxley Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges
Man in Attleboro dog park dispute arrested on drug trafficking charges
@existentialcoms Also, apparantly today is #NationalGrammarDay, a day for everyone out there who likes to feel smug that they memorized the “correct” set of made up rules. Yes, your smugness is based on a fundamental misunderstanding, but hey, at least it makes you happy.
Racism and the American Pit Bull ~ Wittgenstein Plays Scrabble
WABE’s Jim Burress has lost his voice and isn’t sure if he’ll ever get it back
Landmark Diner Jr. Has Closed on Cheshire Bridge Road
Church of Satan Frequently Asked Questions
Behind one of Twitter’s most outspoken social justice personalities
Why ‘ji32k7au4a83’ Is a Remarkably Common Password
“rules and regulations” for attending this couple’s wedding
What Happens to All Those Beads After Mardi Gras?
Barstool Sports Claimed To Be Copyright Owners Of Dog Park Diane Video Preventing Us From Monetizing Our Own Content
Social Justice Bard and The Curious Case of the Anti Identity Politics
The B.E.E. Podcast – 3/8/19 – Laura Bickford – GOLD
How Should We Talk About the Israel Lobby’s Power?
March 7, 1969: CBS News “The Homosexuals” hosted by Mike Wallace
Thoughts From Our Manager His own words about our clientele.
Fell from a Tall Building Said While Passing Each Story “All’s Well So Far”
Brian Kemp Faces Investigation by House Panel
what the U.S. House oversight panel wants from Kemp, Raffensperger
“The Scream” Animated to the Sound of Pink Floyd
900 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free
NY Post Writer Chris Perez Calls Us “Racist” For Looking In To Franklin Baxley, Refuses To Correct Story Because He Has Dubbed It “Factually Accurate”
Columbus teen is going to prison – over a pair of sneakers
Oh, Bloody Hell BackStory’s History of Profanity in America @chamblee54 @QuoteResearch who said “So, you’re the man who can’t spell ‘fuck.'” @BackStoryRadio says Tallulah Bankhead google says Dorothy Parker There is a consensus that it was said to Norman Mailer
“The ability to say things that are stupid and wrong is essential to the advancement of knowledge.” Mr. Sullivan is not affected by false modesty.
How to Swear Like a 19th-Century Sailor
Open Letter to the University of Illinois
Friedrich Nietzsche ~ The ArtsXchange ~ Philosophy of the world – The Shaggs
The WORST Album Ever Made ~ Holy rage at the ‘Spring ~ Bob Richardson
Janis Joplin’s Final Interview ~ Exposing Franklin Baxley ~ guily
@htmlmencken Dumb. Socialism is actually screaming at the imperfectly woke online in order to build a society of immaculate, trope-free, morally hygienic individuals. ~ ” we want context so that maybe we can excuse it.” No. I refuse to believe that Nathan just said NL out of the clear blue sky with no provocation. Maybe it does not justify what he said, but it can explain why he said it. For all we know, Laurel said something worse. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Whenever I’m asked to be a pallbearer, I hope that they have light bier at the funeral. ~ @HLMenckenBot The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. ~ @TitaniaMcGrath Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Selfless and brave. Buy my book. @TitaniaMcGrath If you only have sex with people you find attractive, you might want to ask yourself why you’re such a superficial bigot. ~ No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant. #Nietzsche Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle. #Nietzsche Good prose is written only face to face with poetry. #Nietzsche Faith means not wanting to know what is true. #Nietzsche Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. #Nietzsche ~ Once, when Lenny Bruce was busted, the police decided to make everyone in the audience show identification. George Carlin was in the audience. He made a scene about it, and was arrested. When Lenny Bruce was performing in London, he used all the naughty words that got him in trouble in America. Nobody cared. However, he said something about cigarettes, and said lung cancer. A man in the audience stood up. “He said cancer. I can’t believe he said that word.” The man, and his party, walked out of the performance. source The London story was also in:souce ~ @WernerTwertzog Thank you for asking, my pronoun is “thou.” ~ We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel ~ you could write a poem, but what would rhyme with epistemological crisis? ~ this poem was read at the red light cafe on March 5. After it was over, someone came up to PG and said that you don’t hear villanelles very often.
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
so the power and the glory survive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
a ghost of aviation samurai
they’ll eat a working girl like her alive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
rousseau paints a jungle flower magpie
a cellar full of antique dolls arrive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
snow gathers where bolts of lace gentrify
her impossibly gentle hands revive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
rent me a grand piano nellie bly
all emotions and abstractions connive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
tomorrow give me one good reason why
wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
The Library of Congress supplies the pictures for today’s frolic. “Group singing hymns at the opening of the Sunday school. While there are no churches on the project there are five or six in the area close by. This one is just off the project and is attended by many project members. Dailey, West Virginia” Arthur Rothstein took the pictures in December, 1941. ~ selah

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