The Rebranding Of White

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on April 29, 2019

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Pewdiepie and The Rebranding of White Nationalism
How Anti Racism Hurts Black People – John McWhorter
Kate Smith: What to know about the singer at the center of the Flyers’ controversy
Is this the right way to fight racism?
Here comes the movie version of Georgia’s 2018 election
Suppressed: The True Story of Georgia’s 2018 Election • Teaser Trailer
But You Are, Blanche, You are in that chair!
Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists
Going Live with The Serfs + FA White Pill (Former Alt-Right)
What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?
The Business of War is the Cause of War
Pink Floyd – “The Great Gig in the Sky” – Theremin
politicians accused each other of using drugs … showdown at a urinalysis lab
Stepmom accused of starving daughter will represent herself
Atlanta Songwriter, Poet Kodac Harrison Celebrates 70th Birthday
At 7 years old my family moved to Georgia. I was enrolled in Cary Reynolds,
and lived in a small apartment behind, what was known back then, K-Mart.

Transgender man calls attack at workplace ‘hate crime’
Launches Campaign on Lie That Trump Said Neo-Nazis Were “Very Fine People”
Brookhaven suspends Medusa alcohol license
The Impermanence of Home Adan Bean
Trump’s comments on white supremacists, ‘alt-left’ in Charlottesville
EXCLUSIVE! Fox News Internal Emails Regarding Biden’s Announcement
a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on
Joe Biden’s High Crimes Against Logo Design
Body camera not activated before officer fatally shot Atlanta community activist
@paulbloomatyale Our tweets are witty and incisive Our tribe is proud of its modesty
Complete Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead Rehearsals at Club Front, June 1987
Woman’s Story About Tinder Date With A Guy Who Works In A Morgue
“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, as read by James Naughton
Raymond Carver Reads “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”
cenosillicaphobia the fear of an empty glass
Top 10 Most Bashed RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens
The Night John Belushi Died: a Tragic End at the Chateau Marmont
Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy
Georgia leaders warn federal opinion could ‘devastate’ lottery profits
29 ‘Days Without Sex’ Tweets Accurately Capture Hell Of Not Getting Laid
hymns of grace ~ speechifying ~ Timothy Dean Coroner Report ~ @DystopianDelora
dying of whiteness ~ Feathers Raymond Carver ~ Neighbors Raymond Carver
shaving your head ~ apothecary ~ apotheosis ~ hurry up
saint barts tarmac ~ first jesus tortilla ~ handel fec report
dear america ~ wants to be president ~ @vagreeto
challenge of the week ~ 04W 1878 ~ Bonnie Petrus
maps of atlanta ~ downhome traces ~ plaza drugs
brave new films ~ gary “the butcher” simmons ~ yodeler who sued yahoo
rules of engagement ~ Confederate Memorial Day ~ The Angriest Episode Yet
traitor anagrams as roar tit ~ @cher JESUS🙏🏻TERRORIST KILLED INNOCENT PPL. IM SICK OF BEING NAILED 2 CROSS BECAUSE U PPL THINK IM A RACIST‼️IM NOT GOING TO DEFEND MYSELF‼️I CARE 4 ALL PPL,TRY TO HELP ALL PPL. Excuse The Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want ,Murders, Rapists, & CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote😡 ~ ~ @PeteDDavis This is Silas Soule. You should think about him and his family anytime someone defends Robert E. Lee or Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson with “Well, everybody back in the day thought that.” Here’s his story: ~ Actually, I do empathize with being on the other side of that kind of hatred. I have had self righteous idiots call me racist. I realize that this is more about their insecurity than my racial values. In any event. it is an obnoxious trust buster. And to have sleepy joe exploiting than poison, on his umpteeth run for the white house, tells me more more than i want to know about mr biden. ~ @chamblee54 @paulbloomatyale @robertwrighter “members of religious/ethnic groups are no longer worthy of decent treatment” An exception is those deemed to be racist… to some so called racists are worthy of whatever mistreatment they find amusing ~ There seems to be an etymological connection between apotheosis and apothecary. ~ Sorry, but this Buddhist pseudo-wisdom strikes me as narcissistic crap with the philosophical depth of a fortune cookie. ~ @chamblee54 perhaps the best solution to the Hitler question is to kill him during World War One. He would have been just one more dead soldier. DL would have had no way of offing Adolf at any time, so it is a pointless question ~ I worked next to someone who insisted I listen to his radio. “I believe I can fly” was a hit then, and I got sick of hearing it. Idk what perverted things #RKelly did. None of them are worse than recording that horrible song ~ there were not many poets sunday night, so performers were invited to do a second piece. This was the first time I performed from memory. hurry up stepping off of the tall tall building, falling faster faster faster all the way, as my sad story comes to an ending, I’m glad I wore clean underwear today ~ Challenge of the Week CXX Plummeting Thoughts. Thoughts you have as you fall to your inevitable doom. ~ this was the other piece that I read:
i am coming in the vulgar back door ~ muffle clickbait tag team titillating
jiggle jesus protruding baltimore ~ boomboom masticate pussycat pounding
tied up at the innuendo moment ~ head for the hills republican convert
stupid organic supple succulent ~ reality check krog tunnel dessert
more crap you believe better off you are ~ only fabulous homicide for sale
captain calamari’s morphodite bar ~ they got the wrong kind of bars in jail
only fabulous homicide for sale ~ persnickety and petulant old prude
they got the wrong kind of bars in jail ~ taking no pride in my solitude
persnickety and petulant old prude ~ captain calamari’s morphodite bar
taking no pride in my solitude ~ more crap you believe better off you are
Pictures for this parade of porcine pretense are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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