I Refuse To Listen

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on September 16, 2019

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Georgia city preps for rally organized by white supremacists
Official Statement – City of Dahlonega – August 28, 2019
‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence
‘Dying of whiteness’: why racism is at the heart of America’s gun inaction
Hey, Rep. Lawrence, gun violence isn’t a ‘black and brown’ problem
Black Privilege: NFL’s Antonio Brown Calls White General Manager Cracker
Fanny’s faggots haven’t gone down well after Google bans advert
The Phenix City Story – John Patterson’s Speech
Yikes!!! I Almost Fell for an Online Job Scam
Why Many Afghans Don’t Understand 9/11 ~ Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s Broke
How to thread a needle with a toothbrush
Israel deploys dummy soldiers on Lebanese border
‘This tape rewrites everything we knew about the Beatles’
@icumwhenucryLet’s turn this whorehouse into a whorehome
Feminist Says Viral Video Showing Two Toddlers Hugging Is ‘Racist’
Jon Ossoff raises questions with misleading resume
PewDiePie pulls $50,000 pledge to Jewish anti-hate group after fan backlash
Fourteen Symptoms of Toxic Church Leaders
‘They Fed Me To The Beast’: Joni Mitchell At The Isle Of Wight Festival
‘I Refuse to Listen to White Women Cry’
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
About Contrapoints & Non-Binary ~ Why is Contrapoints being “cancelled?”
Contrapoints Deleted Her Twitter Due to Harassment
MARTA holds public hearing on proposed bus service changes
#RIP: Illustrator, Downtown Legend, Robert W. Richards
hurt people hurt people ~ persishing point ~ magic word ~ On Shaun King ~ Republican Pariah
@chamblee54 ~ talk in tongues ~ how to tweet ~ suicide stats ~ waterbeds
The alternative weekly reader has hit the ether. Yesterday was the first day of the NFL season. At 1:05, I turned the tv on. The Falcons were making their first punt of the new year. It was blocked. ~ #PalindromeWeek is here #PalinDivorce does not qualify ~ Why do people burn chemicals in an electronic device, and pull the fumes into their body? Is it the taste? Do you get a buzz from it? What is going on here? ~ you mentioned Donald Trump very briefly and I’m not gonna get into an argument with you about whether or not he’s a racist that I don’t regard that as a productive use of our time ~ we are simply the products of an oppressive history and any flaws you find in our social functioning are to be attributed to what To white people white supremacy it smacks of somebody who we will leave nameless in this conversation but you know who I’m talking about and this house this whole shtick this whole apologia that’s what it is it’s apologia it is giving an account of failure that’s what it is it’s laying off the responsibility for failure on structured okay and you know I find that deeply philosophically unsatisfying ~ @OverheardOnDuty Wtf why is it inappropriate for a cop to tweet about sex? How do you think baby cops are made? When a mommy cop and daddy cop love each other and express that love through handcuffs, bodycam porn, and confiscated drugs, a baby cop is born. Grow up. ~ @ChaseMit Congratulations to Felicity Huffman on making it into an exclusive institution based purely on merit ~ @OverheardOnDuty First on scene to a wreck a while ago. Two were trapped and a fire was spreading from the hood. I had to break the drivers arm to get her untangled. By that point the fire was into the compartment. I’m glad she passed out in pain. She didn’t have to watch her husband burn alive. ~ @OverheardOnDuty Well at one point she was my slam piece and turned into my girlfriend. We had a kid and she dumped my for my brother. Then she married him but then got with my nephew. So that’s who she threw the hatchet at. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was performed tuesday night:
mankind into cattle transformation ~ democracy is only hollywood
after the seventh day of creation ~ to be great is to be misunderstood
talk enthusiasm about his youth ~ a bait he cannot resist swallowing
respect the enemy that you’re following ~ its a function of power not of truth
i never travel without my diary ~ jeremiah sings out the golden word
only judas can write the biography ~ beware of g-d if you are not a bird
jeremiah sings out the golden word ~ man devoted to wallpaper knowledge
beware of g-d if you are not a bird ~ annoying patterns like bad hair college
man devoted to wallpaper knowledge ~ only judas can write the biography
annoying patterns like bad hair college ~ i never travel without my diary ~ selah

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