Famous Edgar Allan Poe Stories

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on April 1, 2019

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‏ @chamblee54 .@JohnHMcWhorter .@GlennLoury There is a bit of talk about the democrats trying to lure black voters with promises of repartations.
Has anyone considered how this is going to play with white voters?
Gross For someone that peddles their wares on someone else’s page without adding much to the conversations I think you should either add context to your future comments or understand that your future posts of your own site will go straight to the trash. ~ As the uncertain umpire said, fair enough. Karen Handel needs to get a real job. Maybe the Komen foundation will take her back. There are a lot of rude things, both personal and political, that I can say about Karen Handel. The prospect of another election with her is disheartening. The word gross is short, easy to read, and widely understood. It describes my feelings about another campaign with Karen Handel, without annoying details.In the spirit of saying something good about somebody, I should add that Mrs. Handel had the best line of the 2017 GA06 race. Her opponent interrupted her, starting out by saying “With all due respect.” Mrs. Handel replied, ” With all due respect do not interrupt me.” When I link to chamblee54, It is because I have posted something which I feel your readers might enjoy. Also, sometimes I discuss a topic at length, and do not want to make a 600 word comment. Just put a link to chamblee54, and if the reader wants to know what I think, they can read it.
Only People With High IQ Know These 17 Words fastidious, cobbler, abdicate, rescind, qualm, loathe, quaint, brazen, famish, parched, contingent, enunciate, dire, gullible, inferior, vapid, conundrum
Conclusion of Mueller probe raises anew criticisms of coverage
Georgia 2018: Abrams faces ethics complaint over book promotion
Ed Buck Confronted While Out with Another Young Black Man
800 scientists say it’s time to abandon “statistical significance”
Watchdog Group Calls For IRS Investigation Into Stacey Abrams
@TheKevinAllisonHere’s the episode I was talking about! slave
whats being said about that in the tony cocktail parties that you attend in New York City amongst the cognoscenti #whoneedsspellcheck
When Your Head Explodes — For Real
This is the picture I was trying to describe tonight.
Jordan Peterson and his fans don’t understand Google
.@aaronjmate .@robertwrighter spell check suggestions: russiagate – rusticate BDS – BEDS BIDS BODS BUDS it is tough to have fun when you’re woke
this is why I’ve called russiagate a privilege protection racket
lets say Bernie Sanders endorses BDS, which he won’t
Corn Flakes Were Invented to Stop Masturbation
Why you’re likely going to hear more about being “sober curious”
My Descent into the Alt-Right Pipeline
Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism
6 students charged after high school parking lot brawl
In effort to regulate electric scooters, lawmakers are so far dockless
ContraPoints Goes on Chapo | Chapo Trap House | Episode 264 FULL
No, QCF, it’s not “possible to have a healthy relationship with your child”
A Soda Jerk And A Mormon Walk Into A Podcast
Charlottesville Students Walk Out, Demand Reform After Racist 4chan Threat
Hartsfield-Jackson takeover morphs into Frankenbill
Famous Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley, & More
One of the best breakfast spots in America is in Atlanta, report says
Cozy Beltline bungalow serves as centerpiece for community, conversation
Georgia likely to plow ahead with buying insecure voting machines
ASMR For White Liberals to Help Assuage Some of That Pesky White Guilt
This Is Why You Should Sit Where We Tell You
Tyler Perry Complains About $9 Water in a Hotel and Sparks Debate
Words to Turn a Conversation Around (and Those to Avoid)
What people are saying about Jordan Peterson’s showdown with Slavoj Zizek
White People Must Save Themselves from Whiteness
Trump, Russia, and the collapse of the collusion narrative
Does Democracy Demand the Tolerance of the Intolerant? Karl Popper’s Paradox
Abby Johnson: ‘Unplanned’ is my story and you can’t unsee it
Chris Lawrence was onstage when a white tiger viciously attacked Roy Horn in 2003 during their Las Vegas show. Now, after a 15-year battle with PTSD, Lawrence is finally ready to discuss the human error that triggered the incident and the story he believes was concocted
Police officer shoots, kills man near Atlanta club
Conservative writer suffered white-hot meltdown after embarrassing story about her marriage spread online ““I think Yashar has a crush on me. Maybe I’m making him doubt his love of penis,”“He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole,” @McAllisterDen Trying to talk to my husband while Carolina is playing. He looks at me and says, “Woman, you know better than this. The game is on.” He’s right. I slipped. Commercial comes on. I fetch him a beer. He grabs me. Deep kisses. Patience and timing, ladies. That’s the lesson @McAllisterDen Dear everyone. I’ve had my life threatened on twitter. I’ve been called a cunt, I’ve been threatened with rape, I’ve been told to kill myself. All with a twitter’s approval. If one tweet saying a man likes it up the ass—a true point—gets me banned then Free Speech is dead.
I-85 fire could have destroyed Basil Eleby’s life. Instead, it may have saved it.
What Does ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ Really Mean?
Woman charged with involuntary manslaughter
pigs ~ All About Pete ~ false cycle
wiggery ~ Prof. Venita Blackburn ~ ASMR for White Liberals
Self Marginalization Is Bad ~ Joe Rogan on InfoWars ~ What Happened to Brandon Adams?
Punk Photographer Roberta Bayley ~ Shirley Temple ~ “White Privilege My A**”
polka dots ~ your bias is ~ podcast interruption
america: still racist ~ destiny ~ Redux: Desire Is Curled
cook in germany ~ white ~ reparations
the left ruins everything ~ The Myth of Creative Inspiration ~ Abrams complaint
@ANNELAMOTT Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people ~ Apparently, I was mistaken. Elton and Aretha were born on March 25. Births on March 26: 1874 – Robert Frost, 1881 – Guccio Gucci, 1911 – Tennessee Williams, 1917 – Rufus Thomas, 1931 – Leonard Nimoy, 1940 – Nancy Pelosi, 1942 – Erica Jong, 1944 – Diana Ross, 1950 – Teddy Pendergrass. Deaths on March 26: 1827 – Ludwig van Beethoven, 1892 – Walt Whitman, 1923 – Sarah Bernhardt, 1973 – Noël Coward. ~ words from a internet intelligence quiz: fastidious, cobbler, abdicate, rescind, qualm, loathe, quaint, brazen, famish, parched, contingent, enunciate, dire, gullible, inferior, vapid, conundrum ~ @turtlenekcs Had a crush on a guy in sixth grade until I saw him grab an Oreo out of a trash can and eat it ~ SJW started out as a compliment. Unfortunately, social justice jihad became trendy. Many of the players behaved badly. The term SJW is less well received now. ~ There are different types of smart. There is the ability to understand arts and sciences, and then there is the ability to make friends. They are different kinds of smart, and often they do not exist together at the same time ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ This poem was performed last night at 7 stages theater. It is based on a work that was previously published in two parts.
only thing worse than being talked about ~ is not being talked about at the bars
we are all in the gutter twist and shout ~ but some of us are looking at the stars
sincerity is a dangerous thing ~ too much is generally fatal men
details are always vulgar dingaling ~ everyone else is already taken
alas i am dying beyond my means ~ either the wallpaper goes or i do
kiss of walt whitman still on my dreams ~ living the last refuge of the taboo
either the wallpaper goes or i do ~ either charming or tedious passes
living the last refuge of the taboo ~ work is the curse of the drinking classes
either charming or tedious passes ~ kiss of walt whitman still on my dreams
work is the curse of the drinking classes ~ alas i am dying beyond my means ~ selah

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