What a Year in Space Did

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on April 22, 2019

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NYC Did Not … Assess $250,000 Fine For Any Incorrect Use Of Gender Pronouns
VA high school teacher fired for refusing to use transgender student’s new pronouns
What a Year in Space Did to Scott Kelly
Bret Easton Ellis launches broadside against David Foster Wallace
I know why Bret Easton Ellis hates David Foster Wallace
Feds approve renaming of Runaway Negro Creek near Georgia coast
‘I Can Clearly Feel that I Am Black’: White Couple Identifies as Black
2 people dead in 2 different gas station shootings in DeKalb County
39 Times People On The Internet Just Fucking NAAAAAILED The Comments
How to Read the Mueller Report
25 Text Messages From Men Who Deserve To Be Banned From Texting Forever
How the World Fell Head Over Heels for RuPaul
“For Fat Girls Who Considered Starvation When Bulimia Wasn’t Enough”
The wicked irony behind a new Cobb County home for Democrats
The End of the Ear-Splitting Dining Room
Another city passed a non-discrimination law. Here’s why this one is unique
Ga. guardsman, deputy sheriff outed for extremist posts
If “interracial dating” isn’t influenced by white supremacy, why …
Brookhaven bars, restaurants face alcohol license suspensions
The Joe Rogan Experience disproportionately hosts men
Voter registration groups could face fines for too many incomplete forms
These Vintage Hygiene Tips Are Downright Disgusting
RuPaul Explains The Difficulties of Go-Go Dancing in 1988
How U.S. Elections Broke in 2016. Here’s How to Fix Them
Fight between 2 women at Kroger leads to shooting
The B.E.E. Podcast – 4/19/19 – Chuck Palahniuk
Live Commentary on the Žižek-Peterson Debate
A father comforts his son on his deathbed. Photo that changed the face of AIDS
Wonderfully Clueless People Who Forgot We Can See What’s Behind Them
White privilege lecture tells students white people ‘dangerous’ if they don’t see race
“Vampire Weekend Keep Emailing Me” by Jordan Hayward
How do you solve a problem like toxic white gays who party with Aaron Schock?
Who, me?! 27 telltale signs you might be a “white gay”
22 tweets that explain what a “white gay” is and how you can avoid being one
what happened when Jordan Peterson debated Slavoj Žižek
The Fundamental Legitimacy of Donald Trump
1 killed, 6 injured after driver fleeing police on I-75/85 hits 2 cars, police say
Chuck Palahniuk responds to Laura Miller’s review of his latest book.
The Letters William S. Burroughs Wrote at the Height of His Success
Mannequins Are Watching Customers With Eye Socket Cameras
Man wanted in connection with deadly Covington shooting arrested
Cowboy interview with Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton
What Tributes to Bayard Rustin Leave Out
Bayard Rustin was being investigated by the FBI while,
unbeknownst to the Bureau, he was working for the CIA

philosophical idiot ~ The Intellectual We Deserve ~ the rosenbergs
who owns a story? ~ changeaview ~ orgy story ~ was abe lincoln gay?
mueller report ~ Interview Magazine BEE ~ dentistry
Nicole Flattery Reads Keith Ridgway ~ curious cat derek ~ the dead
RuPaul with Ts Madison ~ bee rants about dfw ~ Preferred Pronouns or Prison
Do not include sensitive information, such as your account number, PIN, password or Online ID, in your feedback. ~ What if the ABBA palindrome had been BAAB? ~ i could only make it through the first couple of paragraphs i am relived to know that the author of Lolita does not write based on his life ~ The less famous the name below the quote, the more likely it is that the person really said it. ~ @chamblee54 satan worship is about as pointless as Jehovah worship ~ Twitter: follow @Franklin_Graham ~ There is a tweet making the rounds: @aparnapkin The only thing that should follow “i’m not racist, but…” is “I do live in a system of institutionalized racism that I absorb & actively benefit from” When you look at the home page of the tweetist, you see this: Aparna Nancherla is a comedian and general silly billy. Her sense of humor is dry, existential, and absurd, with notes of uncalled-for whimsy. Think a wine you didn’t order. ~ @PaisleyRekdal What’s the biggest difference between poetry and prose? None of your family members will be furious about what you wrote about them in a poem. Because they will never read it. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was performed last night at the PInewood
is man one of g-d’s blunders who tinker ~ is g-d one of man’s blunders in the hood
man fails as an original thinker ~ because his memory is too damn good
remember g-d is dead g-d remains dead ~ with extreme prejudice we killed her boo
if you gaze long into the abyss dread ~ the abyss will just gaze back into you
i searched for g-d found only myself ~ i searched for myself found only g-d
g-d body flowing out of spirit shelf ~ g-d spirit flowing from bodies unshod
i searched for myself found only g-d ~ every life is my temple glorified
g-d spirit flowing from bodies unshod ~ breaking your heart ’til it opens wide
every life is my temple glorified ~ g-d body flowing out of spirit shelf
breaking your heart ’til it opens wide ~ i searched for g-d found only myself ~ selah

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