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Thursday was 022020. Saturday is 022220, which is both a perfect palindrome and my father’s 104th birthday. (He checked out at 75.) Thursday was another day of consuming material, and regurgitating content. Passed Out In The Restroom was the graphic poem blendered by chamblee54. Bonus points go for a couple of tweets. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.
The Democratic Debate was wednesday night. I thought at first I would get a few quotes, but ran out of interest quickly. Amy Jean Klobuchar was the only candidate wearing a dress, which she refused to let Mayor Pete wear. One quote was from BS, who was “not being too paranoid.”

Youtube suggested I watch a video about Michael Dunn. He is the Florida man, convicted of killing Jordan Davis, son of GA06 Representative Lucy McBath. The video shows Mr. Dunn talking to police without an attorney, which is not a smart thing to do. At one point, Mr. Dunn says “Do I need to get a lawyer? It sounds like I’m in deep shit.” Mr. Dunn is in a Florida prison now.

@conor64 “Michael Bloomberg deserved to be called out last night for Stop and Frisk and more–but the culture of callouts that characterize our era makes me fear that typical voters won’t recognize that the transgression in this case was egregious.” Conor Friedersdorf wrote a tweet, promoting an article he wrote. The article had some dandy quotes.

“Casual media consumers are inundated with hyperbolic, frivolous, and slight accusations related to racism or sexism. As a result, many now reflexively discount all criticism of that sort while others seem unable to distinguish mortal from venial sins. … Kat Redding, a Black Lives Matter activist, said to the Washington Times, “To me, Mayor Pete is the equivalent of [Donald] Trump. I feel like Trump is very aggressive with his racism, and I think Mayor Pete is very passive with his racism. They are just two of the same people.”

A facebook friend directed me to a post, on a *blogspot* blog. (I was surprised to learn that blogspot was still in business.) The post was This is Worth Reading.

TIWR was advertised as being written by Ron Howard. It was your standard list of “liberal beliefs.” Some I agree with, some I don’t agree with. There were a few yea buts, complimenting the shaky logic, and tacky rhetoric. I considered writing a response, and googled “Ron Howard Liberal,” The essay was not written by Ron Howard. (Here is the original.) I posted an angry speech on facebook.

There is another facebook meme going around. It is an essay, on the theme “I am a liberal.” It is presented as being written by Ron Howard. I soon found out that it was written by someone else. This is the (now deleted) comment I left at the offending blog. … Did Ron Howard Pen the ‘I Am a Liberal’ Essay? Ron Howard did not write this Facebook post This is a hoax. I hate getting lied to. I hate getting my chain pulled. I read a thoughtful essay. Part of it I agree with. Part of it I don’t. There are a few inconsistencies, which is ok. Nobody gets it all right.We are human. I was curious about the source of this. I googled “Ron Howard liberal.” The first two results were the links above. I felt like I had been made a fool of, again. PLEASE, verify what you put online. In the time it takes you to read this, you could have learned that this essay was not written by Opie. It will be just as true if it is written by Joe Blow in Idaho. Leave Opie out of your liberal fantasy.

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