Letters Sent To Snellville Businesses

Posted in Library of Congress, Weekly Notes by chamblee54 on February 3, 2020

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Pete Buttigieg opens his town hall by referring to basketball being played on a “field.”
Charlamagne Tha God’s Laughter at Violence Against Trans Women Is Dangerous
Launch for Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader
Boris Johnson Is Jeopardizing the U.S.-U.K. Alliance for Huawei
Two trans women beat the snot out of men harassing them in a restaurant
KISS On The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder {Uncut/HQ}
The Oxford comma camp, the other camp, and the sane
How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard
@IDoTheThinking Twitter is an infinite loop of white people calling each other white
Lawyers Ask Ga. Parole Board Spare Life Of Man Scheduled To Be Executed Wednesday
Barr Warns Cardinal Dolan of ‘Militant Secular Effort’ to Curtail Religious Freedom
Two More Bernie Staffers Promote “Extreme Action” and Property Destruction
Adventures in Publishing Outside the Gates On the industry’s gatekeeping
Donnie Lance died at 9:05 pm, January 29, 2020.
Why Holding Police ‘Accountable’ Won’t Prevent Shootings of Civilians
For Texas high schoolers who live in Mexico, the border wall debate is more about …
Genetic makeup of 12-year-old Angolan boy in dispute
30 Georgia State Patrol troopers fired for cheating
OPINION: Loeffler’s no dummy, but wooden campaign ad not too smart
Hendrix murdered by his manager, says former aide
DeKalb opens new sexual health center for gay men, trans women
you’re drinking from a firehose of bullshit
Stacey Abrams Thinks She’ll Be President By 2040
Artist’s project spotlights some of Atlanta’s most ridiculous intersections
A Spotlight Session w/ TS Madison feat. Lakara with the Gift
Cobb Sheriff Settles Lawsuit Over Facebook Censorship
Des Moines Register abruptly cancels release of Dem poll ahead of Iowa caucuses
Stop Asking People Of Color To Explain Racism–Pick Up One Of These Books Instead
Racist letters sent to Snellville businesses
mckenna lecture ~ Anne Cox Chambers ~ whiteness ~ white supremacist ~ mindfulness
buck angel ~ tourist ~ kroger ~ jazz hands ~ pan am
Washington Post journalist is suspended after tweeting a link to a 2016 story about Kobe Bryant’s rape case just hours after he died in helicopter crash ~ @PoliticalKathy Most of you guys don’t even know that it’s literally legal to eat dogs in certain states the US lol California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia are the ONLY states that eating dogs is ILLEGAL. ~ Ga. Code Ann., § 26-2-150 to 161 As stated in the legislative intent, the General Assembly declares that purchasers and consumers have a right to expect and demand honesty and fair practices in the sale of meat for human consumption. It is the purpose of this Code to ensure that honest, fair, and ethical practices are followed in the advertising and sale of meat for human consumption. With regard to horsemeat, the Code prohibits the slaughter a horse in this state for the purpose of selling or offering for sale for human consumption or for other than human consumption the horse meat derived from such slaughtered animal unless certain conditions are met. Further, no horse meat shall be sold or offered for sale in this state for human consumption unless at the place of sale there shall be posted in a conspicuous location a sign bearing the words “HORSE MEAT FOR SALE.” ~ Title 26. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics. Chapter 2. Standards, Labeling, and Adulteration of Food. Article 4. Advertisement and Sale of Meat Generally § 26-2-160. Sale of dog meat for human consumption prohibited; sale for other purposes It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to distribute or offer for sale for human consumption any dog meat in the State of Georgia; and all dog meat sold in this state for any purpose, other than human consumption, shall be sold in packages only. The packages shall carry a label showing the contents, for what use it is intended, and stating that said contents are “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.” The words “not for human consumption” shall be in conspicuous type. Laws 1943, p. 475, § 1. ~ These Georgia statutes comprise the state’s dog laws and the “Responsible Dog Ownership Law.”. Among the provisions of the Responsible Dog Ownership Law include a requirement for registration of dangerous dogs as well as the necessity of such owner to carry at least $50,000 in liability insurance. Owners of these dogs who do not comply with these and other provisions may have their dogs confiscated and destroyed. Any person who violates this article is guilty of a misdemeanor. ~ 01:28 so all you know if I were to hand one of those people a vacuum cleaner and say vacuum this rug they wouldn’t know how to do it all they know is digging coal and they’re happy ~ @KrillTusk On my flight into Des Moines tonight I was seated in front of a very drunk Biden staffer who proceeded to give her seat mate a hand job. I wish I was making this up. ~ If the Demos try to get the black vote, but forget the white vote, they will lose the electoral college. This is what Hillary did. We need to quit worrying about black voters and white voters. This is the United States of America. ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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