Rattled A Small Southern Town

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on January 27, 2020

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couple built a cabin made of recycled windows in West Virginia mountains for $500
Former CIA Agent Mike Baker Bursts Iran WW3 Bubble | Joe Rogan
Brian Eno Studies 06 – Paths Not Taken 2001 with Tim Booth Matt Black
you’ll find the home of U.S. Army veteran Chiliquila Ogletree
Tom Cotton, soldier in Bill Kristol’s proxy war against evil
Mentioning Trump and KKK in same sentence, Biden condemns hate
Singer David Olney dies on stage during performance at Florida Panhandle festival
76 car break-ins reported at Beltline apartment complex in one night
KFC apologizes for ad – young boys staring in awe at a woman adjusting her breasts
How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election
‘The New Yorker’ Going To Start Putting An Umlaut Over Every Letter ‘O’
Atlanta Playwright, Author Offers Hope Through Poetry
Crystal Visions: The early illustrations and paintings of Stevie Nicks
Mr. House Calls a Courier Service – Fallout New Vegas Prank Call
How 17 Outsize Portraits Rattled a Small Southern Town
Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says No
Georgia Is Really Good at Making It Hard for Black People to Vote, Study Finds
A Matter of Facts New York Times’ 1619 Project launched with best of intentions
Redditor Wants To Know If They’re Wrong For Telling Crying Roommate To Quiet Down
Major intersection improvements begin In February
Wisconsin man admits to mixing his mother’s cremated remains with marijuana
Bernie Sanders’ Embrace of Joe Rogan’s Endorsement Sparks Backlash
You’re blocked You can’t follow or see @Nymphomachy’s Tweets.
New owners vow to bring aged Midtown apartments back to ‘historic glory’
Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating Constitution. Can they be stopped?
It’s the best time to be an Atlantan. It might also be the worst.
HRC President on Joe Rogan Endorsement, Sanders Campaign Response
MoveOn calls on Sanders to renounce Joe Rogan endorsement
Media Mangled Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse.
20 MLK Quotes White People Won’t Share (But NEED To Read)
From the Editor’s Desk: 1619 and All That
The Two Words That Will Help Get an Airline Upgrade Over the Phone
Joe Rogan may cost Bernie Sanders more support than ever
Applebee’s employee fired after booting customer who made anti-Muslim remarks
As you’re about to enter the site, a newspaper boy jumps out at you:
Harvey Weinstein Urged Clinton Campaign to Silence Sanders’s BLM Message
Inmate who appealed death sentence over juror’s racist views dies
humiliation ~ jim goad ~ cnn_rogan ~ good rx ~ blink health
autistic bdsm ~ @PhilippeReines ~ eric roberts ~ carlos barboza
cakes ~ clyde shepherd ~ mr peanut ~ smith song 3
@OverheardOnDuty A local gangbanger just sent an unsolicited dick pic to one of my fake Instagram accounts. I know how you feel now, ladies.Unfortunately for him, he is a felon, and decided to leave a firearm within sight of the picture. Weirdest search warrant affidavit I’ve ever filled. ~ 1:58:30 I’m alarmed whenever … there’s an outward lack of compassion and when there’s an outward disdain for the other because essentially this country is all the other … that’s all we have is the other ~ @QuoteResearch Quotation circulating via twitter: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Attributed to Margaret Mead by 1982 ~ 37:38 if it’s explicit bias then we need outright enforcement right we also need to tap it’s enforcement removal from their jobs yeah yeah if you are racist if you’re a nakedly racist then you have no business being in charge of being in care of anybody but also we’ve got to ~ @chamblee54 I have long said that we need to quit saying terrorist. Other words (pun intended) I would like to see used less are racist, liberal, conservative. There are others, but those four are a good start. All have elastic definitions, and promote ill will against g-d’s children ~ six hundred sixty six words are in this post ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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