Typical American Community

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on June 24, 2019

The display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content.Atlanta Turns 7 Acres Of Vacant Land Into Free Food Forest
These Movies Almost Destroyed Actors’ Careers
How Ms. Pat overcame drugs, prison and abuse — and rose to comedy stardom
Marjorie Greene Issues Open Letter to Rep. McBath
Neighbor was arrested on terror charges. How ‘typical American community’ reacted.
“Perhaps We’re Being Dense.” Rejection Letters Sent to Famous Writers
United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education
Laura Albert on the Documentary “Author: The JT Leroy Story”
Decatur Police say armed robbery victim fought back
Inmate awaits execution as lawyers plead for mercy, citing childhood
When did fairycakes suddenly become cupcakes?
The Five Stirring Stanzas That Proved a Poem Can Help End a War
The Most LGBTQ-Friendly City in Every Red State in America
Company Proposes, Exhibits Standing-Room Only Airplane “Seating”
Even Five More Ways to Help the Mental Health of People of Color
Trump Refuses to Apologize for Central Park Five Ad: ‘They Admitted Their Guilt’
The message from a Georgia studio head trapped by our abortion debate
What Do We Mean by Populism? The “Second” KKK of 1920s as a Case Study
Police seeking suspects in gay Decatur man’s killing
Grace Slick Licenses Song To Chick-fil-A, Gives Proceeds To LGBTQ Rights
The Faggots & Their Friends: 40 Years Later
Ways White Transgender People Have Privilege Over Transgender POC
tom watson ~ central park five ad ~ 666
zoom ~ butt butter ~ 1 sentence poetry contest
avn 2019 nominees ~ do you feel safer ~ pavlov’s n$$$$r
the shadows ~ Kyle Kashuv typing exercise ~ @KyleKashuv vs Harvard
Harvard Rescinds Admission To Conservative Kyle Kashuv Over Private Racist Remarks He Wrote At 16, Despite Apology And Evidence Of Growth. This Is Disgusting. ~ Humans are the only animals that worship their thoughts ~ Has anyone considered the irony of @realDonaldTrump appearing at a place named for @Amway #AmwayCenter ~ Gwinnett Commissioner Tommy Hunter files $5M federal lawsuit challenging 2017 ‘racist pig’ reprimand ~ Joe Rogan to Ms. Pat: She scraped the butter off your titties and put it back in the fridge. ~ The spell check suggestion for Maddow is Maddox ~ The Georgia Presidential Primary is going to be held March 24, 2020. By that time the clown car will be almost empty. We will have a choice between two, or three, people who are good at playing the game. You can cast your secret ballot for one of these players. Until that point, you are not required to pay attention or have opinions. ~ Sleep Deprivation Elevates Expectation of Gains and Attenuates Response to Losses Following Risky Decisions ~ The merch includes a pillow. On the pillow is a sequin pink flamingo The words “Just be fabulous” are embroidered to the side. ~ There are four kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies, statistics, and history. ~ @RaniaKhalek May god have mercy on the soul of this drone. My thoughts and prayers are with the drone’s orphaned children. I’m starting a trust fund for drone families in honor of the drones who protect our freedom to patrol the world’s skies, violate airspace and sometimes bomb weddings. ~ One time a couple went to dinner. The man said he would have a steak. The waiter said, are you worried about the mad cow. The man said his wife would have the same thing. ~ Tennessee: xmx “Gayberry, USA” population: 150? ona fides: Several rural communes make up the country’s largest, oldest LGBTQIA+ planned community, nestled in the hills of middle Tennessee. As documented by the New York Times Magazine in 2015, xmx is a queer safe space started in the late ‘70s by Radical Faeries founder Harry Hay that still operates according to the communal ethos of the counterculture that birthed it. Aside from landmarks with names like Sex Change Ridge and a hiking trail called the Fruit Loop, commune residents are said to lead a fairly traditional back-to-the-land lifestyle, keeping goats and tending gardens and making decisions by consensus. “It’s a major settlement of LGBT folks in extremely rural Cannon County,” says Chris Sanders, executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project. “It was a way to affirm gay men at first, but now it’s open to everyone.” ~ Linguistically correct Simon Hoggart (Changing the gender agenda) asks who decides whether words like “cisgender” should enter the language. I do! English is scandalously lacking in politically and linguistically correct antonyms of this sort. The Queen can create the Duchess of Cambridge, so surely I can create the much-needed expressions “cisgress” (be a good boy), “cisvestite” (bloke wearing trousers), “cisaction” (no deal), and “cisom” (something that isn’t a lintel). Anyone who doesn’t disagree is a transsy. ~@RachelADolezal Watch my YouTube tutorial on this hairstyle and you’ll see ALL my edges. They’ve been shown… ~ I thought you meant Tom Watson. He was a gnarly character, though not definitely a klansman. His statue was on the west side of the capitol. This was the side where rallies were held. It appealed to my sense of the absurd to have a green statue, of a terrible man, supervising the gatherings there. ~ That is where I first heard the word morphodite. It became a favorite word of mine. Much later, I attended a lecture by Harry Hay at GSU. Turns out morphodite is what sailers in New Orleans called hookers of uncertain gender. Pictures for this gratuitous expenditure of fecally challenged community are from The Library of Congress. ~ Blanche DeBris is the poem performed last night in dickhater:
they come from the city floating on glee ~ seeking perpetual indiscretion
to gentrified hollows in tennessee ~ sinners reborn by glorious fashion
dance till you drop by the flickering fire ~ fanning the flames with fabulicity
drums on the land go higher and higher ~ consensual morphodite ecstasy
come for the spirit and stay for the bash ~ when it is over who takes out the trash?
technicolor piles of yesterday’s drag ~ goddess worship in a walmart bag
twisted knickers off guilty white savior ~ blanche debris does radical behavior ~ selah

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