Drone Strike Kills Dozens At Wedding

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on August 12, 2019

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Georgia teen who killed sister over Wi-Fi password gets life in prison
Why Jesus didn’t feed the 5,000, and why it matters
Classmates say Dayton gunman had a ‘hit list’ in high school
Dayton Security Footage Showing Reaction as Gunman Opens Fire
Mayor Bottoms’ endorsement of Joe Biden is all about Donald Trump
Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong
Want to Be a Great Storyteller? First, Break These Habits
Questions raised over purpose of fundraiser for South Bend cop in fatal shooting
Blair White Heated Debate w/ Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator
Dayton shooter appeared to have leftist Twitter feed
No, Gloria Steinem Did Not Say That Quote About Abortion and Gun Control
Why We Care About Hair by LaDawn LBJ Jones ~ chamblee54: Is this satire?
Why Toni Morrison writes early: ‘I’m really smart in the morning.’
GA criminal investigation set an ominous tone for African-American voters
Voter Suppression or Ballot Fraud — Investigation Into a Case in Georgia
On the aesthetic appeal of powerful ideas
The 1981 Lynching that Bankrupted an Alabama KKK
Dozens killed in air raid on Libya’s Murzuq, says official
Drone strike kills dozens at wedding in Libya – reports
Opinion: What America’s gun fanatics won’t tell you
Everyone’s Canceling Equinox Membership and Dropping SoulCycle Classes
Western Philosophy as White Supremacism By Crispin Sartwell
XPN presents Woodstock — As It Happened — 50 Years On
Sorry Asians, My Blackness is Not Your Counterculture
golden ratio ~ fibonacci sequence ~ joni songs ~ carson mckee ~ led zeppelin ~ teased hair
hello isaac ~ @IsaacMizrahi ~ michael donald ~ henry hays ~ lynching picture ~ golden ratio
Gödel Escher Bach ~ white fragility ~ hairdo facebook post ~ Michael Williams ~ perception
princetta quotes ~ dayton shooting ~ In Defense of Ignorance ~ connor betts twitter ~ connor betts
School Is Accused of Racial Insensitivity Over Hairstyle Guidelines Display “What happened in DeKalb,” she said, “is the reason those natural hair ban laws should be expanded across the country.” ~ I mean yes I do think he’s a racist and I wrote a piece about it in the Atlantic about a year ago at this point where I was saying that even if he used the n-word it wouldn’t surprise me it’s clear how he feels and so part of me at this point everybody’s clutching their pearls of these things that he’s writing and I’m thinking why this is what he’s like the only question is why you have this cluster of events and whether or not he’s cannily thinking I’m gonna whip up my base by saying racist things and I honestly don’t think the man has enough forethought or mentals its flesh I don’t think he has the staying power to plan anything politically he might have a certain snail-like sense that a racist no I’m sorry I can’t even whit’s people up and he wants to start whipping up his base maybe but that’s ~ @chamblee54 @GlennLoury @JohnHMcWhorter @bloggingheads I mean yes I do think he’s a racist at a recent meeting in South Bend, some representatives of Al Sharpton tried to speak. The local activists said, this is our problem, you don’t need to be here. ~ Tucker Carlson wrongly tells his viewers the country’s white supremacy problem ‘is a hoax’ ~ If you try to draw a maze, you use the same template as when you draw a labyrinth. It is a concentric circle, with alternating layers. One layer is the path, one layer is the wall. The path defines the walls, and the walls define the path. The difference between a maze, and a labyrinth, is where you put the doors, turnarounds, and blocks. With the maze, you have choices. If you make the correct choices, you get to the center sooner. If you make an incorrect choice, you will go on a useless side journey. With the labyrinth, you have no choices. However, you have the longest possible path into the center. ~ Reporter Confronts Residents About Trump’s Baltimore Comments. They Demolish The Left’s Narrative, Heckle Al Sharpton. ~ @KidRock Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period. And it looks like she will suck the door knob off Hollyweird to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck girl. -Kid Rock ~ #BooksForTrolls Lord of the Dings by JRR Trollkien ~ @lookner At least 62 dead in Tanzania — a fuel tanker overturned and local people were trying to siphon fuel from it when it exploded ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was read last night in decatur:
veins unfill’d our blood is magical ~ chase individuals with putrid souls
tedious brief merry and tragical ~ begin to feel dolly parton controls
blow thou winter wind hillary scold ~ spread negativity about the man
the air bite shrewdly it is very cold ~ con man donnie doesn’t like the plan
the winter of our discontent appeared ~ hung like an icicle on a dutchman’s beard
a lily prison’d in a jail of snark ~ something rotten in the state of denmark
oh my lord what can i do for sin ~ there is a blonde in the affairs of men ~ selah

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