Popped Up Out Of Nowhere

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on May 13, 2019

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What It’s Like to Live in a California Ghost Town
joe biden parody website photos is outranking his official campaign page
Midtown’s historic fabric torn down to make way for new office development
@chamblee54 This tweet indicates that your religion is sophomore logic
Poetry Blog Digest 2019: Week 18
Why My White Male Comrades Are Not Showing Up To Unlearn Whiteness
New NRA president, Cobb native, aiming for reclaiming government offices
New NRA president apologizes to Lucy McBath
@StormyDaniels I am not a whore! I just have a friendly vagina.
Soviet Anti-Zionism and Contemporary Left Antisemitism
Elie Wiesel’s Moral Imagination Never Reached Palestine
5 months after Decatur fire, suspect arrested as coffee shop plans rebuild
Marshals arrest man accused of killing estranged wife in front of her children
Should Democrats bother reaching out to rural America?
MIT Scientist Wants to Create Real Life HER Companion
8 Of The Most Embarrassing Boner Stories That Popped Up Out Of Nowhere
“I read poetry to save time.” Marilyn Monroe, laser engraved on wooden plaque
Danny Baker fired from BBC Radio 5 Live after ‘racist’ Royal Baby tweet
Cubs ban the fan who flashed a racist gesture behind reporter Doug Glanville
Facebook Now Demands That You Hate Targeted People Or You Will Be Banned, Too!
Political Opinions#64- Lincoln Wasn’t a Proponent of Equality.
The Curious Case of Fr Kalchik
WATCH VIDEO: Ben Shapiro has mega TANTRUM on the BBC
How golf explains Trump. Seriously.
Here’s A Giant List Of All The Dumb Stuff I’ve Ever Done
‘I regret making the post:’ Attorney apologizes for photos of man hanging from tree
Homosexuality, Radical Press, Rise and Fall of the Gay Liberation Front
Israel asking US for 50% increase in next defense package
Michael Oren Doesn’t Want To Talk About Israel
When a governor must make a final decision.
Elie Wiesel – Acceptance Speech ~ milton berle ~ dolo 4 ~ racial slur database
Ben Shapiro fail ~ national bail out ~ girl power virtue signalling
marilyn poetry ~ coral snakes ~ original of poem
frankly my dear ~ sandra bland video ~ vidal 2000
gore vidal ~ gender critical ~ why g-d is a he
the daily poem podcast ~ woke brotha ~ biden 2020
I feel the opposite. I admire the work of Mr. Wiesel. I have a lot of problems with this idea. When you deal in absolutes, it is impossible not to get caught in contradictions. There is the matter of being manipulated into action on an issue you don’t know enough about. There is the matter of being lied to. There is the matter of doing more harm than good, by taking ineffective or counterproductive action. I have many, many issue with that type of thinking. ~ White Supremacists Chant ‘Six Million More’ After Crashing Holocaust Remembrance Day Event In Arkansas ~ She starts the story by explaining that she was seeing a guy and she was at his house when she realized she had to use the bathroom. Okay, no big deal, she’ll just use the bathroom downstairs. ~ The thing is, she had to poop. And you know how it’s like somehow embarrassing for women to admit we poop? Like, somehow we are so special that our bodies just don’t do anything quite as foul as that? ~ Anyway, she did as nature commanded, and then…holy sh*t, the toilet wouldn’t flush! She didn’t want to tell the guy she’d done a poo, so she picked it up out of the toilet with a piece of paper and put it in the cat litter. Problem solved, right? Um, not exactly. ~ The guy comes downstairs and immediately asks her if she went to the bathroom in the litterbox. She, of course, feigned ignorance and said, “no, your cat must have done it.” At which point he reveals…his cat has been dead for weeks. ~ @chamblee54 you copied me into a odoriferous thread on feminine hygiene #ThenIBlockedYou ~ “Snellville, where everybody is proud to be somebody,” is the new slogan that was presented at Monday evening’s council meeting. “Snellville, where everybody is somebody, is, of course, the slogan that was established about 30 years ago and is familiar worldwide.” This motto was copied by Hico TX. ~ @chamblee54 “I read poetry to save time.” Marilyn Monroe @QuoteResearch .@ConnerHabib This is such a fun quote, Does anyone have a source? I write poetry for the same reason that Marilyn Monroe read it. ~ Chicago’s Next Mayor Accused Catholic Priest of ‘Hate’ … Chicago’s next mayor, a non-Catholic lesbian, wrote a letter complaining to Cdl. Blase Cupich about the burning of a blasphemous rainbow flag … Father Paul Kalchik was pastor of Resurrection parish in the archdiocese of Chicago. A previous pastor, Fr. Daniel Montalbano, was a known homosexual who was found dead in the rectory while attached to a masturbation machine in 1995. ~ TWIT @TheWeekInTrump @benshapiro has a voice only print media could love. ~ #benshapirosvoice ~ I thought the preferred term for indigenous communities was nation. These are all english terms, invented by europeans. Is it privilege for PWOC to fuss about this matter? I think the best term to use would be the name of the nation involved. I do prefer indigenous to native american. ~ “A stone’s origins are often elusive. Over 90 percent of diamonds imported to the United States now pass through Forty-Seventh, and as of 2003, according to a piece of Bush-era legislation known as the Kimberley Process, those stones are supposed to be conflict-free. But when a diamond changes hands eight to ten times on the journey from gem mine to display case, this is next to impossible to guarantee. Consumers seeking absolute reassurance are probably best off dealing in the District’s antiques or buying synthetics, though even this can lead to paradox: some argue that in places like the Congo—where entire communities depend on revenue from certified mines, diamond boycotts, or shifts to synthetic stones—this only makes things worse. To try on a ring is to be reminded of one’s complicity. Beauty is often linked to violence in some way.” ~ this poem was performed at the artsXchange open mic:
he was weary of her wisdom and shame ~ neither borrower nor lender be
believe in a g-d that knows how to aim
impulse to punish is powerful game ~ to cure a person in love disagree
he was weary of her wisdom and shame
christianity with deadly acclaim ~ he that humbleth himself wishes for glee
believe in a g-d that knows how to aim
finding the power in her own name ~ a bee that has gathered too much honey
he was weary of her wisdom and shame
love your enemies poetry flame ~ mediocre for the same reason free
believe in a g-d that knows how to aim
faith does not prove anyone is to blame ~ mad eyes will show the holy man debris
he was weary of her wisdom and shame ~ believe in a g-d that knows how to aim ~ selah

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