Sounds Like Netanyahu

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on December 2, 2019

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Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?
Pink Floyd Playing with Stéphane Grappelli on “Wish You Were Here”
Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu
Georgia Patrol: Suspect drives 125 mph, crashes into trooper
Georgia voters saved from purge by casting ballots in election
JFK at Amherst College upon receiving an honorary degree, 26 October 1963
Lachlan Mackinnon on the life of an assiduous self-promoter: Robert Frost
Great Southeast Music Hall Atlanta Concert Setlists
Paula Deen finds a girl scout camp and breaks out all of her old, most sadistic recipes.
This Interview Might Be the Closest You Get to RuPaul
Atlanta group launches bid to save Heretic from possible demolition
People Are Sharing The Revolting Thanksgiving Sides Their Family Won’t Stop Making
Caller says her brother is fighting her, he has marijuana & a shower pole
Nine cult Ancient Egyptian figures that pop up everywhere
‘How do I go back to the Debbie I was?’
Discovery Reform in New York: Major Legislative Provisions
Watch 21 Animated Ideas from Big Thinkers: Steven Pinker, Carol Dweck, more
Renderings: Perimeter’s $2B High Street project files paperwork to break ground
Northern words quiz What do these dialect words mean?
ICE arrests 90 more students at fake university in Michigan
“Happy Thanksgiving… Now shut up and eat your pie.”
The Woke Attack on Pete Buttigieg ~ Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture
Inside ‘America’s Got Talent’: Ousted Judges Had Complained of Toxic Culture
People Soon Get Tired of Staring at a Plywood Box Every Night
The Real Barack Obama Has Finally Revealed Himself
I can tell you the real reason why people love Donald Trump
Billionaire-funded protest is rearing its head in America
Anne Lamott decided to write down everything she knew for sure
Mammoth Midtown Union project breaks ground, signs boutique hotel partner
The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool
@VaushV Nobody writes interracial cuckold porn like alt-righters
The Year Abraham Lincoln Declared Thanksgiving
Alabama Supreme Court upholds law protecting Confederate monuments ~ rebel flag images
The survival of Sevananda, Atlanta’s only co-op grocery store
World’s Best Confederate Flag Stock Pictures, Photos, and …
From patriarchy to snowflake: five keywords you need to know
Georgia may become home to a new national park
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 13 Tips for What to Do with Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey
falcon post mortem ~ sylvester ~ do you eat dog? ~ 70’s commercials ~ Purpose of Poetry
stacey movie mogul ~ Waiting for Obama ~ #WaysToRuinThanksgiving ~ mayor pete
@TFLN (310): Sooo What’s the best way tho find out it he’s into anal? (1-310): I think you have the wrong number, but good luck with that ~ @DothTheDoth Practice self-care like Medusa, take care of your hair & turn everyone who has wronged you into stone. ~ i had an adventure last night. I got up to pee, and decided to put something on my shoulder. I had a new jar of the lotion. I opened the jar, and noticed a few bits of dirt in the top. Someone had opened the jar, taken some of the ointment, and put it back on the shelf. ~ 1:10:19 I have a consulting company and I go around the country and I talk to every level in the chain of command including the frontline troops guys that work construction guys that work gas oil guys that are out do linemen that are output you know at manufacturing everything those people they’re they’re met most of them they’re not out on the fringe somewhere you know what they’re thinking about they’re not thinking about what Trump soon they’re actually thinking about you know how they’re gonna if they’re gonna get to take a couple days off over their Labor Day weekend they’re getting thinking about have the save enough money they can get a new truck that’s what they’re concerned about they’re not thinking about this they’re trying to live their normal lives ~ @USNatArchives We confess, this memo is one of our favorite #ThanksgivingDay documents. President Carter apparently did not “especially like” green peas, but he was fine with fresh (not frozen!) green beans. What dish do you dread at Thanksgiving? @CarterLibrary #foodhistory ~ @TimJDillon We let my six year old cousin say grace and they just came out as non binary and called my grandfather a colonizing pig. Interesting start to dinner lol. ~ Pete Buttigieg Is a Lying MF ~ Pete Buttigieg Called Me. I figured one of his surrogates would argue with me for a few minutes and I could continue my day trying to be a thorn in the side of white supremacy (The third thing you should know is that I actually keep a small photo of the mouse from Pinky and the Brain beside my bed that says: “What are you going to do today, Michael?” The answer is always the same: “Fuck with white people.”) ~ When people say these things, it fits their agenda at the moment. They may, or may not know, that they said something contradictory in the past. Either they don’t care, or can rationalize it away. Maybe they are paid to produce this nonsense, or they sincerely believe in what they are doing. If all else fails, make a lot of noise about your agenda, and people will be too weary to argue with you. Think of our dialog last week about quote attribution. You said you like the quote, and are not concerned about the details… or something like that. The stories you mention fit the headline vomiter’s agenda, and they are not concerned about the details. ~ At the time, an “inhalant” called Locker Room was on the market. It was a “popper”. You unscrew the lid of the little bottle, inhale the fumes, and get a buzz. Between shows, someone apparently gave Mr. Crystal some coke. He said thank you to the person, and made a snorting gesture. I was seated on the floor, in front of the stage. I said, a bit too loudly, Locker Room. Mr. Crystal stopped talking. “Locker Room. I need the hecklers rosetta stone to know what this guy is saying” ~ your racist uncle bought the turkey ~ your racist uncle paid for the turkey ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ this poem was read last night in decatur. It is based on tweets by @sarafcarter:
another day another ponytail ~ ’cause I’m just too lazy to wash my hair
show some respect for the ladies who fail ~ i want to be hearing Lizzo down there
eye doctor what brings you in here today ~ i’m having trouble seeing the red flags
do coke in bathroom wearing lingerie ~ the fitness class was full of scumbags
don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it whore ~ single motherhood sex work addiction
or be buried inside the gucci store ~ oh thank g-d i don’t have a prescription
single motherhood sex work addiction ~ just have your cake & eat it too far
oh thank g-d i don’t have a prescription ~ therapist office right next to a bar
just have your cake & eat it too far ~ or be buried inside the gucci store
therapist office right next to a bar ~ don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it whore ~ selah

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