Shock And Awe Day

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Sixteen years ago, Iraq teetered on the edge of regime change. It was obvious what was going to happen, at least at first. America was going to storm in, kill a bunch of people, and take over.

In post 911 America, the military industrial complex saw an opportunity for plunder, unrivaled since the fall of the Soviet Union. The stories of WMD would infect the body politic with fear of a mesopotamian madman. Saddam Hussein wanted Iran to think he has wonder weapons, and did not think America was serious about regime change. We all make mistakes.

In the sixteen years since the time of shock and awe, trillions of dollars have gone down the drain, dragging the mighty American economy along into the sewers of bankruptcy. One of the oldest civilizations of mankind was reduced to hiding, from neighbors, behind concrete barricades. They fought the conquerors with bombs triggered by garage door openers. Thousands of women and children have been murdered. The WMD were never found. This is a repost.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Mark Twain Rhymes With Public Domain

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Officers told man to drop airsoft gun before deadly police shooting
Dems pick Milwaukee for 2020 convention over Miami, Houston
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Residential cost of GA-400 expansion illustration of bigger conundrum
Unearthed audio shows Tucker Carlson making racist remarks …”asking of Barack Obama,
“How is he Black, for one thing? He has one white parent, one Black parent.”
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Human reactions to rape culture
and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon

Study: Dog parks are manifestations of rape culture and oppression
Joe Rogan – Exposing Social Justice with Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay
Going in Through the Back Door: Challenging Straight Male Homohysteria, Transhysteria,
and Transphobia Through Receptive Penetrative Sex Toy Use

Fifty Shades of Bad Grammar Advice
William S. Burroughs and the Dead-End Horror of the Centipede God
Oh—You’re the Man Who Can’t Spell (Great thanks to Luther Mckinnon whose inquiry led QI to formulate this question and perform this exploration.)
Bus driver pulled over on way to pick up kids, charged with DUI
Jim Chud, longtime AIDS survivor, dies
Not to brag, but this selection of top tweets is outstanding. So smile!
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love 1: No Direction Home
Germany: Crematorium goes up in flames, bodies survive
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The World Association of Ugly People
Circa-1930 Grant Park School to be razed for luxury apartments, townhomes
Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers
Unpopular Speech in a Cold Climate
A Three-Day Expedition To Walk Across Paris Entirely Underground
Rockets fired at Tel Aviv were apparently a mistake
Morris Dees, a Co-Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Is Ousted
The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility
Frank Zappa Interview Collection 1967 – 1993 (10 Hours)
World’s most admired 2018 ~ a horror of theology ~ The SPLC Scam
whtie supremacy pyramid ~ π-day ~ waffle house vistas
color and light ~ Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) ~ Fat by Raymond Carver
Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. ~ “…asking of Barack Obama, “How is he Black, for one thing? He has one white parent, one Black parent.” When you are a #mediamatters hammer, and you are driving nails into #TuckerCarlson everything is a #racist nail ~ Let those who are without plaster cast the first sin ~ @PeteButtigieg has a name recognition problem ~ this poem was performed last night at seven stages theater. It had been previously published.
chartreuse juniper butterfly taffy ~ love for him blowing up like a balloon
coroner fondles muammar gaddafi ~ imbecile monster from the deep lagoon
unforgiving sidewalk funeral dirge ~ survivor of a terrible bloody day
give tumescent prey a bloody surge ~ smug little voice demanding combat pay
it was a dark and purple stormy night ~ trying to outlive petty vegan girl
illuminated by ambient light ~ in the noisy gloom of the diva pearl
trying to outlive petty vegan girl ~ ending her addiction to soap operas
in the noisy gloom of the diva pearl ~ bad puns working like emetic vodkas
ending her addiction to soap operas ~ illuminated by ambient light
bad puns working like emetic vodkas ~ it was a dark and purple stormy night
Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “Grinding coffee. General store, Lamoille, Iowa” Arthur Rothstein took the pictures. The location was Iowa. The time was October 1939. “In the Triple-B Association each cow’s milk is tested every two months. The results are kept in a record book. In this way the farmer can accurately judge the producing value of each cow, weed out the poorest ones and breed the best. Black Hawk County, Iowa” ~ selah

Mankind Into Cattle

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Did Joseph Think It Was His Kid?

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NOTE: This feature was originally published in March 26, 2013. This is the day after March 25, nine months before Christmas. IOW, a crucial day in the most famous unconsummated marriage in history. PG began to ponder the traditional marriage of Joseph and Mary. The question of the day is “when did Joseph and Mary get married?” Facilities such as Liberty Gospel Tracts and Fish Eaters Traditional Catholic Forum have answers.

LGT (the B got kicked out for some reason) contributes a bible passage, Matthew 1:18-19.
18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. 19 Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.
Put her away in the privy? That is some kinky business there. Maybe the Christians and Jews have it all wrong. The thirds Abrahamic religion, Islam, might have the answer. A site, TurnToIslam, has another point of view about the traditional definition of marriage.

What about Mary, Jesus’ Mother peace be upon both of them? How old was she when she got pregnant? Not only was it a custom in the Arab society to Engage/Marry a young girl it was also common in the Jewish society. The case of Mary the mother of Jesus comes to mind, in non biblical sources she was between 11-14 years old when she conceived Jesus. Mary had already been “BETROTHED” to Joseph before conceiving Jesus. Joseph was a much older man. therefore Mary was younger than 11-14 years of age when she was “BETHROED” to Joseph. We Muslims would never call Joseph a Child Molester, nor would we refer to the “Holy Ghost” of the Bible, that “Impregnated” Mary as a “Rapist” or “Adulterer”.

“….it is possible that Mary gave birth to her Son when she was about thirteen or fourteen years of age….”Mary was approximately 14 years old when she got pregnant with Jesus. Joseph, Mary’s Husband is believed to be around 36. Mary was only 13 when she married Joseph. When she first was arranged with Joseph she was between 7 to 9 years old.”

According to the “Oxford Dictionary Bible” commentary, Mary (peace be upon her) was was 12 years old when she became impregnated. So if I want to be as silly and ridiculous as many of the Christians, I would respond to them by saying that Mary was psychologically and emotionally devastated for getting pregnant at a very young age. And speaking of “child molesting”, since most Christians believe that Jesus is the Creator of this universe, then why did G-D allow himself to enter life through a 12-year old young girl’s vagina? Please note that we Muslims love and respect Allah Almighty, Mary, Jesus and Allah’s Message to the People of the Book (The Jews and Christians). In other words, we Muslims would never make fun of Christianity through such childish topic like this one as many ridiculous Christians do make fun of Islam through our Prophet’s (peace be upon him) marriage.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

The Abyss

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π Day

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Today is 3-14. It is a tuesday, and 314 are the first three digits of pi (affectionately known as π ). It is a math thing, the number you multiply a diameter by to get the circumference. When your grammar school math teacher told you about π, she probably used 3.14, or 3 1/7. (PG went to school when Hewlett and Packard were still in the garage.)

You might also have heard the formula for the area of a circle, the racy π r squared . This means that you multiply π by the radius (half the diameter, a line from the border to the center point), and then multiply the whole contraption by the radius again. The formula has a funny sound to it. Pie are not square, cornbread is square, pie are round. Like Sly Stone says, all the squares go home.

According to wikipedia, π seems to have been known as early as 1900 b.c. The pyramids of Egypt have a π based feature. The Greek letter π is the first letter of the Greek word περίμετρος (perimeter) . This was determined OTP.

The pyramid- π function is fairly simple. The total length of the four sides, at the base, will be the same as the height of the pyramid, times two, times π. PG likes to make model pyramids. They are 6″ tall, and the base sides are 9 3/8″. The combination of these four sides is 37 1/2″. If you multiply 6x2x3.14, you get 37.68″ The .18″ is because of a measuring error.

A lady named Eve Astrid Andersson has a page of her website dedicated to π. The only trivia question that PG understood was the first one…1. What is the formal definition of pi? …the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter // 3.14159 // the radius of a unit circle // the surface area of a sphere of diameter 22/7 // a delicious dessert, especially if it contains cherries.

There is the football cheer from M.I.T. ” Cosine, secant, tangent, sine 3.14159 // Integral, radical, u dv, slipstick, slide rule, MIT!”

In 1998 a movie titled π was released. It caused brain damage in 3.14% of those who saw it. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that 1998 = 666 x 3.

π has been calculated to over five million digits. The second part of this feature are a few of those numbers. There are 82 characters in each line. This feature shows π extended to 10,165 digits. This is .02% of five million. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.







4419735685481613611573525521334757418494684385233239073941433345477624168625189835 6948556209921922218427255025425688767179049460165346680498862723279178608578438382






David And Elton

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On page 327 of David Bowie: A Life, the Live Aid show goes down. “There wasn’t much love lost between David and Elton–perhaps they’d fallen out at some point in the past…”

Elton John says he fell out with David Bowie over ‘token queen’ remark “David and I were not the best of friends towards the end. We started out being really good friends. We used to hang out together with Marc Bolan, going to gay clubs, but I think we just drifted apart…. He once called me “rock’n’roll’s token queen” in an interview with Rolling Stone, which I thought was a bit snooty. He wasn’t my cup of tea. No; I wasn’t his cup of tea”.

1975 was a different time. David Bowie was moving out of Ziggy Stardust, and became the Thin White Duke. At some point he starting doing lots of cocaine. On page 196 of DB:AL, Jayne County has stories. “It was pretty obvious the David was taking coke. He became very skeletal in his appearance and began rattling off speeches that sounded meaningless to the rest of us–strange things about witchcraft, demons, and sexual prostitution in ancient times … weird things that made everyone nervous. He began to get paranoid and accusing people of ripping him off and stealing his drugs…. He had to have cartilage removed from one part of his body and put in his nose because the coke had eaten his nose cartilage away.”

While David was popular in 1975, and had a certain aesthetic aroma, Elton John was a phenomenon. Everything Elton touched went to Number One. Elton was one of the most popular solo acts the market ever sold. Maybe David was jealous of Elton’s success.

By all accounts, Elton did his share of “hooverizing.” In 1975, Elton was officially in the closet, although a lot of people knew otherwise. In one impossible to confirm story, a friend of PG was working in an Atlanta club called Encore, later known as Backstreet. One busy night, he was in a hurry to get somewhere, and bumped into someone. The person he knocked over was Elton John.

The infamous Rolling Stone interview was part of the damage. “Rock & roll has been really bringing me down lately. It’s in great danger of becoming an immobile, sterile fascist that constantly spews its propaganda on every arm of the media. …. I mean, disco music is great. I used disco to get my first Number One single [“Fame”] but it’s an escapist’s way out. It’s musical soma. Rock & roll too — it will occupy and destroy you that way. It lets in lower elements and shadows that I don’t think are necessary. Rock has always been the devil’s music. You can’t convince me that it isn’t.”

Cameron Crowe How about specifics? Is Mick Jagger evil? David Bowie “Mick himself? Oh Lord no. He’s not unlike Elton John, who represents the token queen — like Liberace used to. No, I don’t think Mick is evil at all. He represents the sort of harmless, bourgeois kind of evil that one can accept with a shrug…. Actually, I wonder … I think I might have been a bloody good Hitler. I’d be an excellent dictator. Very eccentric and quite mad.”

Playboy Magazine gave David another chance to talk about Hitler. “I’d love to enter politics. I will one day. I’d adore to be Prime Minister. And, yes, I believe very strongly in fascism.” “Rock stars are fascists, too. Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars.” “#54: PLAYBOY: How so?” BOWIE: “Think about it. Look at some of his films and see how he moved. I think he was quite as good as Jagger. It’s astounding. And, boy, when he hit that stage, he worked an audience. Good God! He was no politician. He was a media artist himself. He used politics and theatrics and created this thing that governed and controlled the show for those 12 years. The world will never see his like.”

#77: PLAYBOY: “Last question. Do you believe and stand by everything you’ve said?” BOWIE: “Everything but the inflammatory remarks.” We don’t know whether a jab at Elton was inflammatory. “I consider myself responsible for a whole new school of pretensions–they know who they are. Don’t you, Elton? Just kidding. No, I’m not.”

Seven daily grams of coke (DB:AL, p.223) did not kill David Bowie. He soon moved on to make The Man Who Fell to Earth. People magazine helped out with the publicity. “No role could have suited David Bowie better in his first major movie than that of an inscrutable interplanetary traveler outfitted with human skin, sex organs, Ronald Reagan hair and humanoid pupils to slip in over his horizontal, mismatched feline slits.” Forty years before Donald Trump made the tangerine toupee cool, Ronald Reagan was prematurely orange. Pictures for this deplorable dive into hissyfit history are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









The Six G-ds of Christianity

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There is a discussion brewing in the Jesus Worship blogosphere on the question of “Is Christianity really monotheistic ”. This is in response to a post, on the subject of the unquestioning Christian .

There is a “motivational” poster, with the headline “Ten signs you are an unquestioning Christian”. One of these (either number one or ten) deals with monotheism. To wit: “You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of G-ds claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of your G-d.” Some writers are promising/threatening to write about all ten of these arguments, and the feature on monotheism is the first.

PG is a recovering Baptist, who is severely alienated from Jesus. He does suspect that there is a G-d, and is in no way an “atheist”. The tracts linked to above tend to break down the discussion to atheists vs. christians, which is highly misleading.

PG has been knocking around for some time the idea of a post about the six G-ds of Jesus Worshipers. The appearance of this series…at blogs that ban PG from commenting…has spurred him into action. Whether or not there will be more comments (from PG) remains to be seen.

Christianity claims to be a monotheistic religion. This means, there is only one G-d. In contrast, the Romans and Greeks had G-ds and G-ddesses galore, and the Hindus have literally millions of deities. In what was claimed by some as an advancement, the Jews worshiped one G-d. (Zoraroastrians are said to be monotheistic, and did it before the Jews. There may be others.)

One of the sacred tracts of Judaism and Christianity is the ten commandments . The first three relate to the concept of monotheism, and the proper way to talk about G-d.

1-Thou shalt have no other G-ds before me.
2-Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy G-d am a jealous G-d, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
3-Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy G-d in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

As a side note, PG has heard something about the use of Lord as a name for G-d. The riff is that “Lord” was an expression for an English nobleman. When the Bible was translated by James I, his workers used the L word as a synonym for G-d. The words for G-d in the Greek and Hebrew texts that comprised the Bible do not translate as Lord…that word was inserted by the anglocentric workers of James I. This is something that PG read in a book by Tom Robbins, and has no other source for. It may, or may not be true. If it is, then it just might be a violation of the third commandment.

Getting back to monotheism, does Christianity live up to the first commandment? This may seem to be a silly question when you consider the concept of the trinity. At some point in the early days of Jesus Worship, a decision was made to split G-d into three parts. We now had the father, the son, and the holy ghost. (Which makes for a neat blessing…the father the son the holy ghost, whoever eats fastest gets the most) The first commandment is still in effect, but, well, you just have to understand. The Jews continued to worship one G-d, and when Mohammed started his franchise, he changed the name to Allah. In that version, there is no G-d but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.

Meanwhile, the Jesus Worshipers were good at converting and reproducing, and soon had a very popular religion. But was it one G-d only? The faith had a book of ancient texts that they call “the word of G-d”. The fact that it was written, copied, edited and translated by man did not stop folks. The first commandment would seem to prohibit this custom, but, you just have to believe.

PG is willing to concede the point that he doesn’t understand the concept of the Trinity. He thinks it is a concoction of the Council of Nicea, and a violation of the first commandment. This is something that seems to happen a lot with Christianity…to proclaim one thing as a rule, to apparently violate that rule, but have a clever explanation that few seem to understand.

This does not explain the other G-ds of Christianity. For this discussion, we will focus on three…the Bible, Satan, and Salvation.

The Catholic Church had a conference to establish a consistent canon for their church. This conference became known as the Council of Nicea. (This conference is where the concept of the Triune G-d was formulated.) The texts in use by the church at the time were collected in one book. Some texts were not used, and there is a good possibility that the texts that were used were edited. This committee effort became known as the Bible.

PG got into a twitter discussion recently. It turns out that PG does not know much about the Council of Nicea. There were other meetings at this time, and after a while a standardized canon was established for the Christian religion. Few doubt that the Bible was curated by man.

During the protestant reformation, the new churches needed a source for their authority over the people. It was during this time that the concept of the Bible as the “Word of G-d” became known. This in effect made a G-d out of a book. This is in direct defiance of the First Commandment, which teaches to have no other G-d before you.

The book has been interpreted into many languages, and the interpretations have been interpreted. The star of the New Testament, Jesus, spoke Aramaic. His words were recorded, in Greek, many years after he *died*. Any quote from Jesus has been translated at least twice. This is from texts that were written many years after he lived. And yet, people talk about what Jesus taught, and have confidence, that they know what they are talking about. (The only things we know about Jesus is what the Council of Nicea chose to tell us.)

At some point, the idea began to float around that the Bible was not only the word of G-d, but that it was inerrant…that is, without errors. This would presume that no body in the chain of production made a mistake. This includes a scribe copying a text, and a Catholic editor assembling a canon. Nobody translating ancient languages, from ragged source materials, made a mistake. The people who make this claim seem to assume that they have a perfect understanding of this text. Is it a coincidence that the spell check suggestion for inerrant is ignorant?

This one is too blatant to let slide. When you declare a text to be the “word of G-d”, you are making a G-d out of a book. There is a semantic argument to be made… you can say that this isn’t worship. Lets say it out loud… calling the Bible the “word of G-d” makes a G-d out of a book, in violation of the First Commandment. This is not monotheism.

A quick look at the way Satan is treated by the church shows a curious similarity to worship. Yes, it is backhanded worship, and lots of negative things are said about Beelzebub. He with the horns and tail is given credit for all kinds of powers, and needs to be fought (with human collateral damage). Yes, Jesus Worshipers give the Devil his due, and then some.

The last “G-d” that we will look at today is Salvation, or the Christian scheme for life after death. Anyone living in the USA has heard this plan a thousand times, and many agree with it. Some do not agree with it. It is none of your business how PG feels. (Your guess is probably correct.)

What is undeniable is the importance placed on salvation in Christianity. It is discussed in every church meeting, often at top volume, and with dramatics that would shame a ham actor. Salvation is said to justify all the rudeness and verbal abuse that Jesus Worshiper inflict on their neighbors. If you do not agree with the concept of Salvation, you have no business belonging to a Christian Church.

Does this hysterical emphasis on Salvation make a G-d out of the concept? As with the Bible and Satan, it is a matter of perspective. A good argument could be made that Jesus Worshipers treat these three items with G-d like devotion, and make G-ds out of them.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.

Every Saint

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Monetizing Our Own Content

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“The Worse It Gets, the Closer We Are to Renovation”
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 1: Drug Dealing Felon Arrested And Charged With Felony Assault For Attacking Woman With No Contact Order Against Him
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 2: Franklin Is Threatening Everyone Who Disagrees With His Narrative, Is Suggesting He Would Leave The Country To Have An Alibi While He Has Uncle Turtleboy Murdered, Isn’t Doing His “Dindonuffin” Story Any Favors
Inside Edition Cancelled On Franklin Baxley After Turtle Riders Flooded Them With Phone Calls Exposing His Woman-Beating, Drug Dealing Past
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 4: Domestic Abuser Uses Non-Profit To Make Six Figure Salary, Gets Hired By Needham Women’s Group
Exposing Franklin Baxley Part 5: Heroin Dealer Sets Up Stripper Girlfriend To Get Beaten While He Films Because She Stole Drugs From Him
Franklin Baxley Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges
Man in Attleboro dog park dispute arrested on drug trafficking charges
@existentialcoms Also, apparantly today is #NationalGrammarDay, a day for everyone out there who likes to feel smug that they memorized the “correct” set of made up rules. Yes, your smugness is based on a fundamental misunderstanding, but hey, at least it makes you happy.
Racism and the American Pit Bull ~ Wittgenstein Plays Scrabble
WABE’s Jim Burress has lost his voice and isn’t sure if he’ll ever get it back
Landmark Diner Jr. Has Closed on Cheshire Bridge Road
Church of Satan Frequently Asked Questions
Behind one of Twitter’s most outspoken social justice personalities
Why ‘ji32k7au4a83’ Is a Remarkably Common Password
“rules and regulations” for attending this couple’s wedding
What Happens to All Those Beads After Mardi Gras?
Barstool Sports Claimed To Be Copyright Owners Of Dog Park Diane Video Preventing Us From Monetizing Our Own Content
Social Justice Bard and The Curious Case of the Anti Identity Politics
The B.E.E. Podcast – 3/8/19 – Laura Bickford – GOLD
How Should We Talk About the Israel Lobby’s Power?
March 7, 1969: CBS News “The Homosexuals” hosted by Mike Wallace
Thoughts From Our Manager His own words about our clientele.
Fell from a Tall Building Said While Passing Each Story “All’s Well So Far”
Brian Kemp Faces Investigation by House Panel
what the U.S. House oversight panel wants from Kemp, Raffensperger
“The Scream” Animated to the Sound of Pink Floyd
900 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free
NY Post Writer Chris Perez Calls Us “Racist” For Looking In To Franklin Baxley, Refuses To Correct Story Because He Has Dubbed It “Factually Accurate”
Columbus teen is going to prison – over a pair of sneakers
Oh, Bloody Hell BackStory’s History of Profanity in America @chamblee54 @QuoteResearch who said “So, you’re the man who can’t spell ‘fuck.'” @BackStoryRadio says Tallulah Bankhead google says Dorothy Parker There is a consensus that it was said to Norman Mailer
“The ability to say things that are stupid and wrong is essential to the advancement of knowledge.” Mr. Sullivan is not affected by false modesty.
How to Swear Like a 19th-Century Sailor
Open Letter to the University of Illinois
Friedrich Nietzsche ~ The ArtsXchange ~ Philosophy of the world – The Shaggs
The WORST Album Ever Made ~ Holy rage at the ‘Spring ~ Bob Richardson
Janis Joplin’s Final Interview ~ Exposing Franklin Baxley ~ guily
@htmlmencken Dumb. Socialism is actually screaming at the imperfectly woke online in order to build a society of immaculate, trope-free, morally hygienic individuals. ~ ” we want context so that maybe we can excuse it.” No. I refuse to believe that Nathan just said NL out of the clear blue sky with no provocation. Maybe it does not justify what he said, but it can explain why he said it. For all we know, Laurel said something worse. ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon Whenever I’m asked to be a pallbearer, I hope that they have light bier at the funeral. ~ @HLMenckenBot The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. ~ @TitaniaMcGrath Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Selfless and brave. Buy my book. @TitaniaMcGrath If you only have sex with people you find attractive, you might want to ask yourself why you’re such a superficial bigot. ~ No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant. #Nietzsche Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle. #Nietzsche Good prose is written only face to face with poetry. #Nietzsche Faith means not wanting to know what is true. #Nietzsche Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. #Nietzsche ~ Once, when Lenny Bruce was busted, the police decided to make everyone in the audience show identification. George Carlin was in the audience. He made a scene about it, and was arrested. When Lenny Bruce was performing in London, he used all the naughty words that got him in trouble in America. Nobody cared. However, he said something about cigarettes, and said lung cancer. A man in the audience stood up. “He said cancer. I can’t believe he said that word.” The man, and his party, walked out of the performance. source The London story was also in:souce ~ @WernerTwertzog Thank you for asking, my pronoun is “thou.” ~ We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Elie Wiesel ~ you could write a poem, but what would rhyme with epistemological crisis? ~ this poem was read at the red light cafe on March 5. After it was over, someone came up to PG and said that you don’t hear villanelles very often.
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
so the power and the glory survive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
a ghost of aviation samurai
they’ll eat a working girl like her alive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
rousseau paints a jungle flower magpie
a cellar full of antique dolls arrive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
snow gathers where bolts of lace gentrify
her impossibly gentle hands revive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
rent me a grand piano nellie bly
all emotions and abstractions connive
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
tomorrow give me one good reason why
wreck my stockings in some jukebox dive
edith in his bed swallowed by the sky
sounds like applause or just a dream to fly
The Library of Congress supplies the pictures for today’s frolic. “Group singing hymns at the opening of the Sunday school. While there are no churches on the project there are five or six in the area close by. This one is just off the project and is attended by many project members. Dailey, West Virginia” Arthur Rothstein took the pictures in December, 1941. ~ selah

Millard Fillmore And Oscar Wilde In Atlanta

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This afternoon’s post at chamblee54 noted an 1854 visit by former President Millard Fillmore. This was brought to the attention of another history minded blog, Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub. The result was some details about the visit, Millard Fillmore, live on Peachtree Street, 1854. The material below is borrowed from that post.

Two years after the Whigs refused to nominate Fillmore for a term of his own, he was out touring the country? Several accounts explain that Fillmore and his wife Abigail wanted to tour the U.S. after his presidency. Unfortunately, she died shortly after he left office. He pined through the rest of 1853, but by February 1854 had decided to tour by himself, without his children, accompanied by friends he could persuade to join him.

That same month, Fillmore decided to take the trip southward that he and Abigail had not been able to take. Given the timing, some observers believed that Fillmore had a political motive in making the journey. They suspected that he might be planning to speak out against the Nebraska Bill [proposed by Illinois’s U.S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas]. Others were convinced that it was a leisure tour. But whatever Fillmore’s intentions may have been, his speeches to southern audiences were relatively neutral. He restated his faith in the [Missouri] Compromise, but he spent most of his time enjoying a series of receptions, dinners, and parades in his honor throughout the region. A marching band escorted him through the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. Girls scattered his path with flowers in Montgomery, Alabama. A row of trains blew their whistles in greeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Fillmore returned home refreshed and with renewed faith in his fellow Americans. (This paragraph is from Alison Behnke, Millard Fillmore (a child’s history of the man), 2005, page 92.)

By late February 1854 Fillmore had resumed his plans to travel. He perceived that a southern trip would do him good and that the journey would divert his mind from the loss of Abigail. … Fillmore hoped Francis Granger, John P. Kennedy, and Washington Irving would go with him on the trip. Granger lost interest, and Irving was in no mood for politics. …

En route to Atlanta from Augusta on the Georgia Railroad, they stopped at Greensboro where a large crowd of teachers and students of the Female College greeted Fillmore and Kennedy. They dined at Madison. At Stone Mountain an escort committee from Atlanta met them.

At the Atlanta Depot a novel reception welcomed them. A large number of locomotives were present with their steam up. When the Augusta engineer signaled their arrival they all opened up their valves and whistled out a welcome the like of which, reported a newspaper, “no mortal man had heard before.” The shouts from the crowd and locomotive whistles were deafening to one reporter. By carriage the party went from the depot to the Atlanta Hotel where a reception was held.

Fillmore had become hoarse. Nonetheless, he managed to say that he was impressed by the large population and that he had heard that it was a beautiful village in the center of the state. He also admonished the state legislature to to take note “of the array of female loveliness before me” seated at the reception. If they did so, he joked, they wouldn’t hesitate to locate the state capital at Atlanta. At that time the capital was at Milledgeville. Atlanta became the capital in 1877. (This section is from Robert J. Scarry, Millard Fillmore, 1982, pages 247-252 variously.)

A few months later, on October 16, 1854, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland. On July 4, 1882, Mr. Wilde gave a talk at De Give’s Opera House in Atlanta GA. What happened next is described on page 201 of Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann.

Mr. Wilde was accompanied by his agent, J.S. Vail, and a valet, W.M. Traquair. Mr. Vail bought three train tickets for Savannah, the next stop on the tour. The Pullman agent told Mr. Wilde that black people were not allowed to ride in sleeper car berths. Mr. Wilde said that Mr. Traquair had traveled with him throughout the South without incident. The Pullman agent said the next stop was in Jonesboro GA. If people in Jonesboro saw a black man in the car, then they would attack the train. Mr. Wilde gave in, and Mr. Traquair traveled in another part of the train.

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