Joe Biden Fundraising Survey

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on May 4, 2019

@JoeBiden“Our campaign is all about the people. That’s why we want to hear what issues are most important to you! Take this super quick survey to share your top 2020 priorities with Joe.” Sleepy Joe is fulfilling the VPOTUS tradition of running for POTUS. An essential part of the process is the opinion poll, with one crucial question at the end. Our slack blogger decided to take the test.

“Which issues are most important to you? (enter each on a new line)” Getting new knee pads for Colin Kaepernick. Finding a new cookie recipe for Hillary Clinton. Getting Milo Yiannopoulos a haircut, and a name that is easier to spell. Having McDonalds declared the national hamburger.

“Do you approve of Joe Biden’s 8 years as Vice President? How would you rank Joe Biden amongst all former Vice Presidents? Among the top 5, Above average, Right in the middle, Below average, Among the bottom 5.” Ranking performance as a VPOTUS is tough. Mr. B’s big moment came after Obamacare was passed. He was heard saying “This is a big fucking deal.” Other than that, the biggest achievement of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is not dying in office, or arranging the demise of the President. Do we really want someone middle named Robinette as President?

Not dying in office is important. Between 1812 and 1853, three veeps perished in office. George Clinton served under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. He died April 20, 1812. Elbridge Gerry, the namesake of Gerrymandering, also served under James Madison, before he met his maker on November 23, 1814. Maybe Dolley Madison put something in those snack cakes.

The third dead veep, William R. King, deserves a paragraph of his own. Mr. King was plausibly said to be the boyfriend of future President James Buchanan. We don’t know if this puts Mr. King in the top 5, or the bottom 5. Mr. King died April 18, 1853, after being VP for six weeks.

The only 19th century VP to serve two full terms was Daniel D. Tompkins, serving from 1817 – 1825. Mr. Tompkins was the first VP with a middle initial. “Tompkins was baptized Daniel Tompkins, but added the middle initial “D.” while a student at Columbia College to distinguish himself from another Daniel Tompkins who was a student there.” Harry S Truman is another VP with a standalone middle initial. The S stood for nothing, just like Mr. Truman.

Two early vices, John Tyler and John Cabell Breckinridge, went on to serve in the government of the Confederate States of America. Millard Fillmore was promoted to President, and had an impressive set of initials. The office of Vice President has had ups and downs, leading up to the modern embarrassment of Spiro Agnew and Daniel Quayle. Ranking JRB is too much work, and is not important. Only one question matters. “Can you chip in as little as $5 to activate your membership?”

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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