Born To Defy Heteronormativity

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on May 6, 2019

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Valedictorian of Utah’s homophobic university comes out during graduation speech
The History and Heresy of Black Liberation Theology
Joe Rogan – Henry Rollins “Trump Got Played By Putin”
Stacey Abrams Is Not Running For Senator In Georgia And Here’s Why
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism
The Jolt: With Stacey Abrams out, a Democratic race for U.S. Senate begins
Man’s car burst into flames just minutes after oil change at Jiffy Lube
@DaveGass3 I’m not a Christian anymore: a thread.
Stepmother sentenced to death penalty for murdering 10-year-old
Joe Biden’s entrance, Stacey Abrams exit, and the Democratic middle
‘I Want Him on Everything’: Meet the Woman Behind the Buttigieg Media Frenzy
Posters Urge Residents Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists’ Properties
How Klan Lawyer Sam Dickson Got Rich
Is Atlanta Urging People ‘Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists’ Lawns’?
Neighbors upset area is becoming a trash dump
The Racists on Ridgeland Way: Ground Zero for “Alt-Right” Organizing in Atlanta
SAMUEL DICKSON Published by OPP HQ on November 3, 2015
“Right-Wing Gentrification Gangs”
Evan Thomas Anderson, and May 13 Charlottesville White Power Rally
A kinder, gentler racism strives to make extremism mainstream
Activists aimed to spark local ‘protest’ about Buckhead white nationalist
Sam Dickson in His Own Words American Renaissance, July 28, 2017
Neighbors fed up with thieves stealing from front porches
Stacey Abrams passes on Senate race, complicating Georgia for Democrats
‘whites only’ note in school bathroom: ‘Racism has taken over our school’
Racist note placed in bathroom at Bremen High School now labeled a “hoax”
Users call it getting ‘Zucked,’ say talking about racism is censored as hate speech
H-F Students’ Blackface Photos Rock Homewood; H-F Walkout Planned
What’s it like watching 28 people die?
Accidental Drug Overdose Killed Man in Democratic Donor’s Home, Coroner Says
Second death in home of Ed Buck also ruled accidental meth overdose
James Woods Is In ‘Twitter Jail.’ Here’s The Tweet That Got Him Suspended.
At PATH400’s northern point, secret gravesites uncovered
School Pooper’s Lawsuit Says Mug Shot Ruined His Life
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Official Trailer – Bette Davis Movie
She was the “queen of the mommy bloggers.” Then her life fell apart.
White gang forcibly tattoos a racial slur on a black man and spells it wrong
High school may erase mural of George Washington: ‘traumatizes students’
White men believe it’s a more dangerous time for men than women in America
why i went ghost for seven months and why you should too
Rotten fish? It’s a delicacy ~ are you a rotten fish?
On The Importance of Not Writing
Judge Sentences Teen Vandals to Reading Books About Racism
Former Texas lethal injection drug supplier speaks out
Elsa Lanchester Was Born to Defy Heteronormativity
Navy strike group deployed to send ‘message’ to Iran
engineering of consent ~ quillette/IDW ~ I F*cked an Instagay ~ weird food
singing to the choir ~ Gore Vidal and Revisionism ~ emory con$truction
University Committee Erotica ~ Robert Earl Butts ~ Scotty Morrow
electoral college ~ soycialist ~ clemency denied Scotty Morrow
Joyce Ann Barineau ~ Eugen Schoenfeld 1925 – 2019 ~ 9th most dangerous
Dickson legal directory ~ dickson key west ~ Sam Dickson
blondie ~ Stacey says no ~ faraday speaks
Sorry, Buttigieg doesn’t have its own entry in RhymeZone. Our best guesses of rhymes for Buttigieg are below: smut disease, cutting jig, rusty rig, but believe, conducting heat, insulting each, corrupt elite, disrupted gene, butting each, mistrusted each, blood disease ~ urban dictionary trending words – May 01, 2019: 1. Sketti 2. orgasmic sounds 3. boner 4. Love 5. Pepper Grinder 6. Beanjuice 7. DIRTY AMY 8. momba 9. woke millennials 10. Sex 11. Dirty Chloe 12. Scaley 13. long back 14. Sus 15. titty day 16. Chris 17. APRIL 30TH 18. Winding You Up 19. Mudbone 20. fake deep 21. Cleveland Hot Waffle 22. creap 23. Etika 24. Raptor 25. left overs 26. Infrastructure week 27. Spitting-feathers 28. wind up 29. pip pip the diddly do 30. to go box ~ The number one item of Mr. Morrows appeal: “1. Morrow claims that Hispanics were underrepresented in the composition of the 1994 grand jury pool, and the 1999 traverse jury pool in violation of the Sixth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, OCGA 15-12-40, and the Unified Appeal Procedure.” This is an appeal that is not going to save the condemned. ~ By all accounts, Morrow was a poor witness. Walker later recalled that the “cross-examination was a disaster” because Morrow failed to show “remorse and shame” and “was as flat on the stand as [he had] ever seen him.” The jury convicted Morrow on all charges. At sentencing, trial counsel depicted Morrow as an otherwise peaceful man who “snapped” after a lifetime of “rejection” and “emotional difficulty.” ~ “Morrow requested a last meal of a hamburger with mayonnaise, two chicken and waffle meals, a pint of butter pecan ice cream, a bag of buttered popcorn, two all-beef franks, and a large lemonade.” Morrow’s final words: “I love you all. God bless.” ~ I just listened to the story by “Best Intentions” ” This is a powerful story, about some of the unanswerable questions about race. While not as extreme as that story, I have felt myself caught in damned if you do/ damned if you don’t situations. Thank you for this story. ~ #Facebook may be the only people that consider #MiloYiannopoulos #dangerous ~ It appears that the A properties are across the street, and down a few houses. Are those vacant lots, or rental properties? Antifa is *fighting racism* by encouraging people to dump garbage in a POC neighborhood. ~’s Most Searched Words In 2019 So Far 1. Exonerate 2. Ruthful 3. Self-made 4. Naked 5. Ultima Thule 6. Vulva 7. Momo 8. Furlough 9. Bandersnatch 10. Gesticulate ~ 050319 11:21 am Go to xxx, to get damaged tire replaced. The man said it would take two hours, and they would call me. The man told me that tires put on in 2014, by xxx, had 97k miles. I looked at his screen, and saw that the mileage on the vehicle was 97k. 2:15 pm I get the call that the tire is ready. A half hour later I don’t see or hear anything, so I go look in the parking lot. The man told me the reason it was taking so long was a broken stud on the rear wheel. It would take two hours, and $129 labor to fix. He said after he finished doing something, he would let me know something. A half hour after that, another man told me that it would take 45 minutes, and could not be done today. He then asked in the back, and said it would be 45 minutes after they got the part. I was standing in front on the desk, waiting for a confirmation, when he told me to take a seat. 4:30 pm I see the vehicle in the parking lot. 5:15 pm I am standing in front of the service desk. The man said they would tell me if the car was ready. I say it is in the parking lot. The man said they did not tell him anything. The key was on the service desk. The man looks in the back, and several locations around the service desk, before he finds the paperwork. 5:21 pm I pay for the service. The credit card machine does not work at first. ~ UPDATE: Scotty Morrow was pronounced dead at 9:38 pm, May 2, 2019. ~ Georgia used to buy execution drugs from an illegal dealer located in a limo service in London, England Now it is “compounding pharmacies” whose identity is kept secret by law ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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  1. Nathan AM Smith said, on May 6, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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