Celebrated & Sometimes Disgraced

Posted in Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on November 25, 2019

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Why I’m not applying for promotion
Racist Like Me — A Call to Self-Reflection and Action for White Physicians
Hello all I’m back with a new fic! I’m nervous and excited about this one.
Highway to hell: the rise and fall of the car
Werner Herzog discovers John Waters is Gay
A Black kingdom in postbellum Appalachia
Black people are not here to teach you: What many white Americans can’t grasp
I-20 reopens downtown after man safely removed from bridge
Why You Don’t See Recycling Bins at Dollywood
Trump Administration Tells Iowa Town to Remove Pride Crosswalks and They Refuse
Why are queer people so mean to each other?
82 Animated Interviews with Living, Dead, Celebrated & Sometimes Disgraced Celebrities
Are gay men at risk of becoming corporate “honorary whites” of hegemonic masculinity?
#whiteness anagrams as he witness
Black Girl Interrupted: My Body, the World, and Nonbinary Me
Stephen A. defends his Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take
How Every Candidate Can Win Tonight’s Democratic Debate
The AIDS Memorial Quilt will be moved to a new permanent home in San Francisco
KKK Leader: ‘We’re a Christian Organization;’ Claims the Klan Is Not a Hate Group
Why office noise bothers some people more than others
Judge Dismisses Sexual Abuse Case Against Former ARBCA Pastor Thomas Chantry
Courtesy Is Dead and We’ve Cursed Its Grave
How Atlanta’s building boom can make homebuying a high-stakes wager
The Electoral College’s Racist Origins
Peter Berlin, the original thirst trap king, revisits his erotic visual diary
@fallenmaster69 and then again. that was loud and clear ;) \m/
Sacha Baron Cohen’s on Facebook: ‘greatest propaganda machine in history’
Man who claims he had crack-fueled sex with Obama is running for office
Bodycam Advocates Now Claim Body Cameras Are A ‘Threat To Civil Rights’
Ukraine’s a part of Russia, thats ok, isn’t it?
27 Photographs Of “Crown Shyness”, Phenomenon Where Trees Avoid Touching
Why is San Francisco … covered in human feces?
Inside the Rams-Chargers marriage as the NFL fights for Los Angeles
Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?
You asked, we answered: 34 things you probably don’t know about Atlanta
How seeking a $22M tax break broke the giveaway chain
Paris is Burning is being rereleased with a full hour of unseen footage
AMC Theatres Fires Three Employees Over Racial Profiling Incident
(clickbait alert) Waffle House Waitress Had No Idea She Was Being Filmed By A Customer
White nationalists are openly operating on Facebook. The company won’t act
Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal Girls
Malcolm Nance on the Danger of Conspiracy Theories
@htmlmencken Ewww Richard Pipes, TeamB monster. that’s all I need to know
The “Consensual Straitjacket”: Four Decades of Women in Nuclear Security
Hire Minorities to express your Minority Opinions | We The Internet TV
The History Behind 8 Famous Tongue Twisters
hot piss ~ Ursula Le Guin ~ Soul Searching ~ defoor center ~ Little Richard on Jimi Hendrix
@w_h_thompson Yesterday marked the second day this year #Chicago went w/ out a shooting and/or a homicide. The other was March 21st. Prior to March 21st, it was 4 years & 20 days between free days. The final tally for 2/28/15 – 3/20/19 was 2,605 killed & 11,729 wounded. @chamblee54 Thank you #ColinKaepernick @Brian40454875 he must have passed on his accuracy to Chicago shooters ~ What has four letters, sometimes has nine letters, but never has five letters. What is the first four letter word in the national anthem. Punctuation is important. ~ mysophobia, the spell checker machine says, homophobia ~ NYPD responds to Queens Center mall after fight between 200 kids Link has a pop up ad. A stern voice starts shouting “warning, this product contains nicotine” ~ @wildethingy There are few things that can’t be improved by dipping it in cheese. *cheese covered chihuahua walks past* ~ Moment Elizabeth Warren is left shaken after dozens of protesters storm her rally at historically black college in Atlanta, demanding ‘We want to be heard!’– and freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley has to come to the candidate’s rescue ~ Immigration is for Republicans what Racism is for Democrats. Both know that there is little they can do to fix the problem. They both know that these issues will fire up their base, and so they cynically go full bore demagogue ~ Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, you@your.address and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. ~ erasure poems illustrating this post by @chamblee54 ~ the poem below was performed in Decatur last night. It is based on tweets by @OverheardOnDuty @chicagoscanner.
daily reminder that life does not lie ~ hitting the suspect while guzzling jack
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ naked male using somebody’s alibi
both have been drinking in a cadillac ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
on facebook live shoplifting apple pie ~ police dispatcher priscilla payback
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ drugs blood poop sperm vomit glorify
a half naked female on the smokestack ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
out of control block party rabbi ~ in custody at the white castle shack
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ you guys are dramatic as hell good bye
unauthorized unicorn smoking crack ~ daily reminder that life does not lie
she hates you and will eat you when you die ~ selah

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