Georgia Woman Accused Of Shooting Gun

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@itsericathomas Going downtown for event I hope I bump into @JussieSmollett
SOS: Election Assistance Commission Disproves Claims Of Voter Suppression
Tinnitus: Ringing in the Brain | Josef Rauschecker | TEDxCharlottesville
Heather Mac Donald: How Delusion of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity
Group shoplifts, points gun at Walmart manager, police say
Uncle Hotep Factor – Erica Thomas and Supermarket Etiquette
Black Girl, Protect Your Mental Peace In Racial Environments.
Episode 62: Harry Khachatrian / Rolling Stones [Part 1]
Maria von Trapp Wasn’t Even Invited To The Sound Of Music Premiere
Story Of Black GA Rep. Being Yelled At In A Grocery Store Gets Murkier
David Bowie • Hotel de L’Europe • Amsterdam, Holland • 14 October 1977
Wildfire continues to burn on Cumberland
“Family Time Share” by Genevieve Kersten ~ Secret Life of a Con Man
Body cam footage of methadone clinic shooting released by Baltimore police
Say What You Think And Don’t Be Apologetic About It
Herbicide warfare against Gaza farmers
Downtown hotels concerned over growing complaints about homeless, panhandling
NEW DETAILS: Police report disputes Georgia lawmaker’s account of Publix incident
WABE takes a look at how these communities came to be.
Georgia woman accused of shooting gun in McDonald’s after getting cold fries
Store video made public in Georgia lawmaker’s confrontation at Publix
Erica Thomas Wasn’t National News, That Never Stops Outrage-Hungry Media
Did Werner Herzog Tweet America is ‘Waking Up, As Germany Once Did’?
Television: It’s Called a Medium Because It’s Never Well Done
Federal government to resume capital punishment
Federal government orders Louisiana man, four other inmates executed
A Rattle With Death in Yosemite
Ilhan Omar: It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism
The Compassionate Curiosity of Criminal
Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment
you could leave electric scooters anywhere — then repo men struck back
This President’s Grandson Was More Interesting Than You’ll Ever Be
whitman to carpenter to arthur to cassady to ginsberg
The Gay Love Letters of Neal Cassady to Allen Ginsberg
That time Gore Vidal met Jack Kerouac
My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters through the Centuries
Erica Thomas confronts man accused of ‘go back’ comment mid-interview
Joel Kim Booster: study on an air mattress party through sinus infection
Atlanta is Blowing all its Safety Money on a Flashy Pedestrian Bridge
Welcome To The Equifax Data Breach Settlement Website
Everybody Knows: 10 Lessons from 10 Years of Sobriety Without AA
Rep. Erica Thomas case shows feelings can get ahead of the facts
Torpy at Large: Canned racial baloney served up outside Publix
The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery
Why People Get Away with Being Rude at Work
Erica Thomas Now Wants Her ‘Attacker’ Jailed
“The Many Faces of Billie Holiday” – Documentário legendado –
the highwayman ~ mindfulness trouble ~ boys in the band
publix video ~ black water ~ Men. Abuse. Trauma. ~ sly stone
sly stone ~ democrats in iowa ~ robin diangelo ~ scott sohn nutrition
drink up ~ furman bisher ~ david crosby ~ tim wise
white lies ~ retweet ~ borderline ~ the circle of sex
@itsericathomas At the pool @Westin and after the waitress ask the Caucasian people on both sides of me for their order and skipped over me minutes later the pool boy ask me for my room key. This can not be real right now. I am a guest too right. #racist ~ If you don’t have a type, do you have a hand written? ~ Not many people know this, but youtube has transcripts. To see them, click on the three dots below the screen. Unfortunately, they sometimes get things wrong. In a recent episode of, Glenn Loury said “Kaepernick wants to take the knee et cetera you could go on see what I’m getting at.” The transcript said “Kapernick wants to take the neon love Ted said I could go on you see what I’m getting at.” ~ “I often think it’s a silly question when you ask me if is trump a racist I often think it’s like almost like trying to decide whether or not somebody is a terrorist or something like that because it’s like we have this moral standard and we’re not going to assign and we’re gonna judge people who’s the racist who’s not a racist” ~ BM are great initials for him. At least it is a stage name for Barry Alan Pincus. For Bette MIdler, it is her birth name, with no middle name. ~ I think this may be more about the changing ph of the oceans. The oceans have been absorbing excess CO2, and they are becoming more alkaline. This has serious implications for the food chain. Climate change may be the least of our worries. ~ I am not a scientist, but I think the water is becoming more alkaline. Acidification is a better sounding word, though. We are talking about delicate balances here. The turning point for CO2 in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million. This is 0.00035‬. These balances have evolved over 4 billion years. We have done this damage in the last 200 years. 200 compares to 4bn like one minute compares to 35 years. ~ mi cuerpo es como una iglesia catolica Lleno de pan, vino y culpa ~ pictures posted with reckless intent and shameless singularity are from The Library of Congress. Jack Delano was the photographer in December 1940. Music for the Saturday night square dances in Clayville, Rhode Island, is provided by this school teacher from a neighboring town and her son. They are also available for parties and weddings ~ selah

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